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How To Invite Someone To Church

Invite Someone To Church

How To Invite Someone To Church

Have you ever considered that simply inviting someone to church could be all it takes for Jesus to take hold of them and change their life? All you have to do is ask them to come! It seems too simple, doesnt it?

Consider this quote from Dr. Thomas Rainer in Ten Surprises About the Unchurched: Ninety-six percent of the unchurched are at least somewhat likely to attend church if they are invited. Perhaps we need to pause on this response. Perhaps we need to restate it. More than nine out of 10 of the unchurched said they would come to church if they were invited.

Yet, for various reasons, we often hesitate to invite others to come to a church service. We allow fear of awkward conversations or rejection to stop us from inviting those close to us, as well as strangers, to a place where they can hear the good news and meet Jesus.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. Romans 1:16

For those of you who simply do not invite others because you do not know how, consider these seven steps.

How To Extend A Back To Church Invite Without Fear Or Awkwardness

National Back to Church Sunday will celebrate its tenth year on September 16, 2018, and more than 30,000 churches are participating. South Bay Bible Church is one of the many committed churches striving to engage their community. Every church is equipping and empowering members to be inviters. Through this effort, many hurting and disconnected people will find a place to belong, serve, and grow.

As Christians, we are called to spread the good news. The Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 says, Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

Inviting someone to church is easy. It doesnt have to be weird or awkward! For too long, we have simply told churchgoers to invite people to church, but we havent told them how. Once you know how to invite someone to church, much of your anxiety will disappear. In fact, surveys suggest that 8 out of 10 people said they would be willing to visit a church if they were only invited. So, whats stopping you?

How To Create A Database To Send A Text Message

One effective way to collect peoples contact information and other necessary information is by using SMS opt-ins. An SMS opt-in uses a designated keyword and number for people to opt-in to your updates. Essentially, you rent the keyword and number, promote it, and interested parties text it to you to indicate their consent to receive updates from you.

Keywords are a great way to pull people into conversations you know they are interested in. A keyword in this context is a single word that people text you to fulfill a predefined requirement. For instance, a simple keyword like EVENTS explains what the communications will be about and attracts people interested in that aspect of your church.

When a contact sends this keyword to your designated shortcode or 10-digit long code, they automatically get added to your list of subscribers.

Following this opt-in, you can set up autoresponders that get sent when your contact texts you the keyword. For instance, if they text EVENTS, a message goes out instantly, asking them their name or explaining what the future texts will be about.

Heres how you set this up:

  • Create a unique, memorable keyword for your campaign to get maximum results. For example, JOIN.
  • You can use a shortcode or a long code as the number they send the keyword to. A shortcode is a 5-6 digit number , while a long code is a 10-digit number thats tied to an area code.
  • Set up your autoresponder to collect more details or give them more information.
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    How Do I Avoid Making A Person Feel Judged Or Uncomfortable

    Its all in the approach.

    Notice the posture the conversation starters above take. Theyre casual and friendly. They dont assume anything and dont force any type of answer. Pay attention to the conversation and engage as much or as little as you feel the other person is comfortable with.

    Thats the key to inviting someone without the person feeling judged or uncomfortable.

    And dont forget to always invite with kindness.

    How you end the conversation will be how they remember your invite. So be kind, gracious, and understanding no matter the response.

    Tips For Inviting Friends

    40 Ways You Can Invite Someone to Church

    Easter and/or the holiday season is the easiest time to invite your neighbors, friends, and family to church with you. This is when churches offer special programming/services, and family get-togethers are a given.

    But even if you find yourself in the middle of the year without special services, be bold, be genuine, and simply ask, Would you like to go to church with me?

    But please, dont give them a flyer and then tell them to check it out or stop by. Instead, be active, be involved, and be present.

    Try these 5 tips:

  • Pray before inviting someone. Ask the Holy Spirit to prompt you if you should invite someone. If He lays it on your heart to ask, then ask. While you could go and ask everyone you know, its not as effective as intentional invitations.

  • Ask them if they would like to go WITH you. Dont throw an open invite, but instead offer to meet them:

  • Outside the main entrance of the church

  • In the lobby of your church

  • At your home, so you can carpool together.

  • Offer to meet in the parking lot and walk in together.

  • Offer to meet before or after for a shared meal.

  • Explain what it will look like.

  • Is there a dress code? ?

  • Should they bring a Bible, or will there be extras?

  • Will they have to introduce themselves?

