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Does The Bible Talk About Racism

Do A Small Group Study About Racism

Bible on Racism

Fear of the Other: No Fear in Loveby William H. Willimon

This DVD study invites readers to consider the Gospel command to love those considered to be Other. Emphasizing the biblical mandate to receive Others in their particularity and difference as gifts and mysteries bearing the grace of God, this study also offers a strong critique of the privileged who all too often rush to the language of reconciliation and evade the huge inequalities surrounding conversations and practices dealing with xenophobia and injustice.

Does God Frown Upon Interracial Marriages

Some people insist that the Bible meant for the races to remain pure, therefore prohibiting any kind of interracial marriage. Usually two biblical texts are drawn upon to support that view. One is the fact that Noah had three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. As you recall, Shem received a patriarchal blessing, and an enlargement of that was given to Japheth. Ham, because he looked upon his fathers nakedness, was cursed. Cursed be Canaan was the malediction that Noah pronounced on Ham and his descendants. Some have neatly contrived from the three sons of Noah, three survivors of the flood, that this is the historic basis for the three basic generic types of human beings: the Caucasian, the Negroid, and the Mongoloid. They claim that this is the biblical justification for there being a curse put on the black race, and white people should have no intermarriage with them. This was cited, for example, in the early documents of Mormonism, which was a great embarrassment to them when it was made public a few years ago.

Others go back to Creation, where we read that God created everything after its kind. People say that this is the divine order of things in creation, that God made things according to their kind, and his intent was that they should stay according to their kind.

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A Ministry Of Presence

Ive had the privilege to oversee the celebration of life of many dear people who have gone to be with the Lord. The circumstances surrounding these gatherings are varied some responded to the death of their loved ones with relief, while other situations were tragic and emotionally charged. Very often, before these events, I would be approached by an acquaintance who had no idea what to say or do in the presence of those who are in pain. My response has always been the same, Thats OK. You dont have to know what to say or do your presence is your ministry.

Jesus knew the power of presence. As he called his disciples, the first descriptor of their discipleship was that they might be with him . Presence with Jesus was a part of their training. God uses our presence to:

  • Honor

When it comes to present-day issues surrounding injustice and race, the lack of the presence of the evangelical church has been discouraging to people of color and culture, while the absence of their voice has been deafening.

As we have seen from previous installments of this conversation, the church was designed to be a voice that speaks out against injustice and a presence that intervenes for the marginalized and oppressed. The power of the churchs presence in these situations would be hard to deny or ignore. We have to learn how to stand with and speak for friends, fellow congregants and the people of our community when they have been treated unfairly. Our presence can be powerful.

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Submission To The Mighty Judge And Governing Authorities

Indeed, God is like a mighty judge who will render mercy to the innocent and punish those who take advantage of others.

Ecclesiastes 3:17 God will bring into judgment both the righteous and the wicked, for there will be a time for every activity, a time to judge every deed.

Jeremiah 22:3 Thus says the Lord: Do justice and righteousness, and deliver from the hand of the oppressor him who has been robbed. And do no wrong or violence to the resident alien, the fatherless, and the widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place.

Psalms 82:3 Give justice to the weak and the fatherless maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute.

To not defend the innocent is a serious offense before God as it is to treat others unfairly. Do we find friends, colleagues, or members in a community oppressed for the wrong reasons? We need to step forward to help them, pray for them, get the right help or direction to free them from such difficult situations.

At times, its required to seek the help of authorities to accomplish so-called justice to wrongdoing. Gods word reminds us:

They are Gods servants, agents of wrath to bring punishment on the wrongdoer. Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience. Romans 13:4-5.

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Christ Offers Us A New Heart

5 Day Bible Study on Racism and Justice

And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh .

A cold heart in the face of suffering is a sign of rebellion toward God. It is often easier to look the other way if we are not directly involved. Yet Romans 12:15 calls us to weep with those who weep.

Racist incidents are traumatic experiences. A single event can scar an individual for life. Repeated incidents can result in something similar to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Many within the body of Christ have been forced to carry the burden of these injuries alone. But if racism affects one part of the body, it affects every partno matter the hue.

If one member suffers, all suffer together if one member is honored, all rejoice together .

God can soften our hearts and inspire us to move toward those hurt by racism with the same overwhelming compassion and grace we would offer any other injured person. If we are willing to let Him.

By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another .

