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Making the most of his freedom as a priest, Jerome traveled to Constantinople where he studied under St. Gregory of Nazianzus, who was renown as a great theologian.

After St. Gregory left Constantinople in 382, Jerome traveled to Rome for a council of the Church and met Pope Damasus. Following the council, Pope Damsus kept Jerome in Rome and made him his secretary.

While serving as secretary to the pope, Jerome also promoted the ideal of asceticism to everyone around him. Included in this group were women of the city of Rome who wanted to live saintly lives.

Pope Damasus died in 384, and this exposed Jerome to criticism and controversy. Jerome was a sarcastic man of great wit. He became unpopular because of his attitude and made a number of enemies. While Pope Damasus was alive, he could shield Jerome from criticism, but now Jerome faced the vengeance of the enemies he made. Both prominent pagans who resented his promotion of the faith and fellow Christians who lacked his wit attacked him with vicious rumors. Among the rumors were accusations that he was behaving inappropriately with the woman we now know as Paula. At that time, she was one of his students in asceticism.

Paula was a widow with four children who deeply mourned the loss of her husband. Jerome provided counseling and instruction to her and she became a lifelong friend and follower of Jerome, assisting him in his work.

His feast day is September 30.

Update From Bishop Parkes

Just three months after doctors performed a below-the-knee amputation on Bishop Gregory Parkes, he is once again walking on his own. The surgery took place on June 9, 2022, and the past few months have involved resting, healing, and learning how to walk with a prosthetic. In the video below, Bishop Parkes shares a health update and a message of gratitude. Plus, he shares his advice for others who are experiencing health challenges Please continue to keep Bishop Parkes in your prayers. For ideas on how you can provide prayerful support for our local shepherd, please click here.
Simply go to:or click the icon to the left and complete the Google form.Should you have difficulty doing so, please come by the Parish Office for assistance. Thank you!

Sunday Mass ScheduleSacrament of Penance

New Parish Registration Process

Welcome and thank you for registering with St. Jerome Catholic Church in Newport News, Virginia! This new process is an option to coming to the office or meeting with a Pastoral Council member during the 2nd Sunday of the month. The Catholic Diocese of Richmond uses a centralized parishioner database called Parishsoft.

Again, welcome to the family!

St. Jerome Catholic Church

116 Denbigh Blvd, Newport News, VA 23608


We hope you’ll easily find us at 116 Denbigh Blvd, Newport News

Spend time at our peaceful Prayer Garden

Then join us inside!

You can enjoy our beautiful stain glass windows


Whether you are new to the area, wanting to learn more about Catholicism,

or looking to return to the Catholic faith….we are glad you found us.

Starting Wednesday, Sept 7 6:30 am mass is returning

There will be no 8 am mass on Wednesdays as of Sept 7

St Jerome pray for us as we face this time of challenge

Sat 5 pm, Sunday 7 am, 9 am, Noon
Daily Mass Tues 8 am, Wed 6:30 am, Thurs -Fri 8 am
Red Criss Blood Drive Noon-6 pm

St Jerome Feast Pot Luck Dinner Celebration

Mass 5:30 pm Dinner 6:30 pm

St Jerome Feast Day Picnic 1-4 pm

Ignorance of Scripture is Ignorance of Christ.

St Jerome

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Wednsday September 28th from Noon to 6:00 PM our parish nurses are sponsoring a Blood Drive in the Faith and Life Classrooms.

Sight and Sound Theater Trip

Departure is Sunday October 16th at 11:00 AM and you will arrive back at the parish October 18th around 9:00 PM.

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Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

If someone asked you What does love have to do with it? what would you say? Perhaps you would think of special people in your life family, friend or a child or grandchild or perhaps you reflect on a personal moment that you witnessed or experienced.

As I thought about this question, What does love have to do with it, I immediately said, everything! As we look around at the many challenges we are faced with today, we need more of Gods love in everything we do.

St. John said, Whoever is without love does not know God, for God is love.

Sisters and brothers, every year at this time, I reach out to the faithful of the Diocese of Trenton to ask for your help and support of the Annual Catholic Appeal. The theme this year is What does love have to do with it Everything! Help us share the love with so many of your neighbors in need here in the Diocese of Trenton. Remember, Love is not what you say, Love is what you do.

And so, once again I ask that you prayerfully consider a gift to the 2022 Annual Catholic Appeal, so we may share the love by reaching out to provide the essential ministries, programs and services that make a critical difference in the lives of so many.

May God bless you for your past generosity and for whatever support you can provide for the vital work that lies ahead.

