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Bible Study Topics For Youth

Christianity/relationship With God Youth Sermons

God Looks At The Heart (Kids’ Bible Lesson: David and Goliath)

Few teenagers have an organized life of discipleship, and thats why it is important to help them understand the rhythms and routines of Christian faith. Teaching youth to find their own expression and practice of faith will enable them to take ownership of their beliefs and create stability in their relationship with God.

Christianity/Relationship With God Youth Sermons

What does prayer time look like?

Why its important to pray

What are spiritual disciplines

What service or mission is God calling you to?

Why its important to read the Bible

Why its important to share your relationship with God with others

Why its important to go worship

Moving your relationship with God from only at church to everywhere you go

Does God care if I pray?

What should my prayer life look like?

How to read the Bible

What are the first books or passages in the Bible I should read

How do you become a Christian?

How do you know you are a Christian?

Memorizing Scripture verse living Scripture

Should you be instantly changed when you become a Christian?

Why does God care about sin?

Are there big sins and little sins?

Does God hear prayers before you are saved?

What does God do/think if you mess up and sin?

What does forgiveness from God look like?

Who should I pray to God The Father? Jesus? Holy Spirit? All?

Youth Bible Study Lessons Games And Guides

Bible resources designed to help youth understand Bible verses and scriptures is an important part of any youth ministry. Youth Bible games are particularly useful for getting children excited about the messages in the Bible. In addition, there are many youth Bible lessons and study guides that can be used to explain Bible verses to youth and help answer questions they may have.

Teaching kids with Christian resources that are designed for youth helps explain important messages of the Bible in terms that they can understand. Youth ministry is about getting children excited about the Bible and Christianity, so it is important to use the right study guides in your youth ministry and groups.

If you would like to purchase youth Bible resources you can find a wide selection of products at Some popular youth Bible products include:

Kids Small Group Bible Study Ideas

Similar to Sunday school lessons, when considering bible study ideas for kids, youll want to be sure to make the studies interactive to help keep their interest and also help them to better remember the lesson. Yes, it can be a bit like herding cats. You can include activities like coloring pages or puzzles or working as a group on short memory verses as well as singing songs that apply to the verse or lesson topic.

Here are some kids bible study topic ideas to consider:

  • God can do all things
  • Put on the armor of God
  • Gods forgiveness
  • Bible story: Mary & Martha
  • Bible story: Apostle Peter

Keeping ideas simple, shortening study time, and including activities will help a kids study go a little smoother.

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Being A Disciple Of Christ

What does it mean to follow Christ? That is the question on which the New Testament is focused on answering. Study the life of Christ and His followers, but dont stop there in learning how to live for the Lord. A great place to start your study is Romans chapter 12, I wrote a summary that you may want to review here: Romans 12: Bible Study and Summary. This chapter, as well as the rest of Romans, tells practical things that a disciple of Christ should be doing.

Picking A Bible Study Topic And Beginning Your Study

Free Youth Bible Study Worksheets With Printable Lessons For Kjv  db ...

Many times daily life gives us questions and topics that we want answers to, and these make excellent Bible study topics. But sometimes we arent exactly sure what would be helpful to study, and we would like to pick from a list of Bible study topics. If that is what you are looking for, we hope the 150 topics below will be a helpful starting place for you.

Once you have a topic, you still need a method for finding the relevant passages about that topic in your Bible. Concordances and topical Bibles can help. A concordance allows you to look up every time a word related to your topic is used in the Bible. Online and electronic concordances also let you search for combinations of words or a phrase.

Topical Bibles are put together to group relevant passages together. These can be helpful, but keep in mind that they generally wont include every possible Bible passage and will reflect the background and doctrinal beliefs of the people who compiled them.

See our article about Bible Study Tools for more information about how to use a concordance and other tools. You might also find it helpful to search our site about the topic you are interested in.

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Bible Study For Youth Topics

There are a number of Bible Study topics for kids that any child can use. The Bible, in the book of Job, states Young men gather around me yes, I always tell them everything I know. However, if you think about it, what youth hears three hours of preaching every week thats applicable to their lives? Conservative Christian churches are a brilliant place for teenagers to learn how to apply the Bible to their own lives. There are important Bible studies for youth that is useful in learning how they should behave in their surroundings with other people.This article discusses Short Bible Study Topic.

Bible study for youth topics can be hard to find. However, what you need to keep in mind is that true Bible study will have five key topics always involved. These are the things that make it the book that it is and they are God, Man, Christ, the Holy Spirit and salvation. These Bible study for youth topics will help provide a direction for your youth groups Bible study. Youll also see more on Christian Youth Topics.

