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Where Can I Get My Bible Rebound

How Can I Fix My Bible At Home

Redeemed Bible Repair – Mark Colley – Custom Rebind Review

How much will it cost to have my Bible rebound in leather? Most Bibles average between $125-$175. The cost depends on the type of leather you choose and the amount of repair that needs to be done to the text. If you want to repair an existing cover, the cost is generally between $40-$100. You may also read, How much does it cost to have a bodyguard?

Can I Get My Bible Rebound

Bonded Leather for Bible Rebinding

Our Bible rebinding service comes standard with a beautiful bonded leather selection. Our bonded leathers are a great choice for Bible rebinding because they look, feel, and smell like genuine leather at a lesser cost. Textures and colors are virtually unlimited.

How Much Does It Cost To Rebind A Bible

Bible rebinding and recovering can be done by yourself but the expense you pay for it sometimes doesn’t make sense. The cost for you to restore the book can be determined by two essential features namely the styles and materials you use for the cover and binding and also based on the Bible’s condition.

Today we are going to check out the cost factors for each style and the leather type you are going to use to rebind your Bible.

Rebinding a Bible based on Styles & their Cost

Proceed below to check out the different type of styles used and the amount you need to spend in small, medium and large sizes.


The style of rebinding belongs to the 16th century, and most of them are developed using deep mahogany goatskin with prominent wrap-around raised ribs. The cost of rebinding this styles are as follows.

Small – $155

Medium – $180

Large – $190

Country Parson Softcover

A 17th-century softcover style made of goatskin with dark brown color hand dyed and developed with raised ribs. The cost of this form is about

Small – $13500

Medium – $160

Large – $170

Country Parson Hardcover

Falls on the 17th-century styles and the difference of this particular style is the medium to dark brown this style is also developed using goatskin along with raised ribs. The cost of the country parson hardcover is as follows

Small – $155

Medium – $180

Large – $190

Revivalist Softcover

Small – $185

Medium – $205

Large – $215

Revivalist Hardcover

Small – $195

Medium – $215

Large – $225

Circuit Rider

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Do You Rebind New Books

In many cases, customers wish to have their new book rebound into a finer cover. We can create a custom cover to match your desires.

What colors do you have for genuine leather or standard material? Where can I see them? We offer a wide range of cover material in both genuine leather and standard material. The photo gallery provides examples of many of our different cover material colors. If you need more information on what book cover options we provide, please give us a call at 800-504-9341.

Do you repair large books? We are able to repair and restore all types of large format books from family Bibles to historic books, to atlases.

Do you repair old books? Having worked on some books that date back to the 1500s, we are highly skilled in repairing and restoring older books. Books over 50 years old are typically more fragile and have sustained more damage than newer books and require more time to repair. Even after an older book has been repaired, it is important to handle them with care to ensure they are preserved for future generations.

Are you from Stanley, Wisconsin? Actually Stanley is my maiden name. I began the book repair business before I was married.

Can You Get Books Rebound

Retreasured Rebound Bibles

Yes!You can bind just one book. You dont have to be anyone special, or a publisher, or a library. You can be just the person that needs a book rebound because its falling apart, or because you want to print & bind a story that you wrote for your 5 year old daughter. Read: How much does it cost to have a breathalyzer installed in your car?

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Can You Rebind An Old Bible

If you send us a Bible to rebind and we think all you need is new hinge cloth or to have the text block tightened, well let you know. But when we feel you would be better off with a new cover, or a change from hardcover to softcover, well let you know that, too. But these hardcover Bibles can still be a problem.

How Do You Fix Bonded Leather In The Bible

The bonded leather cover can be fixed if it is caught early enough. The repair involves either sewing new endsheets onto the textblock, or strengthing the hinge of the book to keep the cover from coming off the textblock. After doing this a more flexible material can be used on the outside of the joints.

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How Do You Rebind A Paperback Book

How to Repair a Book Binding with a Broken Hinge: Broken Hinge Edition

  • Make a list of your supplies.
  • Cut your binder tape.
  • Attach the tape to the text block by brushing the adhesive onto one side of the tape. Allow plenty of time for the adhesive to dry before moving on. Place your Waxed Paper in the appropriate spot. Glue the last tab to the front of the cover. Rubber bands should be used to hold the book together while it dries overnight.
  • We Make Bibles And Disciples That Last

    Bible Repair and Rebinding Project, Part 1: Paper Repair

    …If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples. John 8:31 ESV

    Nothing communicates devotion to God’s Word like a well used and worn Bible. You’ve invested the time into reading that Bible, we want to help you preserve it for years to come.

    We rebind new and old Bibles of many kinds. Our custom Bible rebinds use a very nice goat or cow leather for the cover, with several different colors available, and we add a flexible lamb liner to the interior. We also apply a new spine with mull which holds the book block together, and we add spine re-enforcements to keep the structure strong for future use. In addition, we can add new end sheets, new ribbon or ribbons, new headbands, and foiling. Personalize your Bible by adding a design or your name to the front cover as well.

