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What The Bible Says About Masturbation

Psychological Origins Of Masturbation

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The primary psychological conflicts, often unconscious, that individuals seek relief from through masturbation are loneliness, weaknesses in confidence, and anxiety, particularly social anxiety. The common personality conflict of selfishness is another major cause of masturbation as part of the individual’s quest for ongoing pleasure, as opposed to relief from psychological pain. God’s first words about the human condition to Adam related to the struggle with loneliness: “It is not good for man to be alone” . Loneliness creates significant and, at times, disabling emotional pain and may arise from stresses in one’s vocation or from unresolved sadness from childhood or young adult life. Married men with healthy loving and sexual relationships with their wives can develop masturbation difficulties because of unresolved loneliness and sadness from the childhood relationship with a parent or from the lack of dating relationships during adolescence and young adult life. Also, latch-key kids and children from divorced families experience intense loneliness and are highly vulnerable to pornography use and masturbation.

Weakness in confidence can result in intense anxiety in the home or workplace. Withdrawal into the fantasy world of pornography and masturbation can be an unconscious attempt to escape from this stress. Although masturbation provides a temporary sexual high, it is quickly followed by a sense of emptiness, futility, guilt, and a further weakening of confidence.

The Role Of The Holy Spirit

Yet there are many situations where it is not immediately clear how Gods commandments apply to our situation. We can learn from our church how Christians in history have understood what it means to obey God. But we also have the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has many roles teaching, leading us to understand the truth, remember things that we have learned etc. But the one I want to highlight is conviction. John 16:8 says When He comes, He will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgement.

When we sin the Holy Spirit will make us feel uncomfortable about what we have done , as a result we should rush to confess, and ask for Gods forgiveness. If someone else is involved we may need to confess to them, and ask for their forgiveness too, or as in the case of stealing or breaking something belonging to someone else we may need to replace it. The Holy Spirit constantly guides us so that we can be cleansed of sin. If we refuse to listen to His prompting, then gradually He will be silent, and we will cease to grow and be strong because we have ignored God speaking to us.

What Does This Mean For Us Today

Masturbation is a tough topic to tackle. It’s the cause of guilt and shame and is still oh-so-very taboo. If you’re struggling with this issue, talk to someone. Talk to a counselor, a pastor, or a trusted friend who is rooted in Gods word. If youre married, definitely have a conversation with your spouse. Gods word says nothing specifically about masturbation. This gives us freedom within the boundaries of, possibly, marriage for it to have a place in our lives. And even then, we must tread carefully. Here are some Biblical principles we can apply when considering the questionable activity of masturbation.

For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people .

For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace .

But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble .

Let us then approach Gods throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need .

I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist. Return to me, for I have redeemed you .

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Bible Principles That Apply To Masurbation

Lets begin with an important biblical principle taught by our Lord that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart .

A person who practices masturbation without imagining sex with someone is rare indeed, if he or she exists at all. On that basis, the practice is tantamount to engaging in adultery, fornication, homosexual behavior or any number of other sexual practices that the mind can imagine even idolatry, as revealed in Ephesians 5:5, Colossians 3:5 and Ezekiel 23:49.

In a certain sense, it could be said that masturbation is a form of mental pornography, which we all know to be sinful.

We also know sin by the witness of the Holy Spirit within, provided we havent quenched that witness through ongoing rebellion . And who doesnt live with guilt over the practice of masturbation even those who have convinced themselves that it isnt sinful?

Additionally, the Bible teaches that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit a sacred temple and that it is a member of Christ Himself . If we are warned against uniting Christ in us to a prostitute, why would we want to unite Him to the immoral thoughts and images in our minds?

Finally, a very important biblical principle that is often overlooked in our search to discover if masturbation is sinful is found in 1 Corinthians 6:12 2 Peter 2:19-20 and Romans 6:14-23 that whatever masters us is harmful to us. In short, a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him.

Is Masturbation Mentioned In The Bible

The Bible Sex and You : What the Bible REALLY Says about: Marriage, Sex ...

Masturbation as a term or a specific practice does not appear nor is it described explicitly in the Bible. The Bible is essentially silent as it relates to masturbation.

