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How To Learn Hebrew Bible

Why Should I Learn Hebrew

How to Learn Biblical Hebrew | Aleph with Beth Communicative Biblical Hebrew | Classical Hebrew

Good question!

If you even have just the slightest interest, you should learn it.

Why people learn Hebrew

When you learn Hebrew, you will discover a whole new culture full of unique traditions and the deep soul of a nation whose roots take us back to the beginning of the human civilization.

Lets look at some of the reasons why you should learn Hebrew.

1. Hebrew is one of the oldest languages and is still used today. Its history goes back to over 3,000 years.

What does Hebrew sound like? Take a listen to a lesson from , a Hebrew learning course/site that I use.

2. You will be able to read The Hebrew Bible in its original writing. It contains a great number of well-known legends, like David and Goliath, Adam and Eve, Jonah and the Whale, Sodom and Gomorrah and many others.

Yes, you can read the English, translated versions, but it wont be as good. Its impossible to transfer all the details and peculiarities in translation.

If you want to read the bible in its intended language, learn Hebrew!

3. Israel is a great tourist attraction. Knowing Hebrew will help you to get the most out of your visit. Even though Israel is a small country, it has a large hot desert called the Negev, a ski resort on the Mount Hermon and milder climate in the center of the country. Most importantly, it wont take you too long to go from one place to another.

Remember What Sparked Your Interest

Our brains are wired to remember things that interest us. Why do you want to learn how to read Hebrew? Are you taking a trip to Israel soon? Keeping your reasons top-of-mind will help you stay motivated along the way.

For example, many people choose to learn Hebrew so they can study parts of the Bible in its original language. Known to Christians as the Old Testament, the books of the Hebrew Bible have come to exert a massive amount of influence in our cultural heritage.

Their content has shaped western law, as well as cultural assumptions about rights and human dignity. One of the foundational arguments during the abolition movement, and again during the Civil Rights movement, was often cited from the book of Genesis: humanity is made in the image of God.

There are also many phrases from the Hebrew Bible that we still use today. Sayings like by the skin of your teeth or the writing is on the wall, have been etched into the English language since time immemorial. If you find yourself losing inspiration at any point in your Hebrew-learning journey, get back in touch with what first motivated you to learn. Whatever sparked your fascination with this ancient and influential language, let it continue to inspire you!

The Word For Radio In Hebrew Is

Its pronounced rah-dee-oh. This might sound daunting at first. But try listening to the radio in Hebrew. If you are a beginner or even a little more advanced, you will probably have a lot of trouble with this. You probably wont understand one word. But pay attention closely. Eventually youll be able to pick out a word here and there. And then eventually more and more. If you are committed, this can be one of the best ways to learn Hebrew. Check out Galatz , Kan Bet , or Kan Gimmel .

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What To Look For In A Hebrew Class

What if you prefer the group learning experience of a classroom? Here’s how to choose a class.

The most traditional method of studying Hebrew is to find a class at a community center, synagogue or college near you. When you sign up, you should ask whether the primary goal of the class is for students to learn to speak Hebrew or to learn to read it. How you progress will depend as much on your teacher and materials as on your participation. On the other hand, this method has the advantage of getting you to meet other people who have a similar interest, and with whom you can practice speaking in Hebrew.

Because the Hebrew alphabet is so different from what most people are used to besides the fact that it goes from right to left! many introductory courses are designed to either teach you to learn to speak Hebrew or to read it. In choosing the right course for you, it will help if you decide in advance which is most important to you at this point reading, speaking or both? This way, you’ll know what to look for when you’re looking at your local options.

Go To Ulpan Ulpan Is Hebrew For The Best Way To Learn Hebrew

Hebrew Alphabet Chart

Just kidding. It literally means studio, but the fact remains: The alternatives just dont compare. The Jewish Agency started the first Ulpan in 1949 as a method to rapidly teach Hebrew to the hundreds of thousands of new immigrants we helped settle in the newly founded State of Israel. If you are a college graduate aged 22-35 you too can rapidly learn Hebrew by joining one of several branches of Ulpan Etzion across Israel. Youll study Hebrew intensively along with a group of peers and have the time of your life.

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Learning Hebrew At Bu You Can

  • work within a small language program, with instructors available for personal consultation
  • prepare for travel or study abroad in Israel
  • gain access to Israeli news media
  • learn about myriad aspects of Jewish culture and history
  • gain skills relevant to concentrations in Religion or Jewish Studies
  • obtain jobs teaching Hebrew school at Boston area synagogues
  • achieve fluency in a language that is important to you and not only for academic reasons.

Learning The Biblical Languages Is A Crucial Antidote To Hermeneutical Arrogance

Grappling with texts in their original Biblical language repeatedly calls our preconceived notions about the meaning of these texts to account it checks unfounded certainty and preformed conclusions.

