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How To Understand The Bible Book

Why Isnt The Bible Arranged Chronologically

How to Understand the Book of Revelation (Revelation Introduction) | Dr. Gene Kim

Its important to remember that the Bible is a collection of writings. No one sat down and said, Lets write the Bible from start to finish. The scrolls that make up the books of the Bible were written by more than 30 authors and accumulated over thousands of years.

These books were laid out by literary genre:

  • The books of Moses
  • Final prophecy

At the beginning, the Bible is in chronological order. If you read the books of Moses in the order that they appear, youre reading biblical history in its proper sequence. And of course, the Old Testament is chronologically before the New Testament. But eventually youll come to places where timelines weave together or overlap. And there is benefit to this arrangement, as for example stopping to read a prophet can give you insight into a historical narrative, and reading one of Pauls epistles can clarify events in the story of Acts.

Seamless: Understanding The Bible As One Complete Story

This Bible study book is written by Angie Smith, an accomplished writer who has a number of guides covering different topics. This book ties together the main stories and lessons of the scripture, which can be great for beginners. This guide lays out the key information and features maps, foundational facts, and word studies. You can complete this by yourself or in small groups for a more in-depth study. It is a great book for beginners that provide the necessary tools to begin your Bible education.


  • Helps to tie everything together
  • Serves as a guide to reading scripture


Learn To Read By Reading For A Lifetime

In the end, there is no better way to learn to read the Bible than to read the Bible. Many ambitious souls, with a burst of inspiration or new-year resolve, start on aggressive Bible-reading regiments. Far fewer truly form the daily habit and genuinely endure for decades. What you do every day, for years on end, will drastically change your life. God means for us to engage his word like this, day after day, for a lifetime of enjoyment and discovery.

There is no better way to learn to read the Bible than to read the Bible.

If youre looking for where to start, theres no singular right place and no one way. Personally, Ive found it most helpful over the years to be reading in multiple places at any given time. I typically am working through the whole Bible each year, with four short readings each day, in four different parts of the Bible, through the Discipleship Journal Reading Plan. But from time to time, Ill change it up and give all my focus for a season to a particular place. My encouragement would be to try several approaches over time and see what habits suit you best in specific seasons of life.

Over time, Bible reading will feel easier and easier, in a sense, and more manifestly fruitful. A focused, unhurried season, day after day, goes a mighty long way. So, keep reading: daily, and for a lifetime. There is no better way to learn to read the Bible than to keep reading the Bible. You will never read a better book, but you can learn to read the Book better.

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Lifechange Bible Study Series By Navpress

This is a series of study guides on individual books of the Bible put out by The Navigators ministry. Each volume helpfully introduces the background, context, and main themes of the biblical book, then guides readers in their own study of that book through outlines and study questions.

Those study questions are all designed to get your attention on what the text of Scripture says. Rather than focus on telling you what to think, this series does a good job guiding you in how to think for yourself about what the Bible teaches, and for that reason I recommend checking them out. You can use them on your own, or theyd make a great resource for a small group or class.

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How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth

Understanding our Bibles begins with reading them. There are a lot of Bible reading plans out there, and a lot of people are used to these one-year plans, but in my book How to Eat Your Bible: A Simple Approach to Learning and Loving the Word of God, I propose a seven-year Bible reading plan.

Early on in my Christian faith, I was challenged by John MacArthur, who at the beginning of his Study Bible, lays out a plan of reading through the New Testament in three years. What you do is read a book of the Bible all the way through every single day for thirty days. And you just keep on working through that over and over again, and then you move on systematically. I was fascinated by the idea, and I started to do it. Shorter books you can do in one sitting longer books like the Gospel of John I broke up into three pieces and read through a day at a time that waybut I just began to work through them over and over again. I stopped worrying as about gaining ground and trying to plow through the New Testament or plow through the Bible, and I just camped out in a book, trying not to move on until I felt like I had a good understanding, a good grasp, of that individual book of the Bible.

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Handling A Bible With Reverence

My friend Steven Troutman shared with me this page from a Bible given to him by hisparents when he was a small boy.

  • I will read my Bible every day.
  • I will study my Bible to learn its meaning.
  • I will memorize choice portions from my Bible.
  • I will obey the commandments in the Bible.
  • I will show reverence for the Bible, for it is God’s Holy Word.
  • I will not place books or papers on the Bible.
  • I will not use my Bible as a place to collect things.
  • I will mark only important things in my Bible.
  • I will handle my Bible with clean hands and turn its pages gently.
  • How To Read The Bible: Pray Before You Begin

    Pause before you open your Bible and ask God to speak to you. Remember, the Bible is Gods Word it is Gods love letter written to His people, which includes you.

