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How Many Books Are In The King James Bible

Books Of The Bible List King James Version Key Facts About The Old & New Testaments

How to study, read and Understand The Bible by: {King James Bible University}

The Bible remains the best-selling book in the world. There are hundreds of English Bible translations dating back to the 7th century and over two thousand translations into other languages. The books of the Bible in ADDucations table below refer to the King James version of the Bible which is known as the King James Version and the King James Bible or the Authorized Version . The translation was started in 1604 and completed and first published in 1611. A New King James Version of the bible, with modernized spellings and contemporary words and phrases, was published in 1982.

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The Cultural Legacy Of The King James Bible

From Handels Messiah to Coolios Gangstas Paradise, the King James Bible has inspired a wide swath of cultural expression across the English-speaking world over generations. Writers from Herman Melville to Ernest Hemingway to Alice Walker have drawn on its cadences and imagery for their work, while quoted the King James Version of Isaiah in his famous I Have a Dream speech.

Beyond the countless artists and leaders inspired by the King James Bible, its influence can be seen in many of the expressions English speakers use every day. Phrases like my brothers keeper,the kiss of death,the blind leading the blind,fall from grace,eye for an eye and a drop in the bucketto name only a fewall owe their existence, or at least their popularization in English, to the KJV.

From the early 20th century onward, mainstream Protestant denominations increasingly turned toward more modern Bible translations, which have been able to provide more accurate readings of the source texts, thanks to the use of more recently discovered ancient Semitic texts unavailable in 1611. Still, the King James Version remains extremely popular. As late as 2014, a major study on The Bible in American Life found that 55 percent of Bible readers said they reached most often for the King James Version, compared with only 19 percent who chose the New International Version, first published in 1978 and updated most recently in 2011.

Acceptance By Spiritual People

A message from God is recognized by people who have his Spirit. One of the criteria to determine the canon is its recognition and acceptance by the church. We believe that the message of God is spiritually discerned, and that only those who possess the Holy Spirit can recognize Gods Spirit . Jesus said, My sheep hear my voice and follow me .

In essence, Gods people will recognize his voice in the written page and obey his commandments. But at the same time, they will recognize that certain claims to inspiration are false claims. While this is a subjective argument and will not stand alone, it will support the other arguments for a closed canon. There has been no large movement by evangelical Christians to recognize a new, inspired book.

The acceptance of the Old and New Testament and the apparent indestructibility of the canon are additional arguments for a closed canon. When the Bible is read alongside its contemporary literature, the mark of God becomes even more obvious in its pages.

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Hallelujah At Age 400 King James Bible Still Reigns

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The King James Bible, published in 1611, celebrates its 400th birthday this year. Above, a 1754 illustration depicts a group of robed translators presenting a bible to King James I. The king commissioned the new translation in 1604, and for the next seven years, 47 scholars and theologians worked through the Bible line by line.hide caption

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The King James Bible, published in 1611, celebrates its 400th birthday this year. Above, a 1754 illustration depicts a group of robed translators presenting a bible to King James I. The king commissioned the new translation in 1604, and for the next seven years, 47 scholars and theologians worked through the Bible line by line.

This year, the most influential book you may never have read is celebrating a major birthday. The King James Version of the Bible was published 400 years ago. It’s no longer the top-selling Bible, but in those four centuries, it has woven itself deeply into our speech and culture.

The title page of the first edition of the King James Bible from 1611 reads: “Newly Translated out of the Originall tongues: & with the former Translations diligently compared and revised, by his Majesties speciall Comandement. Appointed to be read in Churches.” The Green Collectionhide caption

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Let’s travel back to 1603: King James I, who had ruled Scotland, ascended to the throne of England. What he found was a country suspicious of the new king.

The King James Version Errancy Debate

How many books are in the king james bible,

In Discovering and Classifying New Testament Manuscripts, fundamentalist Christian writer James Arlandson discusses the orthodox Christian belief that the four canonical gospels were inerrant and divinely inspired:

The original authors were inspired, but we do not have their very originals The original New Testament documents were transmitted by scribes, who were not inspired.

This more recent claim regarding only the originals being inspired essentially overrides the centuries-old, widely held notion that English translations such as the King James Bible are inerrant; yet, there remain King James inerrantists.

