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Online Church Services Non Denominational

What Is A Non

Second City Church Chicago Sunday Service

Do you feel like none of the major Christian religions adequately fulfill your spiritual needs or beliefs? Are you conflicted because you believe in Jesus Christ and the Bible, but your soul doesnt fully align with the rigid doctrine preached by the principal denominations? If so, you may want to explore the beliefs of a non-denominational church.

Dont worry if youre wondering, What is a non-denominational church? Well explore the answer to that question in this guide. In the meantime,know that searching for truth is always a worthy endeavor that should be applauded. is a useful tool to help you find a religion that melds with your deep-seated beliefs.

The 5 Biggest Online Churches

To be considered an online church, we looked for churches that did more than just , maintain a Facebook community, or host a podcast. Today’s online churches treat the Internet as a campus all its own, with interactive chat, dedicated online pastors, and a web ministry ready to serve their cyber-congregation.

That’s why, for example, Second Baptist Church Houstonwhich has six different main campuses and a congregation reportedly over 60,000 membersis not included here. Ditto for Joel and Victoria Osteen’s Lakewood Church, which has more than 43,000 weekly members and an archive of online sermons, but no dedicated online campus.

You’ll find that most churches on this list are non-denominational. For example, individual Catholic churchesas impressive as their buildings arerarely expand to the size of the churches you’ll read about below.

We ranked the below picks based on their weekly physical attendance numbers . Though, as anyone who has ever at their local church can attest, these numbers are very difficult to pin down and should be used for informational purposes only. Not to mention that attendance can fluctuate wildly from year to year and even month to month. With that said, we tried to get the most recent and accurate numbers available online, using Outreach Magazine’s 2016 Annual Report as a starting point.

After scouring the web here are the five biggest online churches in order of average weekly attendance.

Online campus:Calvary Chapel Web Campus

At Epikos Youll Find Your People

Everyone should have a church where they feel safe to ask hard questions, hear clear and applicable teaching from scripture and be able to find a community. We want you to know youre welcome here exactly as you are to be encouraged, challenged, and taken care of. Were inviting you to join us. Wed be honored to walk alongside you and help you grow in your faith.

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Why Are There Online Churches

Of course, you might be reading this article asking yourself, “Why would someone sit at home and attend a virtual church on their computer when they could go to church with their neighbors and be together in the same building?”

That’s a fair question, and one that has been asked before.

But as generations change and churches look for ways to change with them, the allure of connecting online rather than face-to-face has become too prevalent for church leadership to ignore. More importantly, churches need a way to include people who are physically unable to attend traditional services due to illness, disability, or distance.

A 2016 Pew Research Center survey found that people who report going to church less now than they used to said the logistics of getting there are the biggest deterrent.

So while attending church online may not be ideal in the eyes of most church leaders, isn’t it better than not attending church at all?

How To Live Stream A Church Service


Using your choice of streaming solutions, learn how to live stream your churchs service with this quick guide.

So youve decided to start live streaming for your church but dont know where to start and what equipment you need? Weve created this step-by-step how-to guide for you about how live streaming of church services works.

Keep in mind that, initially, change can often be an intimidating concept. Your church has held in-person services since its inception. It will take a while for everything to run smoothly, and theres certainly a significant learning curve.

While it may seem overwhelming to figure out how to get your Sunday service online quickly, were here to help you. Please follow this church services live streaming tutorial to set everything up correctly.

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Streaming Churches Online Testimonials

  • Terrence D. Griffith is the Senior Pastor of the oldest African American Baptist Church in Pennsylvania, the historic 208 year old First African Baptist Church of Philadelphia. He is a former Senator of Her Majestys Queen Elizabeth Parliament in Grenada.

    Pastor Terrence D. Griffith

  • Reverend Jocephus Guinn Jr. is a native of Chattanooga, Tennessee where he attended and graduated from Howard High School. Following graduation he attended Fisk University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health and Physical Education.

    Pastor Jocephus GuinnJr.

  • Rev. Aaron C. Lee, Sr., is the Pastor of The New Philippian Baptist Church. Where he serves with a fervent desire to meet the needs of Gods people. Pastor Lee provides practical biblical teaching and preaching for everyday life.

    Pastor Aaron Lee Sr.

So Can We Make A Suggestion

Come hang out with us. We certainly dont have all the answers but we know this for sure: its much easier to find the more were longing for when we go deeper in our relationship with God and with other people who are asking the same kinds of questions we are.

You dont have to figure it out on your own. Lets figure it out together.

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What Is The Basic History Of These Churches

The word non-denominational means that a church is not restricted to a single denomination. Based on this meaning, an independent non-denominational church could include any church that does not belong to a major or traditional denomination. But the vast majority of todays non-denominational Christians belong to a branch of Protestantism.

