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Entire Bible Copy And Paste

How To Use The Copy Feature

BibleWorks Workshop Part 1 18 — Copying and Pasting Text

One of the BLB’s goals is to facilitate the preparation of Bible studies for personal use and the local church. We know that part of this is the continual searching, copying, and pasting of verses into emails and word-processor documents. To make this easier, we have introduced a Copy Featurethis allows you to conveniently copy multiple verses in just a few clicks.

Follow these steps to take advantage of this tool:

1. When you perform a word/phrase search you will notice a checkbox next to each verse result. Click these checkboxes to select which verses you wish to copy.

Helpful Tip! Double-click one of the checkboxes to select all of the boxes. Double-click again to de-select all of the boxes.

2. Click to choose various options for how you want the verses to be copied and later displayed. For example, with the options selected the first result would look like this in the end:

7 Therefore, as ye abound in every faith, and utterance, and knowledge, and all diligence, and your love to us, that ye abound in this grace also. 6 For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing, nor uncircumcision but faith which worketh by love.

3. Once you have checked all of the boxes next to the verses you wish to copy and have set the copy options, click the button to copy the verses to the clipboard.

Windows Users: CTRL+V

How To Instantly Paste Any Bible Passage Using Alfred

I couple weeks ago I wrote about the Mac application Alfred. In that article, I gave an overview of some of Alfreds beneficial features for productivity and promised that I would share some additional workflows with you in the future.

So, this week I want to show you how to be a master Bible copy-paster using a couple Alfred workflows. I included a simpler workflow that will work for you right out of the box, as well as one with a bit more power under the hood .

The Simple Method: Esv Online Bible

Just a reminder that for these workflows to work you need both Alfred and the paid upgrade called Power Pack. I wrote more on the benefits of the Alfred Power Pack in Introducing Alfred, Your Macs New Best Friend.

The easiest way to become a master Bible copy-paster is with this workflow which accesses the ESV text via an open source API. When you type in esv followed by your reference, it grabs the verse text from the API and moves it to your clipboard. Then, a quick CMD-V pastes it in place, citation and all.

Insta-PasteIf you want to skip the step of having to paste the text after the script copies it to your clipboard, simply open the ESV Online Bible workflow in Alfred, double-click the part called Copy to Clipboard and select the box next to the setting that reads, Automatically paste to front most app.

I love the ease of this first method, but there are some clear downsides. The first is since it operates off of an API, you need internet access for it to function. Second, you are limited to the ESV translation. There are probably APIs for other translations out there but most popular translations currently in print have stricter copyrights than the English Standard Version. Third, this version limitation also means you cant do much with the biblical languages. So, if Greek or Hebrew are your thing, youre out of luck. But thats where the next method opens up more possibilities.

You can download the free workflow here:

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How Do I Copy Text From Dailyreader To Another Application

To copy the text to the clipboard, select Edit and Copy All. Then go to the application where you wish to paste the text. Select Edit and Paste or use command stroke P to paste. You will not be able to copy partial amounts of text from DailyReader to another application. You will need to either copy the entire text currently open or no text. NOTE: MemoPad is designed to store “small” memos, not chapters of the Bible. When the clipboard contains more text than MemoPad will store in a memo, then pasting into MemoPad may not work due to this size limitation. Our experience has been that:

  • MemoPad ignores the Paste request, and
  • Nothing shows up in your memo, and
  • MemoPad does not display an error letting you know that it has ignored your request.

Therefore, you’re never quite sure if it was the copy that wasn’t successful or if the paste wasn’t successful. Here are a few suggestions for avoiding this MemoPad limitation.

  • Paste into a word processing program, such as Quick Word or WordSmith, instead of MemoPad.
  • Start MyBible, then copy a smaller amount of text into the clipboard.
  • Start DailyReader, then write a capital V. Enter a smaller amount of Bible text. Then copy this text to the clipboard.


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