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How To Begin To Study The Bible

Read Through Cover To Cover

STUDYING THE BIBLE FOR BEGINNERS 2020: How to study the Bible for beginners & where to start reading

Its hard to dig deep into Scripture using this method, but you do get a good, broad overview when you read through the Bible cover to cover. Many who choose this Bible study method read through the Bible in one year, using a seven days a week plan or a five days a week plan. I like the five day plan because it gives you two days without a reading assignment, so you can catch up if youve fallen behind or dig a little deeper if something stood out to you.

Another Method Of Book Study Is Called The Synthetic Method

For example, the Book of Exodus tells the history of the children of Israel from the death of Joseph in Egypt until the erecting of the tabernacle in the wilderness in the time of Moses. This covers approximately 400 years.

The principles of Bible book study, whether inductive or synthetic, are very similar. Such study will require more time than the previous methods mentioned, but it will be amply rewarding.

Saltinductive Bible Study Method

Developed by Abby Rike from Rock This to help others stay focused while digging into the Word with what little time they might have. This method was designed for busy people and is a nice combination of both deep prayer and Bible study.

S Supplication Start with a real, deep, heart-felt prayer. Prepare yourself to hear from God by clearing the spiritual air. Tell him everything thats on your mind.

A Absorb Meditate on the verse or verses write it out say it out loud.

L Learn Read around the verses you are studying. Take in the verse above and below it so you can get a context. Questions may arise in your mind. Go with your curiosity. Write down the questions and do further research to answer them.

T Thanksgiving Offer another prayer to God but this time, only include things you are grateful for.

Y You This step is optional but powerful. How will you apply the verse to your life?

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How To Study The Bible: A Master Toolset On Bible Study For Beginners

When I first became a Christian, I had no idea how to study the Bible.

Thatâs why I went on a wild quest to understand this book.

I abandoned my previous lifelong goals of attending West Point and instead applied last-minute to a Bible college, where I learned Greek and Hebrew in order to read the Bible in the original languages. And add onto that an M.Div. and a Ph.D. in theology and, 14 years later, it was very clear to me:

Bible study doesnât have to be complicated.

Yes, of course, the Bible is a bottomless ocean of mystery, historical complexity, and documentary fragmentation. However, its divine author preserved it in exactly the form he desired across millennia of authors and scribes, jumping parchment to parchment, from Paulâs parchment to our smartphones.

Here, I am going to explain to you a very simple way of reading and applying the Bible in a way that you can understand, which will grow with you as your understanding of Scripture grows.

Weâll cover:

  • How to personally deepen Bible study
  • Letâs dig in!

    Soap Bible Study Method And Other Acronyms

    How to Start Reading the Bible in 2021

    There are so many of these amazing acronyms to help you with your Bible study. The one Ive seen most often is SOAP , but there are dozens of others that you can try. I dont personally use one of these methods right now, so Im not the right person to guide you through them, but this guide is a thorough walk-through of 11 of these methods.

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    Read Each Verse In Multiple Translations

    Another exercise that can be extremely helpful as youre learning how to study the Bible for beginners is studying the Word in multiple translations.

    Remember: The original Bible texts werent written in English. The English versions we read today are just translations, and not every translation always gets it right. Even something as simple as switching a and the can make a huge difference in meaning.

    While most of these differences dont change the meaning enough to be noticeable during daily Bible reading, they can make a huge difference when youre trying to study a concept and form a doctrinal belief.

    Therefore, youll want to look over at least a few different translations to make sure that the one youre reading fits in line with what Bible scholars as a whole think it means.

    Thankfully, you dont need a whole stack of Bibles of various translations in order to compare. You can do this incredibly easily right on Bible Hub. Simply search for the verse youre researching, and scroll down.

    This is a fantastic resource for anyone learning how to study the Bible for beginners. And I still use it all the time to help me better know how to understand the Bible. I love how easy it makes to compare multiple translations all in one place with just a few clicks of the keyboard.

    What Do You Need To Get Started Studying The Bible

    The bible is the most important book youll ever read, so here are a few helpful items on how to get started with bible study today.

