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Where Can I Watch The Bible Miniseries

Even Bad App Reviews Love This Show

The Bible Episode 1 in the Beginning Season 1

Ive loved this show from the very beginning and every extra. The interpretation of Jesus is how Ive always felt him in my heart and minds eye. Many of the poor App ratings are because they cant get the new shows fast enough or with captions for the deaf. Since they release each show as soon as it is produced while more languages are being translated all the time, with captioning being planned but not available yet, I see this as a huge recommendation for the show and more like it! As far as Pay it Forward goes, Dallas makes it clear the decision to make the show FREE was to make it available to as many people as possible without regard to income. Since it costs a lot of money to produce a quality show , those who want to and can afford to donate are the ones who manage this show financially available to everyone. Since I am disabled and financially unable to contribute financially, I rely on them as well. Even so, sharing the show with others IS something I can do! *I have found it takes an average of three prompts after TELLING someone about the show before they have actually WATCHED the show, so a sincere, What do you think about The Chosen?! or, Which character on The Chosen do you identify with most? can be a great reminder in their busy lives. Once they watch it, YOU wont be telling THEM about it because it will be the other way around.

The Bible Episode : Exodus

The Israelites are slaves in Egypt, and Moses learns that God wants him to free them. He trusts in God, but the Pharaoh refuses to let them leave. It is then that an awesome miracle allows Moses to lead the Israelites to the wilderness, where God promises them a land of their own.

Is It Any Good

Those looking for an objective, history-oriented discussion of the Bible and its overall impact on humanity will not find it here. Some may also object to the representations of biblical figures, which reflect a very glamorous notion of what people looked and sounded like at the time. But viewers looking for an interesting and/or entertaining Judeo-Christian themed interpretation of Bible stories will find it worth watching.

The series, which is co-produced by Touched by an Angel star Roma Downey, attempts to reflect the essence of each story by following the traditional narratives about well-known biblical figures while adding flair with lots of theatrically violent action scenes and interesting actor portrayals of archangels and death. However, there is little explanation offered about why these events are believed to have changed the world. As a result, tales about acts like Abraham’s banishment of his son Ishmael , are never contextualized, leaving those who are unfamiliar with these stories without any knowledge of their significance.

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Is The Series The Bible On Netflix

Sorry, The Bible: The Epic Miniseries is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching! With a few simple steps you can change your Netflix region to a country like Canada and start watching Canadian Netflix, which includes The Bible: The Epic Miniseries.

The Bible Miniseries: History Channel’s Take On The Bible Not For Kids

The Bible

The Bible miniseries produced by the History Channel is a disappointment for any family hoping for a new way to share the Bible’s stories with their children. The Bible miniseries, not altogether surprising given the History Channel’s relentless ratings focus, sensationalizes the Bible’s stories. Angel ninjas? Really?


    The Bible, in addition to being the basis for various religious beliefs, is a fascinating historical conglomeration of stories that can teach us about the customs, times, travails, and conditions of the ancient Middle East that create a social context for modern day news, like the plague of locusts currently hitting Egypt. However “The Bible” miniseries on the History Channel so graphically depicts a predictably selective collection of the stories that some parents may not want kids to view it.

    “The Bible” miniseries, for me, is less about what you believe and more about what you believe your family will take away from watching this series. After watching the first installment and trailers for upcoming episodes, I think that if youre not willing to let your elementary-school child watch “300” and the “Twilight” series you should steer clear of this as a family viewing session.

    Also, if youre looking for lessons and emotional content this is a wash. Its more of a highlights reel of the Bible. It covers the same shopworn scenes traditionally seen on television, adding nothing to the mix but more blood on the sands of time.

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    Are The Bible Series On Netflix

    Asked by: Vernice Heathcote

    Sorry, The Bible: The Epic Miniseries is not available on American Netflix, but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching! With a few simple steps you can change your Netflix region to a country like Canada and start watching Canadian Netflix, which includes The Bible: The Epic Miniseries.

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    It adds, But put your apocalyptic fears to rest. This happens every year as part of the locusts’ natural migration pattern, though this year’s swarm is especially large. That doesn’t mean Egyptians aren’t freaked the heck out by millions of nasty bugs buzzing through the air at all hours of day and night, possibly descending upon the agriculture fields where they’re known to destroy entire crops, just like in the actual Passover story.

