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What Does The Bible Say About Artificial Intelligence

What Are Positive Examples Of The Use Of Ai


Many current uses of AI appear to be rather mundane, such as when you ask iPhones Siri or Amazons Alexa to tell you the latest sports score. These machines use voice recognition AI to translate your spoken words into searchable format. For most people this will be nothing more than a time-saving novelty. But for those with disabilities, such AI enhanced features could provide them a greater degree of independence and autonomy.

In the near future AI may also transform such fields as health care. For instance, AI may soon allow for MRI scanning that is considerably faster and yet still provides an image with the required accuracy. As Rob Verger of Popular Science notes, patients would spend less time in machines and imaging centers, and hospitals could do more tests per day. By driving down the time and cost of MRIs, doctors could order one of those scans instead of a traditional X-ray or CT examand save the patient from further exposure to radiation.

What Does The Bible Say About Strategic Intelligence

In Strategic Foreseeme and Who I Am God, you will come to the right conclusions quickly. An imperfect strategic foresight cannot be obtained, at best, or an unrealistic hindsight can be obtained. According to Solomon, the wisest man, our hearts are to belong to Gods plans, when God hears to the tongue that the plans are wrong.

What Does Bible Say About Social Media

We are called to do everything in our power to serve God, including social media. The world around us is not a reflection of Jesus Christ, but rather of us as Christians. The Christian faith means being faithful to Christ, and Jesus wants us to follow him in all areas of our lives, including social media.

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Creation And Evolution In The Holy Qur’an By Hassan El



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  • What The Bible Says About Social Media

    Artificial Intelligence: Has the Bible warned us against ...

    In order to honor God with our bodies, we must conceal ourselves modestly. Social media posts about our bodies that are either offensive to God or for whatever reason go to the back of our minds dont honor the Lord. There was no need to showcase ourselves in a lustful or provocative manner with our bodies since God intended them to glorify him.

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    The Law Of Accelerating Returns



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  • Can Humans Be Perfect

    Some humans may have one or several favorable qualities that are well-developed, but because of the multidimensional nature of humans no individual can be denoted as perfect, flawless, or unequivocally without fault. All humans are imperfect.

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    What Does The Bible Say About Technology

    Jason serves as chair of research in technology ethics at The Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. He is the author of “The Age of AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity” with Zondervan . He is married to Dorie and they have two sons.

    Technology is a tool that helps us live out our God-given callings. This is one of the most important things for us to learn as we engage the topic of technology and artificial intelligence. Because we often see the tremendous power that technology has over our lives, we are tempted to treat technology as more than a tool, as something with a value similar to our own if it is powerful enough or does enough work on its own. Technology will be misused and abused by broken people just like you and me.

    Nowhere in Scripture is a tool or a technology condemned for being evil. Scripture shows that technology and tools can be used for both good and evil. Even if a tool was designed for evil, the tool itself isnt evil. What is sinful isnt the sword but how people choose to use it. It can be used for righteous purposes like standing up for justice against those who are evil, but it can also be used to hurt or kill the innocent. While the technology isnt moral in that sense, it does carry with it the effects of sin and brokenness. Technology is not morally neutral, because it influences and changes us each time we use it.

    Anthropology: Who Does The Bible Say That We Are

    Artificial Intelligence and Bible

    First, the transhumanist history of human origins and Human+ destiny denies that God made human persons with a fixed and final nature that glorifies our Creator. In practical terms, H+ is a gnostic endeavor that celebrates the immaterial and disparages the material embodiment of our souls. In contrast, the Bible teaches that, while the image of God was deformed by the fall , the impact of sin did not destroy the sacred nature of human personhood. Nor did it undermine the intrinsic value of our soulish bodies.

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    Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over

    While narrow AI can outperform humans in some tasks, theres little to suggest that more general AI that can emulate humans ability to respond to many different tasks will be delivered and put humans at risk in the near future. Even without a singularity, AI will have a dramatic impact on human society.

    Rest From Fear Worry And Anxiety

    We should also rest from fear, worry, and anxiety. Restlessness shows a lack of faith in God. Rest itself is a sign of trust. Psalm 37:7 is a direct command:

    Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him.

    Or theres Philippians 4:6:

    Do not be anxious about anything . . .

    The Bible means what it saysdo not be anxious about anything. Nothing. We must, in a sense, work to rest like this. Rest in the Lord, Spurgeon said, is a most divine precept and requires much grace to carry it out. To hush the spirit, to be silent before the Lord, to wait in holy patience the time for clearing up the difficulties of Providencethis is what every gracious heart should aim at. This kind of rest is only possible in Christ.

