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Who Am I Bible Game

Bible Games And Activities For Kids

Who Am I? Men in the Bible ! Bible Games

Posted by Courtney McLaughlin

Learning the Bible is an important endeavor for the whole family, but keeping kids engaged can be a challenge. Below are 50 fun and creative Bible games and activities for kids. These activities are perfect for Sunday School classes, summer camps, family fun nights or anytime during a busy week. Ready, set, learn!

Bible Tivia Questions For Kids

What are the books in the Bible in order The Old Testament 1. Genesis 2. Exodus 3. Leviticus 4. Numbers 5. Deuteronomy 6. Joshua 7. Judges 8. Ruth 9. 1 Samuel 10. 2 Samuel 11. 1 Kings 12. 2 Kings 13. 1 Chronicles 14. 2 Chronicles 15. Ezra 16. Nehemiah 17. Esther 18. Job 19. Psalms 20. Proverbs 21. Ecclesiastes 22. Song of Solomon 23. Isaiah 24. Jeremiah 25. Lamentations 26. Ezekiel 27. Daniel 28. Hosea 29. Joel 30. Amos 31. Obadiah 32. Jonah 33. Micah 34. Nahum 35. Habakkuk 36. Zephaniah 37. Haggai 38. Zechariah 39. Malachi The New Testament 1. Matthew 2. Mark 3. Luke 4. John 5. Acts 6. Romans 7. 1 Corinthians 8. 2 Corinthians 9. Galatians 10. Ephesians 11. Philippians 12. Colossians 13. 1 Thessalonians 14. 2 Thessalonians 15. 1 Timothy 16. 2 Timothy 17. Titus 18. Philemon 19. Hebrews 20. James 21. 1 Peter 22. 2 Peter 23. 1 John 24. 2 John 25. 3 John 26. Jude 27. Revelation

Bible Trivia Questions & Answer

As with any resource, please consider the level of children you are teaching. Our Bible quiz questions include a mix of simple and hard questions. For younger children, choose the easy questions or turn the right answer into a true or false option. They make a perfect option for an easy Sunday School game. Enjoy and please leave us a comment about how youre using this material in your childrens ministry.

Dont miss the from Bible Games Central.

New BIBLE Trivia Curriculum for Virtual ministry. Online ministry is hard- thats why we created this new PowerPoint led Sunday School Curriculum with an interactive Bible Trivia. Now you can make an eternal impact even when leading ministry online.

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If You Like This Game You May Want To Check Out Thanksgiving What Am I

1. Did you enjoy this activity? Why or why not? 2. Did you have difficulty figuring out your animal? 3. Do you like animals? What are some of your favorite animals? 4. Do you know any Bible passages about animals?

Read Genesis 1:1-2:3

Discuss 5. What are some things that strike you in this Creation story? 6. What are some things that we learn about God? 7. God is the Creator of all things. How should we treat God?


Discuss 8. What are some things that we learn about people? 9. How do you think God wants us to behave in relation to one another and to all of Gods creations?

Conclude God is the Creator of all things: he deserves our honor, respect and worship. God made people in his own image: we must treat one another with the dignity and respect everyone deserves.

Questions And Answers About The Life Of Jesus


Use these Bible trivia questions for kids when you need a quiz after teaching about Jesus life and ministry. Q = Question, A = Answer

Q: Who wasJesus human mother?A: Mary

Q: Who was Jesusadoptive father on Earth?A: Joseph

A: God the Holy Spirit see Matt 1:20

Q: Name thecity where Jesus was born?A: Bethlehem

Q: Where didJesus family go when Herod wanted to harm him as baby?A: Egypt

A: False Jesus obeyed his parents see Luke 2:51

True orFalse: Jesus was an only child.A: False Jesus had brothers and sister see

Q: How manyof Jesus brothers are named in the Bible?A: Four

Q: How manyof Jesus sisters are named in the Bible?A: None

Q: Name oneof Jesus brothers?A: James, Joseph, Simon and Judas

Q: Who wasJesus most famous cousin?A: John the Baptist

True orFalse: John the Baptist wore clothes made of goat hair?A: False it was camel hair

Q: Whobaptised Jesus?

