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Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church

Ashworth Church
  • “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord” Psalm 122:1

A unique feature of Lukes Gospel is the section in the middle often called the travel narrative. This lengthy section began in chapter 9 when Luke told us that Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem . While there are many events and side trips that occur during this travel narrative, Luke regularly stresses that nothing is going to dissuade Jesus from going to Jerusalem, where he will fulfill his lifes mission. Jesus was very focused.

Jesus mission and the purpose of this journey was not to gain an earthly crown. Throughout this travel narrative, Jesus makes clear that this world was not his real home. He teaches that this world is not our real home either. Jesus is focused on heaven. His mission is to get us there by going to Jerusalem and making the ultimate sacrifice to pay for our sin. Nothing would stop him. He set his face like flint, Isaiah tells us . Jesus was focused.

As we watch the focused actions of our Savior . . . as we focus carefully on his words . . . something wonderful happens. Jesus gives focus to our lives. We finally see things clearly: how to love our neighbor, the true purpose of worship, the blessing of prayer, what is treasure . In this series, as Christ speaks to us through his Word, may he make us properly focused.

Additional Info About Our Church

As we live out our foundational Statement of Faith…We major on the majors. Believing the essentials. Protecting our unity. Appreciating different strengths. Thinking like missionaries.We help relationships thrive. Being real with each other. Walking through life together. Making and deepening friendships in Christ. Strengthening marriages and families.We love our community. Serving our way into hearts. Loving our neighbors where they are. Being a presence in the center of the community. Offering good works, good will, and good news. We pursue boundless generosity. Cultivating a spirit of grace and humility. Focusing on God’s Kingdom purposes. Seizing opportunities God brings. Giving firstfruits and beyond.

What Is A Sunday Worship Service Like At Soteria

Our Sunday services center on worshiping God through exalting in his Word together. We work to saturate Sunday mornings with his Word in reading, praying, singing and preaching. As we encounter God in his Word, we also seek to deepen our relationships with other believers as we endeavor to make more and better disciples of Jesus. Well see you on Sunday!

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Worship Connect And Serve In Christ

West Des Moines Christian Church is a congregation of the Christian Church where EVERYONE is welcome. For 130 years, WDMCC has looked for ways to love our neighbors and share the Good News of God’s grace with a growing and changing community. We hope to have opportunities to worship, connect, and serve with you soon.


We are currently worshiping online and in person Sundays at 10:00 am. You can view worship events live here on our homepage or on the WDMCC Facebook page. Streaming will begin a few minutes before each events start time. To view past events, visit the Streamed Events Archive portion of our website.

Who We Are

First Church of Christ, Scientist
  • We are the Bride of Christ! We know Jesus is coming back for His Bride. Therefore, our passion is helping those who dont have a born-again relationship with Jesus make that choice. And secondly, for those who are saved, to grow into the mind of Christ, which is a maturity issue. The True Bride of Christ will Listen to Jesus, agree with Jesus, be willing to submit to Jesus and live to obey Jesus. Its all about Jesus! Are you ready to meet Jesus?

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