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Where To Buy Bible Tabs

How To Make Bible Tabs

Bible Tabs! Easily Find the Books of the Bible

Step 1 Print out the bible tabs

Step 2 Cut them out

Step 3 Fold them in half

Step 4 Work out the positioning of the tabs. I like to overlap them slightly, as there is space behind them you can still easily see where the names are.

Step 5 Paste them in. You can just use regular glue or you can use sticky photo tape.

Step 6 Youre done!

I have made some free bible tab printables for you to download below, enjoy!

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    Thank you so much! so useful

  • They Make Bible Reading Easier

    Compared to how bookmarks function in marking pages in the book were reading, Bible tabs point you to the correct page at a glance. There are plenty of Christians out there that have each page of the Bible memorized from the heart. And kudos to those people! Being able to commit to memory 1200 pages of the Bible isnt a simple feat.;

    For some Christians, especially casual Bible readers, using Bible tabs is a lot of help. I remember my grandmother owning an indexed Bible. She was the one who inspired me to use Bible tabs as a young Christian. And I will always keep that memory with me.

    Attach The Tabs To The Pages Of Your Bible

    Attach the tabs to the pages of your Bible. The tab for each book should be attached to the first page of that book. If the first page is on a left-hand page, you will have to decide if you want the tab to be attached to the left-hand page or the right-hand page.


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    Colorful Bible Book Tabs

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    Find what you’re looking for!;;

    Watch below to see how simple these are to apply! You will LOVE them!;


    • Easy-to-apply, durable stickers for all 66 books of the Bible
    • Bonus Bible journaling stickers!
    • Make your Bible;extra colorful with these delightful tabs

    Raving Reviews

    SUPER FUN & SIMPLE;These colorful tabs are super fun & really easy to put on.;– Stacey

    GAME CHANGER!!;Ever since I bought these, reading my Bible has never been easier!;;– Veronica

    SUCH AN UNEXPECTED DELIGHT;I didn’t know how much I would love them in my Bible, but man, they add so much. These make it even easier to find books of the Bible and are delightful to look at. They just lift your spirits visually as you sink into the Word.;-;Michelle

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    Heres how it works:;

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    How To Organize Bible Tabs

    To properly organize your Bible tabs, you have to make sure that the name on each page correctly corresponds to the name printed on the Bible tab. Otherwise, you would find it confusing if you mislabeled Exodus to Deuteronomy.;

    You can choose to place your Bible tabs on the top, bottom, side, or wherever you feel is best. We naturally turn pages on the side, so the side makes the most sense.;

    What Is Bible Tabs

    Let me put it this way, it does what it says on the tin. Each Bible tab references the name of each book found in the Bible. That is why they are also called Bible Index Tabs.;

    Bible tabs, as the name suggests, are simply tabs that show you where to find each Book in the Bible. They are decorative tabs that could mark pages, so its easier to locate a particular Book in the Bible later. The lovely and practical designs add visual interest to help you find the correct page at a glance.;

    Bible tabs are most commonly placed at the beginning page of each book of the Bible. They come in many different designs, shades, and styles. So choosing one for your Bible is a fun way to customize it as your own.

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    The Best Bible Tabs Plus Get A Free Printable

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    Reading your Bible is the most important way to learn about God. Making the decision to become a Christian is a lifelong journey to know your creator.

    The Bible has everything we need to know to navigate through this life. Its filled with real-life examples of struggles, victories, Christian living, Gods promises, all the names of God, and more!

    If we desire to know the Lord, we need to study our Bibles. There are 66 books in the Bible and most people dont know where all the books are. This is where Bible tabs come in.

    There is normally a page at the beginning of the Bible that lists all the books of the new testament and old testament with page numbers. ;This is helpful but wouldnt it be easier to have a Bible tab on each book?

    I received Jesus into my life a little over 10 years ago and I still get the books in the Bible confused. I know which books are in the old testament and the new testament but I get the order of the books messed up.

    This is especially frustrating when Im in church or at my womens Bible study because I feel like Im on the spot.

    Free Printable Bible Tabs

    Bible Tabs DIY Tutorial – How to Make and Apply Printable Bible Tabs | Easy and Budget Friendly

    I created these printable Bible tabs for you. They are free to download. All you have to do is click on this free printable Bible tabs link to get your copy.

    After you have downloaded the file, just print, cut, fold in half, and attach them to your Bible pages. You can use sticker paper, glue, tape, washi tape, etc. to attach the tabs to your Bible.

    These printable Bible tabs include all 66 books of the old & new testaments. Each tab is approx. 2 inches wide.

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    What Are Bible Tabs

    Bible tabs are tabs that have the name of each book in the Bible. For example, the first book in the Bible is Genesis. The tab would say Genesis on it.

