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How To Study The Bible Francis Chan

Right Now Media Book Of Mark & 1st Corinthians

What is Worship? from DOCTRINE Video Bible Study with Francis Chan – Bluefish TV

My womens group decided earlier this fall that we are going to study each one of the Books in the New Testament. And the first two studies we chose were part of the new Books of the Bible series that Right Now Media is producing. These two studies are some of the best Ive ever done and all of the participants have experienced significant personal and spiritual growth BECAUSE of these studies.

These Book of the Bible series videos are shot on location in Israel, Greece, and areas that relate to the topics being covered. It gave us a chance to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and to walk along with Paul on his journey. But the thing we loved most about this series is that the study guides include 5 daily devotionals each week with probing questions that really make you think about how to apply the principles in practical ways to your own day-to-day life. The bad thing about the study guides is that the print is too tiny so for us 50 year olds. It can be difficult to read. In addition, they are physically big so they are not very transportable on vacation or alternate locations.

First up, The Gospel of Mark with Francis Chan. We feel like Francis is a modern day prophet like Jeremiah of the old testament. He made us feel inspired and convicted with his style of delivery that pulls no punches. At the end of the study, youll be asked whether you are really ready to follow Jesus? Get more information about this Gospel of Mark study here.

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For nearly thirty years, Dr. Bill Tolar and Dr. Brian Harbour have helped thousands of Sunday School teachers prepare their lessons by means of video. Each week, they provide an insightful walk through this week’s scriptures and provide concrete Bible-to-life application points for you to make with your class this Sunday. Their video lesson previews are available for both the Life and Explore Series materials. We have arranged a special one-month free trial of their videos for anyone who mentions Click here for more information or to get your free trial.

Josh Hunt believes in the power of the small group ministry in your church. And, his belief is contagious. In his new book, Make Your Group Grow, Josh presents sound application to easy to understand research that will benefit every size and style of church. Your groups and leadership will benefit from this book.

Ed Stetzer,

The Gospel Of Mark Bible Study With Francis Chan

The Gospel of Mark chronicles Jesusâs journey from Galilee to Jerusalem. As crowds grow and dwindle on the road to Jerusalem, only a few stick by the Suffering Savior on the road of discipleship. In this eleven-part series, author and speaker Francis Chan invites us to trace the steps of Jesus and his disciples through Israel. Are you willing to take this journey to embrace discipleship?

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Early Life And Education

Chan was born in San Francisco to immigrants Pak-sum Chan , a former minister at the Leighton Road Baptist Church in Hong Kong, and Wan-bing Mui , a Bible woman of the Hong Kong Baptist Church, Caine Road. He was their third child his mother died during his childbirth, of excessive bleeding, leaving his father with sister Grace, brother Paul, and newborn Francis, who was named for the city of his birth and of the tragedy.

Chan was sent to Hong Kong to be raised by a grandmother, a Buddhist for several years. During this time, his father married Amy Law and gave Francis a half-sister, Gloria. In 1976, when Chan was eight years old, his stepmother Amy Chan died in an automobile accident.

His father then remarried again, to Josephine Leung , who raised four children lovingly with Godly influence. In raising the four, his father and new stepmother had family support from his father’s younger sister and her husband, Marion and William Wong, along with a large extended family and church family. He did not get along well with his father growing up but says that his fear of his father has helped him understand a level of fear of God. He also stated he didn’t understand the love of God well until he became a father himself. In 1979, when Francis was twelve years old, he lost his father to cancer. As a high-school and then junior-college student, Chan was active in Christian youth groups, which helped develop his faith in Christ and his interest in ministry.

The Purpose Of Your Life

How to Study the Bible by Francis Chan

Does God have a purpose for me? There is nothing more dangerous than living without purpose! The enemy of our souls wants us to be ignorant of our purpose in life! Jesus lived daily with purpose! It is not just doing what God wants you to do, but more importantly not doing what people and the enemy wants you to do! Uploaded with permission!