Yours in Christ,

Most Reverend David M. OConnell, C.M.Bishop of Trenton

St. Jerome Church Mass Schedule

Welcome To St Jerome Parish

St Jerome Catholic Church Mass Times

Since our establishment in 1856, our members have worked diligently to maintain the mission upon which our parish was founded. We are a vibrant community brought together by faith, Eucharist, and Jesus Christ. While a virtual encounter can be wonderful, wed be especially happy to welcome you to one of our liturgies. I think youll fall in love with our faith community.

As we continue to grow and welcome new members, we recognize that a successful parish community encourages its members to become involved and serve others as Christ taught us. We encourage you to join our many ministries where you will learn more about your new parish and its members. As you browse though these pages, we invite you to look for ways that you can support St. Jerome Parish community.

Our website offers you an extension of the parish office. As a current parish member you can learn more about our many ministries, find the Lay Ministry schedule and Religious Education Program forms, and see ways to strengthen your faith through Faith Formation opportunities. We hope you find the site useful, informative and engaging.

If you are a parent of young children, we also invite you to see what our wonderful Catholic school offers as a school choice. We have dedicated an entire for our school families and students.

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Our Catholic Church Teaches

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you…” Jeremiah 1:5a Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life. #2270 Catechism of the Catholic Church.

AttentionPlease do not respond to a text or an email request for gift cards or donations from anyone representing themselves as one of our priests or a member of our staff. Please call the parish office at 595-4610 to alert us of such requests.

Pope Francis In Canada

The Papal Visit to Canada secretariat has been created by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, the national assembly of the Bishops of Canada. The Papal Visit team is working closely with numerous partners including the Vatican, Indigenous Elders, knowledge keepers and survivors of residential schools along with government officials at the federal, provincial and municipal levels as we prepare for this historic visit. Please click on the picture to view the Pope’s schedule and other events.Papal Visit

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In The Heart Of Oconomowoc

Where can you turn when life keeps breaking your heart? What do you do when you want to share the joy of a newborn baby? Or grieve the loss of a loved one?

Jesus said, I came that they may have life, and life abundantly . Thats why we want St. Jerome to be a place where your family and friends long to bewhere they will find rest, renewal, and a welcome full of love. Even in the depths of our own brokenness God can use each one of us to be a gift to someone else, and it all starts with Mass.

St. Jerome is where generations gather to connect, grow, and serve. You matter to us. You matter to God.

Where can you turn when life keeps breaking your heart? What do you do when you want to share the joy of a newborn baby? Or grieve the loss of a loved one?

Jesus said, I came that they may have life, and life abundantly . Thats why we want St. Jerome to be a place where your family and friends long to bewhere they will find rest, renewal, and a welcome full of love. Even in the depths of our own brokenness God can use each one of us to be a gift to someone else, and it all starts with Mass.

St. Jerome is where generations gather to connect, grow, and serve. You matter to us. You matter to God.

About Our Patron Saint

Memorial of Saints John de Brébeuf and Isaac Jogues, Priests, and Companions, Martyrs

St. Jerome , the patron saint of librarians, is best known for his scholarly endeavors. He was an ordained priest without pastoral obligations, who spent most of his life translating religious works and writing commentaries on them. He also wrote about religious figures, ecclesiastical controversies, his fellow Christians, and paganism. During his tenure as secretary to Pope Damasus, the pope commissioned him to revise the Latin books of the Bible and to translate the Hebrew and Greek sections into contemporary Latin. Church scholars credit St. Jerome with bringing the Bible to the people. Although biographers typically characterize him as hot tempered and sarcastic, most count him among the most learned men of the church. We celebrate his life on September 30th.

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We Ask You Humbly: Don’t Scroll Away

Before he was known as Saint Jerome, he was named Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus. He was born around 342 AD, in Stridon, Dalmatia. Today, the town, which ceased to exist in Jerome’s time, would likely be in Croatia or Slovenia.

The young Jerome was educated by Aelius Donatus, who was a famous Roman grammarian. From him, the young Jerome learned Latin and Greek. Little else is known of his childhood other than his parents were probably well-to-do and Christian. Despite their efforts to raise Jerome properly, the young man behaved as he chose.

Around the age of 12 or so, Jerome traveled to Rome to study grammar, philosophy and rhetoric. It is likely that due to his training in rhetoric, he may have considered a career in law. By his own admission, he quickly forgot his morals. While he was not studying, Jerome pursued pleasure. In particular, he pursued women, even though he knew his behavior was wrong.

To alleviate the feelings of guilt he often felt afterwards, Jerome would visit the crypts in Rome and imagine himself in hell. He did so every Sunday, even though he was not a Christian. Jerome succeeded in frightening himself, but not in changing his ways.

Fortunately, Jerome had as a companion, Bonosus, who was a Christian influence. His influence is part of what persuaded Jerome to become a Christian and change his ways for the better.

In or around the year 366, Jerome decided to become a Christian and was baptized by Pope Liberius.


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