    The tab would stick out on the side of the Bible so you can see the name of the book easier. Some Bibles have indentions on the edge of the pages that serve as Bible tabs.

    Bible tabs are also known as Bible index tabs and Bible book tabs. The purpose of the tabs is to help you navigate to each Book of the Bible quicker.

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    Sample Bible Tabs Template

    Making a personalized Bible tab template is easy. Just follow this simple guideline so you can create your very own Bible tab design.;;;

  • Think about your preferred Bible Tab design. In this step, you will be using your imaginative skills to think of the perfect Bible tab aesthetic. You can base it on your favorite color, your favorite animal, or your grandmothers Bible tab. If youre not feeling inspired, you can search the web for Bible tab designs.
  • . Ask yourself what kind of quality you want your Bible tab to have. Do you want the matte finish of the sticker paper? The durability of the card stock? Or the familiarity of the copy paper? If you cant choose one, then you can print on all three of them. It never hurts to have extras.
  • Gather the necessary tools and materials. For this step, you will need a printer, a pair of scissors or a tab punch, a Bible tab printable, and your own Bible.
  • Print your design. Since you already chose your preferred design, all you have to do for this step is to print it out. Assemble all the papers and make sure you printed all of them. Make sure you dont miss a single book in the Bible.;
  • Cut out the printed tabs. If you have steady hands for cutting, then you can complete this step with ease. This part takes a lot of time to do since youre snipping a lot of individual names.;
  • Fold each Bible Tab in half. Take your time to carefully fold each tab so that you will not make any unintended paper folds.;
  • The 5 Best Bible Tabs

    Pin on Bible Journaling
    • A Bible tab placement guide is included in the package
    • There are different colors to choose from
    • The sticker has a strong adhesive
    • Allows the user to apply each Bible tab very easily
    • It has a large printed font for every tab
    • Easy to flip through book pages
    • The product is highly affordable for new buyers
    • Each Bible tab is printed in laminated stickers
    • Printed words are easy to read

    If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best Bible tab is, then Id recommend DiverseBee Laminated Bible Tabs as the best one.

    When I was still in school, I would often use sticky notes and highlighters to help me with my studies. I would have struggled with pop quizzes and final exams without them. These things made it easier for me throughout my school years.;

    Being a Christian is an amazing journey. To deepen our relationship with God, reading the Bible is the most effective way to do so. The Bible is enough to supply us with guidelines on how to navigate through life. The teachings of Jesus Christ serve as a blueprint on how we should live our lives.

    Today, there are a lot of tools that can help us get into the scriptures easily. From devotional books to Bible commentaries to Bible study guides, its easier to dive into the word of God every day. And if we dont know where all the 66 books in the Bible are, the Bible tabs come in.;

    Here are the best Bible Tabs well be reviewing:

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    How To Use Bible Tabs

    If you choose to purchase Bible tabs, there are usually instructions that can help you to apply them to your Bible. Most Bible tabs are stickers or cardstocks. The first step is to locate the beginning of each book in the Bible. The placement is up to you. Some prefer the top, but most people find placing them on the side of the Bible makes the most sense.

    Then simply add to the edge of your page and fold over to apply. Make sure you have just one page as Bible pages are very thin. Make sure that you dont miss a single book in the Bible. Lastly, you can reinforce if necessary. Since the pages of the Bible are very thin, there can be issues with pages ripping where the tabs are. Its safer to reinforce the page using either a decorative washi or a basic scotch tape.;

    To Help Familiarize With The Scriptures

    As we acquaint ourselves with the scriptures, we come closer to understanding the intentions behind the Bible. We can better comprehend the sermons dictated because we religiously read the contents before going to mass. Similar to studying for a topic found on the syllabus a day before the actual lesson. Its always better to be prepared rather than not being prepared at all.

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    How To Make Bible Index Tabs


    The Bible has 66 books. One way to find them is to memorize the books in order or just check the table of contents any time you need to find a book. If either of these methods is not your preference, you can also make or buy self-adhesive index tabs that will help you locate each book quickly when you need it.

    Explore this article

    How To Make Your Own Bible Tabs

    How To: Adding Illustrated Faith Bible Tabs

    Are you the type of student that enjoys making arts and crafts? In that case, I can show you a few different ways we can use your sense of creativity and resourcefulness.;

    Making things out of our own hands can be very fulfilling. So here are a few Bible tab templates you can make in the comfort of your home.

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    To Add Style To Your Bible

    Owning a Bible is similar to owning a priceless heritage. It contains millennia-old wisdom that has helped countless other Christians for centuries. We live in a time where we can freely practice our faith. And the better way to honor our faith is by customizing our Bible. Adding Bible tabs helps us navigate each page and eases us into accessorizing the Bible as our own. Plus, it helps you better identify what your Bible looks like amidst a sea of other Bibles if it ever gets lost.


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