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What Bible App Reads To You

Bible: Dramatized Audio Bibles Free

6 BIBLE PLANS ON THE BIBLE APP THAT YOU MUST READ! offers you mobile access to more bible translations in more languages than all other Bible apps for android, and includes a dramatized bible audio and The JESUS Film Project. With this Android Bible app, you get a convenient way to read the Bible, listen to the Bible and more so see the Bible as never before with anyone in the world.


  • Look up words or verses

An Android application by a non-profit organization, is a great solution that wishes to reach the entire global community with the word of God. Additionally, it can help you get engrossed in the Bible, as the readers taking part in this project are passionate about what they read.

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Bible Study Apps Are A Great Tool For Growing Faith

These Bible study apps for women are a great tool in growing your faith.

When you want to add some deeper study in addition to your personal quiet time with the Lord , these are some of the best Bible study apps to reach for.

If you use a different one than one of these, please share it in the comments so we can all grow together! And if you love one of these, share why

More On Bible Study

Check out these 8 Bible study methods with tips on how to study the Bible and how to get started diving deeper into the Word.

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Great App For Reading The Bible

I just finished one year with this app and loved it! Helped me to complete my goal of reading the entire bible this year. My only suggestions would be two fold. One, having a way to select which version of the Bible you wanted to read. As it is now you click the readin and it automatically takes you to the NIV in the Bible app which is not that difficult to switch over to the NLT which is my preferred version but sometimes Id forget. Second, It would be helpful if you did miss a day to have a way to say say you skipped that day and have the schedule adjust for you. It might not strictly mean you finish in a year but might help more people stick with it.

King James Bible Apps

Download YouVersion Bible App

Little appears to have changed since the Proofpoint study emerged and Bible apps in the Play Store started coming under scrutiny. When you search for “Bible” in the Play Store, four of the top five search results request dangerous permissions from users.

King James Bible from Salem New Media has accumulated more than 10 million installs and a rap sheet from Privacy International, which discovered the app in March after claiming it had stopped. The app is still available on the Play Store, and still makes egregious requests of users’ data.

New Salem Media wants the app to begin running as soon as your phone powers on . Then it wants to know what other apps you have on your phone, what they’re doing now and in the past, who you’ve been calling and how often, and your precise location. The company also tracks your activity and gives advertisers access to you, according to its own privacy policy.

With more than 5 million installs, the most popular free Bible app, according to the Play Store, is King James Bible from

It asks for many of the same permissions as New Salem Media. It also wants permission to create new accounts , set passwords and change your settings to allow it to update whenever it wants. It also asks for permission to throw itself on top of other apps you’re using — giving it the power to change the appearance of your other apps or serve pop-up ads — and to start running as soon as you turn your phone on.

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She Reads Truthbible + Devotionals App

3 | 700+ Reviews

The She Reads Truth app gives women an opportunity to connect with Gods word.

The app allows you to read all the entire Bible in 7 different translations and gives you the ability to highlight, bookmark, share and take notes inside the App. Additionally, you can also access 12 free guided reading plans. If you want more reading plans, you can unlock all 77 for $1.99/ month.

The app also provides beautiful, shareable images that feature the content in the daily community reading and free downloadable lock screens to help you keep Gods Work at top of mind.

Based on various reviews, people say that content and interface is beautiful, but the app crashes often particularly when using the Bible portion. If you plan on using this app, it sounds like you should seek to use it primarily for the devotionals rather than the Bible study aspect.

If youd like to give this app a try download on iOS or .

The Free Audio Bible App Youve Been Looking For

Ive been wanting for years to read the Bible straight through. In fact, I even bought a daily reading Bible that would help me go through the entire thing in 365 days.

And I have no idea whybut I just cant do it. Sitting down to actually read is just becoming a harder thing to do.

Daily Audio Bible is an amazing website that walks through the Bible for you.

My favorite things about this free audio Bible app:

  • You can listen to the Bible either as is or you can listen to it in chronological order.
  • Every day they give a personal introduction from the host with a short recap of yesterdays readingits pretty much like a podcast, which I LOVE!
  • It is still a commitment of 30-45 minutes a day, but in one year you can read through the entire Bible.
  • You can injest the Word of God consciously or sub-counsciously by listening as you go about your day. Brilliant!

