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Does Alexa Read The Bible

Make The Bible Part Of Every Day

Alexa: “Play the Bible”

Alexa users have long been able to add the Verse of the Day as a flash briefing, which is customizable audio and news delivered daily or weekly. Now, they can also add the YouVersion Kids Bible Daily Story to their flash briefings. The YouVersion Kids Bible Daily Story flash briefing will read the childrens Bible Story of the Day, or show the Story of the Day video on voice-enabled devices with screens. With Google Assistant, users can add a Good Morning routine and add Ask YouVersion Bible for the Verse of the Day as an action to start their day off with Scripture.

Literary Features Authorship And Date

Many questions have arisen pertaining to the literary character, authorship and date of 1,2 Samuel. Certain features of the book suggest that it was compiled with the use of a number of originally independent sources, which the author may have incorporated into his own composition as much as possible in their original, unedited form.

Who the author was cannot be known since the book itself gives no indication of his identity. Whoever he was, he doubtless had access to records of the life and times of Samuel, Saul and David. Explicit reference in the book itself is made to only one such source , but the writer of Chronicles refers to four others that pertain to this period .

How To Startup Alexas Commands / Skill

To get started all you need to do is follow up the voice prompt instructions. While other of the commands required to be tuned in via the Alexa app or directly from the Amazons website. To start up this follow the prompts below:

  • Search for the skills name and then select the;Enable;button.
  • To do this through the Alexa app, you can simply do that by selecting the main menu button and choose the;Skills option. From here you can browse Alexa skills by criteria/categories. You can also search for skills by keyword or name through this same interface.
  • I prefer using Amazons website instead of the designated app; you have to be logged into the account that is associated with your Alexa-enabled device.
  • Next, click on the drop-down menu and choose;Alexa Skills. From here you can search for skills by keyword or name. Youll also be taken to the Alexa Skills section of the website after performing your initial search.
  • Once you click the Enable button associated with a particular skill it will then be activated on all of your Alexa-enabled devices, assuming that youve registered them;with the same Amazon account, and will be ready for use.

Youll notice in the lists below that many Alexa skills are called by using trigger words like;open,;start,;play;and;ask.

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It’s Simple To Fit The Simple Truth 2


Conveniently listen to the quick Bible study about your verse of the day. ;Find in your podcasting app or on your Amazon smart speaker.


Watch the Bible come alive once you understand the history and culture and how it applies to the author’s intended message.


Apply what you learn to your daily life. Experience a deeper connection with God as your faith grows stronger.;

How To Read And Listen To The Bible Offline In The Bible App

How To Use The YouVersion Bible on Alexa â Awake To ...

There are several Bible apps available on app stores with different versions that provide a feature to read as well as listen to audio online. But sometimes for everyone, it is always not possible to be online to read and listen to the Bible, so here, in this case, the Bible Offline version plays an important role.

When you dont have internet or WiFi connection, the Bible can be easily accessed in the form of text as well as audio with offline features present in the Offline Bible App. But not all Bible Apps provides the feature to access the offline version of the bible, so here in this post, we will be introducing to you one of the worlds best Bible Study App with which you can access Bible in text and audio format when online as well as offline.

The Bible App which provides freedom to experience the bible in our daily life is the Bible App from YouVersion which is also called as Holy Bible App. The YouVersions Bible App is one of the Worlds best bible app and it is one the app in the religion category which has a million installs on unique devices all over the world.

With great features and quality content, YouVersion Bible App provides the service for free without charging any subscription or one-time fee and not even ads are embedded in the app.

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Youversion Adds Functionality To Alexa

Posted by Lauren Hunter | Mar 25, 2019 | Bible Study |

Digital voice assistants have become a staple in many peoples homes. You can play a favorite song in the kitchen, ask Alexa for recipes, even dim the lights. Now, Alexa can read the Bible out loud on command too. As voice technology saw explosive growth in 2018, YouVersion announced this week they are enhancing their Bible offerings for .

Play Content In A Different Language

You can play audio content in a different language if the content is available in that language on

For example:

  • Alexa, read this weeks Watchtower Study in Russian from

  • Alexa, read this weeks Congregation Bible Study in Tagalog from

  • Alexa, play original songs in Korean from

  • Alexa, play the latest morning worship in Hindi from

Please note these limitations:

  • You cannot request the daily text in a different language, since it is read by Alexa and Alexa can read only in the language of your device.

  • The skill follows the midweek meeting schedule used in English and other major languages. In some cases, congregations in other languages may use a different publication for the Congregation Bible Study.

