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What Does The Bible Say About Neanderthals

Thoughts On Where Does Neanderthal Fit In The Bible

How Do Neanderthals Fit in With the Historical Adam and Eve?
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    Darwins theory of Evolution is nothing but one big lie and is considered the Greatest Hoax in the History of mankind. Plus, if God created man in His image, did God also change & evolve throughout the ages ?Of course Not, God is, was and will forever remain perfect without the need to change.

    On a side note, does anyone know, Darwin was infact one of the greatest Satanist of his time.On another side note, archeaologists have recently discovered a HOMO SAPIEN skull which dates back to ~1.2 MILLION Years. The point being, man has always remained the same & without evolution.Google it up

  • Wow that was nothing more than a theory but I advise the author to keep his understanding open all humans except for descendants of Africa have Neanderthal dna so his theory does not fit cause the location of the bible is in Africa the next thing is that we have known about the Neanderthal in the bible for ages but didnt have dna proof til the fossils discovery the Neanderthal Esau was the first Neanderthal and his descendants mated with all races who didnt occupie Africa take a closer look at the evidence and you will see it to true

  • recent discoveries relevant to the convoNow scientists have found that the genes flowed both ways. In a study published on Wednesday in Nature, a team of scientists reports that another instance of interbreeding left Neanderthals in Siberia with chunks of human DNA

  • You are so sadly lost

  • Its opposite Africans migrated out

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  • Are Neanderthals In The Bible

    The people who lived before the flood, and for some time after it, lived a very long time! This had a profound physiological effect upon their body systems. This would especially affect the growth of bones. The average age of the people mentioned in Genesis 5 was 857 years. After the flood, from Shem to Abraham , the average age was 323. Today the average life expectancy is about 78 years in the United States.

    Man’s nature had deteriorated. The world was extremely violent . Any fossils bone of the antediluvians would show signs of this violence in the form of broken bones, scars, and healed over bone growths. The Bible says that these men accomplished great deeds and that they were “men of renown.”

    The ecological systems of the Earth underwent catastrophic changes with the coming of Noah’s flood. These included a restructuring of the atmosphere, changes in the magnetic field, great mountain building episodes and volcanic activity.

    It included the start of the ice age, the beginning of a meteorological cycle based on rain and wind systems , and a geological restructuring of the earth with great sedimentary deposition of water borne particles. It also had the deepening of the ocean basins to collect flood waters .

    The Bible says that God was going to destroy not only man but also the Earth . When Noah disembarked from the ark, the world was a completely different world than the one he had been living in.

    A Reinforced Narrative By Atheists

    Ricky Gervais is a comedian and self-professing agnostic/atheist. A couple of years ago, he appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. During his interview, Colbert , brought up Gervais beliefs as an atheist. During the exchange, Colbert asked Gervais Why is there something instead of nothing? to which Gervais replied :

    Science is constantly proved all the time. If we take something like any fiction and any holy book in any other fiction, and destroyed it, in a thousand years time that wouldnt come back just as it was. Whereas, if we took every science book, and every fact, and destroyed them all, in a thousand years, theyd all be back because all the same tests would be the same result.

    Gervais remarks are common ones. The idea that science produces superior truth to religion is a seemingly constant narrative in media and pop culture. It is an only one side of the coin argument. But this way of thinking isnt limited to pop culture even academic types promote this way of thinking.

    Perhaps the most notable examples of this come from the New Atheist movement, specifically Richard Dawkins. Championing scientism, Dawkins consistently makes inflammatory anti-religious remarks. The following quote from his book The Selfish Gene serves as a decent summary of his view of religion:

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    Did He Have A Long Life

    Much scientific literature addresses the subject of skeletal and cranial shape changes that would occur as a person aged. This research presents a convincing case that accounts for the unique Neanderthal morphology to the cranium and skeletal features.

    The main thrust of this Neanderthal research states that as humans age, the skull flattens, it becomes wider, and it lengthens. The cause of pronounced brow ridges is due to the long term and greater pressure that the chewing would place on the teeth and face. Since they were more muscular and heavier boned, the brow ridges grew in order to allow the greater stress to be absorbed. All of these features would occur to modern man if he lived longer and had a heavier musculature like that of a Neanderthal.

    Another factor to consider is the nutritional factor. Some Neanderthal skeletons exhibit skeletal changes that are consistent with rickets. Rickets is a vitamin D deficiency. The body’s skin tissue produces vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet sunlight. People that do not have the proper amount of vitamin D develop rickets, which is a bending and thickening of some of the skeletal bones.

    Christian Responses To The Spiritual And Physical Status Of Neanderthals

    What does the Bible say about cavemen, prehistoric men, neanderthals ...