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David C Cook Releases Study Guide For Francis Chans Latest Bestseller Until Unity

Comprehensive Study Guide & Online Teaching Videos Empower Engagement with Francis Chans Until Unity

David C Cooks trio of resources invites small groups & churches to explore Gods heart for unity

Colorado Springs, CO David C Cook has released an all-new comprehensive study guide for Francis Chans latest bestselling book, Until Unity . The Until Unity Study Guide contains Bible study questions, leaders notes, and chapter-by-chapter insights. A complementary online video teaching series, featuring Francis Chan, rounds out David C Cooks trio of resources focused on Biblical Christian unity.

The Until Unity Study Guide unpacks Francis Chans unique and life-changing exploration of why unity is not just Gods wish for His Churchits His command. Scripture teaches that our influence on the world is directly tied to the unity we display, writes Francis in the study guide. It is my hope that everyone engaging with this message will see Christians worship a God who desires unity with His children and between His children.

Chans ten teaching videos were created alongside the Until Unity trade book and study guide. The study guides chapters correspond with Chans teaching videos as he focuses on Christian unity:

  • Its What the Trinity Wants
  • Its What You Want
  • Its What the World Needs
  • It Starts with Repentance

The guide includes additional resources such as:

Contact: Jana Muntsinger, McClure Muntsinger Public Relations,

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Fall Study: The Book Of James With Francis Chan

Well we recently wrapped up our Christian study with Andy Stanley and are moving on to the Book of James. But I wanted to take a moment to tell you all how much our group loved Christian! It is hands-down THE best study that weve done in our couples small group. Even the men were fully-engaged in the discussions and many of the lessons were shared by us on social media platforms like Facebook. The information was just too good not to share with family and friends. If you are looking for a study for your small group, I highly recommend Christianit would work for new thru spiritually mature believers.

And now we kick-off our Book of James study with Francis Chan. We havent really done a specific book of the Bible study in our group up to this point so we are looking forward to digging in. The Book of James is literally my favorite book of the bible so Im super excited to get started. Francis Chan is usually pretty good and he doesnt pull any punches when it comes to teaching what God expects of us. Heres a preview of what we are expecting to see and hear.

Francis Chan unpacks the dense truth contained in the book of James in front of the iconic backdrop of San Francisco, the city where he lives and ministers. Through 12 sessions, Francis works through James verse-by-verse, challenging followers of Christ to move beyond a private, intellectual knowledge of God and His Word, to a vibrant faith that impacts every square inch of life.

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Francis Chan: Stop Treating The Book Of Acts Like Hyperbole

Eight years ago, Francis Chan resigned as senior pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, Californiathe church he helped grow from 30 people gathered in a living room to a multimillion-dollar ministry. He wasnt burned out. There was no disqualifying moral failure. Hed simply grown convicted over his challenges in steering a large ministry in accordance with biblical values.

Chan sold his house and spent a year traveling through Southeast Asia, visiting churches and interacting with church leaders. Returning to California, he began planting churches in his home and the homes of others in his San Francisco neighborhood. His latest book, Letters to the Church, is a pastoral call for American churches to consider whether their values and practices are consistent with Scripture. Writer and fellow Bay-area resident Rachael Starke spoke with Chan about the blessings that come from recommitting to church life as God designed it.

Your book exhorts churches to recommit to Acts 2 practices like extended prayer, radical love and service, and intimate fellowship within the home. But many of these run counter to the digitized lives we live today, especially in places like San Francisco. How have revolutions in technology influenced American church practices and habits?

Video Bible Studies For Your Small Group

Francis Chan on The ESV Global Study Bible

When planning small group curriculum, leaders often look for studies that focus on entire books of the Bibleâand for good reason. The Bible is just as relevant to Christians today as it was a thousand years ago. Weâve curated a library full of video Bible studies that walk through many books of the Bible.

The most popular content on our site continues to be our RightNow Media Original book of the Bible video series. In each of these studies, your churchâs small groups can walk through an entire book of the Bible while being taught by popular pastors and teachers. Here are five of our favorite book of the Bible studies for small groups.

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Finding Truth With Francis Chan

Christians today face all kinds of challenges when it comes to understanding who they are and what theyâre meant to do. Thereâs no shortage of options that claim to offer âtruth.â If we arenât careful, we can find ourselves chasing after popular opinion all the while neglecting the unchanging truth found in Scripture. In this four-session youth Bible study, pastor and author Francis Chan invites students into the power that comes from anchoring their identity in Christ.

