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Bellevue Baptist Church In Memphis

Bellevue Responds To News Reports

Steve Gaines’ First Sermon at Bellevue

In a statement issued to its church members, Bellevue said at no time during the employment of Hook did we hear, learn, or have suspicion that he was engaging in any inappropriate conduct with a minor. They learned of the sexual abuse two months after his employment ended, they wrote.

As mandated reporters, they would have reported any inappropriate conduct to the appropriate authorities, they wrote.

Weve remained committed to supporting the victims healing and, therefore, settled her lawsuit against us, Bellevue wrote. We believe that a settlement is the best route to allow her to continue to heal. This in no way relieves us of our responsibility or our future responsibility to protect our church family.

The church also wrote that recent news articles are incorrect to say that this case remains pending on behalf of the parents.

The parents claims were dismissed by the court in October 2020, they wrote. This case has been resolved in full.

While the claims of John Doe and Jane Doe were dismissed, those dismissals were not final. Smith said they will be filing a motion to reconsider their claims in light of the new information available in depositions that were taken in the Janet Doe portion.

We are committed to supporting victims of abuse and take any allegations of abuse very seriously, Bellevue wrote. If you ever have any information about any incidents or would like to speak to someone, please reach out to the church leadership.

Bellevue Baptist Church Memphis Phone Number

The Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee has a phone number of 901-347-2000. The church is a Southern Baptist megachurch that is located in the city of Memphis. The church was founded in 1875, and its current senior pastor is Steve Gaines.

The church is located in Cordova, Tennessee, and it also sells Christian books under the name Bellevue Christian Book Store. The Baptist Church business / industry is the primary focus of this organizations operations. This business is expected to generate $6.6 million in revenue and employs eight people in its current location. Bellevue Baptist Church is located at 2000 Appling Road in Cordova, Tennessee. This church has been in operation for 93 years and generates $6.6 million in sales each year. For more information on John Steven Gaines, pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, call 347-2000.

Formation And Separation Of Black Baptists

had gathered in early on, in 1774 in , and in , in 1788. Some were established after 1800 on the frontier, such as the of . In 1824, it was accepted by the of Kentucky, which was white-dominated. By 1850, First African had 1,820 members, the largest of any Baptist church in the state, black or white. In 1861, it had 2,223 members.

Southern whites generally required black churches to have white ministers and trustees. In churches with mixed congregations, seating was segregated, with blacks often in a balcony. White preaching often emphasized Biblical stipulations that slaves should accept their places and try to behave well toward their masters. After the , another split occurred when most set up independent , regional associations, and state and national conventions. Blacks wanted to practice Christianity independently of white supervision. They interpreted the Bible as offering hope for deliverance, and saw their own exodus out of slavery as comparable to , with abolitionist as their . They quickly left white-dominated churches and associations and set up separate state Baptist conventions. In 1866, black Baptists of the South and West combined to form the Consolidated American Baptist Convention. In 1895, they merged three national conventions to create the With eight million members, it is today the largest African-American religious organization and second in size to the SBC.

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Handling Of Minister Misconduct

On December 17, 2006, the church announced that Paul Williams, a minister and staffer at the church for 34 years, had been placed on leave with an investigation pending regarding a “moral failure,” identified by Gaines and others as alleged child molestation in the 1980s. The next day, December 18, Gaines released a statement that acknowledged that he had been aware of the allegation since June 2006 but that he did not address it for several months because Williams had been attending professional counseling, because of confidentiality concerns, and out of compassion for the staffer.

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Settlement Reached For Teen Victim In Bellevue Baptist Sex Abuse Lawsuit Attorney Wants Parents Claims Reconsidered

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A settlement has been reached by a local mega-church and a victim of sexual abuse.

You may remember the victims family filed a lawsuit in 2020 against Bellevue Baptist Church in Cordova, claiming church leaders did not remove a paid volunteer after they were warned about suspicious behavior on church property.

Action News 5 has learned not only has a settlement been reached but the familys attorney is filing a motion to have the victims parents claims of emotional distress reconsidered.

A monetary settlement was reached between Bellevue Baptist and the then 15-year-old victim, listed as Janet Doe in the 2020 lawsuit. However, shes not the only one named in the original suit.

The settlement with the victim in this case is going to afford her the opportunity, among others to afford the counseling and training that shes going to need to deal with the post traumatic stress disorder, said the familys attorney Gary Smith. It was a big deal to get that settled, said Smith.

Smith did not say how large of a settlement was reached. However he does say theres still more to be done for her parents, John and Jane Doe, who according to the suit suffered from severe emotional distress.

That has not been resolved and is still pending, said Smith.

Smith says trial court initially dismissed the parents claims. However, Smith says depositions not available to the court at the time, has him looking to have the parents claims reconsidered.

