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How Can I Listen To The Bible

Does Audiobooks Have The Bible

How To Use Alexa To Listen To The Bible

The books of the Bible are arranged in an order that helps you hear the unfolding drama more easily. Each book of the Bible is accompanied by an introduction that invites you to find the story behind the story, unlocking the context of the book of the Bible so that you experience a more in-depth listening experience.

Niv Audio Bible: Listen Online For Free

Listen free to the complete New International Version Audio Bible, narrated by acclaimed actor Max McLean.

When the books of the Bible were first written, most recipients experienced them with their ears. The apostle Pauls letters, for example, were read aloud to the local church communities who received them.

Listening is a great way for you to experience the Bible, too. Whether youre not much of a reader, or you want to take Gods Word with you wherever you go, try listening to the Bible.

Finding Your Audio Bibles In The Library

The first step to using an audio Bible is opening it! To do so, open the library. Its the icon at the top of the app with three books.

Boom, library is opened. But maybe you only see books. There is a way to toggle between your books, your audio, and all your books and audio. Simply tap the top of the window where there is a down arrow. A filter will expand like so:

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Best Ways To Listen To The Bible

For most of church history the only way to hear from the Word of God was to have it read aloud to you. But while most of us thankfully now have access to printed Bibles, listening to the Word is still a great way to take in the Scriptures. And now because of advances in technology, we can listen to the Bible at almost any time.

The great thing about listening to the Bible is you can do it while you are otherwise occupied. Driving, exercising, or even just cleaning up around the house become opportunities to redeem the time by listening to the very words of God.

Last week I asked on Twitter what your favorite ways of listening to the Bible are and got a ton of great responses:

Im going to be talking about audio Bibles next week on and Im curious:Whats your favorite way of listening to the Bible? What apps, audiobook Bibles, websites, etc. do you use?

Reagan Rose

I sifted through those responses and created a list of my five picks for the best way to listen to the Bible. You can watch the video here or keep reading for a summary of the five best ways to listen to the Bible.

There are options here for everyone, from apps to podcasts to good old-fashioned audio books.

Is There A Free App That Reads The Bible To You

How to hear the voice of God (The Holy Spirit) 1

YouVersion Bible is completely free and lets you listen to books, chapters and verses of the Bible. You can listen to daily Reading Plans that you subscribe to in the Bible App and even pray over your prayer list. Download the free Bible App for iPhone/iPad, Android devices and Amazon tablets at bible.com/app.

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Engage Differently With Audio Bibles

You also may discover that you can find new takeaways by listening.

This is similar to the differences you may find in reading an email and having a person talk to you over the phone.

Inflections can bring text to life, providing more emotion and context. While reading Pauls sometimes long-winded letters, you may get lost and lose sight of the point of the sentence. But by listening, you may actually be able to engage different with the text than ever before.

Wonderful Tool For Discipleship

There are so many positive things I could say about Dwell but a top three would be the following: First, Dwell is an app that has something to offer everyone. Whether you are just beginning a rhythm of regular Bible reading or are a lifelong Christian who desires a new, beautiful and accessible way to engage scripture, Dwells myriad reading plans, translations, devotional series, and interactive features allow one to tailor the app to their individual needs. Second, Dwell is always evolving to become a better, fuller Bible reading experience. The recent update which implemented the read along feature changed the game. I used to need to grab my Bible, make sure it was the right translation, and then follow along that way. But now, I can listen and read along all in the app. I trust that the Dwell team will only keep revising and improving the app experience. Third, and most importantly, it is so evident that the Dwell teams motivation for creating this app is that they love the Lord and, by way of this app, they want to enable and foster a love of Bible reading in others. The result is a wonderful tool of discipleship that is always improving and accessible to all people regardless of where they are in their journey of faith.I love this app so much, I cant recommend it highly enough!

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Engage Holistically With Audio Bibles

Ancient Near-Eastern societies were hearing dominant. They didnt have much that compares to books and authors like we do today. Instead, all information was shared orally. Traditions and stories were passed on, generation by generation, through word of mouth. This may seem incredibly impressivebut, think about how many songs you know the words to, without ever seeing them written down. If you hear something enough times, youre sure to remember it.

In our days of writing and reading, authority is often found in books and authors. But, in hearing-dominant societies, authority remains in tradition and community. We can see this play out even after Jesus leaves. The Gospels werent written immediately after the ascension. Instead, for years the disciples shared the good news by word-of-mouth. The stories of Jesus life belonged to the Christian community and were preserved by their constant re-hashing of events.