Risk Vs Reward Printable Lesson

God wants to take us on adventures, but our apathy and fear often hinders us from trusting him. Exploring the risk-vs- reward factor that goes into any decision will help students grasp how God challenges our apathy with the adventure of following him. Students will be challenged about what risks they may be called to take as they join Gods adventure.

Root Suggestion: This lesson ties into the Kingdom Root. The Kingdom Root helps students understand how to live in the Kingdom of God every day

Heres whats inside:

  • Facilitator Guide
  • Media and Graphics

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Dont Miss All Our Free Resources For Youth Pastors And Student Ministry Leaders We Add New Games And Activities Every Sunday

We hope you love our free lessons for student ministry, but dont miss our growing list of fun youth group game ideas. When I was a teenager, the youth ministry room had a closet of board games. Thats cool, but modern youth leaders can do much better. Our fun game ideas connect Gods Word with the real life of young people.

Salvation/evangelistic/making Commitment To Jesus Youth Sermons

The Beginner’s Bible Curriculum – Lesson 1

There may be seasons and times when youll want to challenge students even more directly than usual to make commitments to Jesus. The following is a list of various approaches you might take for lessons that you hope will lead to youth accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Salvation/Evangelistic/Making Commitment To Jesus Youth Sermons

What does it look like to be saved?

How does a person become saved?

What do you actually need saved from?

What to think if you think youve already made a commitment to Jesus but you arent sure

What to think if youre the only person in your family who is a Christian.

What to think if most of your friends are not Christian.

How did Jesus death atone for sin?

First steps to take after accepting Jesus as Lord of your life

What does the Holy Spirit do after you accept Jesus?

Should you be instantly changed when you become a Christian?

Should you feel different inside when youre saved?

Does God treat you differently when you become a Christian?

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The Gospels General Topics Youth Sermons

Helping youth understand the basic background, theology, and concepts in the Gospels will create a basis for better understanding Jesus ministry and teaching. Many of these topics synthesize broad and core elements of our faith. These are great topics for introducing more Bible study to a group, or helping students who have a fragmented understanding of Jesus ministry and what it means.

The Gospels General Topics Youth Sermons

What is the Kingdom of Heaven?

Parables about the Kingdom of Heaven

Parables about Gods love

Parables about Gods judgment and justice

Did Jesus family believe He was God?

What Jesus did in His 3 Year Ministry

Why did Jesus heal people?

Why did Jesus feed/serve others?

What does Incarnation mean?

Why did Jesus have to become a human being?

How was Jesus both fully human and fully God?

Why did Jesus primarily train 12 people?

Examination of individual disciples background

The character and development of Peter

The role of women in Jesus ministry

Jesus love and respect for his mother

Did Jesus know he was God?

What were the peoples expectation of the Messiah?

The relationship/competition between Jesus and the Pharisees

A look at Jesus family

Jesus as a person born into an oppressed and conquered society

What is the race of Jesus?

What did Jesus look like?

Where was Jesus before His birth?

How To Be Christs Disciple

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We are quite certain that this is one of the youth topics that should be interesting for both you and your charges. After all, it is often hard to make them listen to you, let alone some guy in the sky they have never seen before. That is why you should turn to the New Testament and teach them about Jesus and his followers. We recommend you begin with Romans 12, but it is your call.

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Teaching Methods & Ideas For Youth Ministry

It’s also important to teach teens how to study the Bible for themselves. Grahame Knox has provided severalcreative Bible study methodsfor youth leaders to use to teach teens how to enjoy studying God’s Word through a variety of techniques.

Still another “out-of-the-box” method to get your teens inspired to engage in Bible study is to useChristian books for teens. Both fiction and non-fiction Christian books can be used as tools to stimulate youth’s interest in God’s Word.

Youth devotionscan give scriptures and topic ideas around which a lesson may revolve.These also may be used for short youth talks or even discussion startersfor a lesson.

Youth Bible study lessons need to be upfront and honest, as well as unique and fun. With over 100creative teaching ideas,including free youth Bible lessons revolving around games, Christianobject lessons, or other unique Bible activity, you will be equipped todo just that.

Use Scripture to create a Bible“Treasure Hunt”for a fun way to get youth into searching the Scriptures.

Another great free resource is Bible Games Central which is all about conveying Bible truths through fun and captivating activities. They believe like we do that learning the Bible should never be boring! At, you will find a variety of games suitable for children, youths and even adults. Each game comes with Bible learning points, recommended scripture passages and discussion questions.

The Most Important Factor In Bible Study Growth

free printable kjv bible study lessons free printable

There is one factor that will either help your bible study attendance grow or cause it to die:

Are you stuck using a âGmail threadâ?

Are you relying on âchurch announcementsâ every Sunday?

Even worseâan ever-expanding text-thread?