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Engaging Views And Analysis From Outside Contributors On The Issues Affecting Society And Faith Today

CP VOICES do not necessarily reflect the views of The Christian Post. Opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

Nelson Mandela

Trauma surgeon Dr. Brian Williams was in charge of the emergency room at Dallass Parkland Hospital on July 7, 2016.

That night, fourteen police officers were shot in the line of duty five of them died. It was the deadliest attack on law enforcement in the United States since September 11, 2001.

Seven of the officers were brought to Parkland. Dr. Williams choked back tears as he described how three of them died at the hospital: I think about it every day, that I was unable to save those cops when they came in that night.

But theres more to his story. As an African American, he has a unique perspective.

After describing his grief over the officers who died, Dr. Williams made this statement: I want the Dallas Police Department to see I support you. I defend you. I will care for you. That doesnt mean I will not fear you. That doesnt mean that when you approach me, I will not have a visceral reaction and start worrying about my personal safety.

In his Associated Press interview, Dr. Williams said he couldnt help but wonder why he was working that night. He was in Parklands emergency room only because of a last-minute schedule change.

Racism in America

Does The Bible Mention Race Or Racism

From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands .

Scripture clarifies that there is one human race. God created humanity in His image. Yet we learn from the Bible that there are many different nations and ethnicities. These are some of the most mentioned nations in the Bible:

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Racism And Indigenous Americans

The Oxford English Dictionary defines racism as prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that ones own race is superior.

Many European explorers characterized the indigenous peoples they encountered as heathen and considered their race and culture to be inferior by nature. Many claimed that such people could be transformed by the introduction of Christianity and European customs.

One colonist described native Americans as having little of Humanitie but shape, ignorant of Civilitie, of Arts, of Religion more brutish than the beasts they hunt, more wild and unmanly than the unmanned wild Countrey, which they range rather than inhabite captivated also to Satans tyranny in foolish pieties, mad impieties, wicked idlenesse, busie and bloudy wickednesse.

Genetic Variation Is A Gift From God

What Does the Bible Say About Racism?

From a biological standpoint, we were made with the potential for ethnic expansion thanks to the marvelous mechanism for variation packaged within the human genetic reservoir by our Creator.

Certain traits persist in groups where there is less intermarrying, creating a more static set of traits than in an incredibly rich genetic pool. This is not a value statement, but a genetic fact. When a gene is passed by both parents to his or her offspring, that child will inherit the physical feature or character trait represented such as color of skin, temperament, height, predisposition to a disease or condition, etc. That trait might help the individual to cope with challenges of climate or elevation but does not represent racial inferiority or superiority.

Overall, the more we study the different ethnic groups of man the more alike they turn out to be. In fact, every ethnic group is too similar in their structural and functional characteristics for them to have originated from different apelike forms.

The devil did not create the various races, writes one commentator, God created them and gave them their unique identity. He built His creative masterpiece with all of the ingredients for adaptation to various extremes of temperature for living in high mountains and in desserts for withstanding extreme cold and digesting mostly vegetables or primarily fish.

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National And Ethnic Groups In The Bible

Arabs In the Bible this term refers to peoples who were nomads in the Arabian deserts.

It will never be inhabited or lived in for all generations Arabs will not pitch their tents there, shepherds will not make their flocks lie down there .

Cretans and Arabsin our own languages we hear them speaking about Gods deeds of power .

Egyptians This ethnic group inhabited the nation of Egypt and is mentioned often in Genesis and Exodus, but also appears in other parts of the Bible. It was the Egyptians who enslaved the Israelites for over 400 years.

I will gain glory for myself through Pharaoh and all his army, and the Egyptians will know that I am the Lord .

Behold, the Lord is riding on a swift cloud and comes to Egypt and the idols of Egypt will tremble at his presence, and the heart of the Egyptians will melt within them .

Greeks Often mentioned in Pauls writings, the Greeks were those who were from the nation of Greece. Many Greeks became followers of Jesus due to Pauls ministry.

And some of them were persuaded and joined Paul and Silas, along with a large number of the God-fearing Greeks and a number of the leading women .

For indeed Jews ask for signs and Greeks search for wisdom but we preach Christ crucified .

Israelites Also known as Jews, the Israelites were Gods chosen people in the Old Testament. Jesus was Jewish, interacted often with Jewish leaders, and was the Messiah Jewish people had long-awaited.