There are many important reasons for us to have Scripture written down. But, when you listen to the Bible read aloud, you are participating in an ancient tradition. Its nice to step back, close your eyes, and hear Gods Word spoken over you like Christians and Jews experiences for centuries.

Resources To Help You Listen

Tutorial: Listen to bible (And Bible 2.13 )

Here are a few ideas for resources you can use:

Obviously, we should still read the Word of God. But listening to the Bible for a change can provide a wonderful addition.

Tell me what you think: Have you ever listened to the Bible? To leave a comment, just .

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Reasons You Should Try Listening To The Bible For A Change

Im all for reading the Bible. But I think we should include listening to the Word as well. Here are just 4 reasons why:

  • You may learn better by listening to the Bible. But be sure to know your learning style. Im a visual learner more than an auditory one. I remember better when I read something than when I hear it. Ive started reading the One Year Bible on my iPad Mini. I love it.
  • Listening to the Bible slows you down. If youre like me, you can read quickly, and its tempting to read our daily devotions with the same speed as the morning paper. Listening to the Bible allows you to process what youre hearing more slowlyand in a different way.
  • Listening to the Bible can save you time. I originally tried listening to the Bible on my commute to save time. And it did. But I found a surprising additional benefit.
  • Listening to the Bible gives you insights you can miss while reading it. Youll never guess which book I enjoyed listening to the mostthe Book of Job. For years when Id read the book of Job, I would enjoy the first two chapters and the last few. But that LONG middle section was tough sledding. But the boring debate between Job and his friends came to life when I listened to it. Give it a try.
  • A Smaller Covenant: Pay Attention And Listen

    In addition to these major covenants, there is also a smaller covenant promise made between God and the Israelites that can be found in the book of Exodus chapter 23. Moses penned the book of Exodus in order to tell the story of the Israelites flight out of bondage and it was written as a reminder to the people of Israel about the number of times God provided for their needs. In this book, God outlined specific laws and instructions that the people were to follow from laws governing the Sabbath, to laws of justice and mercy, guidance on social responsibility and even specifics on holding the annual feasts and festivals.

    In Exodus 23:20-22, God continues to teach and give instruction to the Israelites by outlining a conditional promise to the people:

    See, I am sending an angel ahead of you to guard you along the way and to bring you to the place I have prepared. Pay attention to him and listen to what he says. Do not rebel against him he will not forgive your rebellion, since my Name is in him. If you listen carefully to what he says and do all that I say, I will be an enemy to your enemies and will oppose those who oppose you.

    In verse 22, God specifically told the people that if they listen carefully and did all that He said to do, then He would protect them by becoming an enemy to their enemies and opposing those who opposed them. Make the following notations about this Scripture: Pay attention, listen and do all.

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    A Bible Designed To Help You Get Swept Up Into Gods Word

    The ESV Reader’s Bible, Six-Volume Set: With Chapter and Verse Numbers is produced with materials and formatting that provide a unique reading experience fitting for Gods holy Word.

    Printed on high-quality book paper with a smyth-sewn binding and packaged in an elegant slipcase, this edition features single-column text typeset like a novel, with verse and chapter numbers laid out in a subtle and unobtrusive way.

    Perfect for use with Bible reading plans, personal Bible reading, or family devotions, this edition invites the reader to slow down and delight in the beauty of Gods Word.

    Available in both a cloth over board edition and a premium cowhide over board edition in a solid walnut slipcase, the ESV Readers Bible, Six-Volume Set: With Chapter and Verse Numbers is a great option for those eager to jumpstart their daily Bible reading or looking for a meaningful gift for a friend or family member.

    Engage More With Audio Bibles

    How can I hear from God?

    Often, the sweetest moments of being a child of God are found in intentional silence, quietly reading or writing. It is definitely important to find this quiet alone time, where we can humbly meet with God.

    However, if you have kids, a job, or the need to go buy groceries once in awhile, then you know this quiet alone time can be hard to attain.

    But audio Bibles can help fill in the gaps.

    Say you only have 40 minutes left before you need to get the kids ready for bed. You havent exercised or read the Bible today. Instead of feeling torn between two healthy activities, combine them. Listen to an audio Bible while you run, taking care of both your soul and your body.

    You can also get creative. Think of activities you do during the day that require your hands and eyes, but your ears are free to listen. What about:

    • driving
    • getting ready in the morning

    Youre sure to think of many other opportunities to listen to Gods Word.

    Lastly, we wouldnt recommend that you replace intentional quiet time with this multi-tasking-Bible-listening. Like we said before, audio Bibles can help fill in the gaps. They can help you engage more. Find ways to use them throughout the day to get an extra dose of Gods Word that you couldnt have before.

