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Where To Buy Personalized Bibles

Ultimate Personalized Bible: Raised Spine Bands And Rule Lines

Frost Leather â Custom Bible Rebind REVIEW

A beautiful way to customize Bibles is to add raised bands with rule lines! These add character and dimension. The cover material selection can affect the look of the bands caused mostly because of the thickness of the materials.

Cowhide plonge and goatskin are thicker materials than bonded leather. Accordingly, bands have a different look and feel than bands in bonded leather.

A beautiful combination is to combine a natural leather or goatskin and either foil stamp or blind deboss ruled line above and/or below the spine band so the spine band “pops”.

Deboss rule lines use the same die, but without the foil. The impressions made above and below the bands look great. Debossing impresses a die into the surface of a material, leaving a depressed imprint of the image.

All of these special ways to personalize Bibles are performed by hand and therefore, the number, spacing, and thickness of these features are at the bookbinder’s discretion.

Home Add Imprinting To Personalize Your Bible / Name Imprinting / Personalized Bibles / Engraving

Apart from choosing a Bible that speaks to you, you also have the option to add imprinting such as a personal name, study group name, a short inspirational inscription to personalize your Bible.

Personalize your Bible for only $9.97 per line! Just start by picking a Bible and then follow the instructions on that page to add imprinting.

Thousands Of Excited People

Such a great gift!

“I got this for my best friend who is moving away and it came quickly and is simply perfect! I cant wait to give it to her as a present to take with her so she can be reminded that I love her and God has her back wherever she goes! These are so great!!”

Cathy O’Dell

Wonderful Concept for Encouragement!

“I had previously received one from a friend and loved it, so I ordered three for family members and each one of them love theirs as well. Thank you for designing these special journals!”

C. Briel

Awesome products!

“I love love love the idea of personalizing journals and bible. The people whom I gifted them to were moved to tears and amazement. Everything is delicately packed and wrapped, making it even more special. There was great attention to detail in everything. Every item I ordered came beautifully wrapped. I am beyond pleased. Thank you!”

Yvette Dominguez

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Select Style And Add Personalization

Select Block or Script Imprint. Then enter the text you want to appear on the Bible cover. You can add up to two lines of text. You will be required to enter the text twice and confirm the information is correct. The text colors offered for personalization are gold or silver. The color will be automatically selected to match the page gilding and the foil on the spine of the Bible you’ve selected.

Dollar Days Of Winter

PERSONALIZED ** KJV Study Bible Large Print Indexed ...
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  • If you’re asking yourself ‘where can I buy a Bible?’- you are in the right place! Christianbook features a wide selection of Bibles in popular translations- ESV, NIV, KJV, NKJV, and more- with options for all needs, including Bibles designed specifically for women and colorful, easy-to-read Bibles for kids. Increase your knowledge of scripture with one of our in-depth study Bibles, and affirm your daily walk with trusted devotional Bibles. Record your notes and illustrations in a decorative journaling Bible, and share the word with economy outreach Bibles- available in a variety of languages. Engage your faith in a new way with the unique Reader’s Bible, presenting Scripture in a read-through format.

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    Bible Covers For Women & Men

    A design-your-own Bible cover is perfect for anyone of the Christian Faith. Personalize a Bible case that’s perfect for a women, man or child. Every Holy Book should be protected. Choose from our variety of styles and color combinations. Pick a masculine and rugged brown and black Bible cover for men, or select a delicate design with script writing for women. Our engraved Bible covers for men make wonderful gifts for birthdays, Father’s Day, or Christmas. Give your mom, grandma, sister, aunt, or anyone one else with a Bible cover for women featuring beautiful and elegant designs. Whoever you are shopping for, 904 Custom has the Bible cover designs and personalization options to match any personality.

    is a great way to celebrate a special occasion. From weddings to graduations to birthdays and beyond, a Bible is a meaningful and memorable gift they will always cherish. Keep their precious gift safe with one of 904 Custom’s beautiful Bible covers.

    You’ll Love This Because

    This wonderfully presented King James Bible can be personalized with any name, date and occasion on its cover and a presentation message in its opening pages.

    • Emboss the front cover with any name, date and occasion
    • Personalize the opening pages with a special dedication message
    • Contains both the Old and New Testaments
    • Expertly crafted Bible with two cover options to choose from
    • The ideal gift for communions, christenings and confirmations

    A traditional and meaningful gift, this personalized Bible is a truly special dedication gift. Give to a close friend or family member on the day of their first communion, or a childs christening or confirmation, to kindle their faith and start them on their journey with God. Ideal for any major religious occasion, this Bible is an unforgettable keepsake.

    Emboss the engraved cover of this King James English version Bible with any name, date and occasion. You can also include a presentation message in the opening pages for added charm. There are two elegant covers to choose from burgundy leatherette and white.

