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Where Can I Buy The Old Testament Bible

A Friend Or Family Member

Finding JESUS in EVERY book of the OLD TESTAMENT | Bible Study | 2BeLikeChrist

If you have a friend or family member who is a Christian, in most cases theyll have more than one Bible at their house, and would be more than glad to offer one of them to you.

I know I have several and would love to give one to a friend .

But Jesus told him, No! The Scriptures say, People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4

The Protocanonical And Deuterocanonical Books

The Roman Catholic and Eastern Churches canons include books, called the deuterocanonical books, whose authority was disputed by Rabbi Akiva during the first-century development of the Hebrew Bible canon, although Akiva was not opposed to a private reading of them, as he himself frequently uses Sirach. One early record of the deuterocanonical books is found in the early Koine Greek translation of the Jewish scriptures. This translation was widely used by the Early Christians and is the one most often quoted in the New Testament when it quotes the Old Testament. Other, older versions of the texts in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, have since been discovered among the Dead Sea scrolls and the Cairo Geniza.

Following , Protestants regard the deuterocanonical books as apocryphal . According to J. N. D. Kelly, “It should be observed that the Old Testament thus admitted as authoritative in the Church⦠always included, though with varying degrees of recognition, the so-called Apocrypha or deuterocanonical books.”

  • Daniel
  • Portrait Of David And Solomon

    The bulk of the Chronicler’s history is devoted to the reigns of David and Solomon . His portraits of these two kings are quite distinctive and provide a key to his concerns:

  • Not only is there idealization of David and Solomon, but the author also appears to consciously adopt the account of the succession of Moses and Joshua as a model for the succession of David and Solomon:
  • Both David and Moses fail to attain their goals — one to build the temple and the other to enter the promised land. In both cases the divine prohibition is related to the appointment of a successor .
  • Both Solomon and Joshua bring the people of God into rest .
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    /10 1 Samuel & 2 Samuel

    Samuel marks a great turning point in Israels history: Israel transitions from theocracy to monarchy. Instead of crying to God for helpwhich worked before Israel demands that Samuel appoint a king. At first, they are saddled with the ungodly Saul, but God raises up another to deliver and lead His people.

    Recipient Background And Purpose

    Look &  Find Bible: Old Testament Stories (HARDCOVER)

    Paul wrote this letter to Philemon, a believer in Colosse who, along with others, was a slave owner . One of his slaves, Onesimus, had apparently stolen from him and then run away, which under Roman law was punishable by death. But Onesimus met Paul and through his ministry became a Christian . Now he was willing to return to his master, and Paul writes this personal appeal to ask that he be accepted as a Christian brother .

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    Books Of The Hebrew Bible

    The Hebrew canon contains 24 books, one for each of the scrolls on which these works were written in ancient times. The Hebrew Bible is organized into three main sections: the Torah, or Teaching, also called the Pentateuch or the Five Books of Moses the Neviim, or Prophets and the Ketuvim, or Writings. It is often referred to as the Tanakh, a word combining the first letter from the names of each of the three main divisions. Each of the three main groupings of texts is further subdivided. The Torah contains narratives combined with rules and instructions in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. The books of the Neviim are categorized among either the Former Prophetswhich contain anecdotes about major Hebrew persons and include Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kingsor the Latter Prophetswhich exhort Israel to return to God and are named for Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and the 12 Minor Prophets . The last of the three divisions, the Ketuvim, contains poetry , theology, and drama in Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Song of Songs , Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther, Daniel, Ezra-Nehemiah, and Chronicles.

    The Hebrew Scriptures & The Old Testament

    The first books in the Christian bible are the holy books of the Jewish faith, collected in the Tanakh. “Tanakh” is an acronym of the three major division of the Hebrew holy book–the Torah , Nevi’im , and Ketuvim . In Christian traditions these books are called “the Old Testament.” The Jewish faith also adheres to the teachings in the Talmud, rabbinical commentaries on the Tanakh unlike the Tanakh, Christian scripture does not recognize the Talmud.

    Different Christian traditions acknowledge different books of the Bible as canonical. The Tanakh includes only 24 books, while mainline Protestant bibles inclue 39*, Catholics include 46, and Eastern Orthodox groups include 49. The books included in some bibles and not others are called Apocrypha or Deuterocanonical this means either that they are not canon, or that they are less canonical than primary canon.

    *Protestant bibles do not include more material than Hebrew bibles, but they divide the book of the 12 minor prophets into 12 different books, as well as dividing the book of Ezra-Nehemiah into the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, and the book of Chronicles into 1 Chronicles and 2 Chronicles. All Christian bibles, however, are ordered differently than the Tanakh.

