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Does The Bible Prohibit Tattoos

Loving Your Spouse Through The Seasons Of Marriage

Does the Bible FORBID Tattoos? | Jimmy Akin | Catholic Answers Live

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Can People With Tattoos Go To Heaven

If you know what the Bible teaches about what takes a person to Heaven having tattoos does not disqualify you from getting into Heaven. Bible strongly forbids it, and also it can also cause some skin problems in the future. In Heaven, we will have a glorified, and incorruptible body that is perfect without sin.

Why Did God Prohibit Tattoos In The Old Testament

Some commentators say the statement forbidding tattoos only refers to pagan customs for the dead. For example, the writers of the Zondervan NIV Bible Commentary believe that there is nothing morally wrong with tattooing, but that these practices then, and also now in some places, were parts of heathen ritual .

Other commentators disagree. The Keil and Delitzsch Commentary on the Old Testament, for example, says in reference to this verse, The prohibition of tattooing had no reference to idolatrous usages, but was intended to inculcate upon the Israelites a proper reverence for Gods creation. The Jewish understanding of this command is that the prohibition against all forms of tattooing regardless of their intent, should be maintained .

To gain a more complete perspective, lets consider how other passages and principles relate to this subject.

Our Creator tells us: Consecrate yourselves therefore, and be holy, for I am the LORD your God . Consecrate means to be purified and set apart from the worldas clean and holy people in service to God.

Tattooing has a very long history among the pagan cultures of the world, for different reasons at different times. But God called His chosen nation to come out from the world and be different in many ways.

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Dr Tim And Mrs Noreen Muehlhoff

Why Does Judaism Prohibit Tattoos?

Dr. Tim Muehlhoff is a professor of communication at Biola University in La Mirada, California where he teaches classes in family communication, interpersonal communication, apologetics, gender, and conflict resolution. Tim and his wife, Noreen, are both on staff with Biolas Center for Marriage and Relationships where he is a co-host of The Art of Relationship podcast.

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Are Tattoos A Sin In Christianity

Over the past decades, tattooing has vastly grown in popularity. It has grown to the point that 36% of adults aged 18-29 flatter their body with at least one tattoo in the US. Tattoos are great because they can help individuals express themselves or honor an important memory. But what does religion have to say about tattooing?

Given that Christianity is the most powerful and dominant religion in the world at the moment, it doesnt surprise us that many people ask are tattoos a sin in Christianity.

Were going to answer this question below, and give a thorough explanation and history of tattooing in Christianity. Whether the info youll read below will encourage you to take that important step in life and ink a part of your body is on you.

The world is getting more open about tattoos. A lot of companies in the past had a lot of problems with people who were inked, regardless of whether the tattoo is visible or not. Nowadays, companies are getting more open about tattoos and wont look bad upon those people who are inked. However, the rest of the world yet has to open to tattoos, including religion.

What Are The Side Effects Of Tattoo

Tattoo risks and side effectsSkin infection. While tattooing is an art, the actual process is technically one that causes injury to your skin. Allergic reactions. Some people might develop an allergic reaction after getting a tattoo. Keloid scarring. Complications with MRIs. Sterilization of needles. Can hide skin cancer.Oct 24, 2018

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We Shouldnt Look Down Upon People With Tattoos

I believe that tattoos are a sin, but that doesnt mean that there arent many godly men and women with tattoos. I even have tattoos from my youth. I am not condemning any believer with tattoos. I love all my brothers and sisters in Christ regardless of appearance. However, from studying Scripture I strongly dont believe God would want tattoos for His children.

Most of the time tattoos dont give off the appearance of godliness and I know that, but there are many believers who look down upon others with tattoos and that is a sinful attitude. There are some people who see others with tattoos and say, he is not Christian. We have to fight against a critical spirit. Once again just because God doesnt look at appearance does not mean it should be used as an excuse to get a tattoo.

19. John 7:24 Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.

20. 1 Samuel 16:7 But the LORD said to Samuel, Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.

