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Is Lancaster Bible College Accredited

Should You Study At An Accredited Seminary

Earn a Degree in Counseling at Lancaster Bible College

Heres something you might not know: not all seminaries are created equal. There has been a recent trend where churches develop seminary programs that offer undergraduate and even graduate degrees with a ministry focus. Chances are those churches are not accredited institutions of higher education. And when it comes to higher education, institutional accreditation makes all the difference . LBC | Capital is a regionally accredited seminary and graduate school, meaning your ministry degree will be more readily recognized and accepted by those organizations looking for someone to join them in ministry. Were accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and by the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

All Online Students At Lancaster Bible College

554TOOK AT LEAST ONE ONLINE CLASS259TOOK ALL CLASSES ONLINE63.32%OUT OF STATE STUDENTSOf the 2,122 students at Lancaster Bible College, 26.11% took at least one class online. About 12.21% took all of their courses online. Those students who took classes exclusively online were from the following places:

The table below shows the total number of online students at Lancaster Bible College for the last five years.


Degree Programs At Lancaster Bible College

Lancaster Bible College appears in our ranking of the Top 50 Online Christian Colleges for Future Missionaries.

Lancaster Bible College consists of multiple departments and colleges that offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs as well as programs for online and seminary students. More than 30 programs allow undergrads to earn their degrees in two to five years. An associate degree is available in biblical studies, but this is also available as a bachelors program. Some of the other majors suitable for religious students include pastoral ministry, children and family ministry and youth and young adult ministry. The college also offers degree programs in education, live production, music education, sport management and professional counseling.

The school counseling, clinical mental health counseling and marriage, couple and family counseling programs are all offered as dual degree programs. Students spend several years in a bachelors program and then make the transition into one of the universitys graduate counseling programs. Through the colleges graduate school, students can also earn degrees in special education or teaching English as a second language. The education programs require that students do internships, but the counseling programs include different types of fieldwork.

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Lancaster Bible College President: Equality Act Could Threaten Accreditation

MANHEIM TOWNSHIP, Pa. The president of Lancaster Bible College says his school champions human dignity.

Dr. Tommy Kiedis also points out that the conservative Christian college is opposed to an act that adds gender identity and sexuality to the groups protected under the Civil Rights Act, while significantly weakening exemptions for religious groups and people.

The Equality Act mandates equality for the LGTBQ+ community, while at the same time I think it engenders inequality for those who refuse to sign onto SOGI legislation, Kiedis said.

On Wednesday Kiedis told abc27 News that the Equality Act would punish the school and its students for adhering to their religious beliefs.

It falls short of in terms of eliminating religious rights that are long protected by the constitution, Kiedis said.

Kiedis said because the schools values and policies conflict with the Equality Act, he fears the schools accreditation could be in jeopardy.

Kiedis said the Council of Higher Education of America, which governs the college and gives its degrees clout, could take away the schools accreditation if LBC doesnt sign onto the legislation.

Kiedis said that would likely be a long way down the road, but he said he cant ignore the possibility.

Top Online Bible Colleges

Lancaster Bible College

Founded in 1900 by a Methodist minister, God’s Bible School and College is one of the nation’s best online Bible colleges. With a rich tradition in Wesleyan-Arminian theology, the school offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in theology through on-campus and online programs.

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, God’s Bible School and College is accredited regionally through the Higher Learning Commission. The school is also accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. Christian author Oswald Chambers is counted among its former faculty and teaching staff.

Located in Southlake, Texas, The King’s University strives to combine practical ministry experience with educational programs designed to prepare students for service in their local church. Pastor Robert Morris serves as chancellor of TKU, as well as lead pastor at Gateway Church a nondenominational Christian church near campus.

Accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools and the Association for Biblical Higher Education, this online Bible college offers an integrated learning model and flexible course programs. TKU also offers credit for life experience and students can transfer in up to 90 credits.

Located in Florence, Alabama, HCU is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education and participates in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.

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Tuition And Financial Aid

The average cost for an undergrad to attend LBC is around $34,000 a year. While they pay more than $24,000 a year for tuition alone, they pay more than $8,000 for room and board. The college allows students from Lancaster and surrounding areas to live at home with their families and commute to its campus. Master of Education students pay $530 per credit hour. Students enrolled in other graduate counseling programs will pay between $26,000 and $29,615 per year, which includes all the colleges fees.