    The Five Books of Moses/the Pentateuch

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    And Bible: The Old Testament Background

    The Old Testament is the first, longerportion of the Christian Bible. It is the term used by Christiansto refer to the Jewish scriptures, or Hebrew Bible. The Old Testamentis not one book written by a single author, but a collection ofancient texts written and re-written by numerous authors and editorsfor hundreds of years. They tell the story of the ancient Israelites,or Hebrew people, and contain the laws and rituals that comprisetheir religion. For Jews, the collection comprises the Torahthelaw for worship and everyday livingas well as the history of Godspromise to them. For Christians, the Old Testament is also sacred,but they view its religious meaning as incomplete without the lifeand teachings of Jesus Christ as related in the New Testament. Muslimstrace their religious roots to some of the figures in theOld Testament, although they deny the religious significance ofthe work as a whole. In general, the Old Testament is essentialto the way Western civilization has long thought and talked about God,as well as ethics, justice, and the nature of the world.

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    How to Find Jesus in the Old Testament: part 1

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    An Overview Of The Old And New Testaments

    The Old Testament begins with the book of Genesis, which tells the story of how the world was created, and how God anointed his chosen people and taught them how to live. This includes famous stories like those of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Noah’s Ark.

    After Genesis, the different books of the Old Testament relate the trials of the Israelites as they endure centuries of enslavement or captivity under different empires. There is a general pattern where God sends a prophet to teach the Israelites how to live and to lead them from hardship, but over time they lose faith and find themselves suffering new hardships. The most famous example is Moses leading his people out of slavery in Egypt–the people are impious and must wander the desert for forty years before their descendants can enter the promised land.

    Some of the other important episodes from the Old Testament include the rise of King David, the building of the Temple in Jerusalem, and the Babylonian Captivity. The Old Testament also includes various sayings and songs about morality, god, and other esoteric subjects.

    The New Testament is concerned with the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, which are the basis for Christianity. His life story is told in the four Gospels . Almost all of the other books are letters written by Saint Paul or other Christian teachers, discussing their beliefs or giving advice.

    The Most Popular Bible Of The Year Is Probably Not What You Think It Is

    This analysis is by Daniel Silliman, an instructor of American religion and culture for the Heidelberg Center for American Studies at Heidelberg University.

    Americans dont lack access to the Bible, but it remains a big business for publishers in the United States. In fact, 88 percent of Americans have a copy of the Bible in their homes, according to a 2015 report from the Barna Group. Most homes have more than one copy, and nearly a quarter of people have more than five. Nevertheless, 13 percent of Americans said they bought Bibles within the past year.

    So why do Americans seem to have an insatiable appetite for Christian scripture?

    A new study Bible out this week underscores how simmering questions about the accuracy and authority of translations drive demand for new versions of an old text. A mix of firm authority and breezy accessibility seems to be key to the commercial success of many study Bibles.

    No official sales projections are publicly available, but if history provides a guide, the NIV Zondervan Study Bible could easily sell 100,000 copies by the end of the year probably a lot more. The new study Bible by Zondervan, a Christian publishing house in Grand Rapids, Mich., owned by HarperCollins, could follow earlier blockbuster sales. The last NIV study Bible, published by Zondervan in 1985, sold more than 9 million copies.

    One of the Bibles most popular translations is the NIV and newer versions, like the ESV also sell remarkably well.

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    Why Is Reading The Bible So Important

    As a Christian I believe its crucial to be constantly in Gods word. Here is why its so important:

    • Reading the Bible helps us to know God: The Bible tells us about God, gives us insight into Gods character and answers our questions about who he is, and how he has saved us from sin.
    • The Bible helps us to know Gods will for our lives: The message of eternal salvation is vital to the scriptures, but the Bible also reveals a lot more about how God would have us live. We see recorded examples of Biblical figures and how they lived, and we see what pleases God and what doesnt.
    • Reading Gods word helps us to see the big picture that God has planned for us: Knowing the scriptures and making them the final authority in your life can help you to live the good life that God has planned for you, and to guard against attacks that the evil one has coming your way.

    All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work 2 Timothy 3:1617

    Ancient Rare Bibles & Books

    Finally a Bible I can understand...

    Imagine… Actually owning a complete, genuine original, beautiful, leather-bound 350 to 425 year-old English Bible as a family heirloom and stunning display item for your home.