Congregations naturally put their trust in their spiritual leadersand sometimes for very laudable reasons. But this does not obviate the danger of such a practice, and it certainly makes preachers and teachers of God’s word all the more responsible for “cutting a smooth path for the Word of Truth” as Paul says in 2 Timothy 2:15.

What do you think about this? Do you think its important to study biblical languages? If you could choose a biblical language to study, which would it be? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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How Is Living Biblical Hebrew Different Than Other Biblical Hebrew Courses

Other ancient language courses teach the language by having you learn its grammar rules and memorize vocabulary lists. “Living Biblical Hebrew” enables you to use biblical Hebrew correctly right from day oneeven before you learn the grammar and internalize the vocabulary through context and repeated usage.

Resources To Learn Ancient Hebrew Online For Free

Genesis 1:24 Learn Hebrew By Reading A Bible Verse From Bereishit

Have you ever wanted to read the Old Testament in its original ancient Hebrew? With the following resources you can learn the basics of Old Testament Hebrew for free. Each resource is geared towards different modes of learning. So, make sure you get to know your learning style before starting.

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How We Teach Hebrew

In most Biblical Hebrew courses, you could sit through weeks of rote memorization before ever reading a real text from the Old Testament. Even then, texts tend to be very short selections, and they take a back seat to paradigms, vocabulary, and grammar. Too many students complete a course with only a set of conversion formulas to show for it, and they think theyve learned Hebrew!

Thats like memorizing a recipe from a cookbook and saying youre a chefeven though youve never set foot in a kitchen.

We think theres a better way.

Proficiency in Old Testament Hebrew requires reading early, much, and often. In our courses, you start reading Hebrew as soon as possible, and reading, not rote memorization, is the priority.

Thats our recipe for success. And thats why the Ancient Language Institute exists.

What Should You Do

If you are just looking for some basic vocabulary, then taking a traditional class is fine. But if you are serious about study and your goal is to read Hebrew or Greek texts fluently, you should start with a better foundation. Learn Hebrew and Greek as living languages, so that you internalize them. Then youll be able to truly enjoy the Scriptures as they were heard and read by their original audiences.

*Disclaimer: I am a current board member of the Biblical Language Center. The blog above comes from the heart though Ive been recommending the living language method for years, having reaped its benefits myself for two decades now.

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I’m Not A Biblical Studies Major Can I Wait To Take Biblical Hebrew Until After I Have Fulfilled My Major Requirements

You can, of course, but the sooner you start, the further you can go, since language learning takes both time and practice. Additionally, there is an intrinsic social aspect to language-learning, in that it happens best in community. For most students, the college environment provides the best setting for fostering language growth they will ever encounter. Thus, while additional classes can often be taken at a later time, the benefits of the college community, so critical for efficient language learning, is lost with each passing year.

Hebrew Grammar And Vocabulary


Grammar and vocabulary form the foundation of language. To interact intelligently with Hebrew language resources, students need at least a basic grasp of each. These resources are highly accessible, and you can move through them at your own pace.

Learning Biblical Hebrew: Reading for Comprehension: An Introductory Grammar

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What Are The Best Resources To Learn Hebrew

If youre like most learners, you want to know where you can go and learn right now.

What do I suggest?

If you already have something, use that. Otherwise.

A) The Fastest, Easiest & Most Fun Way to Lean Hebrew

Hebrew is an online course for self learners. You get Audio & Video courses across all topics: conversation, grammar, reading, writing and more. You also get new, free lessons every week so theyre always growing and improving.

Very beginner friendly and highly recommended.

You can use their app too.

You can go from beginner to advanced and learn to read, speak and understand Hebrew with this resource.

Check out HebrewPod101sTop 10 Ways to Learn Hebrew lesson below.

Press play to watch the video.

B) Definitely Textbooks. and choose whichever has the best rating/price for you.

Dont think too much. Any start is good enough. Hebrew textbooks are a safe way to start learning.

Any textbook will help you get started with reading, writing and understanding Hebrew.

Your Guide To Reading The Hebrew Bible

Learn the many chapters that make up the Tanach and find out where you can find more information about each.

Have you always wanted to read the Bible, but didnt know how to get started?

In addition to the myriad editions of the Hebrew Bible available in book form, the entire Bible can be read in Hebrew and English on Sefaria, an online resource that enables users to search by keyword and provides links to commentaries and other related materials. Below, we outline the contents of the Bible, with links to our articles about each section.

Want to get to know some amazing, complicated, and relatable biblical personalities? Sign up for a special email series here.

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Important Tips On How To Learn Hebrew

Wondering about the best way to learn Hebrew?Youve come to the right place! Hebrew is one of the worlds oldest living languages, and it has had a huge impact on the world we live in. Its spoken by millions of people around the globe and is learned as a reading language by millions more.

Hebrew is one of the few languages today that connects us with people from 2000+ years ago. Its relationship with the Ancient Near East and other Semitic languages makes learning Hebrew an excellent starting point for people interested in that part of the world.

