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What Is The Best Study Bible For Beginners

What Are Some Good Bible Studies For First

Best Study Bibles for Beginners

Over the years, Ive come to realize that Gods Word was meant to be understood by regular people, just like us. Its not meant to confuse us! If you have a Bible, a desire to learn, and the Holy Spirit working in you, begin by simply opening up your Bible you dont need to buy any Bible studies. I have a masters degree, but I didnt need it to begin studying the Bible. I didnt need any degrees or special classes to get started, and you dont either. Take the first stepsimply use the Bible and other tools mentioned in this article, and let the word begin to take root in your heart. God will illuminate His Word to you!

Bible Study Apps For Beginners

There are many free apps and websites you can use to aid in Bible study. Here are a few of the more helpful ones Ive used over the years its by no means an exhaustive list, but perfect for getting started.

She Reads Truth Downloadable in your App store, She Reads Truth is an app I keep on my phone for when I want to quickly look up a Bible verse. They also offer digital Bible reading plans, but I havent used those, although Ive heard good things about them. Theres also a He Reads Truth version.

Bible Gateway Another good app for Bible study on the go, with more than 90 Bible translations available, audio Bibles, verse of the day options, and more.

Blue Letter Bible This is a good Bible study app. I think its best feature is that it breaks down what youre reading, verse by verse. This is really helpful when youre studying the Bible as a beginner, especially.

YouVersion YouVersion is another Bible app filled with a huge database of translations. Its Bible reading plans and devotionals make it a bit more unique than the others. They outline a wide variety of topics from the Bible as well, which can be helpful with topical study.

How Much Of The Bible Should You Read A Day

There really isnt a right or wrong answer to this question. It really depends on what your goals are.

Do you want to read through the Bible in a year?

Do you want to read it in chronological order?

Are you trying to make reading the bible a daily habit?

Are you studying a specific topic?

Is there a specific book of the Bible you want to focus on?

No matter what your goals are there are plenty of Bible reading plans available online for you to choose from. Most bibles have a yearly reading plan already in them.

If you dont want to follow a reading plan, I would suggest you read a chapter a day.

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What Is A Good Study Bible For Beginners

There are study Bibles suited for many different people. Is there a study Bible best suited for younger believers who want to grow a deeper faith?

Or for folks who want short, quick answers? And for newer believers who arent quite sure where to start?

Here is a list of some study Bibles for beginners.

Dont get the wrong idea. These are serious study Bibles suitable for any believer.

Most study Bibles for beginners have enough content to carry you through to a very deep level of understanding.

I selected these study Bibles as suitable for beginners because they are easy-to-read, colorful and informative.

They present Gods word in an engaging way that is very relevant for the current times. And some are value-priced.

They are all popular and they all have great ratings on Amazon. But even more important, most of them have won awards for the quality of the work that went into them.

They are very friendly to the beginner, yet they are also very appropriate for a serious Bible student.

Speaking of beginners, I just published this new post Must-Have Childrens Bibles for Every Age and Learning Style that you will definitely want to read for any of the younger Bible students in your life.

Studying The Bible Will Change Your Life

How to Understand the Bible for Beginners

This is one of the most important reasons you need to study the word of God.

You can read the Bible every day and never see a change in your life.

Hebrews 4:12 perfectly sums up the power of the word of God.

For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

As you study and apply the word of God to your life, it will begin to transform you from the inside out.

“This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link.As an Amazon Associate I earn a small comission from qualifying purchases. Please see my full disclosure for further information.”

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Top 10 Digital Bible Studies

These top ten digital studies cover a variety of topics to help you grow your faith. Each curriculum gives you a digital PDF participants guide, along with resources to lead a group.

In this twelve-session course, learn how God’s word in the Psalms deeply affects our emotions.12 Session Bible Study

Emotions are both complicated and complex, both mysterious and mystifying. Even the experts are not sure what causes us to experience emotions. Both social science and neurobiology have tried, to no avail, to explain the origin of emotions. And for Christians, emotions can be troubling, frustrating, and untrustworthy. Some emotions seem deeply spiritual other emotions seem downright sinful. God created us to experience emotions, yet there are still godly and ungodly ways to manage them. This 12-session course on the Book of Psalms will help you sort this out.

How to number our days and honor God with our resources.5 Session Bible Study

The purpose of this five-session study is to provide encouragement and Biblical insight on how we can use all of our resourcestime, talents, gifts, and financesfor the glory of God.