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    Rest From Physical Labor

    God has called us and designed us to rest from physical labor. In the Old Testament we see Gods own pattern of working and then resting:

    And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done .

    We are created in Gods image and we should pay attention to his work-rest pattern. However, rest from physical labor should not be excessive. Scripture explicitly warns against laziness in places like Proverbs 6:6-11 and Proverbs 24:30-34. But at the same time, rest from physical labor is definitely essential. We need to rest from physical labor at some point, in some way. Vacations, for example, can be a good thing and a restful break from our regular routine of labor.

    What Does Intellect Mean In The Bible

    Artificial Intelligence: Has the Bible warned us against ...

    God considers the intellect a gift, and he values it for expressing his love. Having an intellect can indicate what direction a person should travel in following their Lord. Such principles are integral for Christian teaching. To those who abandon intellectual virtue, a fall from the throne requires repentance.

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    What Are Negative Examples Of The Use Of Ai

    As with every other technology, AI can be used in ways that are harmful or lead to unintended consequences.

    In China, the government is using AI based tools to increase the power of the authoritarian state. With millions of cameras and billions of lines of code, China is building a high-tech authoritarian future, writes Paul Mozur in The New York Times. Beijing is embracing technologies like facial recognition and artificial intelligence to identify and track 1.4 billion people. It wants to assemble a vast and unprecedented national surveillance system, with crucial help from its thriving technology industry.

    In the United States, by the Department of Housing and Urban Development for using an AI enhanced system to allow advertisers to restrict who is able to see ads on the platform based on characteristics like race, religion, and national origin.

    Salvation Is In Christ Alone Not In Christ Plus Technology

    Finally, Christian transhumanists use ambiguous terminology to improperly connect technological transformation to the Bible. To achieve technological salvation, the human body is diminished and demeaned as a hindrance to Human+. Given transhumanist anthropology, it is no surprise that their theology emphasizes technology as the path toward post-human salvation. To make their case, transhumanists equivocate on the term change in the Darwinian sense of random mutation and equate it to change in the biblical sense of salvation through the cross of Christ. Despite this claim, there is no etymological, scientific, or hermeneutical connection between biological/technological change and biblical change except in the imagination of transhumanist theologians.

    Here are all five short essays in the series by J. R. Miller:

    With transhumanism, what happens to human rights? The transhumanist accepts suffering for the individual if suffering can advance the evolution of the species toward immortality and singularity. If humans can redefine what it means to be human, what prevents us from eliminating anyone opposed to this grand vision?

    Eugenics, transhumanism, and artificial intelligence If we were to succeed at creating an ethical decision-making AI, whose ethics would it abide by? The utilitarian goal of a sustainable future must be guided by a higher ethic in order to avoid grave mistakes of the past.

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    Integrating Technology Into Humanity

    Elon Musk, who founded SpaceX rocket company and Tesla Cars, sounded an alarm that robots which are now programmed with Artificial Intelligence could take over the world.

    For instance, each year Boston Dynamics releases new videos of the progress of their robots. This company was previously owned by Google.

    Watch how these robots with artificial intelligence could one day become an army controlling our human populations.

    And to substantiate what was envisioned in the 2045 Initiative video about integrating our human bodies with technology . . . well, it is being developed faster than the Russian billionaire originally estimated.

    Hugh Herr, professor and head of the Biomechatronics Research Group at the MIT Media Lab lost both of his legs due to frostbite in a climbing accident.

    He and his team created bionic feet and limbs that mimic human feet and limbs. He can walk and run just by thinking that he wants to walk and run. Thats a magnificent application for this technology.

    However, thats only the beginning.

    The electrical interfacing between humans and machines is exciting.

    We can achieve neurological embodiment where the technology and machine becomes one with the person, he went on to say.

    This technology is not just for amputees, it can be used by everyone.

    In the future, each human being will have a choice of many bionic interventions they can apply to enhance their cognition, emotions, and physical experience, the Professor said.

    Artificial Intelligence: Has The Bible Warned Us Against The Rise Of Ai

    God and robots: Will AI transform religion? – BBC News

    Artificial intelligence is often at the heart of big blockbusters, as evidenced by the popularity of The Matrix and Terminator franchises. The Hollywood films typically envision scenarios in which sentient machines rise against their human masters. And though scientists are yet to develop machines that can truly think for themselves, many fear science-fiction could one day become science-reality.

    Paul Begley, a Christian evangelist from West Lafayette in Indiana, US, believes fears of artificial intelligence can be addressed by reading the Bible.

    Pastor Begley is the host of The Coming Apocalypse, a programme linking modern-day events to biblical scripture that is broadcast on some US TV channels.