So Should Christians Get Tattoos

Does the Bible Prohibit Tattoos? Your Bible Questions Answered Dr. Hamp

Are tattoos sinful? Is getting a tattoo a sin? No, getting a tattoos is not a sin. But that doesnt make it a black and white issue. It means its up to each person to decide how they can best live out their faith in the grey.

There are some that dont like tattoos, and thats okay. Others feel that a tattoo would hinder their relationship with God or hurt their witness, thats fine for them to feel that and avoid them. Its a grey area. If you think tattoos arent wise, then dont get one.

However dont force your preference on those around you. Creating rules that arent in the Bible is a dangerous practice. And if you think its okay to get tattoos, dont force your personal freedom on those who think its not okay. Choose grace in the grey.

If you are struggling through how to navigate the grey of getting a tattoo or not, let me end by offering you two questions.

Heres two questions to help you discern not just getting a tattoo, but all grey areas of life:

  • Whats the wisest and most loving thing for me to do?
  • How will this affect those around me?
  • A hard lesson for us to learn is that while I may have the freedom to do something, it still has a consequence. I may lose influence because of the choices I make. On some level you cannot help it. If you choose to get a tattoo some will discredit you. But on the other hand if you choose to get a tattoo you could actually gain credibility with some.

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    Leviticus On Having A Tattoo

    First of all, Leviticus 19.26-28 is said by some to forbid tattoos. Others quickly dismiss this because its in Leviticus. But none of Gods words in the Bible should be dismissed. In the same chapter we also read that you should love your neighbour as yourself a verse that Jesus quoted. Would we also dismiss that because its in Leviticus? Read all three verses closely. The prohibition against tattoos is in reference to necromancy. Apparently back in Canaan that was a thing. Baal a local divinity who supposedly died and rose again liked it when his followers got inked for his glory. So if youre getting a tattoo to connect you with a false god or with the dead dont.

    The Prohibition In Leviticus

    The pertinent passage is Leviticus 19:28, You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the Lord.

    Lets look at this passage in context, both its immediate and broader context. Lets also take a peek at the Hebrew behind the English translation to see what light it sheds on the verse. Well begin with the Hebrew.

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    What Is The Tattoo In Leviticus 1: 28

    Regarding Leviticus 19:28, the question is whether the word âtattooâ used here is equivalent to the modern-day tattoo. There is good reason to believe that it does not.

    The cutting of the body and tattooing oneself in Leviticus 19:28 refers to pagan rituals that worship false gods. This is what Leviticus forbids.

    Deuteronomy 14:1, a parallel passage, says this:

    You are the sons of the Lord your God. You shall not cut yourselves or make any baldness on your foreheads for the dead.

    Deuteronomy 14:1 forbids cutting oneself for the dead, which means that the prohibition is specifically against cutting oneself in relation to a pagan ritual. It can be assumed that just as Leviticus 19:28 combines âcutsâ and âtattoos,â Deuteronomy 14:1 is likely also referring to âcutsâ and âtattoos.â

    Modern-day tattoos are in a completely different category than these rituals.

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    Should A Christian Get A Tattoo Or Body Art

    The following Bible verses can help you to reason on the matter:

    • Women should adorn themselves with . . . modesty. That principle applies to both women and men. We should respect the feelings of others and not draw undue attention to ourselves.

    • Some want to establish their identity or independence, while others get a tattoo in order to assert ownership of their body. However, the Bible encourages Christians: Present your bodies a sacrifice living, holy, acceptable to God, a sacred service with your power of reason. Use your power of reason to analyze why you want a tattoo. If it is because you want to follow a fad or to show membership in a certain group, remember that your feelings may prove to be less permanent than the tattoo. Examining your motives can help you to make a wise decision.Proverbs 4:7.

    • The plans of the diligent one surely make for advantage, but everyone that is hasty surely heads for want. The decision to get a tattoo is often made in haste, yet it can have a long-term impact on relationships and employment. And tattoos can be costly and painful to remove. Researchas well as the booming business of tattoo removalshows that a large number of those who get tattoos eventually wish that they hadnt.