The Book of Colossians teaches principles for living a Christian life in the midst of a non-Christian culture.9 Session Bible Study

Discover how the church canand musthelp those who are struggling.6 Session Bible Study

Transformationthe process of becoming holybegins in your mind.7 Session Bible Study

Grab The Best Bible For Beginners Here

The Faith in God is unshakeable, and thats exactly what we have to tell others, especially young children and youth, who need motivation, His Love & inspiration. If you are looking for the Best Study Bible for Beginners, Christ Goods brings a collection thats handpicked for children and starters. These selected Bibles share Jesus Christs message and teachings in the simplest way possible.

These products are great for gifting, but everyone needs one at their home so that its easier to build a relationship with Him. Reading the Bible allows young minds and new believers to find awe in Gospel, Jesus, and God. Bible further cements faith and offers light and pathway in the darkest of days. People can find answers to many questions that they may have in mind, besides knowing why God always does right.

Check our collection of Bible for Beginners Young Adults to find one to gift or own.

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How Do I Understand The Bible

The first step to understanding the Bible is to read it in light of its surrounding context. If youre stuck on the meaning of a single verse, read the entire paragraph that surrounds it. Then, read the entire chapter that its in. Even better than that, read the entire book of the Bible to give you its bigger context.

Easy To Read Bible For Adults

BEST way to study the bible for beginner Christians | Tips to study your Bible

Along with the Life Application Study Bible NLT, the NIV version is also another easy to read bible for adults and youth as well. I personally believe it is the best NLT bible for beginners.

The Life Application Study Bible truly makes the best NLT bible. I have been a fan of the Life Application Study bible for as long as I can remember. This Life Application Study Bible NIV is also another fabulous and easy to read bible for adults.

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A Study Bible For Beginners Should Be Easy To Use

A Study Bible can be a bit overwhelming as it is. Many of the popular ones are over 2000 pages long! Theres a bit of a learning curve to using one and from my experience, many people just end up looking at the notes or commentaries on the individual verses.

The ESV Study Bible has a clear and easy-to-use layout and is great for beginners. The layout feels very intuitive and things are not overly colorful as to distract from the Bible itself.

If youre looking for something with more splashes of color, you might want to consider the NIV Study Bible . It has a more contemporary layout with more colorful photos and design elements. Its a solid Study Bible and very similar to the ESV Study Bible in many ways. It has a bit less scholarly feel than the ESV Study Bible.

The NIV Study Bible isnt as widely accepted as the ESV Study Bible these days. There is some controversy around the direction of translation with the latest NIV edition, particularly with its use of gender-neutral language.

I would recommend the NIV Study Bible for someone who has some awareness of the controversy and not for someone who is just starting out studying the Bible for themselves. Generally for new believers, I would recommend the ESV Study Bible because its more broadly accepted by more churches and denominations today.

Bible Study Guide For Beginners

Because of the power of the Word of God, we must study and know the Word while obeying and applying it to our daily lives. If youre a beginner at Bible Study, these free printable Bible study guides will be of great help to you.

You can use this study guide for one verse, a Chapter, or an entire Book of the Bible. Just follow the prompts, complete them and be sure to write out your own observations, insights, and plans to implement all youre learning.

Here is another source to help you understand more about How To Study the Bible. In addition, 7 Best Bible Study Tools will give you some tips on the tools you can use to make study easier and more effective. Then, adding the Bible Study Guide For Beginners to the mix will give you the perfect start to your adventure in finding the treasures of Gods Word.

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The Beginners Bible Study Guide Second Edition

This bible study is an amazing choice for beginners as it helps them to discover the secrets of both the old and the new testament. Not only does this bible study describe the Bible in detail but it also helps readers see how they can apply bible teachings to their lives. The author aims to help the reader connect with God on a more personal level as they enhance their knowledge of prayer, worship, and scriptures.

The books of the bible are listed chronologically to make it easier for readers to follow along in their own bibles. It also includes a short synopsis of each of the Testaments and 10 scripture stores necessary for the readers understanding.

What Is The Best Bible To Use For Study

Bible Reading Beginners 5

Study Bibletopstudyapply

. In respect to this, what is a good study Bible for beginners?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular study Bibles that are a good start for new believers.

  • One Year Chronological Bible.
  • She Reads Truth – The Best Study Bible.
  • The MacArthur Study Bible.
  • ESV Study Bible – The Best Study Bible.
  • The Adventure Bible.
  • Life Application Study Bible.

is the CSB version of the Bible accurate? The CSB is as accurate as most any theologically conservative translation of the Bible is. It is basically an update of the Holman Christian Standard Bible with some stylistic changes. Those changes include: Spurious verses that were once bracketed in the HCSB are now placed in the footnotes.

One may also ask, what is the easiest version of the Bible to understand?

The World Bible Translation Center decided to do a translation that would make reading the Bible easier for them.