    • A bible. There are many different translations and bible styles that have different focuses . I highly suggest one that includes cross-references .
    • A journal. Youll want to write down thoughts, observations, and questions as you study the Bible. This will help keep your work organized in a binder or notebook. You can use a simple notepad or a guided Bible study journal.
    • Pens, highlighters, and post-it notes. Tip: most Bibles have thin pages, so make sure your bible pens and highlighters dont bleed through by testing a small spot first.
    • Concordance. Though this is optional, a concordance is a beneficial tool. You can use the concordance to find specific words in the bible and see where those words are used in other bibles passages. Some Bibles also include cross-references showing where verses are used or relate to other parts of the bible.
    • A good attitude and a willingness to learn new things about Gods word!

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    How To Start Bible Study: What To Expect From Bible Reading

    I heard this great anecdote from a video a few months ago. We often come to the Bible hoping or even expecting to get that amazing, awe-inspiring feeling of connection with God. But that moment is like going out to your favorite restaurant on your birthday its exciting, memorable, and you look forward to it all year. By comparison, most of the time, our everyday meals are simple, unmemorable, or even boring. Our everyday meals may not stand out, but our bodies notice if we skipped them.

    By the same vein, we may not have an incredible moment of connection with God every time that we open our Bibles. But we still benefit from the everyday moments of Bible study that may feel less memorable. Every time you open your Bible, youre opening yourself up to a deeper connection with God. Youre nourishing your mind and soul. Youre strengthening your faith, even if it doesnt feel like it. Just because you dont feel much, dont give up.

    How To Start Your Bible Study

    Where Do I Start to Study the Bible? | How to Study the Bible with Joyce Meyer

    Bible Study. It seems like something a bit foreign when you first become a Christian. Or maybe you have been a Christian for a while, but you dont know where to begin, or maybe youve started, but you arent sure on the why or the how.

    Well, Ive got you!

    Im a fairly new Christian, though we are coming up to a year when I began to question, but I am new to Bible Study, and through the research Ive been doing for myself, I thought I should put together a little guide for other people who might be in my situation.

    So I give to you, the 70 Percentecostal Guide to Studying the Bible The What, When, Why, and How.

    And as a bonus to, I have a little template for you at the end so you can also get going on your own study.


    To put it as simply as I can, Bible Study is the act that we as Christians undertake by reading and studying the Bible. This is where we read the Word as God intended for us to learn, we learn the history of our faith, how we came to where we are now, and how we need to conduct ourselves going forward.

    Some Christians call this Devotion rather than study, though in some traditions Devotion has a different meaning and practice. To keep everything very simple, I am simply going to refer to Bible Study in this post.


    Many Christians aim to participate in Bible Study every day, some once a week, others in between somewhere.


    The Bible says that those who hunger and thirst after righteousness will be filled


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    Psalminductive Bible Study Method

    I discovered this method purely by accident while I was researching another method. It was developed by Carey over at Words of Faith, Hope and Love. To use this method, you will need to have an understanding of the history and context of biblical writings.

    Also, it is recommended for use over many days with one single scripture portion. Here is a description of each step. It is best used to engage whole chapters or books of the Bible.

    P Paraphrasethe passage verse by verse. Write out each verse in your own words.

    S Studythe text by making close observations, reading from different translations, and noticing themes.

    A Analyse each word in the text. Note words which are repeated or contrasting or that may appear to be key to understanding the text. Select some of these words to be further studied in Greek or Hebrew.

    L Learn from the word by using cross-reference. Look up related passages and write out how these related verses connect with or deepen your understanding of the verses you started out your study with.

    M Meditate on the word. After going through all the previous steps, you should have some notes. Read through them and journal your thoughts under three heading questions: What is a summary of what I have learned? What do I think about it? What will I do with this new knowledge?

    Final Thoughts: What Is The Best Way To Study The Bible

    Although there are many different Bible study methods and opinions about how to study as long as you are in Gods Word, youre on the right track.

    Im reminded of John 16:13, that the Spirit will guide you into all the Truth. With the Holy Spirit working in you and guiding you, youre well on your way to a deeper understanding of Gods heart for his people. Hell guide you into knowing and understanding the Truth youre longing for.

    This is only the beginning of a rich, life-giving journey! Its rewards are priceless and eternal, and well worth the effort.

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    Bible Reading Plan For Beginners

    If you are ready to commit and dive into the whole Bible then you need a Bible reading plan. Then you dont have to think of where to start reading the Bible, you read it all!

    When reading the Bible all the way through there are two main ways to do it.

    One way is just from cover to cover. This is often the easiest place to start.

    *Sometimes Bible reading plans include the books in a different order to break up some of the longer story sections and make it easier to read!

