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Old St Mary’s Catholic Church

Restored Old St Mary Church: Season Of Lent

St. Mary’s Catholic Church says goodbye to historic organ with final concert

The season of Lent provides an opportunity to display the antique paintings that have been hanging in the Old Saint Mary church in League City. Dedicated in 1910, Old Saint Mary was originally founded as a missionary church and was fully restored in the 1990s. This video has been dedicated to Don Mize, a longtime volunteer worker at Old Saint Marys who was essential in obtaining the Texas Historical markers for this church. Don passed away during the making of my video.

The First Two St Marys Churches

In 1852, the first church was built. It was a small white brick structure measuring 30 x 13 m or 100 x 42 ft. While St Marys was the third Roman Catholic parish in Toronto, it was the only one on the west side. The two existing Catholic churches on the east side were St Pauls and St Michaels.

In 1858, when the foundations of the first St Marys began sinking, it was taken down.

In 1860, St Marys school was constructed on the property and the second church was consecrated. The church, however, was built on those same unstable foundations. Even though iron girders were installed to prop it up, the second church also experienced structural issues over time.

Its congregation was growing rapidly, so in 1883, prominent architect Joseph Connolly was selected to design the present-day church. He designed many Roman Catholic churches throughout Ontario. The building of the third St Marys Church began in 1885 and, at the time, cost $70,000. The congregation attended its first service in 1889.

St Mary’s Catholic Church

It might be in Greektown, but St. Marys started off as a German parish.

Its earliest parishioners started out attending German Mass at Ste. Annes in 1833 before opening their first church June 29, 1843, on land donated by the Beaubien family. With a growing number of Germans coming to the city and finding themselves without enough room in their small pews, the flock tapped one of their own to design them a new church, Peter Dederichs.

This church follows the cruciform plan and has room for 1,200 souls. Dedicated Aug. 16, 1885, it stands on the site of the parishs first church, on the southeast corner of St. Antoine Street and Monroe Avenue. At the time of its opening, Monroe was known as Croghan Street.

There is an urban legend that the granite columns were leftovers from construction of the State Capitol in Lansing, but they actually arrived in Detroit from Portland, Maine, in July 1884.

The parishs school, built in 1868-69 and designed by Pius Daubner, still stands and is believed to be the oldest surviving school in the state. Its rectory dates to 1876 and was designed by Julius Hess.

Today, Old St. Marys continues to be one of the citys most stunning churches and is a must-see for architecture buffs.

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The Complex Of Buildings At The Historic Church

Through the years, a few buildings have been added at St Marys Church, including:

The Rectory In 1873, architect Henry Langley designed the rectory. Its located near the southwest corner of the property.

The Nuns Chapel and Old St Marys Separate SchoolWhat is known today as 9 Portugal Sq was built in 1877. The structure was designed by architect GH Lalor, and it once extended to Bathurst St. Now linked directly to the church structure, today it serves as church facilities and the rehearsal hall for the Santo Cristo Brass Band.

St Marys Separate School At 11 Portugal Sq is the 1889-built St Marys Separate School. Designed by architects Kennedy & Holland, today, the building is the Parish Hall. This building should not be confused with the present-day, 1918-built St Marys Catholic Elementary School across the street at 20 Portugal Sq.

Today, no longer owned by St Marys Church, this structure is the Factory Theatre. The heritage building still has many original elements, including the maple bowling alley floor in the Studio Theatre as well as the proscenium arch and balcony in the Main Space Theatre.

Primary And Secondary Schools

Photo taken by Kathleen Stocker of the side altar in side the Old St ...

As of 2016 many K-12 students in Detroit frequently change schools, with some children having been enrolled in seven schools before finishing their K-12 careers. There is a concentration of senior high schools and in the area, which had wealthier residents and more gentrification relative to other parts of Detroit: Downtown, northwest Detroit, and northeast Detroit have 1,894, 3,742, and 6,018 students of high school age each, respectively, while they have 11, three, and two high schools each, respectively.

As of 2016 because of the lack of public transportation and the lack of school bus services, many Detroit families have to rely on themselves to transport children to school.

Public schools and charter schools

With about 66,000 public school students , the district is the largest in Michigan. Detroit has an additional 56,000 students for a combined enrollment of about 122,000 students. As of 2009 there are about as many students in charter schools as there are in district schools. As of 2016 DPS continues to have the majority of the special education pupils. In addition, some Detroit students, as of 2016, attend public schools in other municipalities.

Detroit public schools students scored the lowest on tests of and of all major cities in the United States in 2015. Among eighth-graders, only 27% showed basic proficiency in math and 44% in reading. Nearly half of Detroit’s adults are .

