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What Does The Bible Say About Unmarried Couples Living Together

Jesus Pointed Out The Sin

Pastor Gino Jennings preach on the subject of Marriage and divorce

When asked about her husband, the woman replied that she had no husband. In verse 18, Jesus confirms and points out the truth of the situation, saying, for you have had five husbands, and the one you now have is not your husband. He certainly didnt shy away from pointing out the sin she was caught in.

The Scriptures may not explicitly talk about living together with your significant other, but using Gods commandments and instructions, were able to deduce that sexual immorality is a big deal to our Savior.

A By What Standard Should We Settle Moral Issues

Many people decide their beliefs by human standards.

* Many assume that, if the government allows a practice, then it must beacceptable. But the Bible says we should obey God rather than men .

* Others think a practice must be all right if large numbers of peopleapprove of it. But God often opposes the majority view. Jesus said most peopleare on the road to spiritual destruction .

* Other people justify a practice if they have some loved one involved init. But Jesus said we must disagree with loved ones if necessary in order toplease Him .

* In sexual matters, many people simply do what seems right according totheir own human wisdom. But the Bible repeatedly shows that what seems rightto people is often wrong . We must be willingto sacrifice and deny our own desires in order to please God .

Man’s will often differs from God’s, so we should seek to know what Godwants us to do.

The Bible is the only sure standard of right and wrong.

Acts 17:24 – Right and wrong are determined by the Creator of the Universe.Because He made us all, He has the right to rule over all.

John 12:48 – We will be judged according to whether or not our livesconform to His will.

2 Timothy 3:16,17 – The Bible reveals God’s will, so we must let it be ourmoral standard.

We do not here have time to consider the evidence, but there are clear andconvincing reasons to believe that God exists and the Bible reveals His will forman.

What To Do When You’re Not Okay

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Inspirational Quotes References In Scripture

At the beginning, the Creator made them male and female and declared for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife. And the two shall become as one. Thus, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore, let no man separate what God has joined. Matthew 19:4-6

The intimate community of life and love which constitutes the married state has been established by the Creator and endowed by him with its own proper laws . . . God himself is the author of marriage.The Church in the Modern World, Vatican II, 48

The conjugal covenant of marriage opens the spouses to a lasting communion of love and life, and it is brought to completion in a full and specific way with the procreation of children. The communion of spouses gives rise to the community of the family.Letter to Families, Pope John Paul II, 7

Sexuality, by means of which man and woman give themselves to one another through the acts which are proper and exclusive to spouses . . . is realized in a truly human way only if it is an integral part of the love by which a man and woman commit themselves totally to one another until death . . .That total physical self-giving would be a lie if it were not the sign and fruit of a total personal self-giving.Familiaris Consortio, Pope John Paul II, 11

Flee Fornication: What The Bible Says About Living Together Before Marriage

What Does the Bible Say About Living Together Before Marriage?

Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body. What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are Gods. 1 Corinthians 6:18-20

Now concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me: It is good for a man not to touch a woman. Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband. 1 Corinthians 7:1-2

The dictionary meaning of the word fornication means any unlawful sexual intercourse including adultery. In the Bible, the Greek definition of the word fornication means to commit illicit sexual intercourse. What constitutes unlawful sex? Whose laws do we live by? Worldly standards or laws many times do not always line up with the Word of God. The founding fathers of the United States established many laws that were originally based on Christian standards and the laws of the Bible. However, through time the United States has drifted far from these standards and at the present our moral standards are shocking the world. However, immorality is not only found in the U.S. but is a world-wide epidemic. Societies throughout history and around the globe have embraced sexual standards that are called sins in the Bible.

The Fall of a Nation

End Notes

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We Are To Avoid Sexual Sin Including Having Sex While Living Together Without Being Married

The Bible also makes it clear that we are not to engage in sexual immorality or fornication.

Gods will is for you to be holy, so stay away from all sexual sin. Then each of you will control his own body and live in holiness and honor not in lustful passion like the pagans who do not know God and his ways. 1 Thessalonians 4:3-5 NLT

God intended for sex to be enjoyed between a husband and wife in marriage, so couples having sex outside of marriage would be considered a sin.

Even if you are living together and planning on getting married, having sex before marriage is still a sin and not pleasing to God.

