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St Andrews Church Ft Worth

Welcome To Saint Andrew

The Historic St. Andrews Anglican Church in downtown Fort Worth
  • The Saint Andrew Catholic Parish family extends a warm welcome. We invite you to learn about our various ministries as either a way to be served or as a way to serve others through active involvement. The parish website has a wealth of information and our staff is here to help you. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to getting to know you and your family.HOW TO REGISTER Please fill out the form below or contact Theresa Gaitan, or call 817-927-5383, or stop by the Welcome Center Table in the Narthex of the Church to pick up a registration form.
  • Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church


    Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church is a parish of the Diocese of Fort Worth. The mission church was established by Rt. Rev. Alexander C. Garrett, Bishop of Northern Texas, on March 17, 1875. It gained the status of parish in 1878. The Perpendicular Gothic building is a well-known landmark in downtown Fort Worth. It was built by William Miller Sons & Co. of Pittsburgh, PA. The first service in this building was held on Rogation Sunday, May 12, 1912.

    Ministry & Mission Partners

    The followers of Christ are called to have a two-fold purpose in the world around us: to love each other as disciples, and to love the world as proclaimers of the Good News of Jesus Christ. This is what St. Andrews mission statement sets forth.

    St. Andrews establishes relationships with and supports financially special partners in ministry and mission that propagate the Gospel, both at home and abroadlocal Ministry Partners with whom we have developed close ties in spreading the Gospel in our Fort Worth community, as well as MissionPartners engaged in global mission and evangelism beyond Fort Worth and the USA. St. Andrews parishioners are encouraged to engage personally in the work of these organizations as part of our discipleship in serving Christ and His people and extending His Kingdomwhether across town or on the other side of the world.

    For more information please contact .

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    St Andrew Catholic Church

    St. Andrew Catholic Church

    We are pleased to welcome you to the parish of St. Andrew Catholic Church in Fort Worth, TX.

    Mass times for St. Andrew Catholic Church are below. Also, if you need directions to St. Andrew Catholic Church, please click .

    Mass Times during COVID-19

    • Saturday5:30pm – Children’s Choir
    • Sunday7:00am – Recited, 8:30am – Cantor/Organ, 10:30am – Traditional Choir Interpreted for the Deaf, 12:30pm – Contemporary Group, 5:00pm – Praise and Worship Group

    What To Expect

    Not Dark Yet: Cosmic Mass Now Playing

    St. Andrewâs is a welcoming community where the hand of Christian fellowship is extended to all, offering a place to grow in Christ. Founded in 1875, St. Andrew’s is a 1928 Prayer Book church located in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth . The 1910 building is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful churches in the Southwest, a truly inviting and holy space for worship and prayer. Yet the true heart of the church is not the building, but its people. St. Andrewâs is a biblical church that stands faithfully and obediently under the authority of Holy Scripture. Great emphasis is placed on Christian education for all ages as the knowledge of Godâs Word is essential in the Christian life.

    Here is a space to worship the Living God, where all are encouraged to explore Godâs call and purpose in their lives. Here is a place to find other sojourners on the journey of faith.

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