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How To Read The Bible In 1 Year

But Im So Busy I Dont Have The Time

How to Read the Entire Bible in A Year – One Year Bible Reading Plan | My Five Tips

What? Youre too busy. Sorry, you just got served a yellow card:

Thats a yellow card. Youve been warned

Doing these three readings will take you only 3-5 minutes. Thats the time of a commercial break. It will change your life for good. I promise. It takes 21 days to make a habit, so give it 21 days and see if you arent hooked. Put the Bible on your night stand and read it in the mornings. Start fresh.

Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ. Saint Jerome, Doctor of the Church

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Four Streams Bible Reading Plan

Heavy on the New Testament, still including the Old.

This is a unique plan created by John Morton and Tom Anderson, members of the Four Streams ministry team, which goes through the New Testament and Proverbs four times, the Psalms twice, and the Old Testament once. Its heavily focused on the teachings of Jesus, while including the Old Testament teachings too.

List Of Types Of Bible Plans:

  • Full Bible
  • Devotional
  • Topical

You will need to choose which category fits your current goals. Each reading plan is based on a certain amount of time in which to fulfill your overall goals and can help a beginner on what order to read the bible.

Secondly, when looking for a Bible reading plan it is important to consider the length of the reading plan.

Think about this for a moment:

The most popular bible reading lengths are: 1 year, 2 years, 3 months, 6 months and 1 month.

It goes without saying that:

The lesser time types will mean a greater amount of reading or less total content read.

Thirdly, when it comes to choosing a Bible reading plan that is right for your schedule, you will need to decide on the content you will like to read.

A normal Bible plan will simply give you the books of the Bible and Scripture to read through.


If you decide to choose a devotional based Bible plan, along with the scripture readings too, there are more readings that go through real-life examples, and they explain in greater detail what you have read or are about to read.

Finally, when looking for a plan:

It does not matter whether you are a beginner or advanced – you may want to keep in mind the amount pages that the Bible has for your chosen duration.

In addition to that…

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Dont Try To Study Everything In Depth

One year is a short time to really dig deep and study the whole Bible. Reading the Bible in a year is better for getting a big-picture overview, rather than studying it in depth. The Bible is an expansive, complex book, and if you want to dig into commentaries and learn all about historical and cultural contexts, it will be hard to fit it into one year.

So, for in-depth Bible study, I wouldnt recommend using a one-year Bible reading plan. Instead, you could try delving into one book of the Bible at a time. You could spend more time studying and understanding the intricacies of that book, without the time pressure of one year.

On the other hand, if you think one year is not enough time, but you still want to read the Bible relatively quickly, try the Start Now 18-Month Bible Reading Plan. It comes with reading aides, prayer journal pages, flash cards and more to help you go deeper in Gods Word:

If you want to get a big-picture overview of Scripture in a short amount of time, a one-year or 18-month Bible reading plan is a great idea. Dont forget to reflect on what you read: pray and ask the Lord to teach you through it, and meditate on what youve learned.

Day 2: Near Occasion Of Sin

Read Through the Bible in a Year Jan Gen

Fr. Mike points out how advice from books like Proverbs and Sirach may not apply perfectly to every situation, but are meant to help guide us towards wisdom. He also highlights a piece from Sirach that encourages us to avoid “deserted places”calling us not only to stay away from sin, but to stay away from what leads us to sin. The readings are 1 Maccabees 3, Sirach 7-9, and Proverbs 22:5-8.For the complete reading plan, visit note: The Bible contains adult themes that may not be suitable for children – parental discretion is advised.

  • 26 min

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Day 2: The Battle To Choose God

Fr. Mike walks us through the current battles of Judas Maccabeus and the Israelite people, emphasizing that while war is violent, freedom to belong to God and worship him is worth fighting for. He also discusses the importance of spending time with virtuous people to acquire their positive qualities and the need to seek good rather than evil to attain the riches of heaven. Todays readings are from 1 Maccabees 5, Sirach 13-15, and Proverbs 22:13-16.For the complete reading plan, visit note: The Bible contains adult themes that may not be suitable for children – parental discretion is advised.

  • 26 min

Three Step Plan To Kick It Up A Notch

Its good to listen to the readings from the Bible at Holy Mass. However, we also need a personal encounter with God in the pages of Sacred Scripture. All of the saints breathed Sacred Scripture. Scripture served as the grammar for their souls. They couldnt communicate without it.