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It Works When We Work

Guide for spiritual growth and manifestation of love, our real purpose is in us and it will wake you up as you start tapping into your relationship with our creator. The truth will set you free but it can only be seen when you surrender and give in with all your heart. We are here to light up our spirits and not the flesh as it will die and your spirit belongs to your creator but its your choice to get to know the truth, your flesh is dying everyday. Each day you live is a chance to know our creator with all our heart, Pray and speak no matter how long it takes for the answer, he is for you not against you, he knows all your sins but he cares more for your heart and your peace but its your free will to desire that for yourself and you do that by feeding your soul the word of truth, it will set you free and you will see your life on a different lense. It took me 35 years to figure out the truth. When you wake up dont be afraid, keep praying, keep seeking him and you will rest. He loves you, he is with all of us waiting for us to reach out, we only get what we understand and when we dont understand we ask for wisdom to understand the things the flesh mind doesnt but I know now that our spirit does! Keep reading the word till he speaks to you even when you dont understand it. Your spirit will understand and only you can do that. No one can do it for us, it is our free will. Live for your spirit not for your sinful desires on this earth.

Best Bible Study App #: You Version

How To Accept a Reading Plan in the YouVersion Bible App

This is always the first app I install when I get a new device.

You Version is, to me, the best Bible study app around. You can make notes, highlight passages, and even make graphics from your favorite verses.

I even find my daily devotionals on here!

Just search for YouVersion Bible App or visit here .

You can use the live feature and send notes to Evernote , highlight, or listen to an audio Bible. Its incredibly versatile and works both on- and off-line which I appreciate.

One of the features that makes You Version my vote for all around best Bible study app is that it has nearly 2,000 versions of the Bible in over 1,000 language. WOW!

It also offers several different reading plans, accountability to them with friends, and some features you can use with your kids.

If youre not familiar with the You Version Bible study app, then check it out ASAP.

When youre a busy woman who wants to grow in the Lord, these free Bible study apps are an absolute must-have tool to have at your fingertipsand this one is one of the best.

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Logos Bible Study Tools: Commentary Reading Plan Free

This is a great app if you are preparing for a deep academic study of the Bible. It goes beyond being a Bible app and rather provides support for a deeper understanding of background meanings. It comes with a dictionary, that you can open without closing the Bible youre reading. It comes with a minimal interface that is extremely easy to use but is hiding many hidden features.


  • Split Screen
  • Audio Books

However, this app can prove to be too much if youre only looking for some light reading, as it offers a tremendous amount of information, that you might or might not need. Nevertheless, it is very powerful for researching this subject, especially if you are doing this professionally.

Where Do You Want To Start

If youve tried to listen to the Bible in an app not built by Christians, for Christians, then you know the pain of always starting audio at the beginning of a chapter . What if you want to start at verse 43?

Enter Olive Trees verse-level navigation for audio Bibles. With the same familiarity of choosing where you want to start reading the Bible, you can choose where to start listening.

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Android Bible Apps Get Closer To God

The next time you need to read a Bible verse to keep you inspired, you dont have to carry a pocket Bible with you, at least not in the literal sense! There are scores of highly rated Bible apps on the Android apps store. When picking your app, put into considerations factors such as whether or not you are consistently connected to the internet, whether you prefer to read the text, listen to audio or watch a video. Install your best Android bible app pick from our list and read the scriptures from wherever you are, whenever!

Want More Apps Sign Up For Free To Get All

YouVersion Bible app reaches 100 million downloads ...

As well as curated coupons daily to your inbox. Save up to 90% on Apps & Games.

  • Free Daily Verse, Prayer Reminder, King James Bible , Holy Bible Devotional4.8 Ratings48K+ Reviews500K+ DownloadsFree
  • Dig into Gods Word with free reading plans, streaming audio, and study tools.3.9 Ratings21K+ Reviews1M+ DownloadsFree
  • God’s Word Read Over You4.9 Ratings30K+ Reviews100K+ DownloadsFree
  • Free Audio Bible, Bible Study, Daily Verses, Daily Bible Devotion & Bible Plan!4.8 Ratings141K+ Reviews5M+ DownloadsFree
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    Best Bible Study App #: Bibleis

    This is seriously FANTASTIC. is a great witnessing tool to have on your smartphone, too.

    This Bible app integrates with the Jesus Film so you literally watch Scripture come to life.