    Restore your passed down family Bibles, or begin the tradition by investing in a strong sturdy Bible to hand over to the next generation not only keeping a Bible within you family but also reading it together with them. Family discipleship is one of our driving passions. If you like, we would be thrilled to share our family discipleship template as well as a sample outline for you to make your own family mission statement.

    Whether you have questions or not, we would love to hear from you!

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    How Do You Fix A Cracked Book Spine

    Glue and tape can be used together to repair book bindings. In general, book repair tape may be used to cover any cracks that may have occurred on the spine of a book or magazine. If the pages of a hardcover book have come loose from the spine, the first step is to glue them back together again. Allow the adhesive to cure for about one day before sealing the repair with an outer layer of tape.

    How Do You Fix A Book Thats Falling Apart

    Just sand it away! Use fine sandpaper to even pages after repairing spines. If you have a book that will not be kept forever and the spine breaks, I find that a hot glue gun can fix it in a hurry and get it back into circulation. If you want to keep the book, then use liquid plastic to hold it together.

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    Holy Bible And Family Bible Repair

    As Aucklands trusted book restorers,

    The Bookbindery repairs a lot of Bibles

    The Bibles repaired at The Bookbindery range from very old Bibles to almost new Bibles that havent lasted. The copied pages shown here, are from one of the oldest Bibles we have worked on. It is a 1589 Bible – that is, this Bible was printed 22 years before the first King James Bible was printed! Other old Bibles with before and after pictures are shown further down the page .

    Book & Bible Restoration

    Retreasured Rebound Bibles

    Book restoration is the arduous process of taking a book in disrepair and returning it to as close to its original condition as possible. Performing a book restoration ranges from the removal of a regular stain or repair of a torn leaf to a complete rehab of its binding material and cover. This process can include de-alkaline buffering, acidification, re-sizing, re-sewing, rebuilding missing parts, replacing endpapers and/or boards, recovering or restoration of the original covering and refinishing in a way that is reflective of the time the book was originally bound for publication.

    In short, this process entails most of what constitutes book work which is made up of repairing, mending, rebinding and reconstruction.

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    Bible Recovering For Damaged Yapp Covers And Extended Covers

    Our bookbindery often receives Bibles with Yapp covers that were designed to protect the pages, but are now damaged, broken or torn. Some people refer to these extended leather covers as “yapps”. These yapps come in several variations, such as a full yapp, semi-yapp and there are yapps with zippers. While time and conditions may cause these yapps to become damaged, in some cases, the leather covers were made with an inferior quality bonded leather. The repetitive bending of this material leads to deterioration and cause damage to the Bible pages that they were intended to protect. Also, we have seen numerous instances where zippers attached to the extended cover have failed.

    We have heard some complaints that these extended flap covers seem to get in the way when pages are turned. Our solution to this problem is to rebind the Bibles with NEW covers without recreating the extended flaps . As a result, our Bible rebinding service results in a clean look. We do not believe making extended flaps or Yapp covers are the best long-term solution.

    What Our Clients Say

    In 2008 we ordered numerous family tree books to be bound….this company was wonderful to work with and our books were done at time they said they would be. Very impressed with their work!

    Very friendly staff. This place has done an excellent job in preserving my professional journals for many years.

    Great staff and an incredible product! We visited on pi day and as we walkef in the door were quickly offered wonderful choices of delicious pies. From there they passionately answered our questions and got us the materials we needed. Thanks Denver Book Binding!

    Denver Bookbinding and the Second Story Event Space is a great place to hold an event at. I had my baby shower there and felt nothing but welcomed onto their property. There is plenty of parking and it is very open and spacious. I even had Denver Bookbindings employees help me with setting up the tables and chairs. I would highly reccomend this event center to all my friends and family.

    Excellent work always listen to what I want and make better suggestion than what I was thinking. I have several more books to have binding down, will only deal with Denver bookbonders.

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    How Do You Fix A Hardcover Book Binding

    How to Repair a Book Binding with a Broken Hinge: Broken Hinge Edition

  • Make a list of your supplies.
  • Cut your binder tape.
  • Attach the tape to the text block by brushing the adhesive onto one side of the tape. Allow plenty of time for the adhesive to dry before moving on. Place your Waxed Paper in the appropriate spot. Glue the last tab to the front of the cover. Rubber bands should be used to hold the book together while it dries overnight.
  • Bible Repair & Restoration On The East Coast: North Carolina Georgia South Carolina And Virginia

    How Long Your Exes Rebound Relationship Will Last

    Do you have a precious family Bible or religious text that has become damaged over the years?

    I can repair and restore your treasured volume to give it a new life for many more generations to enjoy. Services include cleaning, washing, repairing paper tears, mold remediation, restoration of original covers and rebinding when necessary.

    How can you have your bible repaired?