Here are some basic spiritual needs that you have every single day of your life:

  • Praise Voicing your delight in God and His provision for your life. Gratitude destroys discouragement.
  • Wisdom You need practical advice to navigate the complexities of life.
  • Challenge You need to be lifted higher. You need to grow in your faith. You need to be inspired. You must be an intentional Christian.
  • So when you wake up tomorrow, do the following:

  • Read a Psalm. Start with Psalm 1. Make it your anthem of praise for that day.
  • Read at least one Proverb. Proverbs are the wisdom morsels of your day. There are 31 chapters. Why not read one chapter every day during the month. Oct 1 is Provers 1. October 31 is Proverbs 31. You get the idea.
  • Read a chapter of the one of the Gospels. This is your challenge. Your Savior challenges you in the four Gospels. He calls you to be not merely a nominal Catholic but a disciple. You cannot seriously read the Gospels and stay lukewarm. Christ speaks in a way that cannot be ignored.
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    Tips To Help You When You Read The Bible To Ensure You Make The Most Of Your Reading

    It is important to set aside every day time to read the Bible and to reflect on every passage to think about how it relates to your life so that you can truly understand the messages contained in it.

    It’s just that easy to read the Bible, reading the words on the page.

    Weve all been there.

    It is also important that you have a certain time and place to read the Bible every day.

    Some people prefer to read the Bible every night to reflect on the day’s events and how they relate to the significance of the passage.

    News flash:

    Others like to read a few passages in the morning before they start their day to think about their meaning and find ways to put the message into practice.

    And guess what? Others like to read a few passages in the morning before they start their day to think about their meaning and find ways to put the message into practice.

    The hard part of reading the Bible is to understand the message in each passage and to apply the lesson to your life.If you find it difficult to understand the message of God when you read the Bible…

    …make sure that you think about how the passage relates to you and your life.

    Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What did the person learn in this verse?
  • What does God say on how I can apply this in my life?
  • How can I place myself in this situation, and use it to better my life?
  • Ways To Read More Scripture This Year

    How To Read The Bible In ONE Year

    Just over a year ago, I came out of a long dry season in my faith. As I was talking to a friend about the experience, he asked me What changed? What brought you out of it? In the moment, I couldnt put my finger on it. I just knew that for the past month, I felt like a completely different man.

    The next morning, I opened my Bible app and scrolled through my reading history. I noticed that my Bible reading started becoming consistent exactly one month ago. I laughed and praised God for this simple revelation. What had changed was that I finally started reading Scripture on a consistent basis again!

    As Christians, reading the Bible on a regular basis can sometimes be a challenge. Here are 3 simple ways to read more Bible in the year ahead.

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    Five Days A Week Plan

    Many of us have a hard time keeping up with our regular Bible reading schedule on the weekends. This is the plan for you if you still want to read through the whole Bible in one year. This plan also has you reading from the Old Testament and the New Testament each day. If you leave off the Old Testament readings, you can just concentrate on the New Testament for one year.

    Day Bible Reading Plan

    Feeling ambitious? A 90 day Bible reading plan might be the perfect fit for you. This 90 day challenge outlines a detailed plan that includes reading 12-15 chapters of Scripture each day. You can also track your progress, customize your reading plan, and take notes on what you read using the free resource.

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    About The Bible Study Tools Reading Plan

    Statistics show that most people professing faith in Jesus have never completely read their Bible. Many people start reading the Bible but then become overwhelmed by the number of chapters and verses there are. What we don’t realize is that we can read the Bible in a year by reading fewer than four chapters a day.

    By dividing the Bible into 365 daily readings, your goal of reading the Bible in a year can easily be accomplished. Here at Bible Study Tools, not only can you come and read the Bible on a daily basis, but we can help you chart your reading progress online during the year. That means you don’t have to wait until the New Year — you can start reading the Bible today.

    First, just register or login so we can show you a customized Bible reading plan tracking chart. We currently have over 20 Bible reading plans so you can choose one that works right for you! The Bible in a Year reading plan contains 365 daily readings designed to help you easily read the entire Bible in just one year! Simply select your preferred Bible reading plan, the date you wish to begin reading and your preferred Bible translation. We will create your customized progress chart, and you’ll be on your way! Record your Bible reading progress as you go – complete your assigned Bible reading each day and click Finished Reading at the top or bottom of the Bible in a Year reading page.

    Start your daily Bible reading journey today!