Is Sleeping In The Same Bed A Sin If You Dont Live Together

Again, while this action isn’t necessarily a sin it is definitely a near occasion of sin, which is something every Catholic is called to avoid. And, as we mentioned above, while sharing a bed does not guarantee sexual intercourse is taking place…everyone understands what it means to share a bed with someone of the opposite sex! And, that is something that should be saved for marriage.

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Christians Living Together Before Marriage Should Christians Live Together Before Marriage

Short answer is No. If you want to honor God with your relationship, Christians should not live together before marriage.

If you still want to live together without being married, its important to understand the consequences of choosing to disobey God in this area.

God has called us to live holy lives, not impure lives. Therefore, anyone who refuses to live by these rules is not disobeying human teaching but is rejecting God, who gives his Holy Spirit to you. 1 Thessalonians 4:7-8 NLT

In Ephesians 2, we also see that when we choose to disobey God, we are choosing to obey the devil.

You used to live in sin, just like the rest of the world, obeying the devilthe commander of the powers in the unseen world. He is the spirit at work in the hearts of those who refuse to obey God. Ephesians 2:2

Do you want to reject God? Do you want to obey the devil and let him control your relationship?

If youre still not convinced that you shouldnt live together before marriage, here are other common myths of living together before marriage, and why those myths dont line up with Gods word.

Why Does It Matter To God Whether Couples Marry Or Not

  • The marriage arrangement comes from God. He instituted it when he brought the first human couple together. He did not intend for a man and a woman to live together without the commitment of marriage.

  • God knows what is best for humans. He designed marriage to be a permanent union between a man and a woman that would benefit and protect all family members. Consider a simple illustration. Just as the instructions that come from the manufacturer show you how to assemble a piece of furniture correctly, Gods instructions tell us how to build successful family relationships. Gods standards always benefit those who follow them.Isaiah 48:17, 18.

    A manufacturers instructions show you how to assemble a piece of furniture. Gods instructions tell us how to build a successful family

  • Sex outside of marriage can have serious consequences. For example, it can result in unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and emotional turmoil. *

  • God gave men and women the ability to procreate by means of sex. God views life as sacred, and the ability to procreate is a precious gift. God wants us to treat that gift with respect by honoring his arrangement for marriage.Hebrews 13:4.

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Living Together Before Marriage: How To Have A Conversation With Someone Making The Wrong Choice

Many young couples are living together before marriage for one reason or another. How can Christians talk to friends or family members who are making this decision?

The country was midway through the pandemic when my younger brother announced his plans to move out of my parents house. My family was astonished when we found out his plans involved moving out of state and in with his girlfriend after dating long distance for just under a year.

As a Christian household, we experienced a multitude of emotions. When someone we love or care deeply about makes a decision we fundamentally dont agree with, we can easily react in anger, shock or maybe even grief.

But the words that follow are usually neither constructive nor edifying. Romans 15:14 tells us that we should be filled with all knowledge and able to instruct one another.

So how do we instruct or counsel a loved one against a decision that runs counter to Gods Word? The first step is to seek knowledge.

My Christian upbringing had taught me that living together before marriage was bad, but this situation inspired me to look to the Bible for myself to find out what exactly it has to say about living together before marriage. I found one story that specifically speaks to cohabitation its the story of Jesus meeting a Samaritan woman.

Why Is This Such A Hard Decision

Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.

This Scripture speaks about suffering for being a Christian, but as it applies to this situation, here is a common-sense interpretation: You jumped into the pot, so dont be surprised that the water is hot! Can you resist his beard? Can you resist her curves? If the answer is anything other than a resounding YES! then maybe you shouldnt move in before youre married. Its very easy to say that you can resist temptation but actions speak much louder than words. To thine own self be trueyou know what your temptations and weaknesses are. Putting yourself into a situation and then being caught off guard by all of the decisions you have to make in the interest of your salvation is difficult, at best. You cant be mad at anyone but yourself when the water bill goes up because someone is running a cold shower every other hour

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Is Living Together Outside Of Marriage Wrong

Two related questions

1. What do the Scriptures say about a believer living with someone of the opposite sex when they are just friends?

2. What do the Scriptures say about a believer living with someone of the opposite sex if they are boyfriend and girlfirend? What about if they feel it is necessary for financial reasons?

1. What do the Scriptures say about a believer living with someone of the opposite sex when they are just friends?

Although, the Bible does not specifically state it is wrong for an adult man and adult woman who are unrelated to live together, it condemns sexual intimacy before marriage and it reveals that God has only one plan for a man and woman living together marriage.

