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Where To Buy Allan Bibles

Allan Nrsv Classic Reference Edition With Apocrypha: An Exceptional Binding

R.L. Allan ESV SCT (Single Column Text) â Bible Review

Allan Bible, Bible Review, NRSV

If you are a fine Bible enthusiast, you know that there has been one glaring omission from the Bibles that I have reviewed so far: Allan Bibles. If you dont know about Allan Bibles, they are perhaps the most highly regarded of all fine Bible publishers. When I asked for a review copy of an Allan Bible, I was politely told that they have been unable to meet demand for their Bibles, and so they do not give review copies. This is partially due to their size. Allan is a small outfit, especially compared to major publishers like Cambridge, Zondervan, and Crossway. But it is also because their customers rave about Allan bindings.

About a year ago, I started pinching pennies to save up to buy an Allan Bible to see for myself. When I found out that they were releasing a new NRSV with apocrypha, I decided to grab one. The first thing I discovered was that Allan Bibles do sell quickly! The only option I had was a red cover. This Allan NRSV Classic Reference Edition with Apocrypha is the subject of todays review.


You can buy Allan Bibles in a variety of goatskin covers. Allan is especially known for their Highland goatskin covers. Highland goatskin is a natural grain, which means an artificial grain isnt imprinted or stamped on it. I had seen so many people rave about Highland goatskin the goatskin of all goatskins! that if I was going to shell out for an Allan Bible, it had to be in a Highland goatskin cover.


Other Features

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New Products And Bindings

  • Limited stock of 63 Longprimer Sovereign in highland goatskin in purple arriving soon – and more black and navy blue to come.
  • 62 Longprimer Sovereign bound in Meriva Calfskin now back in stock in black, navy blue, red and plum plus new Petrol Blue Silverline edition
  • 52 Longprimer in Meriva Calfskin also in stock in black, navy, red and green and new 52P Purple
  • Last few 5WM Brevier Clarendon Wide Margin available in navy blue goatskin
  • Journals and Notebooks in stock in 6 different colours of highland goatskin, including purple with purple-under-gold page edges.

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Research Before You Buy

One of the best ways to research is to talk to people about their favorite Bibles. Ask them to explain which features they like most and why. For example, a site-reader, Jo, offered this advice: “The Life Application Study Bible, New Living Translation rather than New International Version , is the best Bible I’ve ever owned. Even my ministers have liked the translation. I think the NLT is easier to understand than the New International Version, and it costs considerably less.”

Ask Christians teachers, leaders, and believers you admire and respect about which Bibles they use. Get input from different points of view while carefully keeping in mind what’s most important to you. When you take time to research, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge needed to make an informed decision.

Tips In Searching For A Quality Made Bible

RL Allan Bible 53 KJV Longprimer Highland Goatskin Blue

The past week I have been searching for a new Bible. I’m really tired of replacing one every 4-5 years, even when they are warranted for life, so I’ve been researching Bible construction. I already knew I wanted a KJV and a NKJV, but the question was about the construction quality. After spending days on this, I thought I would share results of my findings in hope it might be of benefit to others. Seems that some of the best quality Bibles are lesser known to most of us, and all printed in England.

  • Allan Bibles
  • Cambridge
  • Trinitarian Bible Society

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Allan Oxford Bible: Brevier Clarendon Edition Bible #7c Br

Binding: Softcover, Brown Goatskin

Type: 9 pt

Bound in chocolate brown natural grain goatskin leather with full yapp, leather-lined in matching dark brown with gilt line inside case, double-sprayed red under gold page edges and 3 honey gold ribbons.

The Brevier Clarendon is a vintage Oxford University Press typesetting, printed on 22gsm India paper, and includes our Allan Presentation Page, full 325pp Oxford Cyclopedic Concordance, 16pp Oxford Bible maps and 32pp feint rule Allan notepaper.

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Rl Allan Vs Cambridge: A Comparison Of Luxury

I know what some of you are thinking. Why are you ignoring Schuyler? Well comparing Allan and Cambridge is close enough to comparing apples to oranges that I do not wish to throw a watermelon into the mix. Not a slight to Schuyler but their bulky bibles do on occasion remind me of a watermelon. I honestly enjoy a Schuyler I just personally prefer Allan and Cambrige to them.