Private schools

Detroit Free PressDetroit News

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Old St Mary’s Cathedral

Old Saint Mary’s Cathedral
Archbishop of San Francisco, Paulist Fathers

The Old Cathedral of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception is a proto-cathedral and parish of the Roman Catholic Church located at 660 California Street at the corner of Grant Avenue in the Chinatown neighborhood of San Francisco, California. It was built in 1854 in the Gothic Revival style, and was made a Designated San Francisco Landmark on April 11, 1968.

Are You Able To Host A Ukrainian Family

When hearing reports of the war in Ukraine, and the millions of Ukrainians that have been forced to flee their homeland, many have asked what they can do to help. Over 80,000 Ukrainians have already arrived to Canada through a special visa program created by Immigration Canada. An additional 500,000 have applied to the program and are expected to arrive in the coming months. Many are arriving to Toronto and are without family here in Canada to help them. Among those will be some who are vulnerable to human trafficking, particularly seniors, single women, and women with children. There is an immediate need for families to host for a period of between one and six months some of those who have arrived. If you would like to learn more about hosting a Ukrainian family, please go to Archdiocese of Toronto Ukrainian Crisis and register for a virtual information session.

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George Washington Worshiped Here At Philadelphia’s First Roman Catholic Cathedral

St. Mary’s was the second Roman Catholic institution in Philadelphia, and without St. Mary’s and the work done by many of her members, history would have turned out quite differently. The church figured prominently in the life of Colonial and Revolutionary Philadelphia.

As to Old St. Mary’s firsts. The church was the site of the first public religious commemoration of the Declaration of Independence and the church became the first Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Diocese of Philadelphia .

Though not members of St. Mary’s congregation, the rich and famous spent time in her pews. Members of the Continental Congress officially attended services here four times from 1777 to 1781. The ecumenical George Washington worshiped here on at least two occasions. Puritan-born John Adams came too and wrote to his wife Abigail,

“the music, consisting of an organ and a choir of singers, went all the afternoon except sermon time, and the assembly chanted most sweetly and exquisitely. Here is everything that can lay hold of the eye, ear, and imagination, everything which can charm and bewitch the simple and ignorant, I wonder how Luther ever broke the spell.”



Guests in Philadelphia are encouraged to tour the still-active church. The facade of the building is flat and made of brick the church’s interior, and especially the balcony, is captivating and worth a visit. A revealing slice of religion in early America awaits.

Th And 21st Centuries

A Steeple Story – The restoration of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Dubuque, Iowa

Michigan’s economy underwent a transformation at the turn of the 20th century. Many individuals, including , and , , , , , and , provided the concentration of engineering know-how and technological enthusiasm to develop the . Ford’s development of the moving in marked a new era in transportation. Like the and railroad, mass production of automobiles was a far-reaching development. More than the forms of public transportation, the affordable automobile transformed private life. Automobile production became the major industry of Detroit and Michigan, and permanently altered the socioeconomic life of the United States and much of the world.

With the growth, the auto industry created jobs in Detroit that attracted immigrants from Europe and migrants from across the United States, including both blacks and whites from the rural . By 1920, Detroit was the fourth-largest city in the US. Residential housing was in short supply, and it took years for the market to catch up with the population boom. By the 1930s, so many immigrants had arrived that more than 30 languages were spoken in the public schools, and communities celebrated in annual heritage festivals. Over the years immigrants and migrants contributed greatly to Detroit’s diverse urban culture, including popular music trends. The influential of the 1960s was led by a variety of individual singers and groups.

In a 2020 study, Michigan was ranked as the 13th easiest state for citizens to vote in.

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State Symbols And Nicknames

Michigan is traditionally known as “The Wolverine State”, and the University of Michigan takes the wolverine as its mascot. The association is well and long established: for example, many Detroiters volunteered to fight during the American Civil War and , who led the Michigan Brigade, called them the “Wolverines”. The origins of this association are obscure it may derive from a busy trade in wolverine furs in Sault Ste. Marie in the 18th century or may recall a disparagement intended to compare early settlers in Michigan with the vicious mammal. Wolverines are, however, extremely rare in Michigan. A sighting in February 2004 near was the first confirmed sighting in Michigan in 200 years. The animal was found dead in 2010.

  • : Wolverine State, Great Lake State, Mitten State, Water-Winter Wonderland
  • : adopted in 1835 on the coat-of-arms, but never as an official motto. This is a paraphrase of the epitaph of British architect Sir about his masterpiece, .

St Marys Beautiful Architecture

The French Gothic Revival-style church is a cruciform shape. Its made of white brick and Ohio sandstone dressings, while the vaulted roof is made of white pine. St Marys great tower is flanked by supporting wings. Other exterior architectural elements of the facade include three entrances, polished granite pillars of various colours, rose windows with tracery and the building as a whole, is finished with finials and crosses.

