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How To Understand The Bible In 30 Days

From The Author Max Anders On Why He Wrote The Book

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“Many years ago, I decided I was going to master the Bible. I was going to begin with Genesis and read through Revelation, and I wasnt going to put it down until I understood it.

I soon became hopelessly entangled in a jungle of fantastic stories, unpronounceable names, broken plots, unanswered questions, and endless genealogies.

I was defeated. I threw my Bible down, concluding that the Bible was a series of unrelated stories put together in a random order!

The one day I discovered a key. With this key, the fog that enshrouded my understanding of the Bible began to lift.

The key: Learning the structure of the Bible.

If you want to learn to understand the Bible, you must first learn how the Bible is put together.

In one month of reading this book, you’ll learn all the major men and women, all the major events and, all the major points of geography in the Bible and more!

30 Days to Understanding the Bible will be able to put these people and facts together in their proper chronological order and trace the geographical movement as you think your way through the entire bible!

No previous knowledge is assumed. A beginner will not be overwhelmed, The established student will find much help organizing and expanding what he or she already knows.

In just fifteen minutes a day for thirty days, you can gain a foundational grasp of the most important book ever written.”

How To Read The Bible In 30 Days

Okay, first I have a confession to make: I actually read it in 40 days, not 30. The Bible reading plan I had was for 30 daysand then there was one or two days when I got home exhausted or didnt have time or something came up or you get the idea. But I didnt want to give it up, and I thought why not 40 days? So, here is how to read the Bible in 30 40 days:

Days To Understanding The Bible

Duration: 19:32

The Bible is more than history. So, if we want to truly understand the Bible, we have to go beyond the historical study of people, places, and events and learn about its teachings. Taking the plunge is not easy, and it’s difficult to get two people to agree on all points of doctrine. However, there is a basic body of doctrine on which all Christians historically have agreed.

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It Reminds You Of The Big Picture + Gods Plan All Along

Something about reading the Bible this quickly allows you to make connections between books and people, realizing that everything was a part of Gods plan the whole time. Not to mention I read the book of Matthew in one day, allowing me to see all of Jesus ministry in just one day!

Convinced that you should do it yet?

If You Dont Have A Bible Or Want A New One Grab A Study Bible

Guideposts Know the Bible in 30 Days by J. Stephen Lang ...

A study Bible breaks down verses and tells you what they mean. I remember when I first starting reading the New Testament, I kept reading that Jesus hung on a tree.

And I kept thinking- wait I thought he was crucified- not hung with a rope. I didnt understand that it meant he was hung on a cross with nails.

There are a lot of things in the Bible that just wont make sense at first and youll have a lot of questions. This is why study Bibles are perfect for beginners or even seasoned Christians.

I still use my study Bible, its what I call my trusty dusty. It may have pages ripped and wrinkled but I love it.

Here are some study Bibles that you can grab on Amazon:

This is the Bible I personally use- my trusty dusty:

Here is a Study Bible in the NIV:

Here is a Study Bible in the NLT version:

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A Brief History Of John

John answers the question of who is Jesus Christ in the very first chapter. He calls Jesus the Word by which God created everything. I dont know about you, but every time I read the first chapter of John, Im filled with such joy and gratitude. Oh, how marvelous it is!

In the Gospel of John, were told about seven miracles that Jesus performs that are even more than miracles. Each of them is a sign that tells us something about Jesus as the Son of God.

John tells Jesus story differently than the other Gospels. In all the conversations we read about that Jesus has with others about who He is and what God sent Him to do, we learn many important things including that He is the way, the truth, and the life.

In Chapter 20, Verse 31, John tells us he wrote this Gospel But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.

To get this study free, submit your name and email in the form below to have each day delivered to your inbox or scroll down to find direct links to each day.

If youd like to purchase the entire study at once, click here or on the Buy Now image below :


The study was created using mostly the NIV translation of the Bible. I use both an NIV and CEV physical bible and both the Olive Tree and Bible Gateway apps on my iPhone. I also use Bible Gateway on my computer for study so that I have access to a variety of translations.

How Can I Do My Own Bible Study

There are a few different ways to do your own study, but I would always suggest starting with prayer and asking God to lead you in what and how Hed like you to study.

Start with a simple process of saying a prayer, reading a short portion of Gods Word, and writing a few thoughts in a notebook. You can always add to this later.

