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What Are Some Good Bible Apps

D365 Daily Devotionals App

Best Bible Apps

d365 Daily Devotionals is the free mobile version of the online daily devotional experience read by millions of people. Since 2001, has provided relevant reflections for students on themes that impact their faith journey.

With this app you can:

*Listen to original d365 music

*Set an alarm to remind you of your devotional each day

*Read past devotionals in the archive

Available on iTunes App Store and .

What Are Some Good Bible Trivia Questions

Bible trivia

New Testament Bible Trivia Questions for Kids

  • Where was Jesus born?
  • How many apostles did Jesus have?
  • What is the name of the disciple who betrayed Jesus?
  • How did Jesus die?
  • Who gave Jesus gifts when he was born?
  • With what did Jesus feed 5000 people?

What is a good trivia question to ask?

  • SOCO.
  • did you know Bible fun facts?Bible Do you know Fun Facts

    So What Are The Best Bible Apps For Kids

    Theres no shortage of childrens Bible apps to put on your device, and almost all of them are free .

    As you can imagine, some of these apps are good, some are pretty good, and some are not so good.

    But no matter the level of success in the execution of these apps, we want to affirm that the desire of the creators is to engage children with God and the Bible, and we want them and others to be encouraged to keep pursuing this goal.

    With the help of the user star-ratings system and some online roundups of Bible apps for kids, weve selected 12 apps to review. Apps were tested both by an adult and an eleven-year-old power user .

    This sampling includes some apps we really liked and some that didnt connect with us as well.

    Its only a selection from the many that are out there, but this article will give you a feel for the range of Bible apps for kids youll find.

    Our goals were to find apps that 1) improve biblical literacy, 2) cause kids to be more positively inclined toward Christ and the Bible, and 3) kids love to spend time with.

    Its a tall order, and if #3 isnt true, a child may not spend long enough with the app to get #1 and #2.

    But we also found that some apps that look very polished or are quite popular needed to be ranked lower in our review, because biblical literacy and love of God and the Bible were what we were primarily looking for.

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    She Reads Truthbible + Devotionals App

    3 | 700+ Reviews

    The She Reads Truth app gives women an opportunity to connect with Gods word.

    The app allows you to read all the entire Bible in 7 different translations and gives you the ability to highlight, bookmark, share and take notes inside the App. Additionally, you can also access 12 free guided reading plans. If you want more reading plans, you can unlock all 77 for $1.99/ month.

    The app also provides beautiful, shareable images that feature the content in the daily community reading and free downloadable lock screens to help you keep Gods Work at top of mind.

    Based on various reviews, people say that content and interface is beautiful, but the app crashes often particularly when using the Bible portion. If you plan on using this app, it sounds like you should seek to use it primarily for the devotionals rather than the Bible study aspect.

    If youd like to give this app a try download on iOS or .

    Daily Bible Audio Reading Plans Devos Free

    How Does Bible App 5 Work?

    With an average user rating of 4.8, Daily Bible is a premier Android Bible app for Android users. With this Bible app, you get an easy and fast way to search any bible verse or topic, support for multiple Bible versions and features to share or save your favorite bible verses on Facebook, Twitter, and the other social networks.


    Arguably the worlds most-liked Android Bible app, Daily Bible is definitely worth some space on your Android device. It can easily bring socializing into Bible reading, as, with this app, you can share your daily verse, or anything that you like, on your favorite social network.

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    Best Simple Bible Study Apps

    Posted by Kevin Purcell | Oct 22, 2018 | Bible Study, COVID19 |

    If you want to do simple Bible study on the go or on your computer, weve got the top 10 best simple Bible study apps available today.

    This round-up of apps work on iPhone, iPad, Android, and in some cases the Kindle Fire. Many of them also offer Windows, macOS or Linux versions, and a few have online websites dedicated to studying the Bible.


    This list is not focused on scholarly Bible study by professors, grad students or pastors, but rather on lay people. If you need a powerful Bible study tool to do scholarly research or more advanced Bible study and sermon prep, then take a look at 5 Best Bible Study Programs on the Market Today.

    First, lets get a brief look at the ten simple Bible study apps and then a recommendation of our favorites based on which operating system or device you use and on what you want to do with the app. Finally, well name an overall best and a couple of runners-up.

    Youversion The Bible App Free

    YouVersion is as simple as it gets.

    It is, by far, the best bible app that we can recommend. We like the YouVersion Bible App because of its readability. It comes with the perfect font and size which is ideal for reading, even on a moving vehicle.