    During his latest broadcast, the preacher has bizarrely claimed AI technology is linked to biblical prophecies of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

    He said: Today were going to be looking at AI technology how its becoming part of the biblical narrative how that in the last days AI technology will be used to judge and convinct, and maybe even execute the human race.

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    How Should Christians Approach And Think About Ai

    Because AI will affect so many areas of life, Christians need to be prepared to maximize the benefits of such technology, take the lead on the question of machine morality, and help to limit and eliminate the possible dangers.

    As Christians, we need to be prepared with a framework to navigate the difficult ethical and moral issues surrounding AI use and development, says Jason Thacker, who headed the AI Statement of Principles project for ERLC. This framework doesnt come from corporations or government, because they are not the ultimate authority on dignity issues, and the church doesnt take its cues from culture. God has spoken to us in his Word, and as his followers, we are to seek to love him and our neighbors above all things .

    What Does The Bible Say About Human Intelligence

    EXODUS 36:1 And Bezaleel and Aholiab shall work with everyone wise of heart to whom Jehovah has given wisdom and intelligence, to know how to do every work of the service of the sanctuary, concerning all which Jehovah had commanded. LUKE 2:47 And all those hearing Him were amazed at His intelligence and His answers.

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    Why The Imago Dei Shuts The Door On Transhumanism

    J.R. Miller

    Transhumanist ideology is advancing among scholars who profess Christianity so the question must be asked, is the dream of a post-human existence compatible with the Christian faith? More specifically, is transhumanism compatible with the doctrine of Adam and Eve as the first humans created in the image of God ?

    The answer is no. The biblical doctrine that Gods image exists in every human person and also in humanity as a whole shuts the door to transhumanism. We can see this if we look at what the Bible teaches about anthropology, ethics, and salvation in Christ alone.

    Integrating Humanity Into Avatars

    How to Prevent an Artificial Intelligence God

    In Revelation chapter 13, we are given very specific signs to help us identify the counterfeit god, the Anti-Messiah. For instance, he will blaspheme the God of Israel, and the world will believe that he is the true God.

    One of the reasons people will believe in this counterfeit is that, amazingly, a mortal wound will be healed and an image of this god will come alive . How can this be done?

    One way is through an avatar.

    Today in the Western world, avatars are simply illustrations we use on websites instead of images of ourselves. Or they can be 3D characters that we control in video games.

    The avatar that is in development today, however, will be a life-like synthetic human that carries the brain function, consciousness, and personality of a real person. How is this possible?

    Just as prosthetics can replace body parts, brain parts are already being reproduced.

    For example, the hippocampus in our brain, which controls learning and creates memory has recently been emulated in rats by Dr. Theodore Berger at the University of Southern California.

    He is looking forward to the day when he will develop and transport his own brain into an avatar so that he can help create solutions on how to become a better human being, in light of long-term evolution.

    Trials of the prosthetic hippocampus in humans will likely result in medical devices implanted in brains that will bypass damaged areas of the hippocampus or simply enhance human memory.

    Thats the short-term, beneficial use.

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    What Was Ai In The Bible

    The romanized version of Ai , lit. Known in Canaanite culture as thesorrow heap of ruins or the heap of Roi is a city in Douay-Rheims . Joshuas Book of Joshua in Hebrew Bible indicates that the Israelites did conquer the area on their second attempt despite obstacles. Et-Tell, an ancient archeological site renowned for its ruins, is commonly believed to be where the citys sites are present today.

    How Will People Take The Mark

    The mark could be something as simple as a tattoo, but lets consider how people will be prevented from buying and selling.

    The average tattoo is not able to do anything except serve as a mark of some sort.

    Another kind of tattoo, however, is already in production to be both a mark and a gateway to the marketplace, such as the DuoSkin tattoo in the image above.

    About 12% of Americans are already wearing technology, such as wristbands to monitor their heart rate and other medical issues, why not wearable tattoos?

    Remember, as the Google executive said to one of our ministry staff: people today are like a frog that is being boiled. They wont understand until it is too late.

    In addition, thousands of microchips have been implanted in people around the world for doing tasks as simple as swiping the password on their workplace photocopy machine or entering a sporting arena without tickets.

    Image of a hand that has just been chipped between the thumb and index finger. Chips are being implanted into hands around the world that carry bank account information, passwords, and other data to make life more convenient.

    Between now and 2025, forecasters project $15 trillion will be spent to develop ways to connect things to the internet so they can be monitored and controlled.

    That kind of technology is called the Internet of Things , where anything can transmit data and/or be controlled through the internet.

    As the Apostle John wrote, This calls for wisdom.

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