    A personalized Bible cover turns an ordinary household item into a cherished gift. Buy this bible to put a smile on the face of a loved one and celebrate their faith in the Lord. Whether given by a god parent or grandparent, this gift will be treasured for a lifetime.

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    Continue Shopping Or Checkout

    The Bible will now show in your cart. To increase the quantity of the Bible you are personalizing with the same text, select “edit” and enter the number. If you want to purchase the same Bible with different text, select “Continue Shopping” and return to the product page of the same Bible. Repeat the personalization process. Checkout when you have finished shopping.

    Custom Stamping Dies For Bible Engraving

    REVIEW: AE Bibles â Custom Bible Rebind

    Bible engraving goes to a new level when we create a custom die. We can create virtually any custom die for your Bible cover or spine. Here is an example. All we need is an image to make a die.

    We use computer technology, graphic design and years of bookbinding experience to closely replicate and reproduce nearly identical covers with images and art on original Bible covers. We can also nearly “replicate” the look of your Bible. To learn more see

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    What Is The Difference Between Foil Stamping And Blind Debossing

    Foil Stamping (also known as “hot foil stamping” is the application of metallic foil on to a solid surface by application of a heated die onto the foil, making it adhere to the surface below the design of the die. The foil stamp is a permanent process.

    This is a great way to get a customized Bible. Imprint letters or images on the top of a cover or spine. Add a name or date. The video shows how we can personalize Bible or any book using foil.

    Examples Of Customized Bibles

    The raised spine bands illustrated on these Bibles have a slightly different appearance depending on the cover materials used. See the images of the bonded leather Bibles as compared to the Bibles in Cowhide Plonge, Metallic Cowhide Plonge, River Grain Goatskin or Sokoto Goatskin.

    If you want spine bands, please let us know if you prefer thick or thin spine bands. If you want us to decide our bookbinders will be happy to do so. Click on the photos for larger images.

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    Personalize Bible By Engraving In

    We will need to discuss your spine foil stamp selection for any images because the available images depend on the size of the spine and the direction of the image. Please consult with our staff if you want a spine foil stamp image. The following stamp dies are available. Please note that there may be additional “In-House” foil stamp selections not shown that are available.

    Home Personalized Bibles Engraving Imprinting

    PERSONALIZED ** NLT Study Bible Personal Size

    As our name suggests, we are the home of personalized Bibles. We personalize the Bible you choose by adding a name imprint in gold or silver foil on the cover. You can add up to two lines.Here are examples of our personalization :

    Personalize your Bible for only $9.97 per line! Start by selecting a Bible of your choice and then follow the instructions on the product page to add imprinting.

    Personalization DetailsYour inscription will be imprinted on the bottom right corner in gold or silver foil to match the Bible printing and trim of the Bible.

    Zippered Bibles and Bible covers are usually imprinted on a small gold or silver plate which is fixed to the Bible.

    If the Bible has a colored hard or paperback cover we will imprint on a small silver or gold plate and stick that on the Bible.

    Names on some imitation leather Bibles, particularly European Leather are branded onto the Bible without using foil this matches the publishers printing on these surfaces.Bible Engraving and Imprinting

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    How To Personalize Your King James Bible

    Personalize this King James English version Bible with any name, date and occasion on its cover. Also, add a special dedication message in the books opening pages for an extra personal touch. The name can be up to 22 characters long and the occasion up to 25 characters, whereas your personal message can be up to 150 characters. On Your will be embossed as standard on the front cover.

    Personalized Bible By Blind Debossing Images

    • Debossing Images on Cover or Spine
    • Impressing a die into material leaving imprint of the image
    • *when combined with purchase of other repair services
    • $32.00 per “in house” image as a stand alone service


    Study Bible

    “Thank you for rebinding my study bible. Your suggestion of adding my name under my grandmother’s name was a great idea. I will be passing this bible on to my newborn grand baby! I hope she receives as much joy and light as I have. Bless you.”

    Wedding Bible Gift

    “Since our Christian Book Store had closed, I searched all over to find someone who could personalize the Bible we were giving our son and his bride for a wedding gift. I found Bellabecho online and called them. They were so kind and helpful making sure the process and every detail would be successful and be what we had envisioned. Time was getting short, but they hurried to make it happen quickly, communicating often to ease my mind. The blind debossing method was used, as recommended. Their expertise turned out a beautiful result and we were able to have it just in time for the wedding, as promised!”

    Audrey Bowlin, Findlay, Ohio

    We have a large selection of leathers, skins and other materials to rebind your Bible with a beautiful NEW cover

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    Personalized & Exclusive Bibles

    Shop our selection of personalized bibles for baby, children, men, more! Have their name or monogram engraved on our custom bibles. Personalized bibles are memorable gifts for every sacrament, including Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, RCIA, Marriage/Wedding, & Ordinations. You can even give a custom engraved bible on the occasion of a graduation, Quinceañera, or someone’s entrance into the military.


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