    You can also follow a chronological order of reading. The way the Bible is currently published is not necessarily the order the books were written in.

    When looking at context we realize a few books actually repeat stories of others.

    This kind of Bible reading plan is often as a way to go deeper after reading it through at least once cover to cover.

    Its good to mix things up and read the Bible both ways!

    This year Ive read the entire Bible all the way through for the first time. It taught me so much about the bigger picture of the Bible and how Gods plan was happening throughout.

    I even took on a challenge that is only for those who are really ready for a big commitment I read it through in 60 days. Check it out here!

    If you are looking for a Bible Reading Plan for the entire Bible here it is! This one will go back and forth on the Old Testament and New Testament everyday!

    Look Up The Historical Context

    How to Start Studying the Bible for Beginners â Updated 2021

    Many Bibles will give you some historical context at the start of each book. What was happening during the time of this book? Who were the major figures at the time? What was society like? What was the original language? Understanding the historical context will go a long way with studying any specific chapters or verses.

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    How To Start A Bible Study Group

    Many churches offer Bible studies for women. All you have to do is sign up. But, a lot of churches do not offer Bible studies for women because the churches are too small or have no one to lead the way.

    What if you really want to do a Bible study and would rather do it in community with other women rather than by yourself? Maybe you have been thinking about starting a Bible study and inviting others to join you, but that thought terrifies you. Now may be the time to step out in faith and just do it. In this article, I will take you through the step-by-step process for launching a Bible Study group.

    Begin Your Study With Prayer

    No matter when or where you study, it is always a good idea to begin your study with sincere prayer. Start by addressing God. Then ask Him for wisdom and understanding as you read. Ask for specific guidance to your life. When youre done, end your prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. Praying before we study shows God that we are humble and want His help and direction.

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    Bible Study Through Biography

    The Bible is a record of Gods revealing Himself to people and through people. The Old Testament as well as the New is rich in such biographical studies. Here are a few:

    • Noah: Genesis 5:3210:32
    • Deborah: Judges 4 5

    Let us summarize various methods for studying the great Bible biographies:

  • Read the Bible book or passages in which this persons life is prominent, for example, Abraham in Genesis 1225, plus references to Abraham in Hebrews 11 and Romans 4 .
  • Trace character with your concordance.
  • Be careful to note indirect references to the person in other portions of Scripture.
  • Write Your Questions Down

    How to Study the Bible for BEGINNERS | Where to Start, Tips and Advice

    Write down any questions that come to mind while reading a passage, and look up additional information about them later. For instance, reading about Moses, Pharaoh and the Israelites in Egypt might prompt you to research the customs and culture of ancient Egypt. Reading about Abraham could be a springboard to learning about Ur of the Chaldees.

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    What Are Some Good Bible Studies For First

    Over the years, Ive come to realize that Gods Word was meant to be understood by regular people, just like us. Its not meant to confuse us! If you have a Bible, a desire to learn, and the Holy Spirit working in you, begin by simply opening up your Bible you dont need to buy any Bible studies. I have a masters degree, but I didnt need it to begin studying the Bible. I didnt need any degrees or special classes to get started, and you dont either. Take the first stepsimply use the Bible and other tools mentioned in this article, and let the word begin to take root in your heart. God will illuminate His Word to you!

    Look Through Bible Commentaries

    Another exercise that can be incredibly helpful as youre learning how to study the Bible for beginners is reading through various Bible commentaries on the key verses youre reading.

    Basically, Bible commentaries are big books where really smart theologians explain a lot of background on the text and what it means in the original language. This is where you can find some of the words in the original Greek or Hebrew, along with expanded word definitions that help you really capture what the full extent of what the author was trying to convey.

    You can , borrow them from your library, or just do your research online on Bible Hub while youre looking up various verse translations. Just scroll down and youll find a bunch you can read and compare.

    This is SO helpful when youre first learning how to study the Bible for beginners, because theyre easily accessible and free!

    For example, one of the most helpful commentaries I looked up was on Exodus 20:3, which says You shall have no other gods before me.

    At first reading, the text looks pretty straightforward. God is telling Moses that the Israelites should put God first on their list of priorities. But this isnt actually what the text means at all.

    Instead, if you , particularly the second half of Ellicotts Commentary for English Readers, youll see that God wasnt asking to be our FIRST god. Hes asking to be our ONLY God. Thats a pretty big difference!

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