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Bible Verses On Being Still

Other Translations For Psalm 4: 10 Be Still And Know

Bible Study on Being Still – Psalm 46:10

The New American Standard Bible says, Cease striving and know that I am God instead of be still. Both terms address the need to quiet our hearts in the knowledge and presence of God. We may need to be physically still in order to quiet our state of mind and gain an eternal perspective. Quiet helps us remember Gods character and sovereignty . He is over all and supports us no matter how our circumstances look.

The Message translation depicts a more modern picture. Step out of the traffic! Take a long, loving look at me, your High God, above politics, above everything.

We might say, instead of filling your mind with bad news from the TV and the internet, read your Bible! Dwell on the Lord. Remember His faithfulness and power.

Perhaps you can relate to the circumstances is this Psalm. The world as you knew it has been shaken. Perhaps your health, a relationship, your dreams for your children, or your finances have turned to dust before your eyes. You need the ever-present help only the Lord can supply. Why not take this time to be still and remember the words of the Psalmist?

There are plenty of ways that you can do this, and now is an ideal time to try a new type of Bible study. Maybe youd like to find a devotional to follow along with, or you can start a Bible study group through video chat with some friends.

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How To Practice Stillness

1. Give yourself permissionFor many of us, the hardest part is to permit ourselves to stop all the activity. We so easily define ourselves by our performance.

Doing more and more. We think that productivity is the supposed measurement of success.

There is a still small voice whispering an invitation to be quiet, rest, and listen. To sit at the feet of Jesus like Mary.

2. Set a time and a place

Make it a regular feature of your day, your week. You are in the process of training your brain, so giving it a regular place and time creates a habit, a thinking path that, with repeated excursions down, normalizes the experience.

I have a seat on the deck of my home. The sun streams in, and my dogs often sit with me. Whenever I sit there, my brain recognizes this place and time as a sacred place for stillness.

I have marshaled my brain into the zone of quiet stillness.

3. Use a timer

I want to be able to relax totally into this moment of stillness. I dont want to be checking my watch, so I have a timer set on my phone to assist me quietly. You might like to start with five minutes and then move up to fifteen.

4. Relax.

Find a comfortable place to sit, and allow your body to relax. Let the tension go and breathe slowly and deeply.

Notice your breath moving in and out and slowly give your body permission to be quiet. That breath that was blown into you by God. Feel it down deep and then let float out. Repeat slowly and gently.

5. Quiet your mind.

6. Focus on this moment.

7. Visualize

What Is The Real Meaning Of Be Still And Know

John Casteel, Senior Pastor of The Bridge in South Carolina and former pastor of mine, points out that be still is the same thing that Jesus says to the wind and the waves in . The wind and the sea completely died down in silence, in awe and worship of the Creator. Casteel continues,

There is a silence and stillness that should overtake us in the presence of someone that is so overwhelmingly holy and glorious. The call to all is to be still before our holy, awesome, and glorious God.

To summarize Casteel, as more knowledge and worship flow out of the city Zionthat is Gods message shared with the worldthe more people will come to know him and understand his ultimate security and enjoy his presence. Gods goal in being with his people is so they can accomplish his purpose, to spread knowledge of him so more and more people can come to know him.

The people of God must stop what they are doing and acknowledge that God alone is the sovereign ruler of the universe and commit to following him. He will one day stop all wars and he will be exalted among the nations and all the earth. There will be no question of who God is and what he is doing.

In order to find security in God, we have to stop finding security in everything else. Nothing in this world will offer you the security you have in God.

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Many Bible Verses That Say Be Still And Wait

Be Still in Psalm 107:29 uses another word but is also prophetic to Mark 4:39 which is why I included it in this list.

He hushed the storm to a gentle whisper, So that the waves of the sea were still .

Be silent , you inhabitants of the coastland, You merchants of Sidon Your messengers crossed the sea

O you sword of the Lord, How long will it be before you are quiet? Put yourself into your sheath Rest and be still.

And He got up and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, Hush, be still! And the wind died down and there was a great calm .

Christian Quotes About Being Still

Inspiring Bible Verses About Being Still ~ The Shepherd

In the rush and noise of life, as you have intervals, step home within yourselves and be still. Wait upon God, and feel His good presence this will carry you evenly through your days business. William Penn

The quieter you become, the more you can hear. Ram Dass

If God is spending work upon a Christian, let him be still and know that it is God. And if he wants work, he will find it therein the being still. Henry Drummond

When Christ delays to help His saints now, you think this is a great mystery, you cannot explain it but Jesus sees the end from the beginning. Be still, and know that Christ is God. Robert Murray McCheyne

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Quiet Be Still Because God Answers Prayers

There are numerous passages in the scriptures that show God answers prayers.