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    How To Listen The Audio Bible For Free

    by |

    Im going on a wild adventure during Lent this year. And Im inviting you to join me. As Ive prayed this year, Ive sensed the need to dive back into the Scriptures anew during Lent.

    If you have a commute, errands, and like to take a walk each day, you can listen to an audio version of the Bible. About 30 minutes of Bible listening a day for forty daysand youll have covered the whole New Testament!

    Many have been asking how to listen to the audio Bible for free. Here are several options on how to download or stream the audio Bible on your phones or computers for free:

  • Listen with your YouVersion App. Download YouVersiona free Bible app on the iPhone or Android. Open one of the versions of the Bible . Click on the speaker icon at the bottom of the page to adjust audio settings. Click on the long green play button to play or pause. Be sure to be connected to Wi-Fi while listening on YouVersion to ensure you dont reach your data limit too quickly.
  • Stream Scripture on your computer at BibleGateway.comor TheStreamingBible.com. Both of these resources offer free streaming of audio Bible versions. You can even choose who narrates and whether it is dramatized or read with an English accent.
  • Bible.is offers a free Audio Bible download in dozens of different languages and versions.
  • How To Extract A Bible Audio Book And Copy It To Your Mobile Device

    Many of these Bible audio books download as zip files. These are compressed files that save storage space on the web server and download faster than the original MP3. You cannot play the zip file right away, you have to extract it first and then play it.

    Heres how:

  • If you use Windows, highlight the file and right click. Select Extract here if the option appears or Open with and select Winzip or WinRAR. if you dont have either of those installed as it is free.
  • If you use a Mac, you just need to double click the zip file for it to automatically be extracted. The files will be deposited in the same location as the zip file.
  • Connect your mobile device to your computer using a USB cable.
  • Wait for your computer to recognize your device.
  • Open your device on the computer and navigate to the Music folder.
  • Open another window and find the MP3 file you just extracted.
  • Drag the MP3 file from one window into the other. The computer will take care of the rest.
  • Once loaded onto your mobile device, you just need to locate the file on the device and either select it to play or open your media player and point it to the MP3.

    How To Pay with LetGo

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    How To Listen To Scripture

    You dont have to have forty minutes of city walking to carve out time to listen to the Bible. You can do it while you make your dinner, while youre driving, while youre getting ready for bed. If youre distracted, just listen to that section again. Or move on. If you want to hit pause and think about what you heard, do it.

    Were living in a good moment for audio Bibles. Here are a few options for you to consider:

  • YouVersions Bible app is straightforward. It offers reading plans and highlighting options. You can read along as you listen, or do either option by itself.
  • If you have kids, try Faith Comes By Hearings Bible.is app. Its a dramatized version. Mosess and Pharaohs exchanges are heated the sound of a horde of flies buzzing underscores the horror of the plagues.
  • Biblica offers the NIV Bible read by actor Max McClean, whose deep resonant voice emphasizes the weightiness of Scripture.
  • The newDwell app is scheduled to be released this year . The voices youll hear reading Scripture are those of ordinary people who love the Bible, enhanced by original music.
  • The International Bible Society

    Is It Better to Read the Bible Or to Listen to the Bible Being Read? LIVE Q& A for July 15, 2021

    The International Bible Society also offers New Testament bibles for download. This site also offers the entire Bible in one download or different books as their own download. The full book is 654MB and comes as a zip file. As above, download to your computer and extract the file. Copy the MP3 across to your mobile device for offline listening.

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    Bible Verses About Listening

    Listening is a very important concept in the Bible. We are commanded to listen to Gods instructions. The Bible also teaches us to love others and listening to them is a way that we communicate love.


    Taking the time to listen to truly listen to someone can truly communicate our love and respect even more than out spoken words.

    If a person feels the need to tell you the same story countless times, there is a reason. It is either important to their heart or they feel it is important for you to know. Be kind, be attentive, be patient and perhaps you will be the one God uses to help them move past where they are stuck.

    Lead by listening to be a good leader you have to be a great listener.

    Listen and silent are spelled with the same letters. Think about it.

    God speaks to those who take time to listen, and He listens to those who take time to pray.

    Prayer at its highest is a two-way conversation and for me the most important part is listening to Gods replies. Frank Laubach

    The importance of listening

    Repeatedly in Scripture we see commands to listen. Far too often we get preoccupied with our lives and our stressors and we fail to see what God is trying to teach us. Here are a few examples of times that people were commanded to stop and listen in the Bible.

    1) Proverbs 1:5 A wise man will hear and increase in learning, And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel.

    Listening is an act of love

    Listening to others

    Listening in ministry


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