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Bible Studies For Life Extra

Keep Families Engaged With The All

Bible Studies for Life Adults: Teaching a Session

At Home helps you provide families at home with a weekly worship service, prayer prompts, and activity ideas. Once you place your curriculum order, youll receive an email with instructions on how to access At Home and helps for communicating with families in your ministry. Available for The Gospel Project, Bible Studies for Life, and Explore the Bible.

Bible Studies For Life: Adult

Bible Studies for Life is designed to help adult groups make disciples through comprehensive, in-depth Bible study. Each year, this series addresses the eight spiritual markers found in maturing believers to ensure that participants are getting a balanced approach to discipleship. The summer studies are Never Alone and How to Love Your Neighbor . A special focus session titled Interdependent Independence is also included, which explores setting aside the freedom were given in Christ in order to encourage others and honor Jesus.

Extra Uploads On Mondays By : 00 Pm

  • How to Love Your Neighbor Session 2 will post on July 18.
  • How to Love Your Neighbor Session 3 will post on July 25.
  • How to Love Your Neighbor Session 4 will post on August 1.
  • How to Love Your Neighbor Session 5 will post on August 8.
  • How to Love Your Neighbor Session 6 will post on August 15.
  • James: Living Out Your Faith Session 1 will post on August 22.
  • James: Living Out Your Faith Session 2 will post on August 29.
  • James: Living Out Your Faith Session 3 will post on September 6.
  • James: Living Out Your Faith Session 4 will post on September 12.
  • James: Living Out Your Faith Session 5 will post on September 19.
  • James: Living Out Your Faith Session 6 will post on September 26.
  • How to Build Your Life on Gods Word session 1 will post on October 3.
  • How to Build Your Life on Gods Word session 2 will post on October 10.
  • How to Build Your Life on Gods Word session 3 will post on October 17.
  • How to Build Your Life on Gods Word session 4 will post on October 24.
  • How to Build Your Life on Gods Word session 5 will post on October 31.
  • How to Build Your Life on Gods Word session 6 will post on November 7.
  • Three Reasons for Giving Thanks special focus session will post on November 14.

Looking for a particular session that has already posted?

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The Holy Spirit Convicts Us Of Sin

One way the Helper is evident in our lives is His ministry of convicting believers of sin. Without this help, our fellowship with the heavenly Father would be strained. God is constantly pursuing His children and a close relationship with them. The Holy Spirit enables us to see where we fall short through sin, but He also shows the beauty of Gods holiness and righteousness.

The Holy Spirit Guides Us In The Truth

Bible Studies for Life: Kids Grades 1

The Helper aids us every step of the way. He is the Comforter in times of sorrow, Truth when we need knowledge and the One who convicts when we choose to stray due to sin. Just as He was with the original disciples, He desires to never leave us to navigate life alone. It is a beautiful expression of grace.

Have you ever stopped to thank the Lord for the conviction that comes with being His child? It might sound strange, but that conviction reminds you who you are and whose you are.

No one delights in the conviction brought by the Holy Spirit, but it is essential if we desire authentic growth and discipleship. Jesus loved His disciples enough to rebuke them, and we should be thankful the Holy Spirit does the same for us.

If you are a parent, you understand this concept.

We are His children, and He wants us to both know and experience living in the light of His truth.

Of course the Holy Spirit is not only for the Christian, but also for those who need the saving grace of Jesus for the first time. Without the Holy Spirit drawing a person to repentance and forgiveness, salvation would be impossible.

I still probably enjoy carbs a little too much, but hopefully having the extra set of convicting eyes from my daughter will keep me aware of my choices. So the next time the Holy Spirit lovingly reminds you of your sin, repent and thank the Lord He loves you enough to forgive you.

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Bible Studies For Life: May 29

Stay Prepared and Ready Matthew 25:1-13

Perhaps youve seen the hit TV show, Doomsday Preppers. The premise of the show is quite simple, as it records the lives and efforts of several individuals who are preparing for the end of the world as we know it.

Some people on the show are preparing for a nuclear attack, while others are preparing for an economic collapse. Whatever their belief, the one thing all participants have in common is the belief that they must be prepared. They must be ready.

As followers of Christ, we need to stay prepared and ready for the day our faith becomes sight and we see Jesus face to face. Why is this so important?

We must stay prepared and ready because the need for enduring faith will be great. Jesus tells a parable concerning ten bridesmaids who were awaiting the grooms arrival for a wedding. While we may not know all the customs concerning these times, it is evident from our passage that five of the bridesmaids were foolish because they took no oil for their lamps , and five were wise because they brought extra oil for their lamps .

The point is simple: five of the bridesmaids understood that the groom could arrive at any moment and they were prepared for his arrival, while the other five did not bring extra oil. Five were prepared to endure as they waited for the groom. The other five, instead of watching and waiting, became drowsy and slept.