    :: Submit an inquiry via the contact form on my contact page or call my studio at .

    :: We will make arrangements for a consultation. I offer complimentary consultations for clients who can meet me at my Greensboro studio, or you can arrange to mail the volume to my studio for evaluation.

    :: I will examine your volume and provide you with treatment recommendations and the fees associated with them.

    :: Should you decide to proceed with treatment, you will deposit the volume and a $75 non-refundable quote fee. This quote fee is applied toward any conservation treatment you choose to proceed with.

    :: I will draft an official quotation document, which is a legal agreement that denotes the treatments recommended and their fees.

    :: Once you have reviewed and signed the necessary paperwork, and made a 50% deposit, your volume is placed in my work queue.

    :: The remaining balance is due upon completion of your project.

    I look forward to helping you preserve your precious family heritage!


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    Family Bible Repair ~best Way To Glue Your Bible Back Together

    Disclaimer: A Proverbs 31 Wife uses Affiliate links and ads to support this site. Read full disclosure here.

    September 18, 2013 by Kendra

    Last week we had a family bible repair day. Er 20 minutes that is. Both hubby and Is bibles had huge chunks of pages falling out of them, and its rather hard to follow along in church when your bible is falling apart!

    Below you can see how bad my bible was getting to be. It was literally falling apart!

    Now, of course we couldve went and bought new bibles. But since we keep them in out bible cases, the covers were still in almost perfect condition. Besides, I really like my bible. Its a larger bible with all sorts of references and facts about each chapter at the bottom of the pages. Basically a study bible and it has all of my notes and underlines and everything else as well. Not something you just go out and replace. Jason had the same opinion so we decided the best thing to do, would be to fix our bibles and try gluing the pages back in.

    You can see how nice the cover looks

    Im sure there is a book glue out there specifically for this type of thing, but I figured it wouldnt be to hard to use something else. School glue seemed like a joke, and my crafting glue wouldve been too messy. But Mod Podge just might do the trick!

    You see, when Mod Podge dries its still just a bit flexible which is perfect! I used the regular matte finish and a smooth brush.

    Fortunately I didnt get to much glue in there and my pages open nicely.

    How Do You Fix Glue On Book Spine

    Just sand it away! Use fine sandpaper to even pages after repairing spines. If you have a book that will not be kept forever and the spine breaks, I find that a hot glue gun can fix it in a hurry and get it back into circulation. If you want to keep the book, then use liquid plastic to hold it together.

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    Which Is Better Imitation Leather Or Bonded Leather

    Faux leather, or PU leather, is not going to be as durable as real leather, but it will be more durable compared to bonded leather. Because bonded leather is made of scrap leather and polyurethane mixed, and adhered to a paper backing, it is much like paper and can easily scratch, peel, or flake off over time.

    Traditional Bible Repair In Buffalo Ny

    Retreasured Rebound Bibles

    Has the spine of your Bible cracked? Are the pages falling out? Bring or ship it to Quality Bindery Services Inc. for Bible repair in Buffalo, NY. Our family owned-and-operate company provides a range of traditional binding services to make your holy book look like new again.

    Whether your Bible is a personal treasure or a family heirloom, it’s in safe hands with us. Since 1993, we’ve helped families and individuals preserve their religious legacy. We understand how important your Bible is to you it’s the book you turn to when you need guidance and hop. In addition, many families record their family tree in their Bible, passing the book down for generations. Whatever your Bible means to you, we’ll treat it with the reverence and care it deserves.

    for pricing and order forms.

    “It can make a person nervous to deal with a new company, across the Internet and country for the first time. Especially when repairing a treasured book with a lifetime of memories. Today, I received my wife’s Bible from you. The craftsmanship is outstanding. The new cover is better than the original! I am very pleased with your work, and my wife will be as well.” D.W.

    Thanks to our skills and variety of materials, our Bible binding services include both repair and customization. Make your Bible truly your own.

    • imitation leather in a variety of colors

    • foil stamping on cover and spine

    • name personalization

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    We Restore Or Repair Books And Bibles In Any Condition

    ***Update To Our Book Restoration and Preservation Services***

    Due to overwhelming demand for book restoration from clients all over the United States, we are at full capacity with projects and will not be accepting new book restoration projects in 2022. Please check back with us in 2023 to inquire about your book restoration. Thank you for your understanding.

    Mumford Restoration provides full book restoration and Bible restoration services as well as book repair. If you have books or a family Bible you love that have torn or creased pages, damaged covers, are ripped to pieces or simply crumbling due to age and neglect we can help. Even if the pages are dog eared, been scribbled on with crayon and ink or have water stains we still can help. Whatever the condition your book may be in we have the skill to repair damaged leaves, re-sew loose pages and restore deteriorated bindings.

    Depending on the condition of your book and your objectives we will perform a restoration, repair or combination of the two. Below is how we define the difference between book restoration and book repair.


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