Letters To The Church: Study Guide

What does God want for His Church? For yourchurch?

Building on each of the nine chapters of his latest book,Letters to the Church, Francis Chan urges Christ-followersto

  • ask honest questions about the structure and values of ourchurches
  • study Gods commands for the body of Christ
  • pray in expectation of the Spirits power and
  • get excited about doing whatever it takes to be the Church Goddesires.

Journey with those around youin your community, your church, oryour small groupand take intentional steps toward living out thebiblical principles that fueled a world-changing movement. Dontsettle for just going to church. Be the Church. With the Lettersto the Church Study Guide, be challenged and guided topassionately pursue Christ and His magnificent, beautiful visionfor His Bride.

Designed to be used with the Letters to the Church VideoSeries .

Find this product and thousands more on

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The Best Ways To Read The Bible


For Christians, growing in faith begins with the Bible. In the New Testament, Acts 17:11 commends believers who “examine the Scriptures daily,” taking the time to check what they hear against the text, which many churches teach is the inspired, infallible Word of God. Bible-reading plans and methods come in a multitude of sizes, shapes and forms for anyone who desires to become more familiar with the holy scriptures of Christianity. Regardless of which reading plan you choose, Pastor Keith Hamilton of Calvary Chapel Worship Center in Hillsboro, Oregon recommends that the best way to read the Bible is to “make the time and then take your time.”

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Francis Chans Erasing Hell: A Response To Rob Bells Love Wins

Francis Chan The Gospel Of Mark Study Guide

I spoke about Mark Gallis God Wins in the previous blog. Today Ill deal with Francis Chans Erasing Hell, another response to Rob Bells Love Wins. Then Ill compare Chans book to Gallis.

In Erasing Hell, Francis Chan speaks with compassion. You can almost feel him trembling over the issues at stake. He recognizes this debate is about God, His nature and His authority. I sensed both humility and prophetic power in this book.

Ive talked with Francis personally and been at a few conferences where hes spoken. Its like watching a fire burnyou dont know exactly whats coming next. That same passion is on the pages of his book. Chan lays his heart on the table. Its rare that a book mixes straight-from-the-heart talk with careful citation of Scripture. Erasing Hell does exactly that. I was not only informed, but moved.

What I read wasnt the final edit, so some of the contents may have changed by the time the books released in early July. But these were some of the chapters:

Does Everyone Go to Heaven?Has Hell Changed? Or Have We?What Jesus Actually Said About Hell

Chans book goes deep and detailed exactly when it needs to. It occasionally appeals to the original languages, e.g. the meaning of the Greek words Gehenna and aionos. It does so in order to deal with misleading statements about those terms in Love Wins.

Randy Alcorn is the author of fifty-some books and the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries.

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Video Bible Studies For Youth Groups

Todayâs teens can find their value in how many followers they have on social media instead of in God. They can focus on having influence rather than on whatâs influencing them.

At RightNow Media, our goal is to provide churches and student ministries with access to a library curated with the latest teaching for youth Bible studies from premier teachers. Including series like Not A Fan: Teen Edition by Kyle Idleman and a number of RightNow Media Originals, we have thousands of options for your Bible study. Here are five video Bible studies that are perfect for your youth group or student ministry.

Free Study On The Book Of James With Francis Chan

Try RightNow Media free for 30 days.

True faith produces fruit. A faith without action and without life change is ultimately a dead faith. The book of James speaks to the realities of a living faith in Jesusâthe kind of roll-up-your-sleeves and get-your-hands-dirty discipleship that is borne out of an authentic relationship with the risen Lord. James writes to believers who know suffering, who’ve faced trials, and who ultimately desire a deep relationship with God.

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Why Write This Book

On a recent trip to Israel, Francis stood in the Jordan River and reflected on the sacred moments that took place there. Watch and listen as Francis shares his heart for the Church and explains his passion behind this important book.

When He returns, I want Him to find me giving everything Ive got to bring health to the churchand thats what this book is about. My hope is that you also will see the need to repent from this casual attitude and treat the church as sacred again.

Francis Chan

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DOCTRINE: Video Bible Study for Youth with Teaching from Francis Chan – Bluefish TV

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