However, Hebrew is not for the faint of heart! For native English speakers who are just starting out, the learning curve is steep because of how foreign the language seems. If you want to knowhow to learn Hebrewin the mostefficient way possible, read this article first. Well share five things you should know before getting started.

How To Learn Hebrew: The Nice Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Learn to Speak Hebrew – Lesson 25 – Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Hello Junkies,

People out there will tell you that learning Hebrew is hard. That you shouldnt do it. And its not practical.

Wait. If you even have the slightest in interest, whatever it is, you should learn it. Is it hard? Not so much but who cares? Millions are learning Japanese which is a Category 5 language, according to the Foreign Service Institute. Category 5 means its the hardest. Hebrew is Category 4.

Yet, millions are learning a tough language and succeeding. You can too.


In this Learn Hebrew guide, I will show you how to learn Hebrew and give you a road-map to follow.

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Who This Course Is For:

  • Those who have completed “Learn about Hebrew with Legos” short course by UDEMY.
  • Those who have completed “Meet the Hebrew Alphabet” short course by UDEMY.
  • Those who have completed “Hebrew Root Words in Common BIblical Names” short course by UDEMY
  • Students who are ready for an extensive course and ready to make a commitment of 15 minutes a day.
  • Students who are taking a traditional Biblical Hebrew course and need other resources to help their studies
  • People who want to learn the skills and practice reading beginning Biblical Hebrew with inspirational Bible verses.
  • non-academic students who are busy with jobs and family and need a course that helps them study as they go along
  • People who learn better visuallly and conceptually
  • Those who need to prepare for traditional Biblical Hebrew instruction
  • prepare for Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • home-schoolers who want to learn Biblical Hebrew
  • Former Biblical Hebrew students who need a refresher
  • People who want to learn Biblical Hebrew but can’t find a teacher

Dont Start With The Aleph

If you are a beginner, you might think you need to know the Hebrew alphabet to get started. If you went to Hebrew school, you are probably familiar enough with the Aleph-Bet. You might not know it by heart, because you skipped every other Sunday when your parents were too tired to drag you kicking and screaming.

But even if you dont know the Hebrew alphabet at all, dont start learning Hebrew by staring at a chart. Start by exposing yourself to real spoken Hebrew. Just listen to the sounds, the patterns, and pick up a word or two here and there for now. Listening to Israeli music might be a good way to do this. Or heres a video of Natalie Portman giving you some basic phrases. Or if you are past that, heres the dreaded Aleph-Bet chart. Or check out this clip set to Debbie Friedmans Aleph-Bet song. Or listen to Victoria Hannas Hebrew alphabet song, which is kind of crazy and amazing.

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What You Can Expect

At the introductory level, all students receive a license to our interactive, digital textbook, which helps you learn Ancient Hebrew grammar and vocabulary according to the Direct Method. At every level, actual class meetings take place live, online. Our Fellows will present lessons, oversee exercises, and lead students in readings and discussions, so youll get a chance to interact with our faculty and other students.

Since our goal is to help you read Ancient Hebrew fluently, well get you reading texts from the Jewish Scriptures as quickly as possible. And even though modern Hebrew is the only version of the language with a native community of speakers today, you will learn to speak Biblical Hebrew in our classes, too! One of the best ways to learn how to read is to practice speaking, and vice versa.

You dont need the gift of tongues to acquire Hebrew. It requires no special skill or innate talentjust good study habits and time. And thats all we expect of students. Well take care of the rest.

The ALI Promise

We promise to be a student-first educational institution. Heres what that means:

What Do You Need To Know About Hebrew Culture

The Israel Bible + Downloadable Sheets

The Hebrew culture is a very ancient and interesting one. Its full of traditions, deep knowledge and understanding of the life and the world as a whole.

It was also influenced by the surrounding nations.

1. Ancient Hebrew History and Culture.

The history of the Hebrew people is mostly described in the Hebrew Bible Tanakh. It tells about the ancestors and the further growth and development of the nation. Abraham is considered to be the first Hebrew and the father of the nation.

The ancient Hebrews often lived as nomads who had to move from place to place in search of green pastures for their cattle. They had no permanent land or place of living. Some of the people described in the Bible who lived such a lifestyle were: Abraham, Isaac, Moses, David.

Later on the Kingdom of Israel was formed in around 1050 and 930 BCE. The kingdom occupied some parts of what is now modern Israel and Jordan. Some of the United Monarchys kings were David and Solomon.

After then the territory was conquered by others, such as the Assyrian Empire , The Babylonians , The Greeks , The Romans .

2. The Gola

For over 2,000 years the Hebrew nation lived separately in different parts of the world. As there was no temporal authority to lead the nation, the different communities were usually organized under rabbis. They lived under the rules provided in the Bible. During all these years their religion and culture was mainly preserved in the Talmud and rabbis commentary.

3. Modern Israel

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