    The physical and spiritual status of Neanderthals has been hotly debated since the first fossilize of bones were described from Neander Valley in Germany in 1856. Since that time bones from more than 400 Neanderthal individuals have been recovered over a large geographical range . Hundreds of published studies on these bones, artifacts such as tools, habitations, and possible artwork and now DNA have given us a clearer picture of the physical and cultural capacities of these hominids.

    For evangelical Christians questions about Neanderthals go far beyond their physical similarities. Rather it is their spiritual status that is of great interest. Are Neanderthals part of the headwaters of the human race or do they fall outside the bounds of those made in Gods image? How do Neanderthals fit into fundamental doctrines of original sin and debate over the historicity of Adam?

    The answers to these questions from the Christian community have been confusing and contradictory to put it mildly. Some believe Neanderthals were fundamentally no different from any group of people alive today. Others believe them to be a separate species with no relationship with modern humans and thus devoid of the image of God. It is not surprising that given these opposing responses from theologians and lay Christian leaders that many Christians are confused about how to think about Neanderthals.

    Did Neanderthal and Modern Humans Interbreed?

    Evangelical Approaches to Neanderthals

    Concluding Thoughts

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    The Swedish Expert On Neanderthals

    The man who stands at the forefront of efforts to determine the relationship of modern humans to the Neanderthals is the Swedish biologist Svante Pääbo, Director of the Department of Genetics at the Max Planck Institute of Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. Pääbo led a team of more than 50 scientists who on May 7, 2010, published in Science1 one of the most significant papers ever to be published in the history of anthropology. It was the genome sequenced from an extinct form of humansâa Neanderthal.

    Geneticist and creationist Dr. John C. Sanford has the clearest definition of the term genome.

    An organismâs genome is the sum total of all its genetic parts, including all its chromosomes, genes, and nucleotides. A genome is an instruction manual that specifies a particular form of life. The human genome is a manual that instructs human cells to be human cells and the human body to be the human body. There is no information system designed by man that can even begin to compare to the simplest genome in complexity.2

    The finding most likely to create controversy was that Neanderthals had contributed parts of their genome to present-day people of Eurasia. But since we had come to this conclusion three times using three different approaches, I felt that we had definitively laid this question to rest. Future work would surely clarify the details of when, where, and how it happened, but we had definitively shown that it had happened.3

    Who Is Included In Biblical Man

    Dominican scholar Simon Gaine explored whether non-Homo sapiens hominids were part of the family of Adam, and thus existed in the image of God and were human beings along with Homo sapiens in need of salvation at the Dominican House of Studies in the Thomistic Institutes annual lecture in honor of St. Thomas Aquinas on January 30. In particular, he attempted to consider whether a very recent hominid, the Neanderthals, is to be regarded as part of Biblical man from a Thomistic viewpoint and in light of existing scientific evidence. Since human origins are crucial to the defense of the Christian faith, which has been under intense intellectual attack for more than 200 years, this issue must concern all committed Christians.

    Gaine recounted that the first bones of Neanderthals were discovered by miners in Germany in 1856. They believed the bones to be of a bear. A university professor disagreed, holding that they were the bones of an early human species. While similar to modern human beings, the bones showed a body build which was different, with similarities to non-human primates. Later in the 1870s, a pathologist proposed that the Neanderthal bones were only the bones of a deformed human being. By the early twentieth century, further remains were found, and scientists believed that the bones indeed represented a previously unknown human species. It was Neanderthal man. But was this species also Biblical man, made in the image of God?

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    The Search For The Real Neanderthals

    One hundred and sixty years have passed since the first recognized Neanderthal fossil individual was discovered in 1856 in the Neander Valley in Germany. Fossil remains of approximately 500 individual Neanderthals, ranging from almost complete skeletons to just a few tiny fragments, have been recovered. They have been found in various places in Europe and the Middle East. We should know them quite well. Not only do we have more fossils of them and more of their artifacts than of any other fossil group, but they also lived in recent times before modern humans. Yet to evolutionists they are still mysterious with many questions about them just now being answered.

    When the Neanderthals were first discovered, they were considered to be a separate species, Homo neanderthalensis. Since reproductive capability is normally on the species level, the significance of the original designation was that the Neanderthals were considered different enough from modern humans so as to not be able to reproduce with us.

    Neanderthals The Result Of Biological Engineering

    Ep 57 – Do Neanderthals Fit with the Bible?

    Many scientists look at Neanderthal bones and see a key linkin the evolution of humans from chimpanzees.

    Lucinda Hill sees possible evidence of biologicalengineering gone wrong.

    Hill, an ER physician and biologist at Southern AdventistUniversity, said one of the bigger riddles for Bible-believing scientists isthe discovery of Neanderthals and other hominids, or so-called apemen, whoseskeletons show a combination of ape and human characteristics.

    I personally dont know how you explain the presence ofchimpanzee-like characteristics in the Neanderthal, she said at a 10-dayInternational Conference on the Bible and Science in St. George, Utah.

