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Church Of God General Assembly 2022

Ordinances Of The Church

General Assembly 2022 – Tuesday Afternoon (2.00pm)

This would clarify the churchs stand of open communion and for that matter open foot washing. I know that ACNA types will immediately think of communion for the unbaptised, but to be honest the Church of Gods attitude towards baptism is so loosey-goosey that theres really no comparison. What Id like to see is a clarification on whether we observe ordinances or sacraments The resolution displays the irritating Church of God habit of conflating the two when theyre very different, which becomes especially apparent when you consider Bill Clintons Eucharistic Theology: It Depends on What Is Is.

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The Ministries Council Is Comprised Of These Twenty

  • The Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary of the Assembly.
  • Fifteen members ratified by a two-thirds vote of the Assembly for staggered four year terms, three members each from five geographic regions of the United States, nominated by the Business and Leadership Resource Committee.
  • One member ratified by a two-thirds vote of the Assembly for a four year term, representing Canada, nominated by the Business and Resource Leadership Committee.
  • One member ratified by a two-thirds vote of the Assembly for a four year term, nominated by and representing the National Association of the Church of God.

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Tenure Of Elected Officials

For the newbies: the Church of God has a centralised, episcopal form of government, but the way it works is different from, say the Episcopal Church, the ACNA, or the Roman Catholic Church. We have a five-man Executive Committee, an Executive Council, and several department heads which are elected at our biennial General Council/General Assembly for two year terms until the next Assembly. There is an elaborate and complicated system of term limitation that goes with this. With the cancellation of the 2020 GA, the Executive Council decided to simply extend the terms until the next General Assembly, which is this one. The question remains: should the additional two years go against the term limitations of the office holders or not? Thats what this agenda item is all about.

I can just about guarantee that this item will generate more time and heat than just about anything else. For my part I am neutral on it. The advantage of adding the lost two years is that wed have more people going off of the Committee and Council sooner, and I suspect that this will, under the surface, drive most of the debate. Whether the Church will be better off one way or the other is something only God knows.

Some Thoughts On The Church Of God 2022 General Assembly Agenda


Its that time of the biennium to consider the agenda of the Church of God. A recent additional input to this process is the newly started Church of God Scholars Blog. However, since Im a) in the Church of God and b) a scholar but c) am not a Church of God scholar, Ill stick with this forum to express my views. The agenda itself can be found here.

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Resolution Concerning Human Identity And Sexuality Biblical Fidelity In Gender Identity Affirmation

This is something ACNA types will immediately recognise. I think both of these should be passed. I know there have been cautions out there about this, but hey, the laity has to live in the world, so can everyone else. I do not think that our entire lives should be consumed by wondering what we will do with our genitals next, up to and including changing them out. I wish that the resolution had put some emphasis on that simple fact Christianity was in some ways a revolt against that kind of thinking in the classical world.

Reports To General Assembly

Reports to the 2022 General Assembly are posted on PC-Biz for both commissioners and others to see. There are a small number of the reports that will be posted in the coming days. Agendas are also available.

Anyone can visit PC-Biz at even without needing to log in to an account. Simply visit the Committees tab and use the drop down menu to see each committees report, summary and recommendations.

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General Assembly Update: Good Things Are Happening In The Pca

This years General Assembly was held in Birmingham, AL, the birthplace of the PCA. The number of voting Commissioners, TEs & REs , was around 2300 and was a record. The Assembly was a blessed time of co-laboring for the Kingdom with many like-minded brothers, for the Glory of God, the Good of Christs Church, and the Spread of the Gospel.

Here JUST A FEW highlights from the Assembly.

Pastor Georges 2022 PCA GA Update & Commentary VIDEOS:

1) Approved Petitioning the U.S. Government to End Abortion

Therefore Be it Resolved, That the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly, on behalf of the Presbyterian Church in America, be directed to communicate to the President of the United States, the leaders of Congress, and the Governors and leaders of the State Legislatures of the 50 States, the following statement:

God declares in Sacred Scripture that civil government, no less than the Church, is a divine institution and owes its authority to God. The Bible is the supreme revelation of Gods will and teaches that the unborn child is a human person deserving the full protection of the Sixth Commandment, You shall not murder.

2) Taking Abuse Seriously

3) Voted to Leave the NAE

4) Clarifying HOW the Standing Judicial Commission will Take Original Jurisdiction of a Case

Floor Speech by TE Fred Greco in Favor of this Change. TE Greco Chairs the SJC, and is in the best position to know the affects of this Overture and he is for it.

Meaning And Usage Of The Title Ordained Bishop

General Assembly 2022 – Tuesday Evening (6.30pm}

I actually explained what this means in the previous section. For the rest of the world, bishop implies a) some territorial oversight and b) rank over ministers of, say, local churches. The Church of God adopted this because some of its communities use the title bishop for local church pastors as well. I hope that the ministers fix this problem and vote to change the title Ordained Bishop. The resolution kicks the can down the road on what would replace it, but at least it would get the can moving.

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Replenishguest Speaker: Rev Eric Livingston

Pastor Eric has served as State Pastor for the Church of God in Illinois since June of 2009. Prior to that he was the Lead Pastor at Shorewood Church of God for 22 years. Eric has a passion to see churches grow and become vital places of impact in their communities. He believes healthy congregations are led by healthy leaders, so much of his time and energy is directed at building and coaching relationships with pastors and church leaders.

Eric is a certified Emotional Intelligence Coach and has co-authored material on Emotional Intelligence and healthy leadership. He works with churches, pastors and leaders on a continual basis growing with them in leading well. Eric and his best friend, Carlos Sanchez started a ministry of pastors in the Dominican Republic in 2004 and that ministry has grown to training hundreds of church leaders in cities all over the Dominican Republic.

Eric and his wife Lisa have two grown married daughters and four adored grandchildren. He is a musician, worship leader, speaker, husband, father, pastor, and friend. His favorite title is Pa-pa. He enjoys beach front vacations or majestic mountain vacations and a least a trip to Disney yearly.


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