Some pastors and biblical commentators throughout history have incorrectly pointed to Onan . In this narrative, Judahs firstborn son married Tamar but died soon after leaving Tamar a widow. Judah than commanded his second son Onan to enter into a levirate marriage with Tamar, which is where the brother of the deceased man marries his brothers widow for purposes of an heir or offspring. However, as Onan and Tamar had intercourse, because Onan knew that the heir would not be his, he chose to ejaculate on the ground. As the narrative continues, the Bible says, And the thing which he did displeased the Lord therefore He killed him also .

Some point to this text to suggest that Onan received punishment by God because he ejaculated on the ground. Thus, they refer to this as a reference to masturbation. However, Onan died because he his unwillingness to enter into a levirate marriage with Tamar. He selfishly chose to disobey both God and his father Judah, which also left Tamar without an heir. Contextually, this is what displeased God and for which he was disciplined, not masturbation.

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Is Masturbation A Sin Does The Bible Even Talk About It

Masturbation is the act of sexually stimulating yourself. Usually this involves the use of pornography or anything we can conjure up in our imaginations. Both guys and girls may fall into this habit. Usually for guys it’s a visual imagery thing girls might struggle with visuals or pornographic fiction. First off, let me encourage you that you are not the only one who has done it or even has made a habit of doing it. Masturbation is much more common than you think, but nobody ever wants to talk about it because it’s one of those “things” we keep hidden about ourselves. No one wants to admit it.

The Bible doesn’t really mention masturbation by name therefore, it doesn’t actually say that it is or isn’t a sin. Hold on thoughkeep reading on, my friend. You’re not off the hook yet…

What The Bible Says About Masturbation

ciao, what the bible says about masturbation i work on a construction site and i try to spread the gospel of christ as much as i can but among us bricklayers there are many questions that until now thanks to god i have been able to answer but i don’t know what to say about this!it is part of fornication?it is part of adultery if one e married? bo I don’t know

Prayer can certainly help us find serenity.

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Masturbation: Does It Affect Sex In Your Marriage

Chances are, your dad never talked to you about it while you were growing up. But its a painful issue for many Christian men out there. Single men, in particular, wonder what they should do until they get married. They may even ask, Isnt it better to masturbate and satisfy my natural desires in this way rather than some clearer form of sexual sin?

One of the challenges to answering these questions is that the secular world has been busy normalizing masturbation and dispelling negative consequences . Many of us who have gone to counselors, even pastors, about our own masturbation habits have been told, Dont worry about that! Thats normal. It is true that the experience of masturbating is very common. Even babies touch themselves and find the experience pleasurable. Many adolescents stumble across the experience again when it has become orgasmic and find it both exhilarating and frightening at the same time. That is not sin, but normal curiosity.

The main challenge to answering these questions men ask is that the Bible never mentions the word masturbation. In the absence of a clear command, we should be careful that we dont heap undo condemnation where God intended it. But, there are some things that we should keep in mind.

What About Phone Sex With My Spouse

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Where there tends to be shame associated with masturbation, the marriage bed was designed as a place where shame does not exist. God designed sex as a gift and what an amazing gift it is! With that said, the marriage bed should be honored, cherished, and enjoyed as the gift it is . The marriage bed is a place to be visited and enjoyed often and it is the place where our souls intertwine, the place where unity happens a place where two become one . In other words, the marriage bed is a place for exploration, pleasure, unity, and delight.

And in this day and in age, our spouses travel, often for long periods of time. Thats not to say couples in the Bible didnt deal with long-distance periods either, however, they didnt have cellphones and Facetime either. We begin to tread into murky waters. What may be healthy for one couple may not be healthy for another because phone sex could open pandoras box to masturbation alone, lustful fantasies of other people, and pornography. However, for some couples, it is a part of their healthy sex life.

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Is Masturbation Harmful

Once upon a time, it was taught that masturbation would lead to a whole host of physical problems: blindness, impotence, hairy palms, or an inability to orgasm. Of course, these myths now sound absurd. Yet there are ways in which masturbation can be harmful by leading us into sin. Masturbation often though not always can foster lust, especially when it is accompanied with pornography. Men in particular are prone to sexually explicit thoughts which may involve images other than his wife. Masturbation can also damage our relationships when it is used as a substitute for intimacy after all, its quick and easy to have an orgasm on your own, if you arent concerned for the needs of your spouse. So, a habit of masturbation can become an easy substitute for the challenging yet necessary work of intimacy in marriage. Masturbation can also become addictive. When it becomes something you cannot stop, despite repeated efforts, or when masturbation takes precedence over sex in your marriage bed, it has become a cause for concern.