Faler is senior pastor of First Church, Terry.

Jesus Sends The Holy Spirit To Us

We must not forget the Holy Spirit is God. Unfortunately, He is often the most neglected member of the Trinity. Christ reminds us one of the primary responsibilities of the Holy Spirit is that of a helper. When seeking to live a Christlike life, we are painfully aware we need help. Our help can come in ways that make us uncomfortable.

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‘the Basics’ Bible Study

To quote from the Life Application notes from 2 Peter 1:12-17 – Outstanding coaches constantly review the basics of the sport with their teams and good athletes can execute the fundamentals consistently well. In our spiritual lives we must not neglect the basics of our faith when we go on to study deeper truths. Just as an athlete needs constant practice, we need constant reminders of the fundamentals of our faith and of how we came to believe in the first place. Dont allow yourself to be bored or impatient with the messages of the basics of the Christian life. Instead, take the attitude of an athlete who continues to practice and refine the basics even as he learns more advanced skills.

So let us take the attitude of an outstanding coach and encourage others to understand and constantly review the basics of the Christian faith too. Why not start with ‘The Basics’ Bible study today : )

Click the link below to download ‘THE BASICS’ of the Christian faith study in English, Bangla, Hindi, Luganda and Tamil …

Victorious Christian Life Work-book

Bible Studies For Life Details

Lifeway Bible Studies for Life January 16 Teaching Obadiah
  • Six sessions
  • Studies are built on eight research-validated discipleship attributes
  • Ideal for groups meeting anytime, anywhere
  • Designed for leaders of all levels, from the experienced to the novice
  • Bible Study Book available in print, digital, and app formats
  • Leader Kit includes a Bible Study Book, video for each session, Leader Guide, and promotional tools

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Grow In The Grace And Knowledge Of Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ

9:30 to 10:15 am Timothy Room Our main Sunday Bible class examines books of the Bible, Christian doctrine , or other practical Christian topics. This class, for teens and adults, meets between the Sunday morning services at the same time that childrens Sunday School classes are held.
Early Risers’ Bible Study 6:00 to 7:00 am Timothy Room This small group study gathers for a weekly early-morning study of various books of the Bible selected by the group.
Midweek Bible Study

Disciple Your Church Digitally

For those that prefer digital resources for your groups, we are introducing a new curriculum experience for all ages. Using Ministry Grid’s simple, churchwide online platform, digital curriculum makes it easier than ever to:

  • Design personal discipleship experiences: curate, schedule, and modify downloadable content based on your churchs needs.
  • Distribute relevant resources to leaders: includes Bible study content and training all in one place, with simple sharing through in-app email or links.
  • Disciple the people you serve in-person or at-home: resources are designed to help you study the Bible in a group and worship together as a family

Start as low as $20 per month! Digital curriculum subscriptions are priced according to the size and needs of your groups and classes. As a result, youll save money every month while ensuring all your people are equipped for transformational discipleship.

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Descripcin De Extra Ideas For Adults How To Love Your Neighbor Session 2

Date: July 31, 2022 What Does Love Look Like? The Point: We are to love others as God loves us. Get Into the Study Use the following information to introduce Question 1. Begin by sharing this news item: In late 2017, when art historian Eric Fortada was hanging a Etienne Terrus painting in a gallery The post EXTRA! Ideas for Adults How to Love Your Neighbor Session 2 appeared first on Bible Studies for Life.

Sunday School Leader Toolbox

Bible Studies for Life Kids Grades 1

About the ToolboxThis page provides Sunday School leaders with an array of tools to use in their ministries and personal spiritual lives. Content is specific to the ministry context at FBC Garland, but principles and models are transferrable to other church settings as well.

Tools for Preparing Your Return to Sunday School on Campus

We have now seen most of our adult Sunday School classes return to meeting on campus as the pandemic’s effects recede. A few are waiting a few more weeks to return, including Amazing Grace , which has set a September 5 date for their return.

  • Most COVID protocols have been relaxed, returning us to a “near normal” condition in classrooms. Face masks are still encouraged in transit between Sunday School and Worship, but are optional once you reach the Worship Center or classroom. We are still observing social distancing.
  • Hybrid Classroom Option for Adult Classes Many of the returning classes are choosing to operate in hybrid form when they return . This procedure paper outlines all the details related to the hybrid classrom option – conducting classes using Zoom and in-person teaching at the same time.

FBCG Online Community Access to get tips and instructions on accessing and using our online community, called First Focus.

Weekly Lesson Supplemental Materials

Explore the Bible: to view the curriculum plan through 2023. .

Bible Studies for Life: to view the curriculum plan through 2022.

Online Bible Study Tools

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