Protestantism began in 16th-century Europe. During this time, many Roman Catholic church members became disenchanted with some of the practices, beliefs, and alleged abuses of the Catholic church. As a result, leaders of the Catholic church were charged with unbiblical practices by men such as John Calvin of France and Martin Luther of Germany.

The Catholic church was accused of valuing the traditions of men over the Bibles teachings. The Protestant movement began as people left the Roman Catholic church. Todays independent churches are similar to the first Protestants in that they abide by conservative Christian beliefs, and most do not adopt non-Biblical or modern values.

If you are wondering, What is a reformed church? the answer is any church that makes major changes to its doctrine and theology. Reformed theology, often known as Calvinism, refers to the teachings of John Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli, who were protestant reformers.

All God’s Creatures 2023 Devotional

Second City Church Chicago Sunday Service

A Daily Devotions for Animal Lovers. This inspiring devotional brings you 365 touching stories of animals who appear at just the right moment providing comfort and bringing us closer to our faith.

Plus, enjoy four FREE beautiful, custom-designed note cards and envelopes with any print edition purchase.

Keep your emotional toolbox handy to keep yourself calm and clear when the unexpected comes to pass.

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Youversion & Bible Translation

Accelerate efforts to make the Bible available in every language and help lead people toward deeper intimacy with God. Your gifts to YouVersion & Bible Translation will drive our work to develop technology and collaborate with partners so every person on earth can engage with the Bible and know the fullness of God.

Ministering To Lgbtqi Christians And Our Allies Around The Globe We Feature The Largest Welcoming And Affirming Church Directory In The World

The intent of our Affirming Church Directory is to provide an online resource for people to locate and visit welcoming Christian churches around the world. We list congregations that meet on a regular basis in a physical location for worship, prayer, service and fellowship. All churches in this directory have confirmed that their congregation, in some form or fashion, is an affirming Christian church. For more details about what we consider affirming and Christian, visit the About our Directory page.

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Its A Solution Not An Online Service

Its important to note that these platforms are not platforms where you can view live streams of church services. These platforms are hosting platforms for those looking for ways to stream their churchs service to their congregation remotely.

Live streaming solutions allow you to expand your reach, and ensure everyone who wants to attend your live sermon are able to.

They provide you with the tools to reach a wide audience with your church live streams and events throughout the year.

This guide is designed to arm you with the tools and information you need to record and broadcast live streams of your church events without technical mistakes. Its a guide to solutions and platforms available will allow congregations to live stream their church services around the world during this time of need and after too.

What Does A Worship Service Look Like For A Non

ChangePoint Alaska

Non-denominational churches often worship in unconventional ways compared to traditional church worship practices. Music is an important part of many churches worship services. Members of the congregation are encouraged to let the Holy Spirit move them during worship services.

Many people find non-denominational worship services more relaxed and comfortable than denominational worship services. This is because the topics and programs are designed to be relatable and refreshingly separate from tradition. However, the core doctrines of non-denominational churches are similar, theologically, to several modern Protestantism views.

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Non Denominational Churches Near Me

Are you looking for non denominational churches near me? We are working with pastors from all denomination to make streaming churches online the place to find non denominational churches near me. from a Non-Denominational church? If so we are seeking Non-Denominational organizations to join and reach thousands of potential members per week. Tell your pastor about our service!

On the list of HUGE thing thats helping video content to become famous is the surge in mobile video viewing. Google as well as other search engines are looking at how contents fits on mobile devices. Church targeted audience is focus on young and on the go people. As video becomes mobile-first, you will continue to see large online companies and churches switch more to video content. Our company is broadcasting to Facebook, Ustream and YouTube. I expect this to get more and more common for places of worships. Reaching youth is a huge segment of the population that stream videos. Therefore the preacher must be articulate with a personality that they can feel during Live streaming.

Live streaming may be a low-cost, easy-to-implement solution which not only expands reach for religious organizations but strengthens existing communities. In the modern world, churches are like any other businesses competing with other churches for hearts, minds and ever-diminishing focus.

Online Church Services To Watch At Home

Practicing social distancing? Feeling isolated? Now you dont have to miss church.

These are uncertain times. As the Covid-19 virus spreads around the worldsickening thousands, creating economic turmoil and shuttering schools, workplaces, stores and restaurantsmany people are depending on their faith more than ever. Luckily, staying indoorsor practicing social distancingdoesnt have to mean missing out on the uplifting atmosphere of a Sunday church service. From coast to coast, many churches are now live-streaming their services so that people people can still connect with their faith community in real time.

