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How To Read The Bible In One Year

How To Read And Understand The Bible

Day 311 – One Year Chronological Daily Bible Reading Plan – NKJV Dramatized Audio Version – Nov 7

Reading the Bible on your own is a great start to growing in your walk with Christ.

However, if you want to understand the Bible, you have to learn how to study the Bible.

Attending your local churches weekly bible study is a great place to start.

Bible studies are less formal than Sunday service. Usually, you can ask the Pastor or group leader questions and gain insight from other members of the congregation.

There are also ways to study the Bible on your own, but thats a topic for another day.

I hope answered all of your questions about the Bible and how to read it.

Dont forget to download a copy of my Bible Reading Plan for Beginners!

As always, remember to keep Jesus in the center of everything you do.

Your Sister in Christ,

How To Read The Bible In A Year

I want to read the Bible, but where do I even start? When I first told my husband that I wanted to read the Bible in 90 days, he just couldnt understand it. Hold your roll, that wasnt a typo, before I share with you my tips to help you read the Bible in a year, I first want to share my journey with you .

Lets get back to the story. Why a 90 day Bible reading challenge he questioned? At the time I couldnt think of an answer. Truth be told, everybody was doing it so I wanted to do it too. Yes I was following the crowd, at least it was for spiritual growth. Does that at least score some brownie points?

Like many I started out fine but as life happened I found myself starting to view my reading as a checklist item and before I knew it I was finding it really hard to keep up with the daily readings. After a few weeks in I called it quits!

The Easiest Way To Read The Bible In One Year

If you find yourself wanting to grow in Christ and impact your family for Him, but you always end up grinding to a halt, then keep reading!

Gods Word has the power to change your life. I dont know about you, but I know Ive been guilty of looking for that next big thing.

That great devotional thats just going to rock my Christian life or that next song thats going to come on the radio and absolutely change the way that I live.

Then I hear the song, or by the book, and nothing changes.

If youve been in that place, youre not alone.

Theres not any simple, quick, miraculous solution to creating a Christian life thats strong. Theres no magic pill you can take to begin creating a family atmosphere that is going to impact your family for Gods glory.

But there is one discipline that will rock your world, and that is reading Gods Word on a daily basis.

There is no substitute for getting into and studying Gods word.

If you have a pile of laundry and would like to fold it while listening to this post then click here!

If you really want to impact your world, and by your world I mean the people who matter the most to you, then you must make it a habit to get into Gods Word.

Its tough. I get it.

Maybe youve started a new Bible reading plan and then four days in, you just got sidetracked. Or y ou started a devotion and a couple of days went by and you just got out of the habit of reading.

We need to get back to the basics if we want to live as parents with Gods purpose.

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Stay Consistent With Your Bible Reading Plan

Finally, stay consistent with your plan! Its all about consistency.

If you mess up and miss one day, its not a big deal. Dont feel bad or ashamed. Consistency doesnt mean youre going to be perfect and never miss a day.

It means that youre trying and you put forth the effort on a consistent basis. If youre consistent 5 out of 7 days, Id call that a win. Being consistent at least 80% of the time is important.

Remember these steps for reading the Bible in a year:

  • Invest in a good Bible.
  • Create or choose a Bible reading plan.
  • Record your progress in a journal.
  • Take it one day at a time.
  • Reward yourself when you complete milestones.
  • Create a tangible way of seeing your progress.
  • Stay consistent with your Bible reading plan.

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Record Your Progress In A Journal

Printable Read the Bible in One Year Plan

After you choose a Bible reading plan, make sure to record the progress you make in a journal.

When you record your progress, it fuels your motivation. You see how far youve gone from the beginning and it helps you keep going. Whenever youre feeling discouraged or unmotivated, look at your progress.

Believe me, it will help!

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Content Is Great But Disappointed With The New Changes

This is my 3rd year following the content in this app. It is a great way to read through the Word with insights and explanations that make it so meaningful. Love it! Unfortunately very disappointed in the changes made for 2021.There is no need to show the full Bible texts as so many are using their own Bible for the readings. The previous way – click on the text to open to it was much better. Now there is So much to scroll back and forth through if you have your own Bible or want to read back in the commentary. Also, previous version used to let you send a particular daily devotional to others, now not able to do this. I think this was a mistake. Being able to send someone one of the daily commentaries was a way to spread the Message to another person who might benefit from it. Plus it made others aware of this wonderful App. Please make this option available again. Thank you for considering these suggestions/requests.