I am comparing RL Allan and Cambridge because they are the two of the longest standing premium bible publishers in the world. Both are renowned for their fine bibles. Yet their bibles could not be any more different.

First some basic common traits of each:

R.L. Allan: established 1863

  • Full or semi-yap designs on most bibles. While the current Ruby lacks a yap it did not in the past.
  • Super premium leathers. Allan is famous for having the finest goatskin. If you see an Allan bible marked highland goatskin you can be assured that you are unlikely to find a better grade of leather.
  • Outside sourcing of book blocks. For most of their bibles Allan relies on outside sources for their book blocks. Sometimes this is not an issue with for example the ESV. These are sourced from Crossway publishers who do a pretty good job. On the other hand we have the NASB which is sourced from the Lockman Foundation. A wonderful translation but often their Chinese produced text settings leave something to be desired. Their KJV book blocks are excellent and among some of the finest.
  • Cambridge: established 1591

    Evangelicalbiblecom The Place To Buy Quality Bibles

    Best NLT Bibles â Cambridge vs. Schuyler vs. Allan

    The best place I have found to buy quality Bibles is evangelicalbible.com, which carries Bibles from Cambridge University Press, Crossway Bibles, the Trinitarian Bible Society, and the Lockman Foundation. It is also the exclusive distributor of Schuyler Bible Publishers and the official U.S. distributor of R.L. Allan Bibles, which many regard to be the best leather-bound Bibles available. I have personally been very impressed with Schuyler, however, having owned both a Schuyler Single Column Paragraph NKJV Bible and a Schuyler Quentel NKJV . Both are outstanding, high quality Bibles, and I would highly recommend them. Schuyler also offers the KJV, ESV, NASB, and NLT versions. As the webpage at evangelicalbible.com states, Schuyler Bibles are printed and bound in the Netherlands in one of the finest book binderies in Europe, Jongbloed. All Schuyler Bibles use only the finest materials in crafting its Bibles. From paper to natural grain Goatskin the Schuyler label has determined to carve out a niche which will establish it as a unique label among Bible publishers. For those of you who may not yet heard of Schuyler Bible Publishers, here is the information from their website:

    A. All are printed in the Netherlands.

    B. All have natural grain Goatskin.

    C. All have Smyth sewn bindings.

    D. All have perimeter stitching.

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    Kjv Allan Longprimer Edition

    *Price and SKU are subject to change based on your Personalization options.

    R L Allan Christmas Last Order Dates 2021

    Standard Free Shipping:

    USA and Canada Wednesday, December 8Australia, New Zealand – Wednesday, December 1Far East – Sunday, December 5UK – Wednesday, December 15


    Last order day for FedEx 2nd Day to the USA, Canada or EU is Sunday, December 19

    The video below shows the Allan Longprimer 53 Highland Goatskin and not the Allan Longprimer 52 Meriva Calfskin Edition. The type of leather and style of yapp are different , but all of the study features and text / cross reference examples will be the same in this bible.

    Bible Buying Guide Review:

    The Rl Allan Reference Esv

    The R. L. Allan website announces that these are “probably the finest Bibles in the world.” Whoever inserted the word probably in that sentence should be nominated for the Nobel Prize for modesty. There is no question that Allan’s produces the finest Bibles in the world. Allan’s is the gold standard in fine binding. As far as these eyes are concerned, no one else comes close. During the recent Dark Age between the introduction of the English Standard Version in 2001 and the debut of Allan’s Reference ESV bound in highland goatskin in the summer of 2004, I used to day dream about an Allan’s-bound ESV. I would hold my Allan’s KJV in Cape Levant goatskin, rubbing my hands over its cover and inhaling the wonderful scent of the leather and art-gilt pages, imagining that when I opened it the ESV would miraculously appear. Finally, the notice appeared on the Allan’s site that an ESV was in the works. I received the latest print catalog and had the news confirmed. I remember showing the entry to Laurie. I wanted someone else to confirm that my eyes were not deceiving me. They weren’t.

    But until the debut of the Allan’s Reference ESV, I was in a quandary. On the one hand, I was extolling the virtue of Allan’s bindings, but on the other I was urging people to check out the English Standard Version . Now, I have no such qualms. The best Bible binding on the market is also the best modern translation available.


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