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St Joseph Church Mass Schedule

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St. Joseph Church – Sunday Mass
  • 525 E Mission Avenue, Spokane, WA, 99202 358-7300
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin MarySpokane Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary3624 W Indian Trail Road, Spokane, Wa, 99208 326-0144
  • Sat:5:00 PMEnglishEnglish
  • Sun:8:00 AMEnglishEnglish10:30 AMEnglishEnglish
  • Sat:3:30 PM to 4:30 PM
  • Wed:9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Assumption of the Blessed Virgin MaryWalla Walla Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary2098 E Alder Street, Walla Walla, WA, 99362 525-3310
    • Sat:4:00 PMEnglishEnglish
    • Sun:10:30 AMEnglishEnglish
    • Sat:4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Cathedral of Our Lady of LourdesSpokane Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes1115 W Riverside Avenue, Spokane, WA, 99201 358-4290
    • Sat:4:00 PMEnglishEnglish
    • Sun:7:00 AMEnglishEnglish9:00 AMEnglishEnglish11:00 AMEnglishEnglish5:00 PMEnglishEnglish
    • MSa7:00 AMEnglishEnglish12:00 PMEnglishEnglish
    • Wed:1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
    • Sat:1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
  • Holy Family 1102 Chestnut St, Clarkston, Wa, 99403 758-6102
    • Sat:4:00 PMEnglishEnglish
    • Sun:9:00 AMEnglishEnglish
    • MWF8:00 AMEnglishEnglish
    • Thu:8:30 AM to 9:30 AM
    • Sat:2:30 PM to 3:30 PM
  • Holy Ghost 3083 Hemlock Street, Valley, WA, 99181 935-8028
    • Sun:8:00 AMEnglishEnglish
    • Tue:6:00 PMEnglishEnglish
  • Holy Rosary 634 High Street, Pomeroy, WA, 99347 843-3801
    • Sun:8:30 AMEnglishEnglish
    • Tue:8:30 AMEnglishEnglish
    • Thu:6:30 PMEnglishEnglish
    • Fri:8:30 AMEnglishEnglish
  • Holy Rosary 622 N Plaza Avenue, Rosalia, WA, 99170 998-0209
    • Sun:10:30 AMEnglishEnglish
  • Holy Rosary 1st & Whitcomb, Tonasket, WA, 98844Mailing: PO BOX 308, Oroville, WA, 98844 476-2110
  • Tv And Radio Mass For Shut

    Sunday Mass on Radio9:00AM 89.3 FM

    Sunday Mass on TVA televised Sunday Mass is now airing on ABC Family from 6:30 am to 7:00 am each Sunday morning. THE SUNDAY MASS is produced by the Passionist Fathers and Brothers out of New York City and is available nationally on local affiliates. Too early for you? Tape it, DVR it, or watch it online.

    All Masses Are Public And The : 45 Am Sunday Mass Is Livestreamed

    We also livestream our daily Masses.

  • Sunday Mass Schedule
  • Saturday:4:00 PMEnglishEnglishEN5:30 PMEnglishEnglishENGazebo Outdoor Mass
  • Sunday:8:00 AMEnglishEnglishEN9:45 AMEnglishEnglishENLive-streamed, American Sign Language11:30 AMEnglishEnglishEN
    • Monday:9:00 AMEnglishEnglishENIn Person & Livestreamed
    • Tuesday:9:00 AMEnglishEnglishENIn Person & Livestreamed
    • Wednesday:9:00 AMEnglishEnglishENIn Person & Livestreamed
    • Thursday:9:00 AMEnglishEnglishENIn Person & Livestreamed
    • Friday:9:00 AMEnglishEnglishENIn Person & Livestreamed

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    Youth Grades 68 And 912

    The St. Joseph Parish Youth Program is a place where teens, from around the area, come together in fellowship with one another. Our youth are offered an environment where they learn what it means to live a Christian lifestyle, to be part of the faith community, and where they can learn the history and meaning behind the traditions and beliefs of our Catholic faith.