Read The Bible In A Year Plan

Personally I have opted to read from Genesis to Revelation as well as tried reading a chronological Bible reading plan. While a chronological Bible reading plan was great to see events in the order they happened I often felt like I was just all over the place with the readings as such I preferred just reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. If you would like to read the bible chronologically however, consider purchasing The One Year Chronological Bible.

You could also consider this .

This Chronological Bible Reading Planner is designed to give you an easy way to read the Bible in a year allowing you to read the Bible as things happened in chronological order.

This printable Bible Reading Plan & Journal Includes:

This 41-page feature-packed Bible Study Journal Bundle comes with clear instructions to help you learn how to use the worksheets to study the Bible and apply it to your life. And thereby have a better understanding and a closer walk with God!

These 12 monthly Bible Reading Plans will lead you through the Bible in the order that the events happened. Reading this way will help you gain a deeper understanding of the timeline of events covered in scripture.

There are also 12 Daily Journal Sheets for studying and recording what you hear from God as you read and study each day. Use the Chapter Study Worksheet and Book Study Worksheet to learn even more!

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The Beginners Guide: How To Read The Bible For Beginners

Reading the Bible on your own can be intimidating. Where do you even start?

Reading the Bible on your own can be intimidating. Where does one even begin?

Do you start at the beginning and read straight through to the end? Should you jump around and read whatever strikes your fancy?

Is there a version of the Bible thats better than another version?

Speaking of versions, how many versions are there and what is the difference?

But reading and studying the Bible is an important part of every believers life and is one of the core spiritual disciplines.

Today Ill address the most common questions that beginners have about the Bible and how to read it.

Why Shouldyou Read Through The Bible In A Year

One Year Bible Read With Me, February 12th (Day 43)

Why are you considering reading through the Bible in oneyear? Your answer to this one question may be all you need to make a decision.Lets look at some possible answers.

ANSWER:All my friends, family, or Bible study members are doing it. Thats great for them. You should encourage them and celebrate their achievements. But just because others are reading through the Bible in one year doesnt mean you have to. In fact, if the only reason you make that choice is that everyone else is, you might want to consider a different approach to Scripture.

ANSWER:I want to get a good overview of the fullstory of Scripture.This is a great reason to set a goal of readingthrough the Bible in one year. Having a deadline for reading every book is agreat way to view Gods story in its entirety. If this is your motivation, youmight also want to consider a 90-day or 180-day plan. I would also suggest followinga chronological plan. By reading chronologically, you get a better idea ofwhere the history and prophets intersect in the Old Testament, what eventshappened before or led to others, and who lived when.

As you can see from just these sample answers, the reasonyou are thinking of reading through the Bible in one year is an important considerationbefore adopting that goal. Sometimes, less is more. But sometimes, stickingwith the tried-and-true one-year plan is just right.

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Read The Bible In A Year Testimonials

  • If you want to grow closer to the Lord, reading the Bible will certainly do it. I can’t think of anything that has strengthened my faith more than getting into God’s Word on a daily basis.

  • I thought I knew who God was. After reading the Bible in a year I realized how little I actually knew. Now I can’t wait to find out more about Him.

  • I thought I could never read the Bible in a year. It seemed like too big a challenge. But having a plan helped keep me on pace. And after a few months, it just became part of my daily routine. Thanks!

  • I love reading through the Bible with my friends. It helps keep me accountable knowing someone is reading with me.


Guide To Reading Bible In One Year

Gen. 1 – 2 Psalm 95 – 96
Gen. 3 – 4 Psalm 92 2Peter 1
Gen. 5 – 6 Psalm 1, 93 2Peter 2
Gen. 7 – 9 2Peter 3
Gen. 10 – 13 Psalm 2
Gen. 14 – 16 Gal. 1 Psalm 3
Gen. 20 – 22 Gal. 2
Gen. 25 – 26 Gal. 3
Gen. 27 – 28 Gal. 4
Gen. 29 – 30 Gal. 5
Gen. 31 Gal. 6 Psalm 7
Gen. 35 – 36 Job 1
Gen. 37 Job 2 – 4
Gen. 38 Job 5 – 7
Gen. 39 – 40 Job 8 – 9
Gen. 41 Job 10 – 11 Psalm 4
Gen. 42 Job 12 – 14
Gen. 43 Job 15 – 17
Gen. 44: Job 18 – 20
Gen. 45 Job 21 – 23 Psalm 13
Gen. 46 Job 24 – 27 Psalm 15
Gen. 47 Job 28 – 29 Psalm 9
Gen. 48 Job 30 – 32
Gen. 49 Job 33 – 35
Gen. 50 Job 36 – 37 Psalm 16
Job 38 – 40 Matthew 1
Job 41 – 42 Matthew 2 – 3 Psalm 11

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Create Or Choose A Bible Reading Plan

The next step is to make or pick a Bible reading plan.