    Its more than a Bible study app its a way to experience the Word more fully in a new way.

    This is also great for parents who have kids that are very visual. They can watch the Bible.

    Youversion Bible App Best Audio Bible Apps For Android With Social Networking

    If you only downloaded one Bible app on your phone or tablet, it likely came from brags millions of downloads and often shows up in the list of top apps on iOS and Android.

    The church created the Bible app years ago and keeps developing it and improving it. The app excels as a basic Bible reader app with an elegant user interface. It primarily serves as a Bible reading app but adds audio Bible listening and does it well.

    I include it here because of its great social networking features. Share Bible verses in a visual way. If your friends post pretty photos with Bible verses imposed over the top of them, the share likely came from the Bible app.

    To use the audio Bible features, open in the Bib reader and youll see a small audio icon in the top toolbar second from the right. Tap it to show the Bible reader pop up as seen in the left screenshot above. You can play from the current location in the Bible shown in the reader window. The fast forward and rewind buttons go forward or back by a chapter.

    The settings at the bottom of the pop-up window control the speed and set a timer for how long the app will read the Bible. Theres also a button to hide the controls. If you do, then youll see the screen on the right which shows you smaller rewind, play, and forward buttons. They function the same way as the larger pop-up window.

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    You Version Bible App For Ios & Android

    With downloads on more than 86 million devices all over the world, people are reading, listening to, watching, and sharing the Bible using the #1 rated Bible App completely free. YouVersion includes hundreds of Bible versions, hundreds of reading plans, and dozens of languages. You can add your own highlights and bookmarks, and public or private notes.

    Need a Church Mobile App? Use this church app builder to create a stunning church mobile app for your church or ministry.

    How Do You Make A Youversion Account

    How To Listen To The Bible App

    Sign up on

  • Open Do not use Internet Explorer.
  • ON THE REGULAR WEB PAGE, Select Sign up in the top right heading.
  • ON THE MOBILE WEB PAGE, Select Menu in the top heading and then Sign up.
  • If you want to link your YouVersion account to your Facebook account then select Sign up with Facebook.
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    Free Bible App That Reads To You Review

    Free Bible App That Reads To You. Tap on any verse to share it with family and friends via social media or email. Keep them private so only you can see them, or public to share with friends cloud sync:

    She reads truth is a stunning womens bible app that makes bible reading organized. 1,400+ bible versions, hundreds of languages.

    Harpercollins Christian Publishing From Free To $24

    To explain a little bit, were not talking about a single app, but 9, with prices that range from free, to $12 and $24. The free apps are great, they come with daily reading plans, audio bibles, studies, commentaries and many more tools to help you understand the Bible in-depth and make you commit to reading it. Additionally, by downloading this app, you will be able to read the Bible offline also, meaning that you wont be distracted by notifications.


    • Translations in many languages
    • Lots of tools for studying

    However, if you have a penny to spare, HarperCollins offers an additional 6 applications that can help enhance your understanding and study of the bible. With subjects such as Cultural Backgrounds or Amplified Classic Bible, these apps will amp up your Bible reading, especially if you want to know more details and background information, that might elude the traditional reader by himself.

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    Let The Bible App Read To You

    51 times every second, people from all over the world click Play on another audio chapter of the Bible inside the Bible App. Just imagine: listening to Gods Word while you exercise, while you get ready for work, during your commute or whenever you want.* You might even enjoy listening as you read along. Its easy

    Inside the Bible App,
    • at the top of the app.
    • Select another version one with aspeaker icon next to it.
    • When you return to the Bible reader,tap the speaker icon.

    The Blue Letter Bible


    5 | 167,000+ Reviews

    Last, but not least, The Blue Letter Bible app is a free advanced study tool that will help you comprehend the scripture on a whole new level. A lot of people think this app is just a Bible reader, but its actually a study Bible with thousands of resources all tied to the scripture youre reading.

    You can compare multiple Bible translations plus access conservative commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and concordances. If you want to explore the original Hebrew or Greek language in which the passage was written, you can tap a verse and study options will appear. As you highlight and take notes, you can also organize your favorite verses into custom folders this is so cool!

    If you want the full low down on this app, check out this short video overview:

    Compared to the Logos app, I feel like the Blue Letter Bible is easier to navigate for the average user. If youre ready to dig into Blue Letter Bible, download the app on iOS or .

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