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Prince Of Peace Catholic Church Bulletin

Grow & Journey Through A Spiritual Retreat

08/01/22 | Celebrating the Life Fr. Henry McDaid

Interested in attending? Please contact us below and we will contact you with additional information about the retreat you select!

Prince of Peace Catholic ChurchWe are a community united in faith, bringing Gods love to the world.

Notice required by the Archdiocese of San Antonio: The Archdiocese of San Antonio established The Code of Conduct to provide a set of standards for ministerial relationships. Establishing standards of conduct assists in creating and maintaining environments where there is no opportunity for sexual misconduct or other harmful acts. The Code of Conduct can be found at To report any violation of the Code of Conduct call: or online at

Why Attend

We all need a break sometimes. Vacations from work or school help us re-energize our battery to continue working.

However, sometimes, we need a spiritual energizer time away from it all to be alone with our Lord. You can not give of yourself when you are empty.

Get the information about our Married Couples Retreat here!


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