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Can Alexa Read The Bible

Day 16 Lent today lets chat about Alexa reading the bible.

I tried yall but still think bible studies are boring. In my last attempt to do a womens bible study there was a TON of homework. I have a slight ADHD problem over here when it came to reading all of the bible verses.;

The bible study had numerous scriptures, and guys it was just too much. I jokingly searched the web to see if Alexa could just read me the bible. So if you were wondering can Alexa read the bible? Yes, she he it or however Alexa identifies totally can.;

Can Alexa read the bible to me?

By Alexa, I mean any Amazon Echo device that uses the Alexa software. In our house we have several and 2 devices.;

Alexa Is Listening All The Time: Here’s How To Stop It

How To Use Alexa To Listen To The Bible
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Recent news reports in the last week revealed that Amazon has thousands of workers listening to Amazon Echo aka Alexa voice assistant recordings. That is a bit unnerving, however, this post will share several ways, including a serious DIY project, to increase your privacy.

MUENSTER – JANUARY 27, 2018: White Amazon Echo Plus, Alexa Voice Service activated recognition… system photographed on wooden table in living room.


Im going to cut right to the chase here:

1. The first method of silencing most voice assistant devices is via the manual, physical button. Some of us dont read the manual and are unaware that there are manual overrides. On Amazon Echo, when you press the microphone button, the external ring glows red and the device is not capable of listening . Google Home has a button on the side and the four dots on the top light up when disabled, plus it verbally tells you mic is on or off as you press the button .

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Also, there are reports that you can mute both the Google Home and Apple HomePod with a simple voice command of mute the microphone or stop listening. I do not have an Apple HomePod, but the Google Home simply responds to tell you where the button is on the unit and to press it. I found no such voice convenience in the Amazon Echo settings, but it would be nice.

UPDATE: I was testing different privacy settings when I first wrote the post and am now including this one.

Alexa Privacy Settings to Off _No More Alexa Listening

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How To Download And Install The Youversion Bible In Windows Os

The YouVersion Bible app has a compatible program for Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. To download Windows version of YouVersion Holy Bible just open Microsoft Store and search for YouVersion Bible App

Just install the app by clicking on the get button and the app will start downloading and later on install on your pc or laptop

Oncethe app gets installed, open the app by going to start menu

The app will load and you will be able to read the bible without logging in or registering, if you want you can register an account or if you already have an account then sign in using those details.

Logging in into YouVersion Bible App will help you to highlight verses, make plans, study with friends and do many more things.

How To Access Youversion On Website Without Installing Any Apps

If you dont like to install apps on your phone or want to access YouVersion Bible on the specific device which doesnt have a compatible app of YouVersion then you can also access or read the bible directly from its web portal.

To read YouVersion Bible Online from web portal just visit

You can select any version of the bible which you want to read, and even you can listen bible, make plans and watch videos.

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What Languages Can Alexa Read

Alexa can read the Bible only in English. Although Alexa has been already launched in Mexico, Spain and Italy, there are no skills that Alexa can use to read the Bible neither in Spanish nor Italian. However, some of the skills that were mentioned in this article have a version in Spanish. For example, there is a version in Spanish of the Verse of the Day skill, which can only read one same verse in a day.

As I have explained in other articles of this blog, Alexa is not that powerful in terms of languages. Maybe in the future more languages will be supported and the Bible will be available for more people in the world.

How To Get Alexa To Read Your Kindle Books On Your Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

âOk Google⦠read my Planâ?

It’s not just audiobooks and podcasts, you know

If you’re anything like us, you have an ever-growing pile of books you swear you’ll get round to reading eventually maybe once things get a little less hectic at work, I swear. Thank god for audiobooks, right?

Some literary snobs may look down on audiobooks, but frankly we think those people have too much time on their hands.

We love an audiobook here at The Ambient, and now that we can use smart assistants like Alexa to read them to us, it’s easier than ever to jump back into a good read when you have a few minutes to spare . And no, you don’t need an Audible subscription to do it.

Below we’ll walk you through how to do it, and offer some handy Alexa commands. If you haven’t already, be sure to also check out our guide on listening to podcasts with Alexa.

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List Of All Alexa Skills : Alexa Commands List

Here we are again discussing the new hyper nugget, and thats the most famous Alexa. This voice response echo is not new in the tech world but if youre coming across it for the first time, dont worry about a thing as I will brief you on this hyper-tech voice responder.