Q: Who spokefrom the sky when Jesus was baptised?A: God

Q: What didGod say?A: That he was well-pleased with his son.

Q: Whathappened when Jesus went into the wilderness?A: He was tempted by Satan

Q: BeforeJesus starting preaching, what was his normal job?A: Carpenter See Mark 6:3

Q: NameJesus hometown.

Q: True orFalse: Jesus turned water into Coca-Cola?A: False, Jesus turned water into wine.

Q: Besidespreaching, name an activity Jesus did while traveling in Galilee.A: Healing the sick and casting out demons.

Q: Name theplace where Jesus walked on water?A: Sea of Galilee

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New Game For Children’s Ministry

Print and cut out each Bible name for a fun guessing game. You can either tape it to everybody’s back and have others give clues as to which Bible character they are. Or, you can use these as an easy version of charades, having the kiddo give clues to others for them to guess who the Bible Character is.

Bible Trivia Questions From Genesis

Q = Question, A = Answer

Q: How manydays did God take to create the world?A: 6

Q: What daydid God create man?A: 6th

Q: Who wasthe first man?A: Adam

Q: Who wasthe first woman?A: Eve

Q: Where didthey live at the beginning of the world?A: Garden of Eden

Q: Who weretheir three sons listed in the Bible?A: Cain, Abel, Seth

Q: Who didGod tell to build an ark?A: Noah

Q: Who wereNoahs three sons?A: Shem, Ham, Japheth

Q: How manydays and nights did it rain when Noah was on the ark?A: 40

Q: How manypeople were saved on the ark?A: 8

Q: What wasGods sign to Noah that he would never destroy the earth again?A: A rainbow

Q: What weremen trying to do at the Tower of Babel?A: Built a tower to reach to Heaven.

Q: How didGod make them spread out across the earth?A: Confused their languages.

Q: Who didGod call out of Ur to move to Canaan?A: Abram

Q: Who wasAbrams wife?A: Sarai

Q: Eventhough Abram and Sarah were too old, what did God promise them?A: A son

Q: When Godshowed Abram the stars in the sky, what did he promise?A: That Abram would have more descendants than the number of stars.

Q: Who wasAbrams handmaid?A: Hagar

Q: What wasSarahs idea for Abram to have a child?A: For Abram to have a child with Hagar.

Q: Who wasthe first son he had?A: Ishmael.

Q: What wasAbrams name changed to?A: Abraham

Q: What wasSarais name changed to?A: Sarah

Q: What wasthe second son Abraham had?A: Isaac

Q: Who didAbraham have his second son with?A: Sarah

Q: Who didthe servant choose?A: Rebekah

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A Bible Memory Verse Activity Is A Great Way To Teach Gods Amazing Word And Heres A Bible Game Based On Colossians : 16

Colossians 3:16 says this: Let the Word of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish with all wisdom and as you sing psalms, hymns and spirituals with gratitude to God. When the Word of God dwells richly within our hearts and our minds I believe this means that we are familiar with Gods Word. The Bibles stories, characters and truths are not strangers to us. You are learning to know them well and Gods word is enriching your life. Here is a fun Bible memory verse activity to see how richly Gods Word dwells within you. Its called Who Am I?

Heres what you do:

For this Bible memory verse activity you will need to prepare picture cards for the Bible characters listed below. On the backs of the picture cards write the statement associated with each character. You will also need to prepare 21 point cards 4 , 4 , 4 , 4 and 5 . On the fronts of the point cards write the game title Who Am I? Laminate all your cards for long-term use. Place all the point cards title side out on a pocket chart or lay them out on a table. The picture cards should be fanned out in your hand from which the kids will pick.

How to play:

Before playing the game, you may want to introduce it in the following way:

List of Bible stories:

1. Adam My first-born son, Cain, killed his brother, Abel, and became the first murderer. Who am I?

2. Noah I told many about the coming flood, but in the end only myself, my wife, our 3 sons and their wives were saved. Who am I?

How To Use This Bible Quiz For Kids

Bible Game | who am I? | Bible Characters

Keep our this printable quiz on hand for a simple activity to use extra time in Sunday School or Childrens Church. Whenever possible we make a fun game out of it. This post includes some printable Bible questions for kids and some tips for making the most out of it.

