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We Are An Open And Affirming Congregation

St. Mark’s UMC Sunday Worship Service, 8/14/22

Our congregation became an Open and Affirming congregation in 2018. As part of the one body of Christ, we welcome all to the Lords table as God has welcomed us. This welcome includes inviting those of differing sexual orientations and gender expressions into the full life, fellowship, leadership, and service of the Pacific Beach Christian Church.

A proud member of Disciples AllianceQ

Missiongathering Wednesday Evening Table Community Dinners

Is where we can socialize and support each other. You can make friends, feel a sense of belonging, and build a supportive community that you can rely on. Catch a glimpse of God. See the divine in a neighbor or stranger. We believe something sacred happens when we break bread at a common table. Missiongatherings Table happens every other Wednesday evening at 6:30pm.

Join us on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month for Wednesday Evening Table Dinner, starting at to learn more.

Serve With Us

In Dallas Suburbs Friday Night Lights Make Way For Cricket

With the ornate spires of the Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple anchoring the skyline behind them, a cricket batsman and bowler eyed each other across a brown grass field. Amid gusty winds, players waiting to bat watched intently from nearby bleachers.

No, this is not a scene in India, where cricket became a national obsession after arriving on the wings of British colonialism. Try North Texas, where Friday Night Lights have made way for weekend afternoons on the pitch.

Welcome to the new Lone Star State, where cricket matches, a Hindu temple and Indian grocery stores co-exist with Christian churches, cattle ranches and Jerry Jones Dallas Cowboys empire. More than a decade of expansion has given the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex the largest Asian growth rate of any major U.S. metro area, in the nations fastest growing state. According to U.S. Census Bureau figures, Indians account for more than half the regions Asian population boom, with the Dallas suburb of Frisco alone experiencing growth to rival Seattle and Chicago.

While some Texans still bleed football, these days a growing number bleed cricket.

The share of Asians among the foreign-born in the U.S. has risen recently, from 30.1% during the 2012-to-2016 period to 31.2% in the 2017-to-2021 period, as the share of immigrants from Latin America and Europe has fallen, according to the American Community Survey.

Combine good jobs with reputable schools, affordable housing and warm weather, and the formula for growth is set.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

What are people saying about churches in San Diego, CA?

This is a review for churches in San Diego, CA:

“Horizon is the first church I attended when we arrived in San Diego almost nine months ago. My husband had been before several years back and he had lots of great things to say about the pastor. My favorite thing about this church IS the teaching. I love that the message is not watered down or filtered so as not to offend anyone. The TRUTH is preached at this church and that is the way it should be at all churches. That is undoubtedly THE most important part of any church, IMO. Overall, very SOUND church! Wish we could afford to send our children to the school.”

Reach Up Reach In Reach Out

St. Anthony Antiochian Orthodox Church

Were a group of people who desire to know God deeper, to grow in our walks with God, and to show our relationship with Jesus to others. To do this, we are reaching up to seek Gods will reaching in to listen to each other and ultimately, reaching out beyond these walls, as we seek Gods vision for CCCs future.

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San Diego Japanese Christian Church

Get to Know Us

San Diego Japanese Christian Church is here to share the good news that a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord is the key to abundant living in todays world.Our church was founded as an outreach to Japanese speaking farmers in San Diego County over 80 years ago. SDJCC now has English and Japanese speaking ministries.

SDJCC Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to grow in Christ and share the Word of God with all having special resources to reach Japanese and Asian people.”

A. The Trinity

The Trinity is one God eternally and equally existing in three Persons – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These three are of precisely identical nature, attributes and perfection.

1. God the Father

God, the Father Almighty, Creator, Preserver, and Ruler of the universe His essential nature is Spirit, His essential attribute is absolutely holy, and in His essential character is love.

2. God the Son, Jesus Christ

3. God the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the third Person of the Trinity. His ministry is to reveal Christ through the Word of God, to fulfill salvation in the regeneration and sanctification of believers, to direct and empower the church in the fulfillment of the Great Commission, and to convict the world of sin, of righteousness, and of judgment.

B. The Bible

C. Man.

D. Salvation

Meet Our Pastors

San Diegos Best Churches:

The top rated Churches in San Diego are:

  • Rock Church brings hope and restoration to the church community since 2000.
  • Grace Church helps people find God and establish a safe community where imperfect people grow
  • City Church guides people to become a follower of Christ
  • Saddleback Church reaches to the community and brings hope and love to each one
  • Barabbas Road Church has a mission to make disciples that reached out to others

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Each Persons Life Is Made Up Of Stories

Family stories, sports stories, Christmas stories. We have speeding ticket stories. We have my teacher hated me stories. We have I hit myself with a hammer and said words I shouldnt have stories. There lots of other stories too. Our stories include drama and comedy, action and adventure. We have hard stories, painful stories, broken relationship stories. We also have a spiritual story. We are all at different places. Some of you are on chapter 27 of your story and still others are just cracking open the book. When you add up all these stories they make us who we are. We are confident and insecure. We are put together and out of control. We are at peace and in pain. We are all imperfect beings with stories that tell the tale of an imperfect past.

When Jesus came to earth, 90% of what Jesus communicated was in the form of stories either in parables, or miraculous events that became a great story. These stories were written  with one purpose. They were written by God to change your story.

No Matter Where You Are At God Wants To Enter Your Story

Rock Church: FOX 5 San Diego “Day at the Beach” 6am

He wants to help you write a happily ever after. Thats why he gave us the Bible. When you think of this book, it really is a story book. Its a true story, but its all about story. Gods story of reaching out to us. Its told in hundreds of stories. Noah and the ark, Jacobs ladder, Joseph and the coat of many colors, Jonah and the whale, the feeding of the five thousand, Peter walking on water, Paul thrown in prison and Jesus.

Jesus born of a virgin, living a sinless life and dying for our sins. When Jesus came to earth, 90% of what Jesus communicated was in the form of stories either in parables, or miraculous events that became a great story. These stories were written with one purpose. They were written by God to change your story. To give you hope and peace and joy beyond your imagination. To help you turn the chapter on difficulties you may have faced in your past and help you find your happily ever after.

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Missiongathering Sunday Morning Worship Celebrations

Is a time of intentional worship in songs. Exploring the scriptures together with an inspiring, challenging message. Each Sunday Morning Celebration ends with the Community of Faith partaking in the eucharist/communion. Sunday Morning Celebrations take place every other Sunday morning at 10 am.

Join us on the first and third Sunday of every month for Sunday Morning Celebrations, starting at 3051 El Cajon Blvd.

Series & Sermons Online

Did you miss the last sermon? Want to go back and re-experience the last great message, or a portion that you missed? Weve got you covered.

Within a few days of each message, we post the Sunday Message in full length on your website and online for you to view on desktop, tablet or mobile.

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