    Ask God to help you understand His Word. Ask God use His Word to teach you, to direct you and even to re-direct you, when necessary. Ask Him to use His Word to help you know Him and love Him.

    Jeremiah 29:13 says, You will seek me and find Me, if you seek Me with all your heart. God loves to reveal himself to those who seek Him.

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    How To Study The Bible: The Ultimate Guide

    If you want to know how to study the Bible and how to understand the Bible, youll find this post helpful.

    When it comes to getting more out of the Bible, how to understand the Bible for all its worth, how to read the Bible and gain a fuller and holistic understanding of Scripture, I think these suggestions can be very helpful. Theyve certainly helped me understand the Bible more effectively.

    Here are 21 powerful strategies to help you learn how to study the Bible and understand the Bible more fully.

    Remember, these are methods. They dont replace the Holy Spirit or diligent devotion.

    With that said, lets dive in.

    Here are 21 tips for how to read the Bible more effectively.

  • Read Humbly
  • My Friends Say The King James Version Is ‘inaccurate’

    How To Understand The Bible (A Catholic Book)

    Not long ago, a friend who uses the King James Version of the Bible wrote to me askingwhat she should say to friends who tell her the KJV is “inaccurate” Here is how I answeredher:

    I grew up when the King James Version was the dominant one in theEnglish-speaking world. As a result, most of the Scripture verses I can quote by memory are fromthe KJV. However, the New International Version is now the English version that I read frommost often in the pulpit and in my own reading and study.

    It would be wrong to say the King James Version is inaccurate. That makes it soundlike we believe there are significant mistakes in it. There are not. That translation was done bythe best Bible scholars of that day. It is a masterpiece of literature. When read aloud, its passagessound majestic.

    However, we need to recognize that King James Version may not communicate very well tothe non-believer today, given that in the 400 years since it was translated, the English languagehas undergone a lot of changes.

    Certain verb forms are no longer used .Pronoun forms such as ye, thee, thou, and thy have disappeared. Some words, such as “gay” thatis used in James, have shifted in meaning. When Jesus spoke of what was “meet” in Mark 6, Hemeant what was proper or fitting. Other words have disappeared from use while new ones havetaken their place. Words like “bade” , “ere,” and “dryshod,” for instance, are no longerused by English speakers.

    — Howard Culbertson

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    How Is The Bible In Chronological Order

    This timeline puts all of the chapters in the Bible in chronological order. The Bible only loosely arranges its books in chronological order. It comes mostly arranged thematically. For example, the Old Testament lists the 5 books of Moses first, then the history of the Israelites, then the teachings of Israelite prophets. This is one of the few timelines that isnt based on a sci-fi/fantasy franchise. Instead, this is made up entirely of ancient text. Therefore, you will see a few difference.

    If you liked this timeline, dont forget to view some of our others, especially the Bible and Book of Mormon Scripture timeline that adds the Book of Mormon and other scripture to this timeline, such as the Book of Mormon. You can find free text of the Bible here. Additionally, you can listen to a daily podcast with one new chapter of the narrated bible in our Chronological Bible Daily podcast.

    Make Bible Reading A Habit

    It might be tough at first. You might doze off, but you have to strengthen your muscles because your devotional muscles are weak now. However, the more you devote yourself to Christ and His Word the easier it gets. Reading Scripture and prayer will become more enjoyable.

    Satan knows how to distract you and he is going to try to distract you. It might be with TV, a phone call, a hobby, friends, Instagram, etc.

    You are going to have to put your foot down and say, No! I want something better than this. I want Christ. You have to make a habit of turning down other things for Him. Once again, it might be rocky at first. However, dont get discouraged. Keep on going! Sometimes you have to separate from your groups so you can spend uninterrupted alone time with Christ.

    Joshua 1:8-9 Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.

    Have accountability partners

    Im starting to be more accountable with my Christian friends. I have a group of men who keep me accountable in my personal Bible study. Every day I check in with a text and allow them to know what God has been telling me through His Word the night before. This keeps me accountable and it allows us to motivate each other.

    Start now

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    How Much Of The Bible Should You Read A Day

    There really isnt a right or wrong answer to this question. It really depends on what your goals are.

    Do you want to read through the Bible in a year?

