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Former Church Of The Highlands Pastor Sues Accuser Over Defamation In Rape Allegation

COGIC Holy Convocation 2022

Micahn Carter resigned from the Church of the Highlands in Birmingham in 2021 after a former employee at another church accused him of sexual asssault. He now is suing the woman who made the complaint.

Former Church of the Highlands pastor Micahn Carter has filed a defamation lawsuit against a woman whose 2021 rape allegation against him, he says, resulted in his loss of employment at Highlands and loss of reputation.

Carter, who denies the rape allegation, filed the lawsuit in July in Jefferson County Circuit Court. Hes asking for $500,000 plus general and punitive damages.

Accusing somebody of rape is devastating, said Carters attorney, William Bright. Its hard to calculate all that is involved in that type of accusation and what the damages are to come from it.

The complaint alleges Carter also lost publishing contracts and paid speaking engagements, and that he suffered mental anguish and humiliation and embarrassment.

The defendant in the suit is Mary E. Jones of Spokane, Washington. In court records she alleges that on April 29, 2019, Carter sexually assaulted her at Together Church in Yakima, Washington, an evangelical megachurch where he was the lead pastor and she was an employee. While does not typically name victims of alleged sexual assault, Jones has written publicly about the alleged incident under her own name, in a blog post she published last year.

The Faithfulness Of God

Welcome Home! If youre taking notes, today Ps. Jeff will be teaching on the faithfulness of God for the third week of Advent. GIVING:If this is your church, and you want to partner with what God is doing here at Community Life through giving, you can do so here: you find yourself in need during this season, please dont hesitate to reach out by emailing: [email protected].

Rooms For The Priests

10 On the south As in Greek version Hebrew reads east. side of the Temple there were two blocks of rooms just south of the inner courtyard between the Temple and the outer courtyard. These rooms were arranged just like the rooms on the north.11 There was a walkway between the two blocks of rooms just like the complex on the north side of the Temple. This complex of rooms was the same length and width as the other one, and it had the same entrances and doors. The dimensions of each were identical.12 So there was an entrance in the wall facing the doors of the inner block of rooms, and another on the east at the end of the interior walkway.

13 Then the man told me, These rooms that overlook the Temple from the north and south are holy. Here the priests who offer sacrifices to the Lord will eat the most holy offerings. And because these rooms are holy, they will be used to store the sacred offeringsthe grain offerings, sin offerings, and guilt offerings.14 When the priests leave the sanctuary, they must not go directly to the outer courtyard. They must first take off the clothes they wore while ministering, because these clothes are holy. They must put on other clothes before entering the parts of the building complex open to the public.

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About Church Of The Highlands

We minister to more than 30,000 people in weekly attendance with campuses across the state of Alabama. Our story begins with the dream of planting a church with a simple goal: help people connect with God in a church without letting structures and programs get in the way.

We focus on relevant teaching, heartfelt worship, honest friendships, constant prayer and compassionate care for others. Our purpose is to reach people with the life-giving message of Jesus that they might become fully devoted followers of Christ. We filter every idea, program, and budget request through this vision. We want to see people become fully-devoted followers of Christ.

Church Of The Highlands

Uptown Campus

About the Church

Pastor Chris Hodges dreamed of planting a church with a simple goal: help people connect with God in a church without letting structures and programs get in the way. With the help of the Dream Team–34 people committed to seeing this dream become a reality–Church of the Highlands began on February 4, 2001. That first Sunday, over 350 attended at the Fine Arts Center of Mountain Brook High School.

Pastor Chris focused on reaching out to the non-churched community, building relationships through small groups meeting throughout the city. The life-giving message of the Gospel, the passion and joy of Sunday Celebrations, and the simple style of Church of the Highlands brought immediate growth. In its first year, the church grew to 600 in weekly attendance, and 371 people committed their lives to Christ. At the same time, the church helped in the planting of six other churches and gave nearly a quarter of its income to missions.

As Church of the Highlands is in its ninth year, more than 12,000 people attend the church, and even more participate in the small groups. Church of the Highlands offers contemporary, biblically-driven worship services that are alive with energy and creativity, as well as excellent childcare, exciting children’s and student ministries, and dynamic small groups.

Current Local Time

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United Methodist Church Of The Highlands

United Methodist Church of the Highlands
East elevation and south profile, 2008
United Methodist Church of the Highlands

The United Methodist Church of the Highlands, originally First Presbyterian Church of Highland Falls, is a historic church located on Main Street in Highland Falls, New York designed by notable Gothic Revival architect Frederick Clarke Withers.