Below is a sampling of churches that are offering online services this Sundayand beyond. You can also check your own churchs website and social media to see if you can tune in remotely.

, where Guideposts founder Norman Vincent Peale served as pastor for 52 years, live-streams its Sunday service at 11 a.m. ET and its Wednesday service at 6:15 p.m. ET. You can catch the services live, and view archived sermons, on the churchs website.

Grace Lutheran Church in Jacksonville, Florida, is offering both of its Sunday servicestraditional worship at 8:00 a.m. and a contemporary service with music at 10:35 a.m.. If you cant make it in real time, dont worry they archive all of the videos so you can watch them later.

The beautiful and historic Grace Church in New York City is live-streaming their Episcopal Sunday services through May 17. They begin at 11 a.m. .

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Be Part Of Gods Plan For Milwaukee

God has a plan for our lives. He has a plan for our families, our communities and the city we love.

At Epikos Church, were one church in multiple locations around Milwaukee. We can imagine what the city could look like if a group of Christ-followers impacted the relationships, neighborhoods and workplaces that they were a part of.

We invite you to join us in taking action to live on a mission as we improve the world around us, together.

Online Church Services Non Denominational

Second City Church Chicago Sunday Service

Online Church Services Non Denominational

The transformation of church ministries to live streaming their video sermons online can be very beneficial. Unlike ten years ago, quite a few people are extremely busy, but if ministries can continue to get parishioners to see sermons on the road, its a win for everybody. Whether they are on vacation or off doing things with family, their ministry is right alongside on their cellular devices. The rat race of life should no longer be a factor. Just retrieve your smart device and you are there. That is why live streaming over the internet has become extremely popular. People dont have to miss out on a church service even if they are in another county. Virtually all of these ministries accept offering on their websites so ministries wont miss out it members are not at the physical location. They could give virtually. For these reasons, live streaming has been growing, which has contributed to the growth of mobile video by and large. Individuals are more frequently watching content on their smartphones and tablets, which has forced companies to alter their approaches. Live streaming has developed into focal point for big companies. They are projecting streaming videos to be a top promotional tool in the future. Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube invest significant sums of money into building and enhancing their own live stream platforms, as stated by the Financial Times.

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Benefits Of Live Streaming Church Services

Broadcasting a religious service offers many benefits for churches like yours. When you stream and broadcast a church service with a streaming platform, you can reach people who could otherwise not make it to worship with the community.

These could be people who are homebound due to an illness or injury, or people who are too old to drive themselves. People with disabilities also benefit from streaming church services.

The world is a global village now, thanks to the internet. Anyone with a connection can now be a part of your church, regardless of geographical limitations.

Members who have moved away but still want to be part of the church community can maintain their connection. This is also particularly helpful during global crises, like COVID-19, which were currently experiencing.

Some other benefits of live streaming church services include:

It is also common to live stream the churchs Christmas programs and other special events. This allows the congregation to attend from home, and enjoy these special programs that occur during busy family times.

What Are The Different Non

Non-denominational Christianity falls under the broad umbrella of Protestant denominations, though its independent congregation is not part of the organized Protestant church. Likewise, many religions fall under the umbrella of Protestantism, including the Southern Baptist church, Presbyterian church, Lutheran church, United Methodist Church, and non-denominational Christian churches.

Some of the most well-known non-denominational Christian church names today include:

  • Church of the Highlands

Because these churches dont belong to a specific denomination, they are all considered non-denominational churches. But even though they dont belong to a mainline church, these non-denominational churches focus on many of the same Biblical principles, including Christian fellowship and faith in Jesus Christ. However, they do not believe in some traditions or practices held by multiple denominations.

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Choose A Church Streaming Service

The next major decision you now have to make is selecting a streaming platform. What conspires as the ideal streaming service will vary from institution to institution. One thing is for sure, though, reliability cant be compromised.

A reliable church streaming service is essential for hosting a professional-grade live stream. You will likely want a church streaming service that includes the following features:

  • White-label HTML5 video player
  • Robust content management system
  • Easy to use interface

In addition to checking all of these boxes, youre going to want to choose a church live streaming solution that fits your budget.

Welcome From Pastor Steve


Its my joy to introduce Black Rock to you! Our passion is to be a place where you can meet friends to do life with, find exciting opportunities to serve others, and discover Gods great plan for your life.

Come as you are! Whether you grew up in church, think of yourself as a returner, or find yourself seeking God for the first timejoin us, because youll fit right in. Wed love to get to know you and be a part of your spiritual journey!

God offers a life-giving relationship with Him through Jesus. Were excited about experiencing together, more and more of what that means. I hope youll join us in the adventure!

Pastor Steve

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