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What Is The Best Way To Read The Bible

Practical Tips To Help You Enjoy The Old Testament

Best Way to Read the Bible – Easy & Simple Study Tips

Understanding the role and structure of the Old Testament has gone a long way in helping me fall in love with the Old Testament as a whole. As Ive continued to intentionally open Gods Word, Ive found myself getting more and more excited about Scripture.

Over time Ive learned a few practical ways to engage with the Old Testament that have helped me enjoy what Im readying, and hopefully they will help you as you continue to grow in your love and understanding of Gods Word:

1. Read slowly. My current reading speed is about one or two chapters a day. At this speed it will probably take me all year to make it through the Old Testament, but Im finding that as I slow down and focus on that one chapter, Im able to dig a little deeper. Dont try to power through. Allow yourself to the space and time to slow down and enter into whatever youre reading.

2. Ask Questions. One of the most beneficial things Ive learned is to enter into conversation with God as I read. I ask questions and write them out in my Bible and I take time to listen for Gods answers. In the process, Ive not only grown in my understanding of Scripture, but Ive also grown in my prayer life as I actively converse with God about His word.

7. Ask God for a passion for His story. When it comes down to it, God is ultimately the one who can help us enjoy Scripture. So go ahead and ask Him. Tell Him when things feel boring and hard to understand and ask Him to help you enjoy what you are reading.

Get Started Reading The Bible

Now that you have all of your materials AND your Bible reading plan for beginners, youre ready to get started!

Thankfully, learning how to read the Bible for the first time really is easier than you might think.

Simply choose a book from the Bible reading plan for beginners above, and set a goal to read one chapter a day.

Each chapter of the Bible starts with a big number. Each verse in the Bible starts with a small number. So a chapter is typically only a page or so, while a verse is typically only a sentence or two.

You write them like this: John 3:16 = the book of John, chapter 3, verse 16.

Dont worry if you dont understand every single word. Ive been reading my Bible for decades and I still dont understand every single word or know how to apply them all. No one does. Theres always more to learn!

But you really can learn a LOT simply by reading through a little each day, thinking about what youre reading, and looking for ways to apply what youre learning to your real life. The more you read and put into practice, the more you learn and grow!

St Century Catholic Apologetics For Mary’s Spiritual Warriors

How should Catholics read the Bible?;Like a novel?;Like a science book?

There are a number of ways to read the Bible.;One of the first things Catholics should look for is good footnotes at the bottom of the page that are indexed to other similar texts in the Bible.;This helps the reader to understand the particular verse in context, rather than in isolation.;The Bible is meant to be read in its entirety, and never to be taken out of context. That is what satan tried to do to Jesus in the desert in Matthew 4 Taking individual verses out of context, trying to use them to mean something they really dont. ;

That method is still used today, by well meaning, but misguided, non-Catholics. By using the footnotes at the bottom of the page, you can turn to a similar verse and see how it is used. Another rule to follow is that you must read the bible with a sense of Tradition, what the original author meant to say, not what you think it means.; If you were the author of “Gone with the Wind”, you surely wouldn’t want someone 2000 years from now to come up with an interpretation that Scarlett was a Yankee!; Likewise, neither should we come up with interpretations based on what we “think”, or what we “feel” today.; The third rule to follow is that no interpretation of the bible can contradict Church teaching, since the Bible is a product of the Church.; That would be like saying that a government document contradicts the government agency that issued the document.

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Bible Study By Paragraphs

A paragraph is several sentences of thought in writing. When an author changes the subject of emphasis in writing, he usually begins a new paragraph. The beginning of a paragraph in this Bible is indicated by a boldface verse number. Studying the Bible by paragraphs like this is often called analytic Bible study.

Read the paragraph carefully for its main thought or subject.

Bible Study By Topics

Best Way to Read the Bible Cover to Cover

Closely related to the method of study by words is the study according to great topics or subjects: Bible prayers, Bible promises, Bible sermons, Bible songs, Bible poems, and so on.

Or one might study Bible geography by reading rapidly through and looking for rivers, seas, and mountains highlighted in Scripture. For example, the mountaintop experiences in the life of Abraham are a thrilling study.Another challenging study is to read rapidly through the Gospels and Epistles looking for the Lords commands to us.

The list of Bible topics is unlimited.