It was the first church founded in the village. In 1982 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, along with other properties in the Hudson Highlands.

Welcome To Church In The Highlands Ucc

The Church in the Highlands is more than just a location. We value people.

Founded in 1921, the Church in the Highlands is a congregation of the United Church of Christ , a progressive Protestant denomination created in 1957, but with roots going back four hundred years, to those who came to these shores seeking religious freedom. First to ordain women to ministry, first to protest slavery, home to Abolitionists and freed slaves, first to ordain openly gay ministers , we are a united and united body of believers in Jesus, the Risen Christ. There is openness in our fellowship. Everyone is welcome. Period. For us, the God we worship is the parent of us all, and each human being is our sister or brother.

We worship in person and via Zoom every Sunday at 10 AM. We hope you will come worship with us ! If you would like to receive a Zoom Invite please send an e-mail to .

No matter who you are or where you are on your journey, we welcome you! This is a house of prayer for all people!

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The Lords Glory Returns

43 After this, the man brought me back around to the east gateway.2 Suddenly, the glory of the God of Israel appeared from the east. The sound of his coming was like the roar of rushing waters, and the whole landscape shone with his glory.3 This vision was just like the others I had seen, first by the Kebar River and then when he came As in some Hebrew manuscripts and Latin Vulgate Masoretic Text reads I came. to destroy Jerusalem. I fell face down on the ground.4 And the glory of the Lord came into the Temple through the east gateway.

5 Then the Spirit took me up and brought me into the inner courtyard, and the glory of the Lord filled the Temple.6 And I heard someone speaking to me from within the Temple, while the man who had been measuring stood beside me.7 The Lord said to me, Son of man, this is the place of my throne and the place where I will rest my feet. I will live here forever among the people of Israel. They and their kings will not defile my holy name any longer by their adulterous worship of other gods or by honoring the relics of their kings who have died. Or kings on their high places. 8 They put their idol altars right next to mine with only a wall between them and me. They defiled my holy name by such detestable sin, so I consumed them in my anger.9 Now let them stop worshiping other gods and honoring the relics of their kings, and I will live among them forever.

National Parks Monuments And Historic Landmarks

COGIC Holy Convocation 2022

The State of New York is well represented in the with 22 , which received 16,349,381 visitors in 2011. In addition, there are four , 27 , 262 , and 5,379 listings on the . Some major areas, landmarks, and monuments are listed below.

  • The includes and the . The statue, designed by and formally named Liberty Enlightening the World, was a gift from to the United States to mark the Centennial of the it was dedicated in New York Harbor on October 28, 1886. It has since become an icon of the United States and the concepts of democracy and freedom.
  • The in is the only national monument dedicated to Americans of African ancestry. It preserves a site containing the remains of more than 400 buried during the late 17th and 18th centuries in a portion of what was the largest colonial-era cemetery for people of African descent, both free and enslaved, with an estimated tens of thousands of remains interred. The site’s excavation and study were called “the most important historic urban archeological project in the United States”.

Cities and towns

Sources: 19102020

According to statistics, the state is a leading recipient of migrants from around the globe. In 2008 New York had the second-largest international immigrant population in the country among U.S. states, at 4.2 million most reside in and around New York City, due to its size, high profile, vibrant economy, and culture. New York has a pro- law.

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The Best Life Can Bein 2023

Welcome Home! Thanks for joining us for the FIRST service of the year… as we talk about the BEST LIFE CAN BE in 2023.Key Scriptures are found in Psalm 37 and 2 Peter 1.GIVING:If this is your church, and you want to partner with what God is doing here at Community Life through giving, you can do so here: you find yourself in need during this season, please dont hesitate to reach out by emailing: [email protected].

An Av Template Thats Scalable And Repeatable And Creates Efficiencies For The Future

Founded in 2001 in a rented space at Mountain Brook High School in suburban Birmingham, Alabama the Church of the Highlands grew at a record-setting pace, expanding to a total of 23 campuses since then, including its online presence, which has become even larger since the pandemic compelled it to close to in-person service in March 2020. Now the largest church in the state, over 50,000 people attended weekly services at locations including Anniston, Auburn, Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile Bay, Montgomery and Tuscaloosa, and in Columbus, Georgia prior to the COVID curtailment of live services

It’s a sprawling worship domain, but if you wanted to understand its essence, look no further than its most recent location, a 23-acre new-build campus in Gadsden, Alabama that opened on Jan. 31 and that illustrates how the Church of the Highlands uses AV technology to keep its worship locations feeling small and intimate even as the church itself continues to grow. Youll also see how Clark Productions, the churchs integration partner for most of its existence, helps them achieve that.