    YouVersion features more than 1,400 Bible versions in over 40 different languages. Although not all versions are available offline, you can download them while youre connected and use it offline.

    Additionally, if you dont feel like reading but still want to have a daily dose of Gods word, YouVersion is also a free audio Bible app.

    This Bible app will also notify you with a Verse of the Day and comes with Reading Plans.

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    Who Made The App

    One of the first questions you should ask before downloading a Bible app is who were the people behind the apps creation. Was the app created by a church or Bible institution you recognize? What version of the Bible are they using or referring to? Answering these questions will help you to determine that the app is trustworthy and theologically sound. Increasingly, it has become easier for any person to make and upload a mobile application. For something as important as the Bible or study materials, its good to feel confident that you are getting an accurate translation and thoughtful information.

    Bible Study Free With In

    Best FREE Bible Apps: 4 Great Bible Apps for iPhone

    If you are student learning about the Bible, this app for Bible study has some really interesting features to offer.

    The Bible Study app is also best viewed on Android tablets. The smartphone interface of this app is good but it looks amazing on tablets. The app for Bible study allows you to study resources, bookmark points, take notes and make highlights.

    This app makes sharing what you read easier. Simply double tap a verse and it will be ready to share via Facebook or Twitter.

    In-app Purchases: $0.99 $199.99 per item

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    The 11 Best Bible Apps For Ios And Android

    The right Bible apps can make it easy to get your daily dose of Scripture on the go. From readings to your favorite verses, enjoy the Word of God anywhere!

    There are so many translations and commentaries available to supplement a daily Bible reading, and now you can access a wealth of information with the click of an app.

    There are plenty of Bible apps that offer verses, readings, and translations for everyone from the youngest readers to Biblical scholars. Whether youâre going to work or on a solitary walk, you can use your smartphone for meditation and prayer from anywhere. Be sure to share the verses you love on your favorite family app with other users!

    Logos Bible Study Tools

    While finding God is not the easiest task in the world, Logos Bible Study Tools, one of the best free Bible download for Android without internet, can quickly find you in almost any sermon thats ever been said in his grace. With this free Bible app for Android and iPhone devices, you can browse not just the worlds largest library of sermons from thousands of different speakers, but also your favorite churches or the one near you to hear God’s word in person.

    The UI of this free Bible app is especially impressive as it categorizes your search by topics like Family, Marriage, Contentment, Weddings, Funerals, foreign languages, and many more. As mentioned earlier, the free Bible app also lets users browse Churches by name, location, and denomination

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    A Good Task Management App

    If you are a pastor, then you have a lot on your plate, meeting different people, preparing sermons, discipling church members, organising various events, and trying to have a private life. Making sure nothing falls through the gap is a tough job and having a good task management app is important. For Android, the best option is Todoist. It has a great free level, lets you share tasks with other people, and has some really great premium options.

    Bible Study With Accordance

    10 best Bible apps and Bible study apps for Android ...
    • reviewed on March 14, 2019

      My children are sinful, vile creatures. But, with Bible Study with Accordance, I can quickly find the relevant bible passages I need to cast out the demons which keep manifesting in them. This is truly a Blessed App, Thank God! Though I don’t trust Apple or the iPhone, I know Jesus has cleansed any malignancy when BSWA runs.

    • reviewed on August 15, 2018

      Bible app with the ability to search for any word as well as other tools

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    Noahs Ark: Bible Story Book

    A polished app with storybook, game, puzzle, card matching, coloring page, and animation elements.

    The heart of the app is the story of Noahs Ark, which is told across several pages of interactive content. The user can have a narrator read the text on the screen or make the text disappear and just tap on the elements on the page, which often animate slightly and have a fun sound effect.

    Improves Biblical Literacy 70/100

    For the one story of Noahs Ark, it will definitely enhance the childs knowledge.

    Builds Love of God and Bible 85/100

    Its a fun and multi-faceted approach to this beloved story.

    Appeal for kids 85/100

    It feels a little young , but its fun, appealing, and polished.

    Other Factors 70/100

    I like that it comes at this one story in a variety of ways a child could engage with the story for an hour or more without tiring of it.

    Overall Review Score 77.5/100

    The Best Free Bible Study Apps For Busy Women

    We may earn money from the products/companies mentioned in this post. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For more information, read our Terms & Disclosures.

    Save & Share

    Here is an overview of the 10 best Bible study apps available for Android & iPhone in 2021. These Bible apps and tools will provide you with a way to nurture your faith both easily and effectively.