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National Unification And Regional Division

In 1814, leaders such as helped Baptists unify nationally under what became known informally as the based in . It allowed them to join their resources to support abroad. The , affiliated with the Triennial Convention, was established in 1832 to support missions in U.S. frontier territories. By the mid-19th century, there were many social, cultural, economic, and political differences among business owners of the North, farmers of the West, and of the South. The most divisive conflict was primarily over the issue of slavery and secondarily over missions.

Divisions over slavery

Black congregations were sometimes the largest in their regions. For instance, by 1821, Gillfield Baptist in , had the largest congregation within the Portsmouth Association. At 441 members, it was more than twice as large as the next-biggest church. Before the slave rebellion of 1831, Gillfield had a black preacher. Afterward, the state legislature insisted that white men oversee black congregations. Gillfield could not call a black preacher until after the and emancipation. After Turner’s rebellion, whites worked to exert more control over black congregations and passed laws requiring white ministers to lead or be present at religious meetings. Many slaves evaded these restrictions.

Missions and organization

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Creative Answers To Custom Solutions

The new stage treatments, designed and built by Paragon 360, not only provide continuity with the recent renovations and updates to Bellevues lobby areas but also allow for dramatically different worship environments between services. In as little as fifteen minutes the modular staging and lighting elements can be completely transformed allowing the church tremendous flexibility.

Aesthetically beautiful and functionally designed, the new stage, at just over 10,000 square feet, will accommodate intimate band-driven worship, choir-led worship or full-scale theatrical productions. The old retractable choir riser system was replaced by Paragon 360s custom designed, modular choir riser system that includes a mezzanine superstructure. The new choir riser system allows the choir to be elevated six feet providing brand-able, television-ready backgrounds and underneath choir storage. The stage features wood, faux rock and stone treatments, powder coated aluminum framed scenic structures, custom illuminated screen surrounds, acrylic railings, two-sided illuminated scenic elements and Paragon 360s custom .

Baptist Churches In Memphis Tn

January 23, 2022 | 11:00AM | Bellevue Baptist Church

Baptist churches in Memphis, TN are some of the most vibrant and active churches in the city. With a strong focus on outreach and community involvement, these churches are making a positive impact on the lives of those in the city. From hosting community events to providing resources for families in need, Baptist churches in Memphis are working to improve the quality of life for all residents.

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Statehood And Antebellum Era

As support for statehood grew among the settlers, Governor Blount called for elections, which were held in December 1793. The 13-member territorial House of Representatives first convened in Knoxville on February 24, 1794, to select ten members for the legislature’s upper house, the council. The full legislature convened on August 25, 1794. In June 1795, the legislature conducted a census of the territory, which recorded a population of 77,263, including 10,613 slaves, and a poll that showed 6,504 in favor of statehood and 2,562 opposed. Elections for a constitutional convention were held in December 1795, and the delegates convened in Knoxville on January 17, 1796, to begin drafting a state constitution. During this convention, the name Tennessee was chosen for the new state. The constitution was completed on February 6, which authorized elections for the state’s new legislature, the . The legislature convened on March 28, 1796, and the next day, John Sevier was announced as the state’s first governor. Tennessee was admitted to the Union on June 1, 1796, as the 16th state and the first created from federal territory.

Crosses On Interstate 40

Three large crosses, visible from Interstate 40, mark the church’s location. The center cross is 150 feet high with two flanking crosses at 120 feet . The crosses are engineered to withstand 70-mile-per-hour winds and are constructed of four pieces of structural steel and angle iron painted white. The landmark crosses were dedicated at a special ceremony with choir, orchestra, and hundreds of church members at midnight on New Year’s Eve, 1999. In September 2008, the three crosses became the central image in the church logo.

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How Many Members Does Bellevue Baptist Church In Memphis Have

There is no definitive answer to this question as the membership of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis is constantly changing. However, according to the churchs website, as of September 2019, there are approximately 7,500 members. This number includes both active and inactive members.

The area around the corner of Bellevue and Erskine Streets was once a hive of activity in Memphis. The city of Bellevue built its first Sunday School building in 1910, and it began holding Sunday evening services on the roof of the building in 1912. In 1950, The Christian Century named Bellevue one of its twelve Great Churches of America, with 8,000 members. From September 1972 to 2005, the number of members of Bellevue expanded from 9,000 to 29,000. In 1989, the city of Memphis relocated to suburban Cordova, and in 1990, the city of Memphis relocated to suburban Memphis. During his tenure at both Bellevue and the Southern Baptist Convention, Robert G. Lee established a conservative tradition. Among Lees many legacy issues were his beliefs in biblical inerrancy, opposition to alcohol, and resistance to the ordination of women.