We also have a Bible Study Planner to help you if youd like more guidance to use it for your Bible Study lessons.

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How Do You Bible Journal In A Notebook

Many Christians take the beginning of the year to start a Bible reading plan with the goal of reading the Bible in a year. Have you done that? There are so many different Bible Reading Plans to choose from and most of them are free Bible study tools we have access to.

There are also topical Bible reading plans. These are one of my favorite Bible study tools! My Identity in Christ and the Attributes of God are two topic reading plans that are some of my favorites.

You start by reading the scripture for the day or the passage of scripture, write it out in your Bible journal or bible notebook, and then you can add your creativity to it by adding stickers, doodles, or whatever youd like to make it your own style.

If you want to do creative Bible art journaling in a notebook , simply take any designs you want to try and use them in a notebook instead of directly in your Bible.

You might find it helpful to divide your notebook into sections, either by topics or by books of the Bible so that your designs are in a logical order. You can even use Bible tabs in your notebook to organize in this way.

Another option is to use a Christian planner to do your Bible journaling. This is a great way to document what the Lord is doing in your life during the current week or noting current world events. We like the Christian womens planners from Dayspring.

Dont Be Afraid To Write And Highlight In Your Bible

Day 30 | 40 Days Fasting Prayer | 08 December 2021

Its a question so many people ask. Trust me, youre not offending God by writing in your Bible.

Mine is marked, highlightedIve even spilled food and coffee in it. But when Im trying to look for a verse, I remember what color its highlighted in and it makes it easier for me to find.

If youd like to have a system to highlight in your bible my good friend Lillian at EmbracingtheLovely has an amazingBible Study Color Code!

Here are some highlighters and pens Id recommend for using with a Bible. The Bible has thin pages so you want to make sure that what you use doesnt bleed through the papers.

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Is It Okay To Write In Your Bible

This topic is debated, especially in the world of Bible Journaling where people write, color, paint, and do creative artwork in their Bibles.

I personally think its totally fine to write and take notes in your Bible, but I understand that some people have been taught that this practice should be discouraged in order to keep Gods Word in reverence.

Do what you feel is best for you. My 30 Day Bible Study Notebook will be great for your Bible Journaling and Scripture writing needs either way.

Death Is Welcomed By His Followers

I was floored by how the deaths of Gods people were described. I was hard pressed to find examples of people going to their deaths kicking and screaming. Rather, there was a peaceful sense in which death was recorded. The people who really knew Gods character and understood that He was a preserver and protector also knew that if death was on the horizon, it wasnt because God had failed to act on their behalf. They knew it was because He had determined that their role in this story was coming to an end.

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Understanding The Greatest Story Ever Told In 30 Days

Does the Bible feel too intimidating and complex? Does understanding it feel impossible, so you dont even try? In this six-week study, we want to help you understand why the Bible is the greatest tool we have. We want to open your eyes to the way the Old Testament and New Testament connect and show you the purpose of each book of the Bible.

How To Read The Entire Bible In 30 Days: Plan

30 Days to Understanding the Bible  Gene S. Whitehead

When is the last time you read through the entire Bible? If youre anything like me, those Bible reading plans to finish the Bible in a year seemoverwhelming. Which doesnt make any sense, I know. Reading the Bible in 365 days seems overwhelming to me, but a plan to read the entire Bible in 30 days does not?

Hear me out on this one. Here is why you need to read the entire Bible in 30 days :

  • Save

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Day Bible Study Notebook Pdf Printable

This notebook includes 30+ pages that lead you through using a 30 daily Bible reading plan of your choice.

Heres what inside the 30 Day Bible Study Notebook printable.

  • Welcome and directions.
  • List of free Bible reading plans.
  • One page for each day for 30 days. On each day is space for the date and Bible verse, plus space to write out the Scripture verse, reflections, prayer, and notes. Theres plenty of space if you want to include some creative Bible journaling, too.
  • Final reflection page to look back on what you learned during the month.
  • Please note that this is a digital product for you to print at home and use immediately. No product will be shipped to you.



    With the 30 Day Bible Study Notebook, youll be all set to study Gods Word on a daily basis and prayer journal during the next month. I cant wait to see how you use it.

    Days That Changed Everything

    This past February, as I mentioned, my soul was starving. I hadnt been consistently reading, and I missed Jesus. A big part of my struggle is remembering I dont read the Bible because I have to or because Im holy.

