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First Baptist Church Of Indian Rocks

First Baptist Church Of Indian Rocks

Indian Rocks – 6:00 pm Saturday Service

With a growing congregation, the First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks wanted a 3,000-seat sanctuary with major audio and video performance enhancements.

In order to tackle the limited site access and extensive underground utilities, coordination with multiple trades for the casting layout of the Tilt-Up panels was necessary. Careful planning was also needed to place the deadmen without interfering with the casting and lifting of the panels.

Constructed during a particularly active hurricane season, three hurricanes passed through the area after the panels were placed and braced, waiting for the structural steel to be installed.

The exterior Tilt-Up walls used 23,000 feet of horizontal reveals and numerous recesses to create the look the owners desired. After the walls were erected and the outer portion of the building was complete, the exterior was painted with accenting neutral colors to give the church a dramatic appearance.

The back of the sanctuary is on a segmented radius, which gives the illusion of a curvilinear building.

The most striking feature of the facility is the stainless-steel cross that is attached to two panels and stands 80 feet above the floor.

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First Baptist Church Of Indian Rocks Is Just About Done With A Major Expansion Project To Minister To The Community

The renovation project at First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks is just about complete.

Over the next six weeks the heart of one of Floridas new megachurch complexes will be dedicated by the First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks.

For the past two years, hidden by the construction equipment and swirling dust of road construction in the Ulmerton Road dogleg, the new stone edifice has risen from the sand.

There are no traditional stained-glass windows or spires in this $13.5 million sanctuary built to seat 3,200 people at one time. Two giant crosses proclaim this big box is a house of God.

We never intended this building to be a palace, explained Charlie Martin, the churchs pastor. It wasnt designed or built to knock your eyes out. It is designed to be functional. Its not about a building. Its about serving the people who come here.

There are no windows, he said, because consultants said the best audio-visual effects are created inside the sanctuary where there is absolutely no light no windows. That, he said, explains why the walls, ceiling and all fixtures inside of the church are black.

A huge alter stage is flanked by giant 30-foot television screens that will display images of the pastor, choir, band or liturgy during services. The sound system will rival movie theaters and is managed from a 20-foot control booth hidden in the tiered, theater-style seating.

And there are no pews. They have been replaced by comfortable theater seats with armrests.

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Indian Rocks – 10:45 am Sunday Service

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First Baptist Church Of Indian Rocks Events And Ticket Information

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