Inside the magnificent church, the soaring nave seats 600 people. It features warm-toned wooden pews, pointed Gothic arches springing from richly decorated blue granite pillars, carved angel corbels, stained-glass windows depicting religious images, frescoes and a groined chancel ceiling.

Due to a shortage of funds, the church towers belfry and octagonal spire were not added until 1904/05. They were designed by Arthur Holmes, who was Joseph Connollys protégé.

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Entertainment And Performing Arts

Major theaters in Detroit include the , , the , , the , the , , , the , and , which hosts the renowned . The , the largest controller of Broadway productions in New York City, originated with the purchase of the in 1922 by the Nederlander family.

with 535,000 square feet produces movies in Detroit and the surrounding area based at the Pontiac Centerpoint Business Campus for a film industry expected to employ over 4,000 people in the metro area.

Because of its , , and , Detroit has enjoyed increased prominence as a tourist destination in recent years. listed Detroit as the ninth-best destination in its list of 52 Places to Go in 2017, while travel guide publisher named Detroit the second-best city in the world to visit in 2018.

Many of the area’s prominent museums are in the historic neighborhood around and the . These museums include the , the , , the , as well as the main branch of the . Other cultural highlights include , the museum, the studio and school, the Museum, , the Dossin Great Lakes Museum, the , the , and the .

Artist Tyree Guyton created the controversial street art exhibit known as the in 1986, using found objects including cars, clothing and shoes found in the neighborhood near and on Heidelberg Street on the near East Side of Detroit.

Time named Detroit as one of the fifty World’s Greatest Places of 2022 to explore.

Why Old St Marys Chapel

Old Saint Mary

Old St. Marys Chapel is the perfect spot for your special day. The beautifully restored chapel exudes peaceful charm. The tall arched windows allow in plenty of beautiful light for those important photos and the neutral décor lends itself to your personal touch.

Attached to the chapel is an annex room with a large bathroom perfect for getting ready for the special event. Leaving the annex by the side door you follow the path back to the front of the chapel for a grand entrance! The 135 year old historic building is located in old downtown Rocklin where it is conveniently located near various reception and rehearsal dinner sites.

With the Amtrak station located right next door, Old St. Marys is the perfect spot for guests arriving from out of town. Several hotels are located close by. At the chapel, there is plenty of parking available for your guests. The beautifully landscaped patio with its unique fountain is the perfect spot for small receptions and beautiful wedding photos.

A replica of Rocklins first firehouse is now complete giving another place to get ready for the big event.

Old St. Marys Chapel is an historic building. You are welcome to bring a minister or officiant of your choice.

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St Mary Roman Catholic Church

Added to NRHP May 6, 1982

St. Mary Roman Catholic Church, formally the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is in the third oldest Roman Catholic parish in Detroit, Michigan. Designed by German-born Peter Dederichs and built for the formerly ethnic German parish of the 19th century, it is located at 646 Monroe Street in what is now considered the heart of the Greektown Historic District in downtown Detroit. It is often called “Old St. Mary’s Church” to avoid confusion with other St. Mary’s parishes: in the Redford neighborhood of Detroit, or in nearby Royal Oak, Monroe, or Wayne.

The former church was built in 1841. The school, built in 1868, was the first of the new buildings of the current complex. The rectory new church , and convent, completed in 1922, comprised the remainder. The convent was demolished in the early 2000s and replaced with a community center designed to resemble the 1841 church building.

St. Mary Parish has been staffed by the Spiritans or Holy Ghost Fathers since 1893. It was previously administered by the Franciscan Fathers and the Redemptorist Fathers .

Welcome To Old St Mary’s

Welcome to all!

Thank you for visiting our website and, perhaps you may be able to visit our church during this time when our country, the world, is dealing with the coronavirus.

We began the reopening of our church for the public celebration of Mass the weekend of June 27/28. Registration for Mass is required and is open weekly until 4 PM on Saturday. For example, on Saturday, August 29th, you would be able to register for Masses on the weekend of August 29th and 30th until 4 PM on Saturday.

What are our Mass times?

  • Sundays: 8 a.m., 11 a.m.
  • Saturdays: 5 p.m.
  • Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m.

Currently the congregation size is strictly limited to a maximum of 50 attendees with social distancing of at least six feet. . On occasion we are holding a 6 PM Mass for special celebrations. You will see the availability of that Mass when you sign-up to register.

While we are under restrictions on the numbers that can attend Mass in person, all of our Masses will continue to be livestreamed. Recordings of these Masses can be found on our and pages.

REMEMBER: Everyone continues to be dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and holy days of obligation until further notice.

If youll be visiting us, you may want to check out our Holy Days schedule or directions to our parish and parking information.

If you have any other questions for us, dont hesitate to give us a call at 922-3444. We would love to get to know you and welcome you to our parish!

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