You could use them for group games or ice breakers with any age group kids, teens, or adults. Divide the youth into teams and make it a quiz game. For preschoolers or younger elementary, simply change our list into true or false bible questions. No need to recreate the content, just modify our list to make it easier.

Bible trivia for kids is no waste of time. Using the right questions can review important facts from Gods Word. Bible knowledge can help children, just make sure you dont forget the Gospel.

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Who Am I In The Bible Game

Who am I in the Bible Game? The objective of the game is to identify your own Bible character by asking only yes or no questions. Have everyone sit in a circle. Explain that you will be giving everyone a Who Am I? card, but they are not allowed to look at their own cards. This is the Bible character they have been assigned.

What are some good Bible trivia questions?


  • In what city was Jesus born?
  • Who brought Jesus gifts when he was born?
  • What is the eighth commandment?
  • Name two out of the nine Fruits of the Spirit.
  • Who is the angel who told Mary she would give birth to Jesus?
  • On which day did Jesus rise from the dead?
  • What was Jesus crown made of?

Who am I Bible riddles answer? The answer is one word. There are five letters in the word. and appears only four times in the Bible.

What is a Bible quiz? Bible Quiz, also known as Bible Bowl, is a competition between teams over knowledge of a pre-determined section of the Bible. Various Protestant denominations, plus a handful of independent groups, sponsor these competitions.

New Testament Quiz For Kids

Use these questions for a fun quiz when learning about the New Testament in Sunday School. Q = Question, A = Answer

Q: What wasanother name for the Apostle Paul?A: Saul of Tarsus

Q: Who wasthe first Christian to die for his faith? A: Stephen

Q: How manybooks have the name John in them? A: Four

Q: Whopreached at Pentecost?A: Peter

Q: Whatamazing miracle happened with languages?A: Everybody heard the sermon in their own language.

Q: Who wasSaul?

Q: Whathappened when he was on the road to Damascus?A: He had a changing experience with Jesus

Q: What washis name changed to?A: Paul

Q: Who wasexiled to an island?A: John

Q: Who wascrucified upside down?A: Peter

Q: Who wasthe first martyr and was stoned?A: Stephen

True orFalse: Ananias and Sapphira died after lying to the Apostles about theiroffering.A: True

Q: How manydeacons were chosen to help the apostles to distribute food to widows?A: Seven

Q: WhichApostle took the Gospel to the city of Samaria?A: Philip

Q: WhichApostle shared the Gospel with an Ethiopian official on the road to Gaza?A: Philip

True orFalse: Peter raised a woman named Dorcas from the dead.A: True see Acts 9

Q: Where didPeter stay during his ministry in the city of Joppa?A: In the house of Simon the tanner

Q: What didPeters vision about the unclean animals mean?A: That all people can be made clean through Jesus aka non-Jews can be saved.

Q: In whatcity were Jesus followers first called Christians?A: Antioch

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Quiz On Early History Of Israel

Q = Question, A = Answer

Q: How didMoses mother save him from the Egyptian soldiers?A: Put him in a basket in the river.

Q: What didMoses do after he killed an Egyptian?A: Ran away into the desert.

Q: Throughwhat did God speak to Moses in the desert?A: A burning bush

Q: WhenMoses confronted the Pharaoh, what did his staff turn into when he threw it onthe ground?A: A snake

Q: What didMoses say God commanded the Pharaoh to do?A: Let the Israelite slaves go free.

Q: How manyplagues did God send on Egypt?A: 10

Q: What wasthe final plague that convinced Pharaoh to let the slaves go?A: The firstborn son of all Egyptian families died.

Q: WhenPharaoh changed his mind and sent his army after the slaves, where did theymeet at?A: By the Red Sea

Q: What didGod through Moses to save the slaves?A: Parted the Red Sea

Q: When theEgyptians tried to follow the Israelites through the Red Sea, what happened?A: The water crashed on them and killed them all.