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    Is It A Sin To Get A Tattoo What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos

    The short answer is…nothing. At least nothing definitive. The Bible makes no specific reference to tattoos as we understand them in modern times. Some Christians condemn all tattooing as immoral because God clearly forbids them in Leviticus 19:28. Since the word tattoo does appear in this verse in some popular English translations, this argument seems straightforward. For example, the NIV reads, Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.

    Other Christians say this passage no longer applies to us because it is Old Testament law, and not for Christians. If you go online to try to answer the tattoo question, youll see both approaches and contradictory conclusions. Both of these approaches, however, are misleading because, as we will see, the answer to the tattoo question is that the Bible has nothing clearly to say about the practice of injecting ink under the skin to form permanent pictures, patterns or messagesa.k.a. tattooing.

    The background to this law was that Israel, after being rescued from slavery, was between Egypt and Canaan. Recent archeology indicates that, while Egypt did tattoo, it was limited to women. Evidence suggests that tattooing the body parts of women associated with fertility was believed to be a good luck charm to protect the birthing process. Women also frequently had imprints of the fertility goddess, Bes, which seems to support this theory.

    People Also Ask About Tattoos

    Does God Forbid Tattoos?

    We explained the meaning of tattoos in Christianity. While theres no speculation that Christianity forbids tattoos, theres also no permission saying that its permitted. A lot of people like to make an analysis of the Biblical verses and draw their conclusions, so finally, tattooing is an individual choice.

    Still, we answered some additional questions about tattooing and Christianity.

    Q: Is Getting A Tattoo A Mortal Sin?

    A: We dont think that tattoos are a mortal sin, as long as they dont promote some of the mortal sins such as wrath, vanity, or sloth. Tattooing does not harm you or others so its not considered a mortal sin.

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    What Does The Bible Say About Tattoos & Piercings

    The Truth About Tattoos and Piercings covers the controversial topic of modern tattoos and piercings. How should Christians view tattoos and piercings?

    Its nearly impossible to go out in public these days without seeing someone with a tattoo or body piercing. The movie stars have them. The sports figures have them. In fact, a news story dated April 30, 2009 says that Barbie now has them. In celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Barbie doll, Mattel has created a new Barbie, complete with tattoos and a toy tattoo gun so children can stamp themselves with washable tattoos. The American Academy of Dermatology website says that 24 percent of people 18 to 50 reported having a tattoo. A Harris Poll dated February 12, 2008, stated that 32 percent of those aged 25 to 29 had a tattoo, and 25 percent of people 30 to 39 had them. Because tattoos and piercings are so popular, its a topic young people have to deal with and about which they naturally have many questions. Is it right for a Christian to get a tattoo? Is it right to have multiple piercings in your ears? What about a ring in your nose? Parents dont always know how best to answer these questions.

    Mr And Mrs Guy And Amber Lia And Mrs Jean Daly

    Amber Lia is a work-at-home mom, blogger, public speaker, and co-author of two best-selling books. Her husband, Guy, is a former TV, feature film, and VFX development and production executive who has worked on popular TV shows and films. Guy and Amber own Storehouse Media Group, a faith- and family-friendly TV and film production company based in Los Angeles,

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    Is Tattooing Of This Prohibited In The Bible

    The Hebrew prohibition is based on the interpretation of Leviticus 19:28 You shall not make cuts in your flesh for the dead or put any marks on yourselves to prohibit Tattoos, and maybe even makeup. According to this interpretation tattoo Jews and Christians are allowed.

    With that in mind, what does the New Testament Bible say about tattoos? If you take that Bible The exact translation, word for word, at Leviticus 19:28 is: And you will not make circumcision for the dead in your flesh and writing marks you wont make on yourself I am the Lord. Some modern versions of the Bible do have the floor tattoo written in the translation and then it says: Do not


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