    The days of being able to sit down and pour over books or listen to teachings to help grow your understanding of the Bible are long gone. Instead you have a house to clean, kids to care for, a marriage to tend to, and sanity to cling to.

    Thankfully, there are some truly fantastic free Bible study apps available for women who are on the move and still want to dive deep in the truths of Scripture.

    In fact, there are hundreds to choose from, so how do you choose the right app for your Bible time?

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    Note Taking And Article Saving

    As you go about your day, youll want to save notes. Maybe these are ideas to discuss with someone, a website to check out, or notes as you study the Bible. The best tool for this is Evernote, where you can access it anywhere and save pretty much any type of data as a note. Take a picture, handwrite a note on the screen, type text or record some audio.

    Evernote is the perfect tool for taking and recording a bunch of notes and insuring that you can find the information you want later.

    Best Option For Serious Study: Logos

    Best Bible Study Apps – 3 MUST HAVE Bible Apps For Study

    When it comes to scholarly study, there are really two heavyweight contenders: Logos, and Accordance. Both offer powerful tools to help you take your Bible study to the next level and offer powerful Mac apps that give you additional control when unlocking the power of your theological library. We like Logos because it offers a better iOS experience.

    Like YouVersions Bible App, the interface in the Logos iOS app is very clean and easy to use. Its extremely minimal, and I personally like it a little bit better.

    But the biggest benefit that both Logos and Accordance give you is the ability to quickly access the original languages via Strongs Numbers even on your iOS device.

    Strongs Numbers are basically a numerical index of every word used in the original Hebrew and Greek texts of our modern-day Bibles. The numbers make it easy to look up the original word and its accompanying definition in the English language. By looking up the Strongs Number, you can connect the meaning of English word used in our modern translations back to the full meaning in the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.

    These Strongs Numbers come from a reference work called a concordance. A concordance is an alphabetical list of words and their definitions, like a dictionary. For example, you can be reading your Bible and see that the Strongs number for the word love is used in a specific scripture reference. For example, John 15:9 in the King James says:

    But now its a lot easier.

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    Bible Study Apps Are The Best

    These Bible study apps for women are such a great way to ensure you are getting your daily dose of Scripture each day. Let’s face it women juggle a ton of activities every day and often let their time with God fall to the wayside.

    These Bible study apps and Devotional apps make it easier to have God’s word at your fingertips no matter where you are or what you are doing. As Christian women, ensuring we get our daily dose of God’s word helps us keep Him close throughout the day and better prepares us for any type of spiritual warfare that comes our way.

    I challenge you to replace some of those gaming apps on your phone with 1-2 really great bible study apps or devotional apps and use your down time in those instead!

    Do you have a favorite Bible study app or Devotional app that isn’t listed here? We’d love to add it to the list! Also, we’d love to hear how you integrate using these apps into your daily routine.

    Be sure to also read:

    Best Bible Study App #: Niv Quest Study Bible

    With full color maps and photos as well as more than 20,000 notes, this is one app you cant overlook in your search for the best free Bible study app.

    Its literally a digital study Bible!

    If youre a fan of the NIV translation, then this is a fabulous app to have handy on your iPhone or Android device. Its also great for when youre doing family Bible time and want to show your kids right where something is on a map this app makes that super simple to do!

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    Daily Bible Free With In

    The Daily Bible gives you a daily Bible verse and a reading plan which you can use during your leisure time.

    We also recommend The Daily Bible as one of the best Bible apps because it has almost the same features as the YouVersion app. It has a reading plan, various Bible versions, and offline reading.

    This app also has a free audio Bible feature, however, you need to have an internet connection to use it.

    In-app Purchases: $0.99 $100.00 per item

    Youversion From Life Church

    5 Great Christian Apps for Your Daily Devotion

    The YouVersion Bible app from Life Church is the most popular Bible app available. Its not a powerful Bible study app, but it does a great job for people with simple needs.

    The app is totally free and lets you download modern translations like the NIV, ESV, CSB, NKJV or NLT. You can also get the public domain books like the KJV. They dont offer Greek or Hebrew texts for original language research.

    Life Churchs apps excels at giving users a good Bible reading experience with a plethora of devotional reading plans. It also will share the app in beautiful mean-style images with text.

    People who like to highlight and take notes in their Bible can do so with the Bible app. These will sync with the ministrys Bible website.

    Do you want to keep up with another persons Bible reading? This helps with keeping one another accountable and YouVersion makes this simple. Follow one another and share your reading progress.

    Because the Bible apps totally free, it also doesnt include things like language study, commentaries or other books to help you study beyond basic reading. You can listen to the Bible in the app.

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