Application: Look To Christ Not Critical Race Theory

Thankfully, we dont have to follow the false religion of critical race theory to have hope for ethnic tensions to fade. God has given us an opportunity to be reconciled to himself through Jesus and the good news of the gospel. Moreover, Christians have a robust, biblical worldview that acknowledges distinctions between ethnicities and promotes ethnic reconciliation. God has graciously given us a solution to racism and division between people groups through Christ. There is no reason to be swayed by critical race theory. We have everything we need in Christ.

For more information about our common ancestry in Adam and Eve and a biblical solution to racism, check out the book written by Ken Ham and Dr. Charles Ware that is currently being published chapter by chapter on this website: One Race One Blood.

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Bible Verses About Social Justice

Open your mouth, judge righteously,And defend the rights of the afflicted and needy.

Thus has the Lord of hosts said, Dispense true justice and practice kindness and compassion each to his brother and do not oppress the widow or the orphan, the stranger or the poor and do not devise evil in your hearts against one another.

Thus says the Lord, Do justice and righteousness, and deliver the one who has been robbed from the power of his oppressor. Also do not mistreat or do violence to the stranger, the orphan, or the widow and do not shed innocent blood in this place.

Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.Be of the same mind toward one another do not be haughty in mind, but associate with the lowly. Do not be wise in your own estimation.Never pay back evil for evil to anyone. Respect what is right in the sight of all more.If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.

He has told you, O man, what is good And what does the Lord require of youBut to do justice, to love kindness,And to walk humbly with your God?

Vindicate the weak and fatherless Do justice to the afflicted and destitute.

He who oppresses the poor to make more for himselfOr who gives to the rich, will only come to poverty.

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Biblical Problem #: Races Dont Exist In Scripture

The Christian Response To Racism

The first biblical problem for critical race theory is that its built on an unbiblical category of the word race. Merriam-Webster provides a common definition of race: any one of the groups that humans are often divided into based on physical traits regarded as common among people of shared ancestry. In other words, race is a division of human beings along the lines of common traits related to ancestry. Race is a social construct, not a scientific or biblical category.

This may seem surprising to many. In fact, race as a term is steeped in evolutionary propaganda as people have historically attempted to elevate some groups of people with common traits as better, smarter, or more capable than others. But theres no scientific basis for race: across the globe, 99.9% of human DNA is the same. Theres little measurable genetic difference between the so-called races of blacks, whites, or Hispanics. Even the staunch evolutionist Bill Nye agreed. Were all the same . . . from a scientific standpoint theres no such thing as race. Nye may be wrong about many things, but he is right about race. Scientifically, races dont exist.

This is a major complication for critical race theorists, especially those who want to frame this as a biblical issue. The entire philosophy is built on a social construction with no foundation in the Bible or genetics.

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What Does The Bible Say About Racial Injustice

Racism is a major topic in this election cycle. Racism is a sin that has existed throughout human history, and, like all sin, is one that we as believers should be actively trying to eradicate.

Weve discussed the sin of racism more in-depth elsewhere, but here is a brief overview of biblical principles that we can use to examine ourselves and evaluate political candidates.

Racism, like all sin, will not be fully eliminated from the world until Jesus returns. However, we should still actively work to eradicate racism from our own lives and communities. Do not give up, and do not grow weary of doing good to everyone .

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Pursuing Justice As Christians

Learn to do right seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless plead the case of the widow. Isaiah 1:17

Defend the weak and the fatherless uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Psalm 82:3

Blessed are those who act justly, who always do what is right. Psalm 106:3

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly defend the rights of the poor and needy. Proverbs 31:8-9

Those who give to the poor will lack nothing, but those who close their eyes to them receive many curses. Proverbs 28:27

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Effects Of The Mmamba Experiment

The Importance Of Immigrants Coming To The United States Social Ethics of the Hebrew Bible. The Hebrew Bibles call for social justice is typified in Leviticus by the saying You shall love your neighbor as yourself. What Was a Prophet? The prophets, charismatic voices of judgment and hope, are rooted in the . Feb 18, · Social justice is precious cultural currency. Where you fall on any number of social issues can brand you a hero, a warrior, a victim, or a villain. This Lord is the triune God of the Bible who stands forth fully in the person of Jesus Christ, the only exact imprint of . Social justice definition, fair treatment of all people in a society, including respect for the rights of minorities and equitable distribution of resources among members of a community. See more. Autonomy In Nursing


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