He listens to our requests and answers them.

When you are faced with a problem, get on your knees, and pray to God.

Dont wait, doing nothing.

You will lose nothing from praying to God.

May God calm your troubles and return peace to the darkest part of your heart. Amen.

How Many Times Does The Bible Say Listen And What Is Its Hebrew Meaning

The Hebrew word for listen is shama. This word appears in the Bible over 700 times! It means to hear, to listen attentively, or to obey. When we listen to God, we are choosing to hear His voice and obey His commands. This is not always easy, but it is always worth it. When we listen to God, we are setting ourselves on the path to a life that is full of His blessings.

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Bible Verses About Listening What Does Scripture Say About Listening

Proverbs 18:13 To listen to another person is to gain wisdom.

Proverbs 19:27 Stop listening to instruction, and you will stray from the words of knowledge.

Isaiah 50:45 Those who listen to me will live in peace and be free from the fear of evil.

James 1:19 Every person should be quick to hear Bible verse.

James 1:22 Dont just hear Gods Word but obey it Bible verse.

Proverbs 12:15 The wise man listens scripture quote.

Proverbs 19:20 Listen to gain wisdom Bible quote.

Proverbs 2:2 Make your ear attentive biblical reference.

Luke 11:28 Blessed are those who hear the word of God, Jesus saying on listening.

Romans 10:17 Faith comes form hearing Bible verse.

Matthew 11:15 He who has ears, let him hear Jesus quote.

Exodus 14:14 Moses says the LORD will fight for you, so just be silent scripture passage.

Proverbs 11:14 In the abundance of counselors scripture quote on listening.

Proverbs 18:2 Fools will not listen Bible verse.

Proverbs 19:27 If you stop listening you will stary Bible verse.

Malachi 2:2 Bible verse on listening.

Ecclesiastes 3:7 There is a time to keep silent Bible verse about listening.

Digging Deeper Into Psalm 4: 10 What Do The Commentaries Say

Psalm 46:10 – Be Still! Virtual Sunday School

Some commentaries differ on whether to interpret verse 10 as God speaking directly to the enemies of the people of God, God speaking to his people, or God speaking to both his enemies and the people of God in different ways. Lets take a look at a few.

The ESV Study Bible comments:

Since the address in v. 10, be still, and know, is plural, readers should imagine God speaking these words to the nations, among whom he will eventually be exalted. This is the meaning of the LORD of hosts being with his people : he will indeed see to it that the mission of Gen. 12:13 is accomplished.

There is certainly a shift from third-person to first-person, and the ESV points out the grammar of the phrase be still, and know. They interpret the phrase as being spoken to the nations.

Zondervans explains verse 10,

Knowing God in this context means acknowledging and committing to the fact that God is the only refuge worth running towardthe only refuge that will stand strong through every circumstance.

In The Treasury of David commentary, Charles Spurgeon noted verse 10 as:

The enemies of the people of God and the people of God will see God exalted in all the earth. The people of God should not fear because their God is with them and he will triumph over the world.

Present-day Commentators:

J. Ligon Duncan, Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church and professor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Mississippi, wisely summarizes:

Pastor Steve Moulson, of Church Hill Presbyterian, relays:

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What Does The Bible Say About Being Still

Theres just too much noise! Theres just too much movement! Have you ever wondered how some Christians can be going through the worst pain and suffering and still they have joy? Its because they are being still. They put all their worries in Gods hands.

Instead of listening to the noise of your worries, listen to the voice of the Lord. We are not to let our joy come from our circumstances, because circumstances change.

He has already proved that He can calm any storm. Sometimes God allows trials so you can learn to be more dependent on Him. God is saying, Im in control.

I can do all things. Stop fearing and trust in me instead. When your thoughts are running rampant, dont seek temporary help by watching TV, going on the internet, etc.

Go find a lonely place. A place with no noise. When you stop and focus on the beauty of Christ, you will receive the peace that He has promised you. When you cry out to Him in prayer you will feel His comfort.

Be still and relax in the Lord. He is in control. Remember the times that He has helped you, other believers, and people in Scripture. God promises to help you and never leave you. Talk to Him, trust in Him, be still, and you will hear His calming voice and rest upon His strength.

Observations About Scripture On Being Still

Clearly be still is a command repeated in scripture. Anytime the Bible repeats something it needs to get your attention. Reading these verses I have more questions than answers today.

  • How do you learn to be still?
  • How do you practically apply the lesson to be still?
  • Why do we need to be still?
  • What are you supposed to think about or do when you are being still?
  • What are the benefits of learning to be still?