First, for a topical study on prayer, look up the word prayer or pray in your concordance. Look up every form of these words and such related words as ask and intercession. After you have looked up these verses, study them and bring together all the teaching on prayer that you find. You will find conditions of prayer, words to be used in prayer, results to expect from prayer, when to pray, and where to pray.

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How To Successfully Read Through The Bible In A Year

Preparing for the challenge

  • Set a focus if you want to finish well Many of us think that reading the Bible from cover to cover in one year is an incredibly hard feat.
  • The view at the peak is worth the climb Since I was reading so many passages in a day,it came as no surprise that I was unable to
  • Reading the Bible helps me look forward to our glorious end
  • Know What Type Of Writing It Is

    Different people use different categories for the types of Biblical writings but I am just going to share the broader types to help you get started.

    The broad writing styles of the Bible are these:

    • Law
    • Epistles
    • Acts

    Are you going to read poetry differently then you would American laws? Would you read a persons memoir differently than a letter from a friend?

    Yes, you would! You would be reading it differently expecting different messages and ways of translating. The same is true for Scripture.

    For example, Leviticus is a book of law while Psalm and Proverbs are poetry. They are written differently, for different purposes and we must approach Scripture according to those differences.

    After choosing a book to set up camp in, determine what kind of writing it is!

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    Should You Read The Entire Bible In One Year

    Whether you’re reading for devotional, cultural, or personal reasons, a year is a reasonable amount of time in which to read the Bible. Before you begin, take some time to consider how you would like to approach your task. You can read alone, or in a group. You can read one translation of the Bible, or several.

    Tips To Read The Bible Through In One Year

    The Best Way to Read the Bible

    Are you up for a challenge?

    How about reading the Bible through this year?

    Ive heard so many people who would love to read the Bible through in a year, but never completed the task. Its nearly impossible for the pastor to preach through all of it, so you are going to miss something unless you study on your own, but most believers havent read all the Bible. Some of the best nuggets of truth I discovered on my own, reading through the Bible in a year.

    Here are 7 tips for reading the Bible through in a year:

    Pray Ask God to give you the motivation and strength to accomplish this goal. You cant read the Bible like any other book. You need Gods Spirit to help you.

    Pick an easy to read version Currently Im using the Holman Christian Standard. I previously wrote a post about versions. You can read that HERE.

    Find a plan You could simply read three chapters a day and do fine, but I have found having a printed checklist helps keep me disciplined. It may seem mechanical to some, but it will keep you on task. YouVersion has many plans to follow. There are more than you can imagine. The key is to find one. I like the balance of reading some Old and New Testament each day, but choose one that works for you. Heres a LINK to other options.

    Discipline yourself It will likely take you on average about 15 minutes per day to complete this. Once youve done it consistently for 30 days or so, youll be well on your way to having a habit formed.

    Whos with me?

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    Apps To Help You Read The Bible

    The best app Ive run across is the Bible app. Its the most popular app and for good reason. Not only does it give you multiple options for reading through the Bible in a year, 90 days, 30 days, etc. but it also gives you special devotions. It offers quite a few versions of the Bible and so much more. is my favorite app for listening to the Bible. You can listen to the Bible dramatized which Ive found makes the stories come alive. This app is also great for listening to the Bible with your whole family.

    Audible is another great app option for reading the Bible that you can listen to while youre doing other tasks. Daily Bible Verse is an app I have enjoyed as well.

    How To Read The Bible And Enjoy It

    I remember the first time I tried to read the Bible for myself. I found my grandfathers copy on a shelf in his living room. I was nine years old.

    I sat down on the floor, cross-legged, with the Bible on my lap. I opened it slowly reverently and began to read.

    • I was fascinated by Gods creation of the heavens, earth, and man in Genesis 12.
    • I was swept into the drama of mans temptation and fall in Genesis 3.
    • I was saddened by Cains murder of Abel in Genesis 4.

    I felt like I had discovered a lost bookthe key to the universe! I was captivated.

    Then I hit the begats in Genesis 5.

    Oh boy.

    My eyes glazed over.

    I closed the Bible, stood up, and slipped it back on the shelf. I didnt pick it up again for another ten years.

    So many people have told me theyve had similar experiences. They know they should read the Bible; they just dont know how to begin.

    Even if you are not a Christianor dont consider yourself a spiritually-inclined personthe Bible is worth reading. Without question, it has had a greater impact on Western civilization than any other book published.

    You cant understand great literature, common metaphors, or cultural allusions without a basic knowledge of these ancient texts.