Q: What didGod send to feed the Israelites in the desert?A: Quail and manna

Q: Where didGod give Moses the Ten Commandments?A: Mt. Sinai

Q: Whatgolden image did the Israelites make at Mt. Sinai?A: A golden calf

Q: What didthe spies sent into Canaan see that made them scared?A: Giants in the land

Q: Who werethe only two Israelites allowed to go into the Promised Land after many years?A: Joshua and Caleb

Q: What citydid God make the walls fall so Joshua and the Israelites could conquer it?A: Jericho

Easter Bible Trivia Game Instructions

Old Testament Character Review Game
  • Divide your class/guests into teams.
  • Give the first hint and let Team A guess the mystery person. If they answer correctly they get 25 points. If, not go to the Team B and read the second hint. If they answer correctly, give them 20 points. Continue on with each mystery person in this Easter trivia till a team guesses correctly and award points accordingly.
  • A team may continue guessing until they answer incorrectly or you may use your own creative strategy for playing and scoring points in this Easter Bible trivia game. Whatever you decide your Easter BIble trivia rules should be, it is important to communicate this to your guests before starting the game.

Please Note: Knowledge base will vary from kid to kid and class to class, so feel free to eliminate the Easter trivia hints you think are too hard or too easy for your class/guests.

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Bible Trivia Quiz About The Later History Of Israel

These could be fun quiz questions when teaching about the final years of Israels Kingdom. Q = Question, A = Answer

Q: Who wasDavids son that became king?A: Solomon

Q: Whattrait did Solomon pray for from God?A: Wisdom

Q: What didSolomon build for the Lord?A: A temple

Q: Whatfamous queen came to visit Solomon?A: Queen of Sheba

Q: How manywives did Solomon have?A: 700

Q: DidSolomon always follow the Lord?A: No. He turned from God.

Q: Whoconvinced Solomon to turn from God?A: His wives

Q: Whathappened to the kingdom after Solomons rule?A: It split in two

Q: Whichbooks of the Bible record all the kings?A: 1st and 2nd Kings, 1st and 2nd Chronicles

Q: Whichbooks of the Bible did Solomon write?A: Song of Solomon and Proverbs and some Psalms

Q: How manykings of Judah were there?A: 20

Q: How manykings of Israel were there?A: 19

Q: Whoconquered Judah and took Daniel to their country?A: Babylonians

Q: Whosedream did Daniel interpret in -Babylon?A: King Nebuchadnezzar

Q: Who wasthe last king Daniel served under in the Bible?A: Darius

Q: WhenDaniel prayed to God after it was not allowed, where was he thrown into?A: The lions den

Q: What wereDaniels three friends ?A: Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego

Q: When theyrefused to bow to an idol, where were they thrown?A: Into a fiery furnace

Q: Whoreturned to Israel to build up the walls of Jerusalem?A: Nehemiah

Q: WhatIsraelite saved her people from being murdered and was a wife of the king?A: Esther

Domino Bible Verse Review Games For Kids

Bible Verse Topple Bible Game for Children’s Ministry

What you will need:

and a Permanent Marker


Before class write one word of the verse on pieces of masking tapes. Stick the pieces to the Dominoes. Use up all the Dominoes by writing the verse more than once.

Before class divide up the Dominoes into two sets making sure you have sets of dominoes that spell out the complete verse. (If you have more than ten children, use more than one set of Dominoes and make more teams. Turn all the Dominoes over so that the words aren’t showing.

Set Up:

1. In class divide up your children into two teams and give each team a set of dominoes that you prepared earlier.

How to Play:

1. Children on each team should take turns turning over one Domino at a time trying to find the words of the verse in order. If a child finds the correct word, he gets to set up a Domino so that it is standing up right. He then gets to take another turn to see if he can find the next word in the verse. He keeps taking turns until he picks up a word that is not in sequence.

2. The next child would then take a turn trying to find the next word in the verse. The team that sets up all its Dominoes in a row first wins.

3. The child that places the last Domino gets to knock over the first Domino in the row to set off the cascading effect.

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Bible Lesson Review Topple Game for Kids

What you will need:


How to Play:

What you will need:

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Who Am I Bible Quiz For Adults Pdf

We hope that you have been blessed and learned something from our collection of who am I bible quiz questions and answers, who am I bible edition. Keep checking back for more fun Christian quiz questions and answers, as well as Which Bible Character Are You Most Like. Also, dont forget to check out our blog section for the latest frequently asked bible questions and quizzes.

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