Energy And Mineral Production

Bellevue Baptist Church South Side Photograph by Karen Francis

Tennessee’s electric utilities are regulated monopolies, as in many other states. The owns over 90% of the state’s generating capacity. is Tennessee’s largest source of electricity generation, producing about 43.4% of its power in 2021. The same year, 20.2% of the power was produced from 22.4% from , 17.8% from , 15.8% from , and 1.3% from other . About 59.7% of the electricity generated in Tennessee produces . Tennessee is home to the two newest civilian in the U.S., at the in . Tennessee was also an early leader in hydroelectric power, and today is the third-largest hydroelectric power-producing state east of the . Tennessee is a net consumer of electricity, receiving power from other TVA facilities in neighboring states.

Tennessee is the 11th-most visited state in the nation, receiving a record of 126 million tourists in 2019. Its top tourist attraction is the , the most visited national park in the U.S., with more than 14 million visitors annually. The park anchors a large tourism industry based primarily in nearby and , which includes , the most visited ticketed attraction in Tennessee. Attractions related to Tennessee’s musical heritage are spread throughout the state. Other top attractions include the and in Nashville the in Memphis , the , , and the in Chattanooga the in Oak Ridge, the , in Lynchburg, and the and rivers in Polk County.

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Reconstruction And Late 19th Century

The years after the Civil War were characterized by tension and unrest between blacks and former Confederates, the worst of which occurred in . Because Tennessee had ratified the Fourteenth Amendment before its readmission to the Union, it was the only former secessionist state that did not have a military governor during . The seized control of the state government toward the end of the war, and appointed governor. Under Brownlow’s administration from 1865 to 1869, the legislature allowed African American men to vote, disenfranchised former Confederates, and took action against the , which was founded in December 1865 in as a vigilante group to advance former Confederates’ interests. In 1870, regained control of the state legislature, and over the next two decades, passed to enforce .

Despite New South promoters’ efforts, agriculture continued to dominate Tennessee’s economy. The majority of freed slaves were forced into during the latter 19th century, and many others worked as agricultural wage laborers. In 1897, Tennessee celebrated its statehood centennial one year late with the in Nashville. A of the in was designed by architect and constructed for the celebration, owing to the city’s reputation as the “Athens of the South.”

Executive And Legislative Branches

Like the federal government, Tennessee’s government has three branches. The executive branch is led by the , who holds office for a four-year term and may serve a maximum of two consecutive terms. The governor is the only official elected statewide. The current governor is , a . The governor is supported by 22 cabinet-level departments, most headed by a commissioner the governor appoints. The executive branch also includes several agencies, boards, and commissions, some of which are under the auspices of one of the cabinet-level departments.

The legislative branch, the , consists of the 33-member and the 99-member . Senators serve four-year terms and House members serve two-year terms. Each chamber chooses a Speaker, who is elected by a joint session of the legislature. The Speaker of the Senate also serves as the , a practice found only in one other state, and the House Speaker is third in line for the governorship. The legislature can override a by a simple majority, and the state has no “”. The legislature convenes at noon on the second Tuesday in January and meets for a total of 90 days over two sessions, usually adjourning in late April or early May. Special sessions may be called by the governor or by two-thirds of the members of both chambers.

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South Cordova And Rocky Point De

In 2012, the South Cordova area was annexed by Memphis, and de-annexed in early 2021. To respond to the de-annexation of South Cordova, Memphis had plans to annex the area in 2001, but decided to put it on hold for unknown reasons. The Rocky Point area, which is part of Cordova, is centered north of Walnut Grove Road between the alignment of Forest Hill and Rocky Point Road. On January 1, 2021, the area was de-annexed by Memphis, and the area returned to unincorporated status.

Church Denied Awareness Liability

“Gideon: The Principle of the Unexpected Leader” | Men of Memphis | Week 4

In the case of Janet Doe, Hook pleaded guilty to sexual battery by an authority figure in January 2020 after officers found Hook and the 15-year-old girl in a car together in May 2019.

Hook admitted to sexual contact with her, but denied having intercourse, according to the affidavit. Hook was charged with sexual battery by an authority figure and solicitation of a minor at the time.

According to the lawsuit filed in 2020, Hook used his position to encourage Janet Doe the pseudonym used to identify his then-15-year-old victim to volunteer in the childrens Sunday School program, where he had access to her alone.

There, the complaint says, he groomed her, giving her gifts, complimenting her and sending her sexually explicit photos of her mother taken during an extramarital affair seven years earlier.

Hook began kissing and having other physical contact with her, sometimes on Bellevue property or when driving her home.

Hook was the father of Janet Does sibling, according to court documents, and had previously engaged in an extramarital affair with her mother.

In its response filed in court, Bellevue denied any suggestion or insinuation that Bellevue permitted, condoned or was aware that Hook was grooming his victim. The church also denied any liability for Hook’s actions which were outside the course and scope of his employment.

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