    Why should I consider purchasing one?A four-century-old English Family Bible makes the ideal family heirloom. Your children can gain a deeper appreciation for the Bible by holding one of the earliest English printings in their hands. Just gazing upon its ancient print style and thick pages brings a sense of reverence and awe, and reminds one of the sacrifices made by the early printers to bring us these treasured early copies of God’s Word. What an amazing conversation piece and attention-commanding display item for your home! And what a magnificent gift for a very special occasion, or for the person who has everything.

    Can I really afford one? Prices start well under $4,000. For about the cost of a good flat screen TV, you could have one of these ancient treasures of Christian history in your home.

    Is it a good investment? Rare antiquarian Bibles that are investment-grade typically increase in value each year by 15 to 25% or more. Much like coastal real estate, “They aren’t making any more” and demand only goes up each year. Unlike real estate however, it is highly unlikely such treasures will continue to be affordable in decades to come…as the finite supply is continually bought-up by collectors and institutions.

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    Which Bible Version Is Best For You

    We could have a very long conversation about the many different translations and all the technical reasons to read one or another version of the Bible.

    And different people may have different reasons for selecting the version they read every day.

    There are many good translations. And many people have theirpreferences.

    Here are some things to think about and questions to askyourself when deciding which translation to get:

    Will I enjoy the translation?

    Will it be easy to read?

    Will I understand it?

    Will I be motivated to read it?

    For many folks, just one translation will never do. If you are like me, you will have multiple translations around the house, on your computer and all your electronic devices.

    Its a wonderful blessing that we have so many options for enjoying the Word of the Living God.

    Spread The Word Campaign Free Bibles For Those Overseas

    LeSEAs Spread the Word program will provide a free Bible for people who are overseas. The program launched in 2000, and since then over 700,000 Bibles have been distributed.

    If you are a new believer in a place like Egypt, Colombia, Iraq, Solomon Islands, Malaysia, Zambia, Togo, Austria, Pakistan and Iran, theyll do their best to ship a free Bible to you!

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    Praise For The Complete Biblical Library

    One of the greatest tools for the serious Bible student to come along in my lifetime is The Complete Biblical Library. It has it all: the original Greek, interlinear, King James Version, practical commentary, and references that make Bible study come to life.

    Dr. Tim LaHaye, Author, Minister, Educator

    One of the most comprehensive and ambitious editions of the New Testament ever conceived in modern times. I feel I can recommend this set without reservation.

    Dr. Gleason L. Archer, Former Professor Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

    The Complete Biblical Library is a marvelous example of a thorough Bible study program, introducing the reader to the Bible in its entirety. While one may not agree with every interpretation, the hours of godly scholastic commitment that have gone into this resource work are remarkable indeed.

    Dr. W.A. Criswell, Former Pastor First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas

    General Outline And Major Themes


    In its general framework, the Hebrew Bible is the account of Gods dealing with the Jews as his chosen people, who collectively called themselves Israel. After an account of the worlds creation by God and the emergence of human civilization, the first six books narrate not only the history but the genealogy of the people of Israel to the conquest and settlement of the Promised Land under the terms of Gods covenant with Abraham, whom God promised to make the progenitor of a great nation. This covenant was subsequently renewed by Abrahams son Isaac and grandson Jacob and centuries later by Moses . The following seven books continue their story in the Promised Land, describing the peoples constant apostasy and breaking of the covenant, the establishment and development of the monarchy in order to counter this, and the warnings by the prophets both of impending divine punishment and exile and of Israels need to repent. The last 11 books contain poetry, theology, and some additional history.

    The Hebrew Bibles profoundly monotheistic interpretation of human life and the universe as creations of God provides the basic structure of ideas that gave rise not only to Judaism and Christianity but also to Islam, which emerged from Jewish and Christian tradition and which views Abraham as a patriarch .

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    Eusebius On Melito And Origen

    The first list of Old Testament books compiled by a Christian source is recorded by the 4th century historian Eusebius. Eusebius describes the collection of a 2nd century bishop, Melito of Sardis.Melito’s list, dated to circa 170, the result of a trip to the Holy Land to determine both the order and number of books in the Hebrew Bible, instead seems to follow the order of the books presented in the Septuagint. Melito’s list, as cited by Eusebius, as follows:

    Of Moses, five books: Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus, Deuteronomy Jesus Nave, Judges, Ruth of Kings, four books of Chronicles, two the Psalms of David, the Proverbs of Solomon, Wisdom also, Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, Job of Prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah of the twelve prophets, one book Daniel, Ezekiel, Esdras.

    According to Archibald Alexander, “Wisdom” in Melito’s list is thought by many to be referring to the Book of Wisdom, which is part of the Deuterocanon, but which others dispute.Book of Esther does not appear in the list.

    Eusebius also records 22 canonical books of the Hebrews given by Origen of Alexandria:


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