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Why Go To Bible College

Discover Your Purpose And Passions

Bible College | Why I decided to go

In college, youll encounter all kinds of people and be exposed to different philosophies and beliefs. College is a great time to explore issues of identity and uncover more of who you are and what you want out of life.

As a Christian, Scripture should be at the center of your life. God has spoken to us through His Word, and His Word tells us who He is, who we are, and how we are to live our lives in the Kingdom of God. At a biblical university, youll learn how to read and interpret the Bible, not just for academic purposes, but in order to solidify your foundational beliefs, as well as nourish your spiritual life.

In learning more about God and His will, youll discover gifts and abilities you have to serve God and His people. This may help guide you as you consider your future career path, your ministry involvement, your relationships, and your passions and goals.

Why Is Attending A Bible College Is Important

Its been said that the foundation is key to everything. Consider a house. If the foundation is strong, the house is strong. But a weak foundation leads issues all throughout the house. Attending Bible college is like building a firm foundation.

You could take general education courses at the local community college. Or, you can take them from a Christian leader with a biblical worldview. Sure, grammar is grammar. But the instructor makes a difference. Surely you know that the Bible is important enough to be studied from those who have dedicated their lives to it. The faculty at a Bible college are doing that very thing.

At Carolina College of Biblical Studies, our mission is to disciple Christ-followers, through biblical higher education, for a lifetime of effective servant leadership. If we can help you reach your ministry goals, let us know.

To learn more about Bible colleges, download our 9 Answers to Your Questions About Biblical Education from our website .

Integrate Your Faith With Your Studies

You shouldnt have to compartmentalize your life. Whether youre taking courses in art, history, or science, your faith should make sense in the context of what you are learning and studying.

A biblical education will help answer some of lifes tough questions and moral dilemmas, considering modern issues like the relationship of science and faith, truth and beauty, or Christian ethics in a complicated world. Your education shouldnt just prepare you for a job, but it should prepare you to think through the hard questions and develop godly character that will help you wherever you go.

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Things To Expect Or Not Expect At Bible College

Many students attend college with set expectations and attending Bible college is no different. Some of us in the admissions office attended a Bible college, either at an undergraduate level and/or a graduate level.

So, with Bible college in our DNA, were here to give students insight on our experiences.

While each college is different and uncertainty can only vanish so much prior to arrival, its vital for students to gain a clearer picture of their new adventure. Lastly, its important to note that attending a Bible college breaks the pre-existing mold of the college experience weve been told our entire lives.

Bible college is intended to help you grow professionally, emotionally,

and spiritually in order to help you run the race to the very end.

The skills learned along the way will help in any endeavor.

With that in mind, lets dig deeper:

Institutional Scholarships And Grants

Why I went to a Catholic Bible College

Visit the website for the Bible college you want to attend and locate its financial aid page or a section that discusses how to fund your education. Colleges use these pages to discuss your federal financial aid options and list scholarships or grants provided by the institution. Some of these opportunities may be limited to students pursuing a specific path of study or at a particular grade level, while others are open to all students. Review the requirements for each scholarship or grant carefully and submit your application along with any necessary financial data by the application deadlines.

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The Global Church Project

While every statistic available today shows the church in the West is in multi-generational decline, the opposite is true almost everywhere else. Non-Western cultures are now the Majority World.

The churches of these cultures have seen extraordinary growth for decades. Places like Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Oceania, and the Caribbean. The Middle East and Eastern Europe. First Nations and Indigenous communities. Finally, diaspora and immigrant Christian communities are also going through a time of growth and revitalization.

Insights from churches in these cultures can help renew the worldwide church. They can invigorate other Majority World churches, as they learn from each other. They have the power to invest Western mission, worship, and discipleship strategies with new vibrancy.


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To Be Inspired To Step Out In Faith To Pioneer And To Rely On God

Going to theological college is often a step of faith. For many students, going to college comes with real financial challenges. It comes with professional and personal sacrifices. From the outset, students are stepping out in faith and taking a risk. They are venturing into the unknown and relying on the promises of God. What they often discover is that God responds to their faith. He blesses them in ways they could never have imagined. Hopefully, they also discover that the risk-taking spirit that brought them to college is the same pioneering spirit that the church needs today! The church needs leaders who step out in faith and experiment and innovate. We need leaders who rely completely on the power and presence of God.