LBC offers five academic scholarships designed for students who transfer from another school and those who recently graduated from high school. Students can renew their scholarships every year if they maintain a grade point average of 2.5 to 3.0 based on the program. There are 13 other scholarships available for students who demonstrate strong leadership skills and those who are the children of alumni. One scholarship goes to students with a sibling currently enrolled in the college.

Students can also use more traditional forms of financial aid, which they receive after using the FAFSA. Those funds can include loans as well as grants. Loans include government programs for students and their parents and loans from private lenders. All counseling and social work majors at the undergrad and graduate levels attending Lancaster Bible College can qualify for financial aid.

About Lancaster Bible College

Lancaster Bible College is a small private college located in Pennsylvania. Its Lancaster campus is also home to the Capital Seminary and Graduate School, which allows students to earn graduate degrees. Established as the Lancaster School of the Bible in 1933, it offered a few basic programs for religious-minded students who wanted to study at the college level. It didnt build its current campus, which is much larger in size, until the 1950s. Though the college originally offered certificate and diploma programs, it received the recognition from the Pennsylvania Department of Education in the early 1980s that allowed it to introduce full bachelor programs. That led to the introduction of graduate degree programs in the 1990s.

Also called LBC, the college has a large campus in Lancaster that is close to major cities in both Maryland and New York. It took over the campus of the old Washington Bible College and Capital Bible Seminary in Greenbelt, Maryland and renamed it LBC. The graduate school is now Capital Greenbelt. There are also small campuses in Philadelphia, Florida, and Tennessee. LBC offers only six degrees but allows students to major in more than 20 subjects. There are also six graduate and nine certificate programs for graduate students and a small number of doctoral programs. Lancaster Bible College is now a nondenominational private college with an enrollment of around 2,000 students.

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Why Should I Go To Bible College

There are numerous reasons why students choose to go to a Bible college. And, despite where your faith lies, learning about God, Christ, and the Bible is for anyone. Christians do tend to go to a Bible college over a nonreligious institution however, it really depends on what type of major the student is studying and what their ultimate career path is. Here are some positive reasons why students should choose Bible college:

  • A strong bible college education allows students to dive into the bible at a deeper level of understanding the Word of God it also allows for spiritual growth and knowledge of new insights in the Word.
  • Students get to know fellow believers and learn about other denominations in the faith while communicating with other students in a classroom setting allowing for students to see differences in ideas or beliefs in the bible from someone elses perspective.
  • Graduates from bible college are well-prepared for the ministry. Whatever job you may have, you are called to impact the world for His Namesake . However, this may be difficult if the student is not well trained or does not have a strong biblical education to help him or her as they enter the ministry. This is why it is important to receive the best training to reach people for their faith.
  • What Are The Degree Options At Lancaster Bible College

    How an Online Degree Made it Possible for this Father to Work Full-Time and Go to School

    Degrees programs at Lancaster Bible College concentrate on biblical studies. Over 550 ministries recruit Lancaster graduates for work in their communities. Undergraduate degrees cover subject areas such as children and family ministry, Christian education and discipleship, pre-seminary, social work, cross-cultural ministry, music education and student ministries.

    Graduate programs include master’s degrees in Bible, leadership studies, marriage and family counseling, pastoral studies and small group leadership. There are also graduate certificates in homiletics, local church leadership and organizational leadership.

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    Lancaster Bible College Application Requirements

    LBC offers an admissions checklist that goes over everything it requires of incoming freshmen. They will start with the application form, which asks about their church affiliation, where they went to high school and/or college and their families. Theyll also need to fill out a contact and background information section and pay a $25 application fee. The college asks that students send their applications through the mail. They can contact the admissions office to pay their application fees with a credit card. LBC asks for a 500-word essay too. Students must write about why they choose LBC and their religious beliefs. They can then submit their transcripts and test scores. The college will accept a homeschool transcript also.