    My father was Jewish and my mother Roman Catholic, yet both read the same biblical highlight stories we see in the new mini-series. Despite their religious differences, they each agreed on what stories are child-friendly: the Garden of Eden, Cain and Abel, David and Goliath, Passover , Sodom and Gomorrah, Noahs Ark, Moses and the plagues on Egypt/the Ten Commandments, and selections from the New Testament, which included the birth of Jesus and the Easter stories.

    However, when a parent reads a Bible story to a child, the parent frequently simplifies the language and finds a lesson in the story being read.

    The History Channel series created by and his wife, “Touched By An Angel” star Roma Downey, appears to have gone for the ratings with graphic blood-and-gorey smiting, special effects, and black and red clad angels that bear more of a resemblance to the Vulturi clan of vampires in the “Twilight” films than anything I ever pictured as a child.

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    The Bible Episode : Survival

    The warnings of Prophet Jeremiah are ignored, and the people are powerless to stop the Babylonian invasion. With no city or temple, the people must learn to keep God in their hearts. But after years in exile, Daniel may prove to be their salvation.

    Bible Black: The Infection

    The Animated Bible Series | Season 1 | Episode 1 | The Creation | Michael Arias | Steve Cleary

    A sequel to the first game was released in 2008 and continues the story of student Taki Minase. The game runs on the same engine as the previous one and many familiar characters also make their return. Set one month after the incident of the previous game, Minase now lives a happy life with his girlfriend. However, a nightmare once again pulls him back into a world of black magic and dangerous, albeit perverse, consequences.

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    What Parents Need To Know

    Parents need to know that The Bible contains lots of violent and bloody scenes, including beatings, drownings, and the murdering of infants and adults. It also features a very lengthy and graphic reenactment of a crucifixion. Adultery is discussed, and men are often shown shirtless and in loin cloths and occasionally women are shown undressed . Wine is sometimes consumed during religious ceremonies and over meals. All of this is offered in context, but it may be too intense for younger and/or sensitive viewers.

    Talk To Your Kids About

    • Families can talk about media portrayals of the Bible. Why are there so many movies based on bible stories? What are some of the most famous actor portrayals of biblical figures? If you were to choose a story from the Bible to reenact, which one would it be? Why?

    • Is there anything controversial in this depiction of important religious stories?

    • On DVD or streaming: April 2, 2013
    • Cast:

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    The Bible Miniseries Satan Scene

    The BibleThe BibleRelated Article: Son of God: History vs. HollywoodWatch Video

    Son of God Interview – Roma Downey, MarkBurnett, Diogo Morgado

    Watch the Son of God interviewwith Roma Downey, Mark Burnett and actorDiogo Morgado, who took on the title rolein the film. The interviewer asks a numberof questions, including do they attributetheir successes in life to faith or veryhard work? What do they hope non-believerscome away with after seeing the film? Theyalso discuss the future 2015 religious TVseries A.D. that continues thestory.

    Watch Jesus and his disciples break breadat the Last Supper as this scene from theSon of God movie unfolds withcommentary from José Gómez,the current Catholic Archbishop of LosAngeles. During the Son of GodLast Supper scene, Jesus encourages theApostles not to be afraid and to trust inGod and him. The scene ends with Petertelling Jesus that he will lay down hislife for him.

    Watch the Son of God walking onwater scene along with an interview andcommentary by televangelist Joel Osteen,Senior Pastor of Houston’s LakewoodChurch, the largest church in the UnitedStates. The Son of God moviescene depicts Jesus calling out to Peter,who then gets out of his boat and proceedsto walk on water towards Jesus.

    The Bible Episode : Courage

    Easter TV: Watch

    Believing Jesus to be with them, Peter has the strength to spread his message. But Paul becomes the greatest messenger of all, taking the word into the heart of the Roman world and bringing countless followers into the faith. The word lives on.

    That wraps our special guide to The Bible series. We hope you’ll consider streaming this powerful show right now on Pure Flix. Don’t have a membership? No problem! Grab a free trial today!

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    The Bible: The Epic Miniseries

    Season 1 of The Bible has 10 episodes. Because different Netflix countries have different availability for episodes, you’ll need to check the episode listing below to see which are available in the USA.

    You can also click on any episode below to get more information on which Netflix countries it is available in.

    Noah endures God’s wrath, and Abraham reaches the promised land but still must prove his faith in God.