    Books To Help Your Spiritual Journey

    Mass Times  St Joseph
    Faith That Moves Mountains: Recounting My Missionary ExperiencesFr. Ameh’s second book, Faith The Moves Mountains, is now available in the parish office for $10 per book during business hours. We are currently out of his first book, Thirsting Souls, but keep checking back for when we get more!When you buy two books, you will pay a combo price of $15. Signed copies are available.

    Faith That Moves Mountains is the fruit of Rev. Ameh’s experiences in pastoral ministry, mostly from his personal homily notes and faith experiences on pastoral missions over the years. In this work, Fr. Ameh reflects on the courage and faith of some heroes and heroines in the Bible vis-a-vis his three missionary/pastoral journeys.These reflections are offered here with the hope that they would be sources of inspiration and spiritual support to all those waiting on God in hope and yearning for His divine intervention in their life situations. As we journey through life with all its challenges, may we be strengthened and encouraged by the spiritual encounters herein. “The Lord of Hosts is with us, the God of Jacob is our stronghold” .

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    Love Others Make Disciples

    Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind… Love your neighbor as yourself. Matthew 22:37, 39

    Go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Soirit, and teaching them to obey everthing I have commanded you. Matthew 28:19-20

    Father English Food Pantry Needs Your Donations

    Father English Food Pantry in Paterson continues to need your help to feed the hungry. Many families rely on the Father English Food Pantry for food. Food donation bins are located in the west entrance of the Church. The west side doors are open:

    Monday through Friday 9:00 AM through 2:30 PM After all Masses Saturday and Sunday

    Food donations bins will remain in the front of the school Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM through 2:30 PM

    We can only accept

    Father English Food Pantry NEEDS EVERYTHINGPLEASE DONATE Re-useable Bags Needed

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    Celebration Of Public Masses

    Public Masses have resumed. No reservations are required for any Mass. Standard precautions in-church Masses are: Saturday 4:45 pm and Sunday 9:30 am & 11:30 AM. 8:00 am Sunday is an enhanced precautions* Mass. Daily Mass is at 8:35 am, with standard precautions on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday enhanced precautions on Wednesday. For all indoor masses, there is one section reserved where masks are required and seating is every-other pew.

    Reaching Out In Service To All

    5/2/2021 – Sunday Mass – Saint Joseph Catholic Church
    Saint Joseph Parish exists to know, love and experience God while bringing as many people as possible to Him through Jesus, now and forever.
    Aware of God’s constant presence, nourished by prayer, the Sacraments, Word of God, teachings of the Catholic Church, we are a community of disciples reaching out in service to all.

    Saint Joseph Parish Flu Clinic hosted by the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department – September 25, 2022.

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    The Saint Joseph Catholic Community

    Parish Mission Statement To Enable Parishioners to Live Their Christian Vocation in the World.Our Parish The Catholic community of Saint Joseph is more than just friendly people, good homilies, and interesting activities. Most importantly, we gather around the person of Jesus Christ to worship God and live in the light of the Holy Spirit. The community of Saint Joseph comes together with the Holy Spirit at Mass, in the Sacraments, and in parish activities to pray, to celebrate joys, to mourn losses, to serve others, to provide support, and to receive strength for daily life. Our community recognizes the importance of walking with others toward the union with God.

    Saint Joseph Parish is committed to the principles of stewardship and full lay-member participation in the life of the parish community. Saint Joseph Parish has many ministries to support parishioners as well as individuals and groups outside of our small community. We serve and offer support through our abundant ministries including: Liturgy, Human Concerns, Respect Life, Spiritual Enrichment, Religious Education, Sacramental Prep, and Community Services. We serve over 1750 Roman Catholic families in the Mendham area.

    What We Believe

    We believe in Christianity, as taught by the Roman Catholic Church. The Eucharistic celebration is the source and summit of our faith. Catholic belief is succinctly expressed in our profession of faith or credo called the Nicene Creed. “Our profession of faith begins with God, for God is the First and the Last, the beginning and the end of everything. The Credo begins with God the Father, for the Father is the first divine person of the Most Holy Trinity our Creed begins with the creation of heaven and earth, for creation is the beginning and the foundation of all God’s works.”

    Catechism of the Catholic Church

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