Today, many theological college programs focus on equipping pioneering ministries. They realize that the future of the church is found in apostolic, innovative, pioneering work. Pioneering ministry can take many forms. These include cross-cultural experiments, church revitalizations, church planting innovations, fresh expressions of community and discipleship, and bi-vocational and entrepreneurial ministries. At Morling College, weve created church planting and missional leadership programs. We believe that theological colleges should help raise a generation of pioneering leaders.

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The Legacy Of Kenneth E Hagin

RBTC is a school unlike any other! The moment you step on the campus, youll sense the presence of the Holy Spirit in the spirit of faith that saturates the atmosphere. Just by being here, you will receive vital spiritual deposits. Additionally, our unique blend of practical and supernatural training will give you a solid biblical foundation and equip you for success. Not only will you learn how to hear the voice of God and recognize his leadings, you’ll also receive targeted training that will enable you to fulfill everything God has called you to do.

Why Choose A Bible College

Francis Chan – Why start a Bible college?

Bible colleges are far more likely to adhere to biblical principles in the way the school is governed and in the way classes are taught. These are communities of faith that generally agree on biblical principles.

Support from Professors

A Bible colleges primary goal is to prepare students for life with a biblical foundation with support from professors who teach every class from a biblical worldview. They are there not only to instruct but to disciple students to become more mature followers of Jesus.

Bible Study

Bible colleges make studying the Bible part of the curriculum. Courses cover relevant industry tools and best practices for a variety of careers, and students also take courses centered on the study of the Biblethe Book God gave us to prepare us for a Christ-centered life.

Solid Biblical Foundation

In addition to the core Christian idea that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and by believing in Him we are saved, Bible college communities tend to agree that:

  • The Bible is authoritative. As the Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Timothy 3:16-17: All Scripture is God-breathed and useful to equip us for good works.
  • Evangelism is essential. Obedience to Christ means telling others about Him. Because when others hear about and accept Him, they too receive the gift of eternal life.
  • The above list isnt everything, of course. But it should give you the idea that these are schools that value both the pursuit of biblical truth and the practice of following Jesus in every area of life.

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    Summer Camp Or Sunday School

    Some students coming to a Bible college or Christian college are surprised by the rigorous academics. While the student life department hosts many fun events and sometimes there are spontaneous worship nights, assignments and tests are real. Here at BBC, we hold students to a high standard because were teaching students how to think critically and handle the Word of God in their every day lives and ministries.

    Should I Go To College

    For starters, I believe that God is wholly invested in my life. He is not a hazy essence or force that floats around the universe, unknowing and uncaring about what I am experiencing. God cares for and deeply loves me. Ultimately, He wants a relationship with me and desires the best for my life.

    Because of this, I can count on Him for wisdom. One of my favorite Bible verses is James 1:5 which reads,

    If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.

    Thats a promise from God that He will supply us with wisdom when we ask for it. Its a guarantee. You can count on it because God does not break His promises.

    With that promise in hand, why wouldnt someone ask Him for help in making this or any decision for that matter? After all, the choice to attend and where to attend college is one of the biggest decisions a young person can make. It could define the rest of their life.

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    Bible College Helps Us Fulfill The Principle Of First Things

    In Matthew 6:33, Gods Word says, But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. There are a number of times in our lives where God commands and expects first things. The children of Israel were commanded to give of the first fruits of their crops. God asks us to give Him the first day of the week. He asks for the first ten percent of our income, as well as an offering. Many have discovered the wisdom of following Davids examplehe gave God the first part of his day .

    It could certainly be said that the year after high school graduation marks the first part of ones adult life. In fact, it is commonly stated at graduations that high school commencement is a threshold one crosses into adulthood. Based on the biblical principle of first things, it would certainly seem wise to dedicate at least this first year as a time for spiritual growth and grounding.

    The One Year Bible Program at West Coast Baptist College is expressly designed to fulfill this purpose. This program is thirty-two hours of Bible instruction accompanied by chapel five days a week and the experience of life at the Lancaster Baptist Church during that school year.

    Experience Life Outside Of The Classroom

    Why should I consider going to a Bible college? (With ...

    There are many opportunities for students to experience life outside of the classroom and even outside of the country! Christian college students have many of the same opportunities as their peers in secular schools: working in professional internships, studying abroad, and volunteering at various organizations.

    As a Christian college student, youll also have opportunities to travel locally and internationally for mission trips, serving with a wide range of people, from foreign missionaries to those who have never heard the Word of Christ.

    College will be a significant time in your young adult life. As you begin to explore your identity, calling, faith, and personal values and beliefs, a Christian college may help you uncover who God has made you to be.