Because such a position appears untenable, many Christian scholars and apologists today no longer adhere to the notion that translations themselves are inspired, claiming instead that only the originals are inspired, as noted. The rank-and-file believers, however, still frequently maintain as they have been taught that the King James translation, for one,;is;inerrant and its translators inspired. Regardless of whether or not trained apologists believe this claim anymore, the average Christian may not be aware of the debate regarding various translations and may indeed receive the impression that the Bible favored in his or her church;is;inerrant. In the words of evangelical Christian Gary Amirault:

One fundamentalist KJV defender, Brandon Staggs, comments on the debate thus:

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The Format Of The Bible

Bibles with no pages are more common than you think. In some circles, bibles with no pages are quite the rage. Electronic or digital versions of the bible, without any physical pages, can be easily acquired be being downloaded from the internet or shared via memory cards, CDs etc.

But there are other factors that influence the number of pages found in any bible. Font, spacing, page width and height; margins and other print related issues would most certainly cause variation in the number of pages in a bible . A large font, typed in bold and with double spacing would obviously require more pages. The opposite approach, using a small font with single spacing, would require fewer pages. The exact same bible with the exact same number of words will often have a different number of pages depending on how the publisher took these into account.

Completion Of The Task Of Writing Revelation

All the truth that God is going to reveal has been revealed. This means God will not add to the truth about himself that he revealed in the Bible. The task of revealing truth is completed. God began by revealing himself and ends with the doctrine of eschatology .

Everything that man needs on every subject has been revealed, but this does not include everything that man wants to know. Since this revelation is complete in content, there came a time when Jude could say, the faith which was once delivered unto the saints . We do not need additional revelations from God, therefore the canon is closed.

Who Wrote The King James Bible

verifiedAdam Augustyn

Let there be light. My brothers keeper. Fight the good fight. A number of the most well-known phrases in the English language originated not in novels, plays, or poems but in a seminal translation of the Bible, the King James Version , which was published in 1611 at the behest of King James I of England. It is likely the most famous translation of the bible and was the standard English Bible for nearly three centuries. Many people think that its so named because James had a hand in writing it, but thats not the case. As king, James was also the head of the Church of England, and he had to approve of the new English translation of the Bible, which was also dedicated to him.

So if James didnt write it, who did? To begin with, theres no single author. One individualRichard Bancroft, the archbishop of Canterburywas notable for having the role of overseer of the project, something akin to a modern editor of a collection of short stories. The actual translating of the KJV was done by a committee of 47 scholars and clergymen over the course of many years. So we cannot say for certain which individual wrote a given passage.

Criteria For Determining A New Testament Book

History of The King James Bible: God’s Perfect Word

The early church used four criteria to determine the canonicity of a New Testament book.

  • First, each book was written by an apostle or one closely associated with an apostle.
  • Second, the contents of these books were revelatory in nature.
  • Third, these books were universally recognized by the church in their teaching and preaching ministry.
  • Fourth, these books were considered inspired because they bore the marks of inspiration.
  • When the twenty-seven books of the New Testament were gathered into the canon, the Scriptures were complete.

    There are several reasons we believe there will be no additions to the books of Scripture that we consider canonical. Scripture forbids adding or removing anything from itself . The task of writing revelation is completed and we now have the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints . The prophetic and apostolic offices of the early church no longer exist, therefore no one is qualified to write additional Scripture . The widespread acceptance of the Bible among spiritual people as the only authoritative Scripture for Christians is also an indication that only the Bible is in fact Gods Word .

    Considerations For A New Version

    The newly crowned King James convened the Hampton Court Conference in 1604. That gathering proposed a new English version in response to the perceived problems of earlier translations as detected by the Puritan faction of the Church of England. Here are three examples of problems the Puritans perceived with the Bishops and Great Bibles:

    First, Galatians iv. 25 . The Greek word susoichei is not well translated as now it is, bordereth neither expressing the force of the word, nor the apostle’s sense, nor the situation of the place. Secondly, psalm cv. 28 , ‘They were not obedient;’ the original being, ‘They were not disobedient.’ Thirdly, psalm cvi. 30 , ‘Then stood up Phinees and prayed,’ the Hebrew hath, ‘executed judgment.’

    The committees started work towards the end of 1604. King James VI and I, on 22 July 1604, sent a letter to Archbishop Bancroft asking him to contact all English churchmen requesting that they make donations to his project.

    Difference Between Catholic Bible And King James Bible

    Christianitys Holy Book Bible has many versions circulated these days. The original version was written in Hebrew as well as in Greek. These original manuscripts were translated into different languages over time. Primarily to make it easy for people to read.

    The Original Bible had the Old and the New Testament. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament was written in Greek. The Old Testament had 46 books and the New Testament had 27 books. While translating it in different languages, a few versions missed out on the original manuscripts as they were not available too.