    Do you want to read it in chronological order?

    Are you trying to make reading the bible a daily habit?

    Are you studying a specific topic?

    Is there a specific book of the Bible you want to focus on?

    No matter what your goals are there are plenty of Bible reading plans available online for you to choose from. Most bibles have a yearly reading plan already in them.

    If you dont want to follow a reading plan, I would suggest you read a chapter a day.

    Take Everything Back To Jesus

    Read Reading the Bible with Rabbi Jesus Online by Lois Tverberg

    Jesus said that all the Scriptures testify to him. This means that generally speaking, every portion of the Bible points to Jesus in some way.

    For example, in the Old Testament, the Mosaic law points to our inability to keep the law and Jesus fulfillment of the law. The temple foreshadows Jesus as the new temple.

    You can go overboard on this, such as trying to literally tie every single item in the temple to Jesus , but overall this is a very helpful principle to keep in mind.

    During your Bible study, always bring it back to Jesus Christ.

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    Questions About The Bible

    How many versions of the New American Bible are there?

    The original version of the New American Bible was published in 1970. The translation of the New Testament was revised and published in 1986. The translation of the Book of Psalms was revised in 1991. A revision of the translation of the Old Testament, including the Psalter, was published in March 2011. This version is called the New American Bible Revised Edition .

    Besides the various editions of the translation, many different publishers have produced editions of the NAB. Each publisher has added material, such as photographs, maps, devotions and prayers, and reference matter to the biblical text.

    In what formats is the New American Bible available?

    The New American Bible is available in the following formats: print, audio, electronic , and digital.

    What’s the difference between a “Catholic Bible” and a “Protestant Bible”?

    Catholic and Protestant Bibles both include 27 books in the New Testament. Protestant Bibles have only 39 books in the Old Testament, however, while Catholic Bibles have 46. The seven books included in Catholic Bibles are Tobit, Judith, 1 and 2 Maccabees, Wisdom, Sirach, and Baruch. Catholic Bibles also include sections in the Books of Esther and Daniel which are not found in Protestant Bibles. These books are called the deuterocanonical books. The Catholic Church believes these books to be inspired by the Holy Spirit.

    Do we read from the Bible at Mass?

    How To Read The Bible Better

    Executive Editor,

    Do you want to read the Bible better? Christians will only experience so much of God and his grace without making a regular practice of reading and rehearsing what he has said to us in the Bible. During my years as a Christian and pastor, I am yet to meet a mature, happy Christian who hasnt been a serious Bible reader.

    Maybe you have dipped in here and there since you were converted, or perhaps youve started a new reading plan every January, only to fade fast before March. Maybe youve never really given serious Bible reading a try.

    Bible reading, of all reading, rewards careful, relentless observation of details in the text.

    Whatever our backgrounds and proclivities, God means for his children to take reading seriously, grow in our facility with it, and employ it as a means of his grace in our lives, and for the good of others. This is why Christians the world over, and throughout history, have been word people. God gave us a Book. Whether we naturally love reading or not, and whether weve been reading the Bible for decades or not, we all can benefit on occasion from rehearsing some of the basics of reading not simply the natural reading of any book, but especially the supernatural reading of Gods Book.

    Whatever your stage, experience, and proficiency, consider six fundamental principles for how to read Gods Book better.

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    Do You Find The Bible Confusing

    Are you searching to understand it’s message and meaning?

    The Bible is the world’s most popular book, but at the same time the most misunderstood! How can you understand the Bible?

    The Bible itself gives the keys to understand it! But you must read this Book with the right attitude and perspective.

    So how can you properly read the scriptures? What principles and methods of study should you follow? What tools are available to help you? How can you grow in spiritual understanding while reading the Word of God?

    This free Bible Study aid, How to Understand the Bible, will explore a number of important points that will help you grasp the Bible’s message and meaning – and make it relevant in your life!

    Living By The Book: The Art And Science Of Reading The Bible By Howard Hendricks & William Hendricks

    The Book of Psalms

    This book is a fantastic starting-place for anyone looking to learn how to study the Bible. I worked through it before entering seminary and found that it laid a valuable foundation for me in fact, my first-semester Bible Study Methods class was mainly a restatement of what this book teaches.

    Living by the Book is very practical, eminently readable, and includes simple exercises in each chapter that, if you do them, will definitely improve your study of the Bible. Its worth your time because it will help you approach the Bible with a plan a simple, reliable method that will make your Bible-reading effective, transformative, and enjoyable.

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