  • Which door should they enter if you arent meeting them beforehand?

  • How long will the service be?

  • Are they expected to tithe? .

  • Take away as much of the unknown as possible, making it less scary to attend.

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    What If I Get Rejected

    You will, but dont let it discourage you. Its not the end of the world, and its not personal.

    Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.

    A no thanks wont negatively impact your life. But a yes could change someones life forever. So press through any fears of rejection and keep inviting! Youll never get a yes if you never ask.

    Another common fear is getting a negative reaction.

    In my experience, almost everyone will accept your invite graciously whether theyre interested or not.

    As you invite people to church, youll find most of your fears are not reality. Rejection isnt as bad as you think. People generally avoid confrontation. Theyre not going to be hateful toward you or feel judged by you.

    Simple Ways To Invite Your One

    In the same way, there is more joy in heaven over one lost sinner who repents and returns to God than over ninety-nine others who are righteous and havent strayed away!

    Inviting someone to church can feel intimidating. Even if youre close with the person youre inviting the fear of rejection, negative stigmas around church, and concern about coming across as weird can keep us from making the ask. But at the end of the day, the eternal life of the person were inviting is more important than our discomfort. Still, it helps to go into it with a plan! Check out 5 simple ways that you can invite your one to join you.

    1. Send a text

    A text invite is one of the simplest ways to invite someone to join you for church. It gives you and the person youre inviting time and space to think about the invite and the response, and sometimes it may even be easier on the invitee to say yes! And just because its a text doesnt mean it cant be heartfelttake time to craft your text message, and let the person know how much youd love to have them join you.

    2. Use social media

    If you follow LCBC on and , another easy way to send an invite is to Direct Message them a post from our account or tag them in a comment on a post. We strive to create engaging social content that also gives helpful information that will encourage someone to join you on the weekend or for an event. Check out our social channels and send a post that speaks to your heart, or one that you know will speak to theirs!

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    What To Do If They Say Yes

    A yes is just beginning. Think about it. There are few things scarier than visiting a new church especially if you did not grow up in church. As the person who invited this guest, you need to act as a humble, hospitable host. If they have questions about what to expect or what to wear, take time to answer their questions.

    Make plans to meet them outside of the church. When they arrive, take time to show them around. This will alleviate many fears about knowing where to go and what to do. Also, before and after the church service, introduce them to a couple of your church friends. This will make their visit feel more welcoming, and they will be much more likely to visit again if they meet someone other than yourself.

    Finally, while youve been praying for God to open their heart to receive your invitation, continue praying theyll receive Gods invitation.

    Do Replace Info With Intros

    How To Invite Someone To Church the “Good-Humored” Way

    People are usually less interested in our doctrine than they are in our community and good works. Help them connect with people, and share how we are involved in the community, serve together, and care for each other.

    A great way to introduce someone to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is to start by sharing the blessings the gospel has to offer. For example, you could try to show them how the Church can help them find their family roots, strengthen their family, become more self-reliant, give meaningful service, and give their children good standards to live by. Discussion of specific doctrines and beliefs can come later.

    Some people you might want to introduce them to include the bishop, the Relief Society president, a temple and family history consultant, or the Primary teacher for any children in the family.

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    Fresh Content Delivered To You Weekly

    Have you ever felt hesitant to invite a friend to church? Asking someone to join you can be awkward. And that feeling can be even more real when its someone you dont know well. I know I feel this way sometimes, which is weird, because my church means a lot to me. Its where Ive gotten to know my friends and find community. Ive found people who have walked with me through good times and bad times, and who offer support and guidance when I need it. And I want all of that for other people, but I find myself rarely reaching out because of the risk that it will feel awkward.

    I met someone recently who is really good at navigating this awkwardness. Her name is Sanola, and shes invited a lot of people to her churchover 600, so far this year.

    My team and I met up with Sanola in Brooklyn to tell her story. Sanola is a wife and mom of two kiddos, and she loves Jesus. She shares that love and her enthusiasm for Life.Church with almost everyone she meets. When we asked her about inviting others to church, she couldnt stop smiling as she spoke about her passion for sharing her faith in Jesus. None of the awkwardness I associate with inviting people to church was there for her.

    Days later, however, Sanolas friend passed away in the hospital. Through tears, Sanola told us that her friends final days and eternity were changed because of her simple decision to share Jesus with her friend.