For today it is enough to just ask the questions and know that there are answers. Tomorrow we will try to find some of the answers together.

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It All Began From Stillness

In the beautiful poem of Genesis 1, these words commence our story.

At the beginning of Gods creating the heavens and the earth, when the earth was an empty void, with darkness over the face of the deep, and Gods breath sweeping over the face of the water, God said, Light! and light came into being. Genesis 1:1-3 The Bible for Everyone

I believe that everything emerged out stillness.

The words from Genesis only capture a small snapshot of the dynamic power and beauty unleashed.

Stillness is the place of divine presence. Its the place where God calls us back to time and time again.

Be still and Know that I am God the Psalmist tells us in Psalm 46.

You Will Face Tribulations


Dont get deceived about a life without sorrow and pain.

They will come, and it is inevitable.

We must all face trials, persecutions, and pain.

There is no hiding place from the devil and his wicked agents.

But in all, God will protect us and shield us from the wicked.

The storm symbolizes persecution that will definitely arise in our lives.

It could come in any way or form.

It could be sicknesses, disappointments, joblessness, physical pain, accidents, physical abuse, or poverty.

Whatever the case, we must trust in God.

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A Prayer To Be Still And Know

Dear God, How majestic is your name in all the earth! You are our mighty fortress, our refuge in times of strife, and our protector no matter what circumstance we find ourselves in. Thank you that as a believer, I can be still and know that you are God! Thank you that you do not leave us in the hands of our enemies thank you that one day all fighting will stop and all wars will cease at the sound of your voice. That on that glorious day Lord your people will be with you, knowing that you are their God forever and ever. Holy Spirit please give us hope until that day, challenge us to live as your people, and grant us grace and forgiveness for our mistakes and wrongdoings. In your worthy name Jesus, by which all this is possible, amen.

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Faith Is A Critical Tool

In our trials, we must build up our faith in God.

The way we face our battles depends on how much faith we have.

Faith is the ability to trust in God even in impossible situations.

Paul, the apostle of Christ, describes faith as, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

One easy way to improve your faith is by studying the scripture and listening to the word of God.

The scriptures say, So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God .

In trying times, we can depend on God through our faith.

Thats exactly what happened on the ship.

While Christ was sleeping unconcerned about the wave, his disciples, with little faith, were panicking.

When there is faith, everything is calm.

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The Context Of Psalms 46

Psalms 46 opens with instructions for how this Psalm was to be performed in worship. We see before the Psalm begins that it is written to the sons of Korah. As Charles Spurgeon writes in his Treasury of David, trifles may be left to commoner songsters, but the most skillful musician in Israel must be charged with the due performance of this song, with the most harmonious voices and choicest music. Therefore, these instructions suggest that this particular Psalm carried enormous meaning and held a place of extreme significance in the time it was written in that should only be performed by chosen musicians and skilled singers.

Psalms 46 then continues in the third person as the songwriter describes the attributes of the Lord. Its apparent from the language described in the early verses of Psalms 46 that the writer is probably living through a time of war, conflict, or at the very least, personal strife. It is also possible that Israel itself was facing war or international conflict when this was written and that the songwriter wrote to encourage the children of Israel to stand in the strength of the Lord.

Knowing this provides incredible insight into the interpretation of Psalms 46:10. In every situation described in this chapter, the writer emphasizes that the Lord is a refuge and strength and their stronghold. More importantly, The Lord of hosts is with us. This is actually repeated twice in this Bible chapter.

How Can We Be Still And Know In Turbulent Times

Be Still and Know that I am God – The Meaning Will Surprise You

This time when weve been asked to stay at home is ideal for being still in Gods presence. Do you have a habit of meeting with Him each day to read His word and hear His perspective? This is a perfect time to choose a book of the Bible and begin to work your way through it. Read and meditate on what it says. How do its words apply to you in your current situation? Keep a journal of your insights and prayers.

If you prefer a Bible study guide or workbook, pick one and ask God to speak to you each day. We dont have to jump around searching for answers. He uses our daily time with Him to renew our thinking and guide us.

When God gives you a promise from His word, claim it. Whenever your heart begins to race, be still and declare Gods promise out loud.

The Lord now dwells in the hearts of believers. Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us. And He has promised, I will never fail you. I will never abandon you . When we have that settled in our hearts, we have a message to share with a fearful world.

My friend Nancy was in Manilla with a team of Christian students several years ago when a big earthquake collapsed tall buildings, killing many people. The earthquake rocked the people living there with great fear. They came out in throngs, open to hear the good news that Jesus saves! 50,000 people gave their lives to Christ that week.

This time of fear is a time of opportunity for the church. But first we must be still and know that Jesus is Lord!

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