Talking about this nugget, Alexa is known to be one of the most significant Amazon inventions presently connected with some number of web services to make a higher tech intelligence. Alexa acts as a manservant that can carry out any instructed task/duties.; This shouldnt scare you away from its cold. Every Alexa-enabled device is a plus to have in your home and, with a little tuning, it proves to be a very awesome amigo.

Most of the Alexa skills are not placed on default mode, merely saying that to get other skills on and going you will have to follow the required and proper activation steps before using each one for the very first time.

Article Map

Listen To Daily Bible Plans

Using simple voice commands, people can now ask Alexa or Google Assistant to read their YouVersion Bible Plan. By saying Open YouVersion Bible, people can hear the full list of options, or they can go straight to their Plan content by saying Ask YouVersion Bible to read my plan. The voice assistant will read the first incomplete day of the most recently subscribed to YouVersion Bible Plan.

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Convenient Ways To Listen

You’re busy. No one has time for “fluff.” I get it.

The Simple Truth 2-Minute Bible Podcast gets straight to the point. This is the easiest way to fit a Bible study into your daily routine.;


Add;The Simple Truth 2-Minute Bible Study to your Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing.

The Brave New World Of Bible Reading

Google Home asking Alexa to read a Bible verse

My Bible died.

I was teaching a class and asked for someone to read a Bible verse. As soon as the student had opened his Bible app and located the verse, his digital tabletand Bibledied. This declaration made me realize we are living in a brave new world of Bible reading.

The digital age is doing some curious things to the Bible. Not only can modern Bibles die because of low batteries, but they can also speak, search, share, notify, and hyperlink. It takes two taps to tweet text from Titus. It is normal to announce to an empty room, Alexa, add blueberries to my grocery list and read Esther chapter four.

Social media, smartphones, and new media are changing everything, including how we interact with the Bible. The digital age has created a cornucopia of new opportunities for us to read, mark, learn, and digest the Word of God.

To navigate this brave new world, Gods people need both biblical literacy and digital literacy.

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How To Enable Bible Alexa Skill

First, you need to decide which Alexa skill is right for you. I personally use the Alexa skill for YouVersion Bible since that is the bible app I have on my phone.;

Dont worry installing an Alexa skill is super easy.;

All you have to do is say Alexa, enable YouVersion Bible

Thats it! I told you it was easy peasy!

Play Childrens Bible Stories

Children can ask their Alexa-enabled devices to play one of the Bible App for Kids 41 childrens Bible stories. They will be able to watch the story video or listen to the story depending on their device capability and the availability of content. To begin, they can say Alexa, Open YouVersion Kids Bible, and then theyll have the option to play the Story of the Day or ask for a specific story or Bible character, such as Wherever You Go or Ruth. YouVersion Kids Bible will be available for Google Assistant this spring.

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Holy Bible Youversion Main Attraction

  • Read and Listen Bible in 40+ languages
  • You can read selected versions of the Bible even when you are offline without any network connection
  • Switch between 1,400+ Bible versions, 1,000+ languages
  • You can also listen to the Audio Bible, but only when online
  • Offers Verse of the Day widget
  • Different Versions of the Bible App can be read on the YouVersion Bible App. Some of the popular versions in YouVersion Bible App are King James Version KJV, New International Version NIV, New King James Version NKJV, New Living Translation NLT, English Standard Version ESV, NASB, Revised Standard Version RSV, New Revised Standard Version NRSV, and NIV

Contents And Theme: Kingship And Covenant

What books can alexa read for free

1 Samuel relates God’s establishment of a political system in Israel headed by a human king. Before the author describes this momentous change in the structure of the theocracy , he effectively depicts the complexity of its context. The following events provide both historical and theological background for the beginning of the monarchy:

1. The birth, youth and call of Samuel . In a book dealing for the most part with the reigns of Israel’s first two kings, Saul and David, it is significant that the author chose not to include a birth narrative of either of these men, but to describe the birth of their forerunner and anointer, the prophet Samuel. This in itself accentuates the importance the author attached to Samuel’s role in the events that follow. He seems to be saying in a subtle way that flesh and blood are to be subordinated to word and Spirit in the process of the establishment of kingship. For this reason chs. 13 should be viewed as integrally related to what follows, not as a more likely component of the book of Judges or as a loosely attached prefix to the rest of 1,2 Samuel. Kingship is given its birth and then nurtured by the prophetic word and work of the prophet Samuel. Moreover, the events of Samuel’s nativity thematically anticipate the story of God’s working that is narrated in the rest of the book.

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