    Whats The Difference Between The Hebrew Bible And The Protestant Bible

    How the Bible was established to include what it does of stories and parables is part of the canonization process, which is, initially, a Christian communion performed by the Roman Catholic Church to appoint selected deceased members of the church into the determined canon, or list, to be considered a saint in the church.

    The same process was applied to determine what books of the Bible would be included, seen as to whether they were inspired by the Spirit or not, to be the authorized Word of God. It comes from the Greek word kanon, which means reed or measurement.

    The Hebrew Bible consists of 24 books, believed to be determined by the;councils of Jamnia in AD 90 and 118 as the list of books to be part of the Bible. There is still debate over what all the council selected to be canonized of the Bible, as this council has only been mentioned in ancient Hebrew writings and no confirmation has been found that this council existed or what they canonized. It is believed the Hebrew Bible was written between 1200 to 100 BC and has been in its current form since the second century BC.

    Comparison Of King James Bible And Other Bibles

    How Many Words Are There in the Bible?

    For example, the King James Bible, New International Version Bible and the Holman Christian Standard Bible have only fourteen verses in 3 John. But the New American Standard Bible , the NET Bible, The New Living Translation and the New Century Bible have fifteen versesone more verse. The number of words in each Bible will be significantly different. The number of words in the Greek New Testament are also provided in a link below.

    Therefore, the information provided in the chart below is for the chapters,;verses and words in the New American Standard Bible .;In the Suggested Links section below, you can download a PDF of all the chapters and verses of the Bible.

    Corrections To New Testament Bible Errors

    Matthew 27:49 – But the rest said, “Let Him alone! Let us see if Elijah comes to save Him.” THEN ANOTHER TOOK A SPEAR AND THRUST IT INTO HIS SIDE, AND OUT CAME WATER AND BLOOD.

    The above translation is justified because the Orthodox Church states the text, in capital letters above, was part of the Greek text of the New Testament until it was mistakenly deleted in the early part of the sixth century A.D. Although this error of missing text shows up in the KJV translation, other translations such as the Holy Bible Faithful Version and possibly others do include it.

    Luke 2:14 – Glory to God in the highest, AND PEACE ON EARTH AMONG MEN OF GOODWILL.

    Luke 9:50 – But Jesus said to him, “Do not forbid him, BECAUSE EVERYONE WHO IS NOT AGAINST US IS FOR US.”

    Luke 10:22 – THEN HE TURNED TO THE DISCIPLES and said, “All things were delivered to Me by My Father . . .”

    Acts 12:4 – And after arresting him, he put him in prison, delivering him to four sets of four soldiers to guard him with the intent of bringing him out to the people after the PASSOVER season.

    Acts 20:28 – Take heed therefore to yourselves and to all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, TO FEED THE CHURCH OF GOD

    1Corinthians 1:18 – For to those who are perishing, the preaching of the cross is foolishness; but to us who ARE BEING saved, it is the power of God.

    2Corinthians 6:2 – For He says, “In an acceptable time I have heard you, and in A day of salvation I have helped you.”

    King James Bible Dictionary

    • 39 books in the Old Testament
    • 27 books in the New Testament


    • The Bible has 1,189 Chapters
    • The Bible has 31,102 verses
    • The Old Testament has 929 chapters
    • The Old Testament has 23,145 verses
    • The New Testament has 260 chapters
    • The New Testament has 7,957 verses
    • Chapters were added to the Bible in 1238 by Cardinal Hugo de S. Caro.
    • Verse divisions were added in the year 1551 by Robertus Stephanus.

    Longest and Shortest

    • Longest book: Psalms
    • Longest chapter: Psalm 119
    • Longest verse: Esther 8:9
    • Shortest book : 3 John
    • Shortest chapter : Psalms 117
    • Shortest verse: John 11:35

    The Bible was written:

    • over a 1500 year span
    • over 40 generations
    • over 40 authors from many walks of life
    • in different places

    What Is King James Bible

    The Authorized King James Version, on the other hand, is the Christian Bible translation penned by the Church of England in 1611. This is the third official English translation of the Bible and was conceived due to issues against the two earlier translations. King James I of England summoned the Hampton Court Conference to create this version of the Bible.

    At first, the King James Version included all of the books from the Old and New Testament as well as the Apocrypha. Over time, however, the books of Apocrypha were eliminated from the King James Bible. The most modern King James Version does not have the Apocrypha in it.

    Title page and dedication from a 1612-1613 King James Bible

    Also, the King James Bible is written in Old English. In this Bible, there is also the obvious distinction between the second person singular and the second person plural. Knowing the difference between thou and you as well as thou and thee is important when using this version of the Holy Scripture. This makes it hard for someone who has been brought up without knowledge of Old English to understand the King James Bible.


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