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What Does Deity Mean In The Bible

What Does It Mean

What does the Bible mean by “no one can see God”?

So, just what does God is with us mean? From a global perspective, it means that God is at work within his creation. He is not the god of deism, a god who creates a universe and then leaves it to itself. Instead, God has a plan for his creation, and he is working it out. It means that nothing that happens is apart from Gods ultimate purpose.

God is with us has a special meaning to those who have surrendered to the lordship of Jesus. God, in the person of the Holy Spirit, is with us in a very personal and intimate way. The God of all creation lives within me. He comforts me in challenging times. He teaches me his ways. And he enables me to serve him.

What does it mean? It means that I am never alone. Even in my darkest times, he is with me. I can trust that no matter what might come my way, he will keep me safe. We can have no greater privilege than to have God with us.

Ed Jarrett is a long-time follower of Jesus and a member of Sylvan Way Baptist Church. He has been a Bible teacher for over 40 years and regularly blogs at A Clay Jar. You can also follow him on or . Ed is married, the father of two, and grandfather of three. He is retired and currently enjoys his gardens and backpacking.

Difference Between God And Deity

Key Difference: God and deity are synonymous. According to their basic definitions, they both represent a supreme power. However, sometimes God as a term is used to represent the only supreme power, whereas deity can be used to refer to any of the forms of this supreme power and thus can be multiple in number. God is generally used in context to male gods, whereas deity can be used to refer to both god and goddess .

Many scholars and intellectuals have tried to define the god or the deity, but still it is very difficult to define the god. Gods or deities are beings that posses super divine powers and thus are worshipped world-wide in various forms.

The notion of existence of a supreme power controlling and managing the universe is accepted by most of the people. The term to define this supreme power differs from one culture to the other or even differs in regions with same culture. God and deity are two words which are related to such supreme powers. However, again usage of these terms may differ from one region to the other. It is very difficult to cover all the aspects of these terms but lets consider the basic ideology behind these terms.

Primarily, these words are often used as synonyms and thus are often used interchangeably. God and Deity are closely related to a religion. A person with a certain religion believes in certain gods. For example in Christianity, Jesus Christ is regarded as the almighty God. In India, the community of Hindu believes in many gods.

Jesus Christ Created All Things

The Bible proclaims that GOD is the Creator! The first chapter of the Bible makes this very clear! As we come to the pages of the New Testament, we discover that ALL THINGS were made by Jesus Christ! Can you find a verse in John chapter 1 that teaches that Jesus Christ created all things? __________________ Can you find a verse in Colossians chapter 1 that also teaches this truth? _________________ Can you find a verse in Ephesians chapter 3 that teaches that Jesus Christ created all things? ___________________

Have you ever realized that the One who died for you on the cross is the very One who created you? Isaac Watts commemorated Christ’s death in the famous lines of a hymn. He wrote, “Well might the sun in darkness hide, and shut His glories in, when Christ the mighty Maker died for man the creature’s sin.” The Mighty Maker died on a piece of wood which He Himself created in order to save the sinful creatures . How could God die? We will learn more about that in the next chapter.

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The Deity Of Jesus Christ

The Bible directly states that Jesus is God in a number of passages.1 Taken by themselves, these verses provide enough evidence for the church to believe in and teach the deity of Jesus Christ. But the indirect evidence of Scripture is equally compelling.

The names of God are often applied to Jesus. He is called “the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father” and “Immanuel” .2 Elsewhere Jesus is called “The Lord our Righteousness,” “God” and “Son of God.”3

The Bible ascribes the characteristics of deity to Jesus Christ. He is described as eternal, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent and immutable.4

Jesus Christ is equal with God the Father. He is worshiped as God.5 His name is assigned equal standing with God the Father in the church’s baptismal formula and in the apostolic benediction.6

Christ performed works which only God can do. He is creator.7 He is the upholder of all things.8 He forgives sin.9 He will raise the dead and execute judgment.10

Jesus Christ Himself claimed deity. He taught His disciples to pray in His name.11 He claimed that He and the Father were one and that He was the Son of God.12 He claimed that to know Him was to know God, to see Him was to see God, to receive Him was to receive God, to believe Him was to believe in God and to honor Him was to honor God, while to hate Him was to hate God.13

2 Isaiah 9:6 Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:2223

3 Jeremiah 23:6 Isaiah 40:3 Hebrews 1:8 1 Timothy 3:16 John 10:36

7 John 1:3, 10 Colossians 1:16 Hebrews 1:2,10

Jesus Equality And Identity With God

What Does It Mean to " Be Still and Know That I Am God ...

Jesus asserts his equality and identity with God in the face of blasphemy charges by the Jewish leaders. He is charged with making himself equal with God and later for identifying himself with God . His accusers threaten the penalty for blasphemy. In both cases, Jesus denies the charge on the grounds that he is speaking the truth, citing in support the plurality of witnesses required by Jewish law. In John 14:1 Jesus co-ordinates himself with God as the object of faith Believe in God believe also in me. Similarly, like frames around a picture, John refers to him as God in John 1:18 at the start of his Gospel and has Thomas confessing him as my Lord and my God in John 20:28 at the end.

The author of Hebrews, too, in his argument for Christs supremacy, cites Psalm 45 to support the incarnate Son as possessing the status of God . The Son is the brightness of the Fathers glory, the express image of his being. All angels are to worship him . Since he is superior to the angels, Bauckham comments, he is included in the unique identity of the one God