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Where To Order Bibles Online

Places To Get Free Bibles

How to Buy Premium Bibles Online… and Get the Best Deals!

We know that the Bible should be an important part of every Christians spiritual life. Even if you arent a Christian, reading the Bible can give you some useful insights , and make you think about things in a way you may not have before. Id encourage you to get a Bible and explore these ancient and living writings.

If you would like to get a physical copy of Gods Word, there are a lot of places that you can get a Bible for free.

You Version Free Bible App

YouVersion is the gold standard for online Bibles with over 1,774 Bible versions in over 1248 languages.

They have the Bible for your computer via the website , and for your phone or your tablet via their amazing free bible app.

Full disclosure, Ive been a heavy user of YouVersion for years, and even enjoy the many Bible reading plans and studies that they have available via their app.

Get Your Free Scriptures A Physical Or Digital Copy

There are a lot of places that you can get a free copy of the Bible, and in many different versions, translations and languages. Its just a matter of figuring out which one you want.

Hopefully whichever Bible you receive will speak to you, and change your life as much as mine has.

Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ. Romans 10:17

If youre looking to make a change, and want to accept Jesus, please check out this post that examines the truth about God, sin, Jesus Christ and our response to Him.

Know of other places to get a Bible for free? Tell us in the comments.

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Why Is Reading The Bible So Important

As a Christian I believe its crucial to be constantly in Gods word. Here is why its so important:

  • Reading the Bible helps us to know God: The Bible tells us about God, gives us insight into Gods character and answers our questions about who he is, and how he has saved us from sin.
  • The Bible helps us to know Gods will for our lives: The message of eternal salvation is vital to the scriptures, but the Bible also reveals a lot more about how God would have us live. We see recorded examples of Biblical figures and how they lived, and we see what pleases God and what doesnt.
  • Reading Gods word helps us to see the big picture that God has planned for us: Knowing the scriptures and making them the final authority in your life can help you to live the good life that God has planned for you, and to guard against attacks that the evil one has coming your way.

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work 2 Timothy 3:1617

The Gideons International The Nightstand At Your Hotel

Buy A Catholic Bible Online

If youve ever stayed at a hotel you know that just about every hotel room has a Gideon Bible in the night stand drawer.

What you may not know is that those Bibles are there for you to use or even to keep if youd like. The Bibles are replaced often and are put there for you to use, so dont be shy.

The scriptures are placed there by a group called The Gideons International, and in addition to hotels youll find them in key locations like hospitals, convalescent homes, medical offices, domestic violence shelters, prisons, and jails.

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Spread The Word Campaign Free Bibles For Those Overseas

LeSEAs Spread the Word program will provide a free Bible for people who are overseas. The program launched in 2000, and since then over 700,000 Bibles have been distributed.

If you are a new believer in a place like Egypt, Colombia, Iraq, Solomon Islands, Malaysia, Zambia, Togo, Austria, Pakistan and Iran, theyll do their best to ship a free Bible to you!

A Friend Or Family Member

If you have a friend or family member who is a Christian, in most cases theyll have more than one Bible at their house, and would be more than glad to offer one of them to you.

I know I have several and would love to give one to a friend .

But Jesus told him, No! The Scriptures say, People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4

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Central European Conference On Information And Intelligent Systems

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A Christian Church Near You

How to Buy Used and Vintage Bibles Online and Second Hand

Probably one of the first places you can go to find a Bible is your local church. Most churches will have Bibles available that you can take with you, either a smaller pocket version, or a larger study type Bible.

To find a church near you , check out a church directory like this one. When you attend, ask if they have a Bible you can take with you.

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El Programa Institucional De Habilitacion Pedagogica De La Uady

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Browse New & Used Bibles Books

There are countless different versions of the Bible out there today. Whichever copy you happen to be looking for you can buy cheap Bibles textbooks right here alongside your other college text books. Look out for Santa Biblia Con Deuterocanonicos Holman Christian Standard One Minute Bible for Students: 366 Devotions Connecting You With God Holy Bible Cornerstone King James Version: Master Study Bible Black Bonded Leather and The New Oxford Annotated Bible with Apocrypha: New Revised Standard Version. When you have lots of affordable deals to look into you can be sure of finding the exact copies you want. Make sure you come back regularly too if you want more than one, because we buy back Bibles books quite often. Our buyback system makes this a reality, so we can provide discounted books and great deals to everyone. Get your books from our collection today and make sure you have everything you need.


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Before You Go Please ReadThe most important decision a person can make is where they will spend eternity. Will you go to Heaven and spend eternity with God? OR will you go to Hell and spend eternity separated from God? When you ask the average person that question they will usually say Heaven. You ask them why they believe that and you will get many answers? I am good person, or I go to Church, or I give to charity, or I have been baptised, or many others. If you ask God who will go to Heaven He tells us through His Word that only those who are born again will go to Heaven when they die. Only those who’s sins are forgiven will get to go to Heaven. The Bible is also very clear that the only payment that is acceptable to God is that blood of his son Jesus-Christ. Your good works are not good enough. Your righteousness is as filthy rags according to the scriptures. The good news is that God loves you so much that He wrapped His love in flesh and blood and paid a price that you could not pay. In Christ there is forgiveness of sin, a home in Heaven, and communion with the Father. My prayer for you is that you see your need for a savior and turn to Him. Through prayer ask forgiveness of your sin and receive Him as your Lord.Before You Go Please Watch this Brief Video Your Personal Invitation to be Saved and go to Heaven when


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