    Could it be genetic engineering or hybridization? shesaid. And could it be that some of the other things that we see in the fossilrecord were also caused by genetic engineering or hybridization?

    Hill raised the questions as she and other Adventist scientistsurged an audience of several hundred church educators to look at scientificevidence through new eyes in order to better understand how it reflectsBiblical creation rather than millions of years of evolution.

    Hill, showing a long row of skulls used by scientists to illustratethe evolutionary progression from chimpanzee to human, said all skeletonsbetween the chimpanzee at the beginning of the row to the Neanderthal near theend show a combination of human and ape characteristics.

    But the Neanderthal was significantly more intelligent thanthe ape, she said.

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    What Does The Bible Say About Evolution

    Ask a Question!NewsletterQuestion:

    Answer: We first need to define evolution before delving into the Bible. The theory is the belief that organisms change and adapt with the passage of time. As organisms grow more complex, they compete for resources and struggle to adapt to environmental changes.

    Living things, according to evolution, which are best able to adapt and sucessfully compete go on to procreate and pass their genetics to another generation while others do not.

    This theory, of course, rejects the Bible and the idea that an all-powerful, eternal God is needed to create and sustain the universe. It, instead, replaces him with the inatimate “gods” of time and chance. It is interesting to note that Charles Darwin’s original title of his book in support of evolution was called “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection.”

    The Bible does not use the word evolution or directly mention its theories. It does, however, bear record of the universe’s creation through a Supreme Being. This is not to say a minor amount of change could not have occurred since creation .

    Changes below the “family” taxonomic level could be perfectly compatible with God’s word, since it only talks about creating “kinds” . The Hebrew word translated “kinds” need not be equated with the term “species” commonly used to defend evolution.

    The Ice Age Geology And Archaeology

    As noted earlier, scholars believe that the Neanderthals disappeared some time before the end of the Ice Age. The Neanderthal demise and the Ice-Age meltdown are therefore historical events that occurred fairly close together in time.

    Creationists understand this Ice Age to have occurred in post-Flood times. How many years in the past the Flood took place is subject to timeline differences of opinion . In addition, there are assumptions necessarily inherent in calculations of the length of the Ice Age itself Oard goes into these in some detail. Indeed, if we attach the disappearance of the Neanderthals to the shortening of the human lifespan, the actual time in history when people no longer displayed Neanderthal characteristics may have differed in various parts of the world because of lifestyle, climate, or other factors. The Ice-Age meltdown, therefore, can only provide us with a general historical marker with respect to the Neanderthals.

    It is hard for us to imagine what the world must have been like during the catastrophic period of the melting of the great continental ice sheets and the glaciers in high mountains. Enormous amounts of water were released from the melting ice, causing flooding and great changes in the landscape, and raising world ocean levels from their minimum at the height of the glaciation to approximately their level today .

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    What Does The Bible Say About Cavemen Prehistoric Men Neanderthals

    The Bible does not use the term caveman or Neanderthals. So, according to the Bible there is no such thing as prehistoric man, in that sense. The Bible gives no indication that Adam and Eve accidentally evolved from lower life forms. Nor does it give any explicit indication that there were human-like beings prior to man.

    With that said, the Bible does describe a period of traumatic upheaval upon the earththe flood , during which time civilization was utterly destroyed except for eight people. Humanity was forced to start over. It is in this historical context that some scholars believe men lived in caves and made use of stone tools. These men were not primitive they were simply destitute. And they certainly were not half ape. The fossil evidence is quite clear: cavemen were human men who lived in caves.

    Unfortunately, the popular mainstream view promotes this idea that man and ape both evolved from the same ancestor, but this is certainly not the only plausible interpretation of the available evidence. In fact, there is no evidence in favor of this particular interpretation.

    caveman Neanderthals

    Slow Maturation Of Neanderthal Children And Its Timeline Implications

    Does The Bible Say Anything About A Pre

    The fossils of young Neanderthals examined by Cuozzo displayed characteristics that he believed could only be explained by a very slow rate of maturation, compared to the rate of maturation of children today . Since modern humans are considered to be slow to mature in the general scheme of living beings, this meant that the Neanderthals rate would have been very slow indeed. According to Krogman ,

    Man has absolutely the most protracted period of infancy, childhood and juvenility of all forms of life. . . .Nearly thirty percent of his entire life-span is devoted to growing.

    That percent would be considered a bit high today in countries where life expectancy at birth is now over 80 years, but many countries still have a far lower life expectancy , thus increasing the percentage of total lifetime spent growing up.

    If Neanderthal children matured very slowly compared to us today, it follows logically that it took longer than now to reach adulthood. Since we are postulating that the Neanderthals were the old people of the Bible, we will start by looking at what age the biblical long-lived people are recorded as starting to sire children.

    Cuozzo prefers to keep to the Masoretic chronology while at the same time postulating a very slow rate of Neanderthal maturation however, he admits that he has not studied this timeline angle .

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