Easy-to-Read Version

What is the most accurate translation of the Bible in the world?

The New American Standard Bible

Best Sellers in Christian Bibles

  • #1.
  • The Hebrew Bible: A Translation with
  • The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers
  • The Complete Audio Holy Bible – KJV: The New
  • The Word of Promise Audio Bible – New King
  • Listener’s Audio Bible – New International Version,
  • Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids: The Gospel in 52

Katy Laverick

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Best Study Bibles For Serious Students Of The Word Of God

  • Final Thoughts
  • I gave my life to Jesus on November 18th, 1979. I was alone, in my bedroom, and couldnt sleep because earlier in the evening I had met a group of Christians who prayed like someone was listening on the other end.

    Up until that time, I had never met someone who believed God was listening.

    Shortly after that, a beautiful Christian couple gave me my first study Bible.

    That simple gift set the stage for a beautiful journey that has now lasted almost 38 years. I have had many study Bibles over those years, all of which have helped train and develop me into the teacher and communicator of Gods truths that I am today.

    I am unable to buy each of you your first study Bible but I can at least give you some personal recommendations that will help you start your journey into learning the scriptures and understanding how to apply the Bible to your life and others lives, so you too can be a workman rightly dividing the word of truth.

    What Is A Good Study Bible To Buy

    10 Best Study Bibles of 2021

    • of 10. The ESV Study Bible. Buy on Amazon.
    • of 10. The Life Application Study Bible.
    • of 10. Quest Study Bible.
    • of 10. CSB Ancient Faith Study Bible.
    • of 10. Compass: The Study Bible for Navigating Your Life.
    • of 10. Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible.
    • of 10. The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible.
    • of 10. The Starting Place Study Bible.

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    The Csb Study Bible For Women

    This balanced translation Study Bible is most comprehensive Study Bible ever prepared for women, by women. The CSB Study Bible For Women provides many resources, including character references of women mentioned in the Bible, a thorough concordance, and multiple studies created by various women. If youre trying to understand the overall meaning of a large section of text, the CSB bible makes it easy to understand. Its perfect for daily Bible reading and also for preparing to teach Bible Studies.

    What Kind Of Bible Should A Beginner Get

    How to Study the Bible for BEGINNERS | Where to Start, Tips and Advice

    The best Bible to get is one youll actually read! You can use a regular reading Bible, but a quality study Bible is an even better option. It will say Study Bible and will include many extra notes and comments inside about what youre reading.

    Choose one that:

    • Works well for your reading style and comprehension level
    • Suits your budget
    • Is well made

    The ESV Study Bible is a solid choice. You can get it in an inexpensive hardcover or in a higher quality leather cover .

    Try to get the best quality you can afford, so you can enjoy it for many years to come. Bible study tends to give your Bible a real workout as you flip between pages, from passage to passage. Better quality Bibles are more apt to withstand more serious use. Theyll have better quality paper, and a binding that wont fall apart after the first year.

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    The Starting Point Study Bible


    The Starting Point Study Bible is an excellent Bible for new believers or believers who have recently rededicated their lives to Christ and need to make a fresh start. This Bible will help you begin your journey with Christ by teaching you how to build the proper foundation of faith. It will also help you apply biblical truth to your daily life.

    Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible

    The Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible is the Zondervan replacement of the Archaeological Study Bible. Published in 2016, this bible is smaller in size but includes a lot more information and insight from a cultural perspective. The bulk of the trimming was done in the design and layout of the bible. It discusses multiple points of view and provides meaningful insight into the culture back then and how we can apply the Bible to our lives and culture of today.

    If you are interested in the culture and background of the authors of the bible then the Cultural Backgrounds study bible is a great choice for you. Not only does it offer insight into the writers background and culture but also of the culture of the time and the background of the audiences of the authors back then. It is a great study tool if you are looking into going into a more in-depth study of the scripture or if you are just starting and what to get it right the first time.

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    The Best Study Bible For New Pastors And Bible Teachers

    The Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible

    I first came into contact with the Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible when I started Bible college. I was attending the church that my uncle pastored while attending Bible college. He had a dear old retired pastor in his congregation named Brother Garman. Brother Garman loved his Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible. It was the only Bible he ever owned.

    The Thompson Chain-Reference Study Bible has been a favorite of pastors since 1908. Its chain referencing system has taught ministers around the globe how to understand the overriding themes of the Bible.

    With the Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible, you not only get a piece of history, but you get the tool to help you learn how to study the Bible as the old-timers did. Moreover, that is not a bad idea. They held true to the truths passed down through the ages.

    Listen to this guys excitement when getting his Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible.


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