    Choosing An Order Of Reading

    Printable Read the Bible in One Year Plan
  • 1Read the Bible from start to finish. Pick up your Bible as if it were a novel, and read it from Genesis to Revelations.XResearch source This choice might be good for you if you believe in “canonical order,” an order ordained by God. It might also be a good choice if looking up verse numbers or chapters slows you down. In that case, ignore the numbers and start reading from the first page.
  • You can even purchase versions of the Bible that contains no verse numbers, if you choose.
  • 2Read in chronological order. You can read the Bible in the order in which its events occurred. Look online for reading plans that lay out the order of events in the Bible.XResearch source If you read chronologically, you will break up the different books. For example, you will find yourself switching to the Book of Job in the middle of reading Genesis, because Job lived during the time covered in Genesis.XResearch source
  • 3Read in historical order. Read the books of the Bible according to estimates of when they were written. If you are interested in tracking the ways different writers of the Bible responded to, and revised, one another’s thinking, you might choose to read in this order. Find lists of estimated dates online.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
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    Making It Our Kids Choice

    Theres a backstory. Several years ago, a friend shared with me how he challenged his kids to read through the entire Bible during the year of their tenth birthday. As a reward, they could choose where to go on a dad-kid trip. Carter, who was five at the time, heard my friend share this in our living room. Later that night I asked Carter if, when he turned 10, he would want to read through the Bible with me and go on a trip together, if we finished. His eyes lit up. Over the next five years, he dreamed of where we would go. First, it was Legoland. Then, it was Disney and then hiking in Colorado with his cousins. Then some major league baseball parks.

    When Carter turned 10 we officially began our adventure. He picked out a new Bible and a journal and together we committed to get up early every day and read together. I made sure he understood that I was not forcing him to do this, nor would I ever force him to read the Bible with me. I didnt nag him about getting to our readings. At any time, he couldve pull the plug. It was completely his choice, but he was also fully aware that if we did not finish the readings we wouldnt be able to go on that trip hed been dreaming about for five years. I wanted him to own the experience of reading the Biblehis Bible. I also felt that he would internalize the material, not simply read the words on a page, but want to know what God wants to communicate to him, to us.

    Top 11 Best Bible Reading Plans

    Want to pick a Bible reading plan that you wont regret committing to for the next season? We have done all the work for you digging deep to find the top 11 ways to read the Bible. We dont only have your traditional 1 year read plans but have plans created from the early 1800s all the way to the present time. Each reading plan has a description that will help you identify what kind of commitment it will take and its pros and cons. The plans vary widely, and you will likely be surprised by all the different approaches people have to help you read the Bible.

    Key Features: OT Chronological, Cross-Referenced NT Readings, Daily Questions, Maps, Videos, Built-in Prayer App, Private Group Social Network IntegrationDuration: One or Two YearFormat: App, PDF Journal, Booklet, Online, and

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    Reading The Bible From Start To Finish

  • 1Read every day, beginning in January. One method of reading the Bible is to do it every day, beginning in January. If you would like to begin in another month, adjust your schedule accordingly.
  • 2Read Genesis and Exodus in January. Genesis and Exodus are part of the Pentateuch and are known as books of the law because they provide laws and instructions for the people of Israel.
  • Read 3 chapters each day. At this rate, you will complete the book of Genesis on Jan. 17 and the book of Exodus on Jan. 31.
  • If you would like to use this schedule but do not plan to begin in January, adjust your monthly plan accordingly.
  • 3Read Leviticus and Numbers in February, and start the book of Deuteronomy. The readings this month focus on the books of the law. Continue to read an average of 3 chapters each day. Chapter length varies.
  • Read 4 chapters on Feb. 1 3 chapters each day from Feb. 2-4 2 chapters on Feb. 5 3 chapters each day from Feb. 6-7 2 chapters each day from Feb. 8-13 and 1 chapter on Feb. 14.
  • Read 3 chapters each day from Feb. 15-16 2 chapters each day from Feb. 17-18 3 chapters on Feb. 19 2 chapters on Feb. 20 3 chapters on Feb. 21 2 chapters on Feb. 22 3 chapters on Feb. 23 and 2 chapters each day from Feb. 24-28.
  • Using this reading plan, you will complete Leviticus on Feb. 10 and will finish Numbers on Feb. 26. On the last day of February, you will have completed Deuteronomy 4 .
  • How To Easily Read The Whole Bible In 2020

    Bible 1 Year – Read Bible In A Year – SSGC

    Each year, I publish a version of this post, and it’s one of my great delights to receive messages 12 months later from people excitedly telling me that over the past year, they finally accomplished a lifelong goal: they read the whole Bible. Its so encouraging!

    So, as you prepare for the new year, why not do it yourself?

    Why not commit to reading the entire Bible in 2020? Its not as hard as you might think.

    Theres really only one secret to accomplishing the goal:

    Ha! But, seriously:

    The Bible contains around 775,000 words, and the average adult reads 250 words per minute. Even adding a little cushion, that means if you read the Bible for just 10-15 minutes per day, youll get through the whole thing in a year!

    Everyone can find 10-15 minutes in their day, whether early in the morning, during a lunch break, or before going to bed.

    But after committing to reading the whole Bible, most people have two questions: which translation should I use, and how should I structure the readings?

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