    Students applying to a graduate program will also submit an application through the mail that includes background information, a way for the college to contact them and details about their religious affiliations. They will pay a $40 application fee at the same time. The college also requires a 1,000-word essay about a book that the student recently read and his or her religious beliefs. LBC asks for references in the essay that students properly cite. Students can then submit their professional or academic references, official transcripts and teaching credentials if required. The college requires interviews for all prospective graduate students too.

    Lancaster Bible College Accreditation Details

    LBC has both religious and regional accreditation. Its religious accreditation comes from the Association for Biblical Higher Education . This lets students know that the college will not discriminate against them based on their religious views and that theyll have opportunities to study and learn more about religion while in school. The colleges regional accreditation comes from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education . Any student who already earned college credits can transfer those classes to the school. Students can also apply for financial aid before enrolling in LBC or after they finish their first years.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Go To A Bible College

    Like other institutions of higher education, the cost of Bible college varies depending on the school. However, because Bible colleges are private institutions, you can expect the base tuition to be higher than it would be at a public college or university especially compared to in-state institutions.

    The out-of-pocket cost of your Bible college is impacted by your enrollment status, the number of scholarships you receive, and whether or not your school offers any other types of financial aid. Additionally, online students may pay less on tuition and fees than students who attend in person.

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    Sports Management Program Receives Cosma Accreditation

    Posted in:

    Lancaster Bible Colleges sport management program was granted accreditation through the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation on Friday, September 29, 2017.

    COSMA is a specialized accrediting body whose purpose is to promote and recognize excellence in sport management education worldwide in colleges and universities at the baccalaureate and masters levels through specialized accreditation.

    We could not be more thrilled to receive this hard-earned accreditation, said Tom Randolph, chair of Lancaster Bible Colleges Health & Physical Education Department. We are one of 20+ sport management colleges and universities nationwide to receive this accreditation. The process of achieving COSMA accreditation helped construct a fully integrated curriculum to meet the present and future needs of the sport industry.

    Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School is an equal opportunity institution that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex , ancestry, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or genetic information. This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment, admission to and enrollment with the College.

    Undergraduate Leave Of Absence Policy

    Occasionally, circumstances make it necessary for a student take time off from continuous term-to-term enrollment. Students should discuss all plans for non-continuous enrollment with their academic and financial aid advisors to determine how a leave would affect their time to graduation and Financial Aid processing.*

    If a student plans to take time off for one semester, a Planned Return Form must be completed and submitted to the assigned Academic Advisor and Registrar for approval. By signing the Planned Return Form, the student communicates to Lancaster Bible College the reason for the leave and commits to a planned return date. Failure to either submit a Planned Return Form prior to a missed term or failure to return to classes in the following term will result in automatic withdrawal.

    While on an approved leave the student’s status will be considered a Planned Return and his or her credentials will be kept active for access to email, Canvas, and MyLBC.

    A Planned Return absence may not exceed one semester. Absences greater than one semester will be considered a program withdrawal and the student will be subject to all withdrawal policies. The student would be required to apply for readmission to return to LBC.

    *For Financial Aid purposes, students on a Leave of Absence/Planned Return will be considered not enrolled and be subject to all Financial Aid rules and policies for non-enrollment.

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    Top 10 Most Affordable Accredited Online Bible Schools For 2021

    Choosing to receive an online degree education has become one of the most popular ways to go to college, and there are not many differences between traditional education and online coursework. It is the same with online Bible colleges and their degree programs. Many bible colleges want to provide the best education for an affordable price. The schools also help students answer the calling in teaching people about Christ while helping them reach their full potential through an educational setting. Right now, society really does need people in ministry positions such as clergymen, pastors, counselors, and even chaplains for inmates. With many Americans having unsettled thoughts of health concerns related to the recent pandemic and uncertainty of the economic market, people are searching for help and stability in these uncertain times.

    The list below are the top 10 most affordable accredited online bible schools for 2021. However, the list is factored by not just price. Some offer low student to faculty ratios, top accreditations and rankings, a variety of degree programs, and recognitions from church affiliates. The schools on this list may focus primarily on religious degrees, while other provide an array of career degree opportunities for the undergraduate or graduate student. However, one thing is for sure, they each provide a Christ-centered approach in its curriculum.


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