It is in Gen.2:24. It says, Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and they shall be one flesh.

The man left the home of his father and mother and created a home for him and his wife even if that meant living in the same house as his parents. Husbands and wives are to live together. This verse also means that families living together are part of Gods plan.

When God gave that command in Gen.2, it was for all people at all times. When he gave it, there was no culture, no society, only Adam and Eve. They were to hand this command down to their children who would hand it down to their children and so on throughout human history. It is not a cultural issue it is Gods revealed will at the very beginning before any culture existed.

Is It Ok For Christians To Live Together Before Marriage

Pin on Being CHRISTian
Is it wrong for Christian couples to live together before marriage according to God?

Living together before marriage is becoming increasingly common, even among Christian couples and for a number of reasons. Before making a lifelong commitment, many couples want a trial period to feel out how they both live, and know if taking the relationship to the next level makes sense. Many Christians are adopting the beliefs and practices of the world, and this can be problematic for a number of reasons.

The Bible makes no clear claim that living together before or outside of marriage is living in sin. Given this, many Christians believe that living together before marriage is not living in sin. While there is truth concerning there being no clear claim against it, one of the reasons why an answer to this question isnt explicitly stated in the Bible is because two unmarried people living together before marriage who planned on being husband and wife was rare, particularly among Jews and Christians.

As Christians, we also have to think about what marriage represents. We can take a look at Ephesians 5:

In a living together before marriage scenario, both people have physical access to each other, without an emotional or spiritual commitment.

Lesli White is an Editor for

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Consider The Following Steps If You Are Already Living With Your Boyfriend Or Fianc Before Marriage:

  • Pray and confess any sin to God. Acknowledge that you havent been honoring Gods will for your relationship, and ask for his forgiveness.
  • Pray and repent from your sin. Take action to remove yourself from the situation that caused you to sin. If youve been having sex before marriage, set physical boundaries in your relationship and discuss these boundaries with other godly men and women in your life for accountability.
  • Pray and seek Godly counsel from others to determine if you should get married, or if you should move out. Consider temporary living arrangements while you determine the best path forward for your relationship.
  • Can You Live Together Even If You Dont Have Sex

    As for the couples who choose to live together, but not have sex, what does Scripture say about that? Since theyve chosen to abstain from sexual sin, do they get off the hook?

    We do have to keep in mind that we dont want to allow the devil to get a foothold . If we live in the same proximity as our significant other, sleep in the same bed, etc., well face enormous temptations to have sex before marriage, or otherwise cross phyiscal boundaries.

    Even if we sleep in separate rooms, if were in a relationship with someone, it would be nearly impossible to keep ourselves emotionally pure even if we are staying physically pure. Without making a covenant before God, we are not married yet. But waking up and seeing our significant other, eating meals with them, unwinding with them, having so much time to bear our souls and deepest fears it starts to feel like marriage, even when its not.

    To avoid putting ourselves in a position where we can compromise our minds or judgment, or allow the devil to tempt us, we should abstain from living together until we tie the knot.

    That way, we can avoid the temptation to fall into sin, even if we have the best intentions or dont think we will succumb to sin.

    We should take a leaf out of Josephs book, who in his pursuit of holiness literally fled from sin when Potiphars wife wanted to sleep with him. He didnt try to toe the linein fact he ran so fast, he left his robe!

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    Living Together Assumes Sexual Activity

    If Guttmachers researchers are right, 97% of cohabitating couples ARE committing sin by being sexually active. Heres the struggle: while the other 3% are not sexually active, the wide assumption is that they are. After all, according to the research, thats a safe assumption. When someone identifies as a cohabiting couple, theres no way to tell whether theyre a 3-percenter, or not. Which leads to a big problem. Every single action we take as a Christian will bring honor to Jesus, or bring disgrace to his name. 1 Thessalonians 5:22 tells us to reject/abstain from any form of evil. That means that we run as far away from it as we possibly can. Far too many Christians are comfortable with doing a balancing act on the edge of a cliff, while Gods best for us is to be safe with Him squarely on the path of righteousness. Psalm 23:3 says that He leads me in paths of righteousness for His names sake. Sure, there is freedom to live with someone of the opposite sex. There is no clear passage in the Bible that forbids it. The question that you have to ask is this: Am I displaying an accurate picture of who Jesus is to my friends and neighbors by cohabiting with my boyfriend/girlfriend, especially if they assume the worst.


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