    A Fantastic Welcome Desk

    You welcome desk should be well-marked, easily accessible place visitors can go to get any and all questions answered. Your welcome desk volunteers should be great people readers and well versed in virtually everything about your church. Can they answer questions about how to get more connected at your church? Can they show or direct guests to any part of the building? It helps to have occasional training for your welcome team to keep everyone on the same page, especially if youre periodically adding in new volunteers.

    Its also a great idea to stock your welcome desk with anything someone might need during your service think bottled water, tissues, mints, earplugs, pens, notepads, etc.

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    Heres An Easy Way To Invite People To Church

    Lets face it. When we invite people to church, the idea of it can be nerve-wracking.

    Theres a lot of inner dialogue that happens. How do I bring it up in conversation? What if I come across as judgmental? What if I get rejected? What if they dont feel comfortable meeting in person?

    The tendency is to ask a lot of what if questions that focus on the negative side. But what if you reminded yourself of the potential, instead?

    • What if God has been preparing their heart and has been waiting for me to invite them?
    • What if they say yes?
    • What if theyre hurting and find healing at church?
    • What if they give their life to Christ, and future generations are changed because of it?

    Keep those in mind, and use the tips below to overcome any fears you might have! If youre living in a culture where Christianitylet alone churchseems like an impossible topic, you might enjoy this post about talking about Jesus with friends of any faith.

    Let Me Help You Get Over Your Fear


    What to say: Hey would you like to come to church with me Sunday? I know going to a new church or maybe church for the first time can be intimidating, but Life Bridge is really a great place for a visitor. Our whole purpose is to be a church for people who dont go to church. So no one is going to point you out or make you feel awkward in any way. If you want to go I will meet you in the lobby and we can sit together.

    This is important. Many people have an almost irrational fear of attending church. They are sure its going to be awkward or that somebody is going to do or say something weird. This is probably the thing that keeps most people from attending. Calming their fears is vital.

    Also, being alone when they walk in is a real fear. Offer to pick them up or meet in the lobby. Shoot them a text well in advance and let them know you are going to be in the parking lot. This is critically important if the person you are inviting has ever acknowledged that they have anxiety about social situations.

    So there you go, four ways to invite people to church. At the bare minimum, you will start a discussion. You may find yourself in a pretty big God-inspired moment. Just be willing!

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    How To Invite Someone To Church Online

    Though we cant meet as usual, we can still invite people to come experience Jesus! In fact, God can use this time for people who may not attend in a church building to experience our services online.

    Here are some ways you can reach out and invite someone, DIGITALLY.


    On your preferred social media platform, change your profile picture to our August Outreach Sundays graphic . It has all the relevant details for someone to attend.


    Post your choice of the graphic below on your social media platform. Share it with a different F.R.A.N. each day this week. You can add a personal message, tag the person or simply hit Share. Here are a few ideas:1. Our church will be sharing about Finding Hope this coming Sunday. Id be joining at 9:30am on YouTube . Id love to have you join me online!2. You and your family have been in my prayers this week! I hope youre feeling Gods peace during this time. I also want to invite you to join me at 9:30am this coming Sunday on youtube . We can watch together, virtually!



    How To Talk To Others About Jesus

    Your relationship with God is personal. Its something that is super vulnerable, too.

    Which is why sharing your faith is HARD. I totally understand that.

    And I want to let you in on a little secret.

    Im a pastor and I still find it hard to talk about my faith with my friends.

    Part of my job is literally to teach people about God. And I do that all the time! But its tough to know where to begin and what to say when youre talking to people close to you.

    You know talking about your faith is important. And I want to help us do this together.

    Here are a few ways you can share your relationship with Jesus with the people in your life.

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    Make Your Invite Applicable And Relevant

    The most effective church invitations are those that are natural. How do you make an invite sound natural? You look for cues. An obvious clue is the person who mentions theyre looking for a church. However, more often than not, it might just be a conversation when someone mentions a personal struggle, a hurting marriage, a difficult teenager, or a recent passing of a loved one. The struggles in life provide you an opportunity to tell about the hope you found in Jesus. The church is the place for hurting people.

    Additionally, if your church is doing a sermon series that seems relevant to a conversation you are having with a friend or acquaintance, extend an invitation. For example, at the writing of this blog, South Bay Bible Church is doing a sermon series entitled Success: How to Get Everything You Really Want in Life. It begins on National Back to Church Sunday. In a world bogged down in the quest for success, there are plenty of meaningful and relevant opportunities to extend an invitation to those around you.


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