The Technology

A QSC Core 510 Q-SYS system provides routing for the audio, which is mixed on a Yamaha CL5 console and carried on a Dante network, significantly reducing the amount of cabling required. Services are streamed over a StreamJack SmartDNS subscription service. Resolume and ProPresenter software provide graphics and other video imaging.

Challenges And Solutions

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So Appreciate This App

I simply thank God for and appreciate being able to utilize the Reading through the Bible feature on this app. With everyday portions of the Old and New testaments , Psalms and Proverbs and then being to select between 3 different versions of the Bible and to make the print larger …which is helpful for our ages our Nephew goes to Highlands and we heard about the app through His parents …so thankful in Western ,Kentucky love reading through the Bible this way there is also so much more on the app ,check it out and see

Th Century The American Revolution And Statehood

Uptown Campus

The were organized in during the 1760s, largely in response to the oppressive passed by the in 1765. The met in the city on October 19 of that year, composed of representatives from across the who set the stage for the to follow. The Stamp Act Congress resulted in the , which was the first written expression by representatives of the Americans of many of the rights and complaints later expressed in the . This included the right to . At the same time, given strong commercial, personal and sentimental links to , many New York residents were . The provided the necessary to force a withdrawal from the in 1775.

New York was the only colony , as the delegates were not authorized to do so. New York then endorsed the on July 9, 1776. The was framed by a which assembled at on July 10, 1776, and after repeated adjournments and changes of location, finished its work at on Sunday evening, April 20, 1777, when the drafted by was adopted with but one dissenting vote. It was not submitted to the people for ratification. On July 30, 1777, was inaugurated as the first at Kingston.

Both the Dutch and the British imported African slaves as laborers to the city and colony New York, with its high population, had the second-highest population of slaves after Charleston, South Carolina. Slavery was extensive in New York City and some agricultural areas. The state passed a law for the gradual soon after the Revolutionary War, but the last slave in New York was not freed until 1827.

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Church Of The Highlands Invites You To Worship With Us No Matter Where You Are On Lifes Journey You Are Welcome Here

We believe that God loves all of creation, and through Jesus Christ we are brought into fellowship with God. We are a family, proclaiming the love and grace of God, as found in God’s Word. All are welcome at Church of the Highlands – those who believe as well as those who are seeking.

At each service we gather for meaningful worship to study Gods word. We reach out with the heart of ministry to care for our neighbors in the name of Christ here and around the world. We have fun and fellowship in a variety of activities ranging from dinners to sporting events. As we work and worship together we find that our faith grows as we enjoy friends old and new.

You will discover many exciting opportunities at Church of the Highlands. Our website is just the introduction to the spirit of our church. We want you to feel at home and comfortable here. We are pleased to welcome you as part of a growing Christian community.

Please join us for an upcoming worship service. Theres a place for you here at Church of the Highlands.

Hodges Encourages Graduates To Find True Meaning Live To Make A Difference

News| May 7, 2021| By Andy Ellis

Chris Hodges, Founder and Senior Pastor of the Church of the Highlands, address graduates during Friday morning’s commencement ceremony.

Chris Hodges, Founder and Senior Pastor of the Church of the Highlands, encouraged Troy University graduates on Friday to discover the true meaning and purpose for their lives and then, live to make a difference.

Speaking to more than 900 graduates in two ceremonies held inside Trojan Arena on the Troy Campus, Hodges said while

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A Conversation With Church Of The Highlands

Since its inception, Church of the Highlands has committed to setting their hearts on prayer.

In 2001, the Alabama-based ministryâs core launch team made a decision. Instead of planting their church in Januaryâone of the best months to launch a churchâthey spent 21 days in a season of prayer and fasting before opening their doors.

Twenty years later, prayer is still a part of the churchâs core identity. From that first season of prayer until now, Highlands has spent 3 weeks every January and August in 21 Days of Prayer.

We sat down with David Russell, Highlandsâ Online Campus Pastor and Digital Director, to learn how the church turned a close-knit community event into a nationwide movement by approaching ministry from a hybrid perspective.â

âââTwice a year, thousands of people participate in 21 Days of Prayer. For three weeks, the church meets every day to pray over community needs, current events, political leaders, and more.

The decision to create a digital expression of 21 Days of Prayer was simply a step to serve their community better. Highlands chose to stream their early-morning services in an effort to give people convenient access to the event.

As time went on, their team was surprised to see that the largest group tuning in online wasnât parents getting their kids ready for school or people with unconventional work schedules. It was pastors.â


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