    On the contrary, I read because I get to and because I desperately need to. I read because I WANT to find Jesus in every story.

    The truth is: Im lost without him. Without sticking my nose in the crack of that Book, I tend to hopelessly cycle back to going my own way.

    Repeatedly, God had been laying two things on my heart: 1) Set aside some time for a digital detox and 2) Commit to 40 days of something.

    I did the digital detox in February and March. It was pivotal and Ill definitely blog more on that in the future. As I transitioned back online, I still felt the Lord inviting me to set 40 days aside.

    While researching what I might do over the course of the 40 days, I stumbled upon a website where someone shared how to read the Bible in 40 days. The idea sounded just crazy enough and impossible enough to be exactly what God was inviting me to do. I decided to do it.


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    What Do You Read During Lent

    During Lent, we see four themes in these readings:

    • The need for proper repentance.
    • Israel of the Old Testament as the model of the New Testament Church.
    • Israels exodus from Egypt to the Holy Land as the model of the Christian journey out of sin into the Kingdom of Heaven.
    • Jesus Christ as the eternal high priest.

    I Am Not A Bible Scholar And You Probably Arent Either

    Vision Series Church is understanding the Bible

    First of all, lets get something straight right out of the gate. I am not a theologian. Or a Bible scholar. Other than undergrad and postgrad Old Testament and New Testament surveys, Ive never had formal Scripture training.

    Maybe Im just like you. A woman who has spent many years in and around the Bible. Hearing about it from pastors, doing topical or full book studies in small groups, and memorizing verses here and there.

    I want to clearly emphasize that I have no authority to teach you anything about the Bible, other than to share what Ive personally learned. And for that reason, whenever I write a post about reading the Bible, Ill be pleading for the Holy Spirit to fill in any and all gaps.

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    Read On Your Phone And/or Throughout The Day If You Want

    Personally, I did not do it this way. I preferred to set aside an hour or two and read from my paper Bible. But the advantage of having it on your phone is you have it wherever you go. Give up social media for a month, and every time you go to open it up on your phone, open up your Bible app instead. This could get disjointed if you are reading throughout the day, but then again it could have its advantages too.

    Start Your Journey To Master The Bible

    30 Days to Understanding the Bible Online Bible Study is the free 7-week video Bible study you can do on your own or with friends, family, and your own small group.

    The problem most of us have with the Bible is that we started out studying the details without ever getting the big picture. Its no wonder were confused!

    In this free Online Bible Study, pastor and commentary editor Max Anders will guide you in seeing the Bibles big picture, helping you comprehend a manageable amount of vital information along the way. In the six weeks of the study , youll enjoy a complete understanding of the story of the Bible and the core teachings that Christians have held onto throughout the centuries, all presented in distinct bite-sized pieces.

    Watch this video and register now for the free 30 Days to Understanding the Bible Online Bible Study, starting September 14, 2020 and ending October 30, 2020.

    When you , youll receive:

    • FREE access to 6 teaching videos with Max. These videos will be available between September 14 October 30. No additional registration is required.
    • FREE download of the the Arc of Bible History worksheet.
    • FREE download the Overview of the Old and New Testament History study sheets.
    • FREE download of the 30 Days to Understanding the Bible session one study guide.
    • FREE download of the 30 Days to Understanding the Bible session one audio Bible study.

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    You May Have To Skim Some Parts

    This 30 day entire Bible reading plan makes you realize that there some parts of the Bible youve never read before . The book of Numbers, anyone? Whens the last time you read that? Remember, the point of this plan is to get the big picture dont read the commentaries, dont take notes, dont copy verses in your journal.

    How Do I Study The Bible And Take Notes

    30 Days to Understanding the Bible: Audio Bible Studies ...

    Over the last few years, Ive been getting up extra early to spend time in a short Bible study and personal quiet time before I head to my workouts and start my busy day. Although I enjoy Bible note taking, its not easy to get up at 4:30 AM when the alarm goes off, but its so worth it. I have discovered this is my very favorite time of day when I have the house and my thoughts to myself.

    You can incorporate Gods Word into your life by purposefully writing out scriptures and prayers, reading them out loud and keeping a prayer journal to help you absorb the Word of God into your heart.

    As you read the Bible, write down what stands out to you and what youd like to research more into.

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