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    To Be Inspired To Love Jesus More Deeply

    Picking up on the words of Terry Walling, I tell my students that finishing well in ministry is about being more in love with Jesus when you finish than when you began. I want to grow more deeply in love with Jesus every day. I want that passion for Jesus to shape my ministry and my relationships. I want it to transform my college classes and my teaching. At theological college, you have the chance to spend time with godly people who love Jesus deeply, and who will inspire you to do the same.

    To Be Equipped To Understand And Apply The Bible

    I loved learning how to read, interpret, and apply the Bible at theological college! At college, you learn to interpret the Bible accurately for yourself. You develop an appreciation of the big picture and the plotline of Scripture. Hopefully, you grasp a clear understanding of the Christian gospel, and a capacity to share that with others. You are equipped with an ability to convey and apply the truths of Scripture to your own and others lives in effective ministry. Great theological colleges help you gain skills in interpreting, communicating, and applying the great truths of Scripture. You learn to accurately explain the Scriptures, apply them to life, and communicate their truths. And you develop the ability to preach and teach competently in the context of ministry.

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    Best Reasons Why You Should Attend A Christian College

    Interested in attending a Christian college? A Christian college is a wonderful place for you to learn more about God and Scripture, develop professionally, and make friends who will become like family. Choosing to attend a Christian college is more than simply choosing a schoolits choosing to commit to a community and an integrated education that is centered on God and Scripture. At a Christian college, you will

    Appendix: Spiritual And Personal Qualities That Theological Colleges Strive To Instil In You

    Reasons for Bible College

    Here are some qualities of character and spiritual life described in the Bible. These are exemplary rather than exhaustive. Great Bible and theological colleges strive to help you grow and mature in these areas, as they work with local churches to prepare and support you to lead and serve:

  • Poor in spirit. Willing to mourn or be persecuted for righteousness sake. Merciful, meek, and pure of heart. Peacemakers, who hunger and thirst after righteousness.
  • Seeking first the kingdom and Gods righteousness. Boldly and fearlessly proclaiming the Gospel.
  • Demonstrating the characteristics and qualities of a servant.
  • Serving the Lord with humility. Faithful proclamation of the Gospel. Obedience to Gods leading. Considering ones life worth nothing save obedience to Christ.
  • Keeping watch over oneself and the flock as faithful shepherds.
  • Offering ones body as a living sacrifice. Being transformed by the renewing of the mind. Using ones gifts enthusiastically. Never lacking in zeal. Keeping ones spiritual fervour, serving the Lord.
  • Honouring all members of the Body of Christ and their unique spiritual gifts . Demonstrating the qualities of love described in 1 Corinthians 13.
  • Setting forth the truth plainly. Preaching the Lord Jesus Christ. Persevering under trials. Fixing ones eyes on what is unseen and eternal.
  • Living by faith not by sight. Making it ones goal to please the Lord in view of his return.
  • Living by the Spirit rather than gratifying the desires of the sinful nature.
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    Reason Number : Following Jesus In The 21st Century Is Difficult

    You and I are faced with many challenges today, challenges the world has never seen before. With the growth of technology, social media, wealth, and access to every type of desire through the Internet and other avenues, we are surrounded by temptation and moral dilemmas that require careful thought and spiritual direction. We are being challenged with ethical decisions we have not faced before and our ways of doing church have been upended. How does a follower of Christ stay connected to Christ, the church body, and avoid major ethical pitfalls in the 21st century? It requires a deepened faith, critical thinking, an understanding of the world around us, and a willingness to address the problems of the 21st century head-on. Christians are not called to bury their heads in the sand like ostriches but are called to let our lights shine before others .

    To Be Equipped To Make And Multiply Disciples

    One of the reasons the church is struggling in the West is because weve failed to make disciples. Church attendees and consumers of religious services are not the same things as disciples. Discipleship is about following Jesus and his Lordship and his mission in the world. Discipleship is about recognizing that there is one great story in human historythis is the story of God the Father and of his salvation in Jesus Christ. Its the story of the triune God renewing and redeeming all creation in Jesus Christ. Discipleship is about repenting and choosing to join fully in Jesus story. Its about submitting myself and my plans and my energies completely to his rule and reign and Lordship.

    At theological college, we challenge students to pursue true discipleship. And we equip students to make and multiply disciples. Our passion for multiplying leaders, ministries, and churchesand our enthusiasm for theological education and ministry trainingis ultimately about our passion for making disciples.

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