If you rely on these methods as your primary modes of communication, your Bible study will not substantially grow.

Hereâs the good news:

You can use a church management software that schedules your Bible study, allows people to register through your church-specific app, and sends push notifications and emails to all interested members.

People donât look at their âFYIâ emails.

People donât read 5+ unread message group-threads .

People do look at push notifications and they donât find them annoying.

Use Tithe.lyâs ChMS at your church to rapidly increase member engagement, Bible study attendance, and the efficiency of your church.

Your members will really appreciate it, and it is a more excellent and efficient way to steward the resources of the church and carry out Jesus Christ’s call to rightly handle Godâs word and make disciples .

Get your church using Tithe.lyâs church management software today. Itâs easy to sign up, and it will make your life and ministry much easier.

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Elements Of Youth Group Lessons And Meetings

Even though leaders and young pastors may conduct youth group meetings how they feel God is directing them, certain general principles might be:

  • Opening invocation
  • Application ideas for life
  • Final prayers and prayer requests

The sharing of personal experiences of how Christ is at work in the lives of adults or teenagers, youth group games, selecting a group name, relevant DVD clips, and the opening praise and worship music are additional elements that could be incorporated.

For youth group meetings, its crucial to have a security strategy that includes sign-in procedures, parental or leader help, and other security measures.

God Is Always Watching Me

  • God Is Always Watching Me
  • God Is Always With Me
  • God Is Always Listening To Me
  • God Is Always Helping Me
  • God Is Always Guiding Me
  • God Is Always Protecting Me

7 God is always loving me

  • Dont let evil overcome you.
  • Dont let evil overcome your heart.
  • Dont let evil overcome your mind.
  • Dont let evil overcome your soul.
  • Dont let evil overcome your spirit .

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Jesus Sermon On The Mount

In his Sermon on the Mount , Jesus covers loads of topics of interest and relevance to young people. These include obedience, witnessing, relationships, enemies, giving, prayer, wealth, worrying, judging and salvation. Jesus sermon opens with the Beatitudes, which make great youth Bible study topics on their own!

Fruits Of The Spirit For Kids

The Power of Words Kids Devotional Video: James 3 Bible Story for Kids (Sharefaith Kids)

How you address the fruits of the spirit for kids really depends on the age you are teaching. When my kids are young, we make fruit salad together, talk about what each fruit is and then connect it to a spiritual fruit. In the end, they laugh and smile as they eat peace, joy, gentleness, etc.

The best way to teach any kid the fruit of the spirit is to model it to them. Obviously, we are not perfect parents and constantly modeling the fruits of the spirit would be a lot of pressure.

This is where role playing comes in. I highly recommend you and the kids acting out how to be gentle, how to show patience, what joy looks like etc. You will find that these little charades will be an eye opening experience and leave a lasting impression.

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Go Where God Leads You In Youth Group Lessons

Every youth pastor is aware of the fact that plans nearly never come to fruition. If you are leading a lesson about donning the armor of God and a youth member suddenly admits that he got drunk the previous weekend and feels he has failed God, it is acceptable to stray slightly off course and address a big issue that many other youth members may be struggling with as well.

If the students bring up subjects, you can be sure that such subjects are crucial to their relationship with God on a spiritual level. Therefore, while planning a lesson is necessary, understanding when to put the material aside and focus only on ministering to your youth is even more crucial.

What We Should Teach Students

When we lose sight of the core truths of the Gospel, we arent sure what Bible lessons to teach students about Scripture. As a result, students graduate from our ministries with critical gaps in their knowledge of the faith.

  • Perhaps your students know the story of Jonah, but theyve missed the person of Jesus.
  • Maybe your students are avid rule-followers, but theyve forgotten theyre saved by grace.
  • It could be that your students love God, but they know nothing about his true character as described in his Word.
  • Or maybe your students would prefer to create and define their own identities rather than accepting what God says about who they are.

Gaps can take on a number of shapes and sizes. But the results are most often the same. Like seeds planted in rocky soil, students look healthy as they sprout up, but many will soon wither away and fall to the wayside because they werent rooted deep in the soil.

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Teen Small Group Bible Study Ideas

Teens are going to want to know how the bible study topics relate to their lives. Helping teens feel comfortable and wanting to keep coming back and engage in a small group bible study may involve snacks, games, and fun icebreaker questions . Think back to when you were that age and how awkward you often felt to overcome those feelings for your group of teens.

Here are some teen bible study topic ideas to consider:

  • Temptation understanding & overcoming
  • How to read the Bible
  • Ephesians armor for spiritual battle
  • Psalms comfort in tough times

Including great discussions, and sometimes pizza parties, along with relating topics to real-life teen struggles will help your group to come back for more.


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