We Is Greater Than Me

So, while, masturbation is incredibly convenient for bringing yourself to an orgasmfor whatever reason you need it when you need itit can also be very destructive to intimacy with your wife. And, if youre not married, your future wife.

1 Corinthians 7:3-4 says that due affection should be given to your spouse. This is contrary to the worlds way of thinking, because the worlds advice on masturbation is all about giving yourself pleasure. However, the Bibles perspective on due affection is all about providing sexual pleasure to your spouse.

Paul takes it one step further, when he tells us that we should yield control of our bodies, sexually, to our loving partner. And if youre not married yet? Your body still belongs to the Lord until it belongs also to your spouse one day.

I would like to point out an important point: Sexual ownership of your spouse is not ever against their own desire and should never be an excuse for sexual control or abuse.

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The Meaning Of The Greek Words Akatharsia And Akathartos In The Christian Scriptures :

Is pleasuring yourself a sin. Is pleasuring yourself a sin.

This word akatharsia, a noun, and akathartos, an adjective, appears in Romans 1:24, 2 Corinthians 12:21, and Galatians 5:19. It is often translated “uncleanness” in some Bible versions.

In the Hebrew Scriptures a person or a couple might become ritually unclean:

when a woman is menstruating,
when a man and a woman have engaged in sexual intercourse, or
when someone was too close to a dead body.

Jesus and his disciples regularly violated the Hebrew Scriptures’ laws regarding ritual uncleanness. For example, they did not wash their hands before eating — a shocking behavior to their fellow Jews. Jesus “enunciated the great principle that there is no ceremonial, but only moral and spiritual, uncleanness.” One is defiled by “the things that come out of his heart, evil thoughts, hatred, adultery, murder, etc.”One does not become unclean by the actions of his hands.

Again, some conservative Christian churches and ministries have expanded the term to include masturbation. Examples are RBC Ministries and the Mormon church. More details about akatharsia.

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A Biblical Approach To Masturbation

February 29, 2016Rev. Dr. Rob Toornstra

My mother caught me! lamented George Costanza, in an episode of the TV show Seinfeld. Of course, he was referring to being caught masturbating. That episode famously brought to light a subject that remains difficult to talk about. Whether you are young or old, male or female, married or single, you likely have some experience with masturbation. Your experience may be one of shame and embarrassment over your habit of masturbation a habit you have fought to overcome. You may be a single person who uses masturbation as a way to experience sexual release, or a married person who feels guilty for hiding your habit from your spouse. Does masturbation have a place in the life of Jesus followers?

Biblical Sin Issues Of Masturation

It is important that we discover the root sin issues so that we can repent of them. .

If we are unaware or unwilling to let go of one or more of these strongholds, we will inevitably remain bound because Satan will continue to have ground in us . Much of the transformation process, therefore, involves discovering where Satans ground is and removing it with the tools that God has provided.

In other words, we need to discover and confess the right things. Masturbation in the result of sin and the Bible has a lot to say about temptation and how to break free from sin.

What then are some of the root sin issues of masturbation that should be confessed?

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Is Masturbation A Sin If You’re Married

Once again, we are treading into murky waters. What may be permissible for one person may not be for another. Masturbation is still masturbation if you arent with your spouse. However, for some couples, it is healthy when a woman touches herself while in the act of having sex. For women to climax and orgasm, the clitoris needs a lot of attention. It also happens to be placed above the vagina. Therefore, stimulation in the form of foreplay is required. The argument here could be showing your husband how to stimulate you that way. For some couples, wives stimulate themselves with their hands or showing their husbands how. However, for some, the use of a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris and provide more pleasure for the woman is viewed as healthy and good.

Is Masturbation Sinful

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What makes a particular act sinful?

  • If the Bible prohibits it , it is sinful. In this case, the Bible does not prohibit it by name. or description.
  • If you answer Yes to any of the questions two through five, then the act is sinful. In this case, it is not unnatural, unhealthy, unkind, nor unloving. Although, it possibly could be against the conscience of the spouse.
  • If your motive is wrong , then it is sinful. Self-masturbation reflects the lusts of the flesh and is not consistent with the fruit of the Spirit. The motive is wrong.

Is self-masturbation sinful? Yes, but see below

Is mutual masturbation sinful within the confines of marriage? No, but it possibly could be depending upon answer five

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