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Victory Church Tulsa Live Stream

**confirmation Link To Join The Online Webinar Will Be Provided Prior To The Event**


Shelby McDaniel ‘s passion and expertise is known for helping people struggling with compulsive eating behaviors, disordered eating, former eating disorders, and lifelong food and weight struggles.

Her 20 years in the fitness industry, 15 + years of coaching individuals worldwide, and extensive educational background gives her specific skill sets to create long term transformations for every common and uncommon food and body struggle. Learn more about Shelby and the results of her clients at

Founding Vision Est 1981

God is calling churches across America to build Christian Schools. There is a price to pay, but the reward will be worth it. The next generation can be different if the people of God today will heed the voice of the Spirit.

The vision of Victory Christian School is to provide a place to train, prepare, and equip young people to take the ministry of Jesus to the ends of the earth, whether it is as a preacher, pastor, evangelist, prophet, apostle, teacher, or as a nurse, technician, educator, or businessperson.

In an environment of quality academics and strong discipline, students will be trained to witness their faith, to share Jesus effectively with others, and to minister love to hurting people. They will be taught to operate in the gifts of the Spirit, to minister the healing power of God, to minister deliverance to those that are bound by devils, and be trained to walk in standards of holiness.

We realize the solemn responsibility under God to carry out this vision. We look for parents and students who are in agreement with us, for without that, our vision cannot be fulfilled.

Founders of Victory Christian School Pastors Billy Joe & Sharon Daugherty

This Free Online Event Is For Anyone Who Feels Out Of Control With Food And Who Struggles With Binge Eating Overeating Emotional Eating Food Obsessions Yo

In this online masterclass I’ll show you:

  • How to naturally be in control around food, without it feeling forced, and without the pressure of having to be perfect so you actually find food fun and enjoyable again!
  • How to remove constant guilt, shame, should/shouldnt, good/bad, can/cant mental negotiations and restore eating to be simple, nourishing, and natural as its meant to be so you can be happy AND healthy for the long haul.
  • How to break the dependency on tracking, diet plans, overwhelming food rulesand confidently trust yourself again to know when, what, how much to eat so you never have to question yourself about food again.
  • How to reprogram your brain to eliminate toxic thinking and beliefs about self, food, and/or body that are feeding your urges to binge, emotionally eat, restrict, quit, or procrastinate and live your life FREE of these unnecessary inner battles that hold you back.
  • How to stop wasting your time, money, and energy on destructive eating habits and diet methods that keep you stuck and invest it all back into your life where it matters most!
  • The ONE secret that will put you in the position to sustainably lose the weight and boost your metabolism without restricting your favorite foods.

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Jackson & Kendra Lahmeyer

Jackson & Kendra Lahmeyer are the Lead Pastors of Sheridan Church. Jackson weekly engages with people inside the walls of Sheridan as well as all over the world through the live streaming of his sermons on Facebook Live. Jackson and Kendra have 5 children: Ashton, Hannah, Blitz, Eva, and Laken.

Jackson has served as the Oklahoma Director for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, Crusade Director for Christ for all Nations, and Dean of Education at Victory College.

Jackson is a graduate of Oral Roberts University with a B.A. & M.A. in Theological & Historical Studies.

Kendra serves as the Director of Sheridans Parents Day Out program. She is a graduate of Oklahoma Christian University with a B.S. in Education and currently finishing her Masters degree from the University of Central Oklahoma.

To have Pastor Jackson speak at your church or event email [email protected].

Striving To Be A Christ

Victory Church

We believe that VFCs core values are what unite us as we help people who are far from God come to know Him, and those who know Him to grow in Him. These core values capture the heartbeat of what it means to be Christ-centered Family.

Our Senior Pastor | Adam Starling

Adam Starling is the Senior Pastor of Victory Family Church. Pastor Adam and Kristy Starling have been married for 17 years. They founded Victory Family Church in January 2013. They have two beautiful children, Beckham and London.

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Watch The Church Live Stream

9:00 & 11:00 AM on Sundays 7 PM Wednesdays

At Faith and Victory Church we live stream the services so you never miss out when you are sick, out of town, or just cant make it to church. We also share the live stream on our our social media to spread the gospel to the world. Currently we live stream to , , and . If you would like to interact with the live stream you can tweet the sermon using the hashtag #FVCLive and your tweet will be displayed on the live stream. We thank you for watching and sharing the live stream on your social media. God Bless from the FVC Live Stream Team.

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