    But how do you start? The Bible is, after all, a big book! I have read it through several times. In fact, my goal is to read it through every year, though it some times takes a little longer.

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    Use A Reliable Study Bible

    The same principle applies to study Bibles as commentaries: dont make them your first stop. But again, they can be very helpful as you work your way through different sections of the Bible.

    Im a fan of the ESV Study Bible. Its got loads of insightful notes, historical charts, diagrams, and more. Plus, its big so it doubles as a self-defense weapon.

    How To Get Started Reading The Bible

    How should I study the Bible?

    If youre new to reading the Bible, knowing where to start can seem a little overwhelming. However, I want to share a few tips that can make reading the Bible easier for beginners.

  • Pick a specific book of the Bible that you would like to read. Many people like to read Palms or Proverbs because its easier to comprehend and full of encouraging verses. When I first started reading the Bible, I decided to read the shortest books first!
  • Choose a version of the Bible thats easy for you to read and understand. As you mature in your Bible studying, you may explore and read many different versions of the Bible. However, its important to initially choose a Bible version easy enough to read that you dont feel discouraged or frustrated.
  • You dont have to start at the beginning. Many feel like they have to begin in Genesis and work their way through to Revelation . However, the best way to read the Bible as a beginner is whatever way inspires you to keep reading.
  • You dont have to read a lot at a time. Take it in stride and read a little bit every day. Write down the bit that you read every day. This will help you absorb it a bit better. You can read as little as a few verses or a chapter. If you read three to four chapters a day you can finish reading the entire Bible in one year.
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    More Than A Good Book

    The Bible is more than just a good book, it is the Book of Life, which leads to life in Jesus Christ. It enables us to know God in all his majesty and glory, to know ourselves in all our sinfulness and brokenness, and the way of redemption and restoration.

    How will you, today, read the Bible and begin to mine its riches, finding God and Jesus, redemption and restoration, for your weary, sin-sick soul?

    Ways To Read More Scripture This Year

    5x5x5 New Testament Bible Reading Plan. Read through the New Testament in a year, reading Monday to Friday. Weekends are set aside for reflection and other reading. Especially beneficial if youre new to a daily discipline of Bible reading. Download PDF – 5x5x5 New Testament Bible Reading Plan.

    7 Specific benefits of reading the Bible in a year 6 Possible objections 5 Reasons I like this particular plan. This plan is just one of many. We are blessed to have so many available options . My main hope is to encourage you to consider making this the year you read through the Bible in a year.

    This year, if your goal is to read the Bible in a year, we want you to feel confident that you can finish. And if you dont, dont be down on yourself. While most of these ideas are simple tips to be successful when you read the Bible in a year, some of them can be applied to any of your goals and resolutions too!

    There are several approaches to read the Bible in a year. Some choices are beginning-to-end, historical, chronological or blended . Pick the right plan for you. Because it is a big book, remember the old saying: when eating an elephant, take one bite at a time..

    To listen to an episode: Scroll through the list. Click on the day you want to listen to Enjoy!

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    Learning How To Read The Bible Can Be Fun And Enjoyable

    PinBy the way, if youre truly interested in learning how to read the Bible for beginners, Id love to invite you to check out my brand new book: Fall in Love with Gods Word: Practical Strategies for Busy Women!;

    Practical, encouraging, and full of biblical truth, Fall in Love with Gods Word has everything you need to learn how to:

    • Overcome 7 common obstacles preventing you from spending time in Scripture
    • Discover the personalized Bible-reading routine that works for YOU
    • Learn 15 easy ways to make reading the Bible for beginners more meaningful and enjoyable
    • Use Scripture to conquer sin, false beliefs, and negative thought patterns
    • Experience fresh spiritual growth and passion for Gods Word.

    Please visit or your local bookstore to learn more and grab your copy of Fall in Love with Gods Word today!

    What Is The Best Order To Read The Bible For The First Time

    Best Way To Read The Holy Bible

    If you are just starting to read the Bible, you may be wondering about the best order to read the Bible for the first time. If you need a guide, we highly recommend Through The Bible. Using this guide, you will be able to read through the Bible chronologically. You will begin with Genesis and will end with Revelation.;And everything in between with be like nothing youve ever experienced before, even if youve read the Bible!;You will experience every event of the Bible, one after the other, in the order in which they occurred. Everything, including Psalms, Prophets and Proverbs will be order for you!;You will be able to sit down and read the Bible every day, just like a novel!

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