    Bible Black: New Testament

    The sequel series details how the mysterious Jody Crowley attempts to fulfill her grandfather‘s prophecy of the so called Woman in red, which she believes to be the girl Aki Ichikawa. Many characters from the first series make their return. Witch Reika Kitami is revived in the body of Tokken agent Kurumi Imari, and becomes Jody’s pawn as she overpowers Hiroko Takashiro and police investigator Naoto Yamanishi. The story climaxes in the Academy basement, where Jody and Kitami face off.

    The three volumes in this series are a collection of short erotic side stories that take place around the events of the first series. Some of them depict elements and characters from the first game that were not seen in the anime. For example, a scene with swim team members Miyuki Nonogusa, Kobayashi and Mikimoto. The third volume also contains a single scene of Kurumi Imari being assaulted in a location that resembles the gymnasium storage room seen in the game.

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    The Bible Episode : Kingdom

    King Saul learns too late the importance of obeying God. We also see David defeating Goliath and winning the hearts of the people. But his greed for more is his downfall, as David’s journey is a complicated one. He takes Jerusalem, and then his best friend’s wife. As we see in The Bible series, the golden age of Jerusalem is fleeting.


    Your Ultimate Guide To Watching The Bible Series On Pure Flix

    The Bible Miniseries Trailer Extended

    The Bible is filled with powerful, real-life stories and inspiration that can truly guide us on our path in life. And if you’re looking for a resource to help build your faith while experiencing stunning visual depictions of what unfolded in the Old and New Testaments, look no further than The Bible series.

    The Bible series is a 10-hour experience that is now streaming on Pure Flix! The show, which originally premiered on the History Channel, is a drama in which producers breathe fresh visual life into the sacred biblical text.


    The complete biblical story is told through The Bible series, with the show covering important events from Genesis through Revelation.

    Want a preview of The Bible series? You’re in luck! See descriptions of all 10 episodes to get a better sense of this powerful visual experience:

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    The Bible Episode : Homeland

    In the Promised Land, Joshua takes Jericho, but subsequent leaders are less focused. Samson takes on the Philistines, but by the time of prophet Samuel, the Israelites are demanding a king. God allows it, and Saul is anointed king but another man waits in the wings.

    The Bible Episode : Mission

    Jesus’ disciples share in the joy of His miracles, but not everyone is pleased to hear His message. All try to understand and comprehend what kind of leader Jesus is. They wonder, “Who is this man who can heal the sick and raise the dead?” The most almighty storm is brewing and no one could guess what is to come.

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    Even My 14 Yr Old Son Couldnt Stop Watching

    I watched the first season marathon style while stuck at home after my sons surgery. He would wander in the living room and end up staying a while, asking questions, laughing, and not looking at his phone! The last 2 episodes he stayed for the entirety of the episodes. He asked questions that could only be answered by starting over – which we did! This gave us a wonderful opportunity to not just share the gospel story, but explore the humanity of Jesus, discuss the history of the time, and answer all of his questions about the flash backs to the Old Testament. My son doesnt sit through ANY show – even major motion pictures unless we are at a movie theater. The fact that this series had him fully engaged to the point of asking questions and talking about it with me after is HUGE!! I am struck by how any license taken with the backstories or the characters personalities never veered from the biblical script – it just filled in the blank. I was expecting some deviation as weve seen so many times in Bible movies and mini series of the past. You only ENHANCED the biblical script and didnt change it in any way. I am downloading the app to watch season 2. I am 100% behind you and this movement, and I am diligently praying God uses this to mount a spiritual revolution calling people to Christ and deepening the faith of believers everywhere. God bless you and the work of your hands!!

    The Bible Episode : In The Beginning


    From perfect beginnings, mankind falters and God sends a devastating flood. The Bible series shows how Noah’s descendant Abraham is promised a people of his own, yet his wife is barren. Through it all, Abraham’s faith is put to the ultimate test as he learns what God demands of him.

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    The Bible Episode : Hope

    In Roman-occupied Jerusalem, the people crave a messiah. Then, Mary is shocked to learn she will give birth to a child of God. King Herod rages about the baby usurper to his throne, and John the Baptist prepares the people for the greatest leader yet to come.

    The Bible Episode : Passion

    On Passover day, Caiaphas tells Pilate that Jesus’ execution is necessary to keep the peace, and the disciples live through the horror of watching Jesus’ crucifixion. When He dies, the skies blacken yet, those with faith are soon to be rewarded.

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