If you decide to make your own plan, theres a lot to figure out. Youd basically need to create a Bible reading plan from scratch. This isnt impossible though.

Youd need to read at least 3-4 chapters of the Bible every day in order to get through it in a year. With this knowledge, you can choose where you want to start and start planning.

Personally, I believe the easier option is to choose a Bible reading plan thats already been laid out for you. There are a lot of options. Many Bible apps, like YouVersion, have a list of Bible reading plans to choose from.

Write The Bible Readings Weekly Or Monthly

Read and Truly Meditate on the bible in a year! (If it ...

After you set up your one-year tracker, youll need a way to keep track of what to read every day. One option is to simply print out the plan, stick it in your Bible, and mark off the readings on the printout. But, if youre a Bullet Journal junkie like me, you probably enjoy using your journal for things like this. So you could also track the Bible readings in your Bullet Journal.

There are two ways you could write the readings: weekly or monthly. If you write them weekly, you can simply incorporate them into your regular Bullet Journal weekly spreads. This is what I tried at the beginning of the year. Heres an example from March, with the 5 days of Bible reading in one section of my weekly spread:

But a couple of months later, I started experimenting with different weekly spread layouts, so I needed somewhere else to write my Bible reading schedule. I decided to just write it out one month at a time:

It can be a bit time-consuming to write out the readings one month at a time, but it can also be very relaxing! I like decorating my Bible Bullet Journal spreads and embellishing them with Bible verses.

But if you dont want to write out the readings every week or every month, you can always simply print out your Bible reading plan, cut up the weeks, and paste it into your Bullet Journal bit by bit.

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Benefits Of Reading The Bible In One Year

It seems like there are endless resources floating around to help us read through the Bible in one year, and its often offered as a helpful suggestion when were looking to get closer to God, In January, especially, this advice abounds. But this is not an endeavour to be entered into lightly reading the Bible in a year takes a serious commitment. Sure, if you can stick with it every single day, its only three or four chapters, but if you miss a few days, you get behind very quickly.

So, if we are going to read the Bible in a year, we should do so with intention, knowing both the benefits and challenges of doing so.

Here are three of the reasons I think we should all read through the Bible from cover to cover periodically.

  • Reading through the whole Bible from cover to cover in a relatively short period of time reminds us of the bigger pictures of scripture. It helps to put things in context and make connections between the different sections.
  • It helps us identify areas that wed like to come back to for further, more in-depth study.
  • It helps us build a habit of reading the Word daily.
  • Where To Start Reading The Bible For Beginners

    New Christians or people seeking to learn more about Christianity should start in the New Testament.

    The New Testament covers the life of Jesus, the history of the early church, and ethical and moral guidelines for Christians.

    To get an excellent overview of this information, I recommend the following reading order:

    The Gospel of John Having a firm understanding of who Jesus is and why he came is important to your faith as a Christian. The book of John does a marvelous job of explaining who Jesus is and what his ministry is about. The other Gospels detail Jesus ministry, but they focus more on the things Jesus did.

    Acts- The book of Acts was written by Luke, who also wrote the Gospel Luke, and records the history of the early church. Starting with Jesus ascension and commission of the disciples, the persecution of the early church, and the spread of the Gospel throughout the known world.

    Romans- Every Christian should read the book of Romans. If you want to build your faith and gain a clearer understanding of the Good news of Jesus Christ, this is the best place to start once youve read the two books.

    Once youve read through these first three books you should have a firm understanding of who Jesus is, the history of the early church, and a better understanding of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

    After youve read these books, you can dive into the Old Testament and read:

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    Tips For Making The Most Of A Reading Plan

    Weve looked at a number of Bible reading plans. Now how do you start one? Whichever plan you choose, keep in mind a few tips:

    First, keep to a schedule. If youre going to succeed at keeping with a Bible reading plan, you need to make an appointment for Bible reading just like youd do with anything else youd schedule.

    Second, consider reading through your plan with a partner. Accountability is important to maintain consistency.

    Third, make sure you find the right Bible to use as you follow your plan. There isnt a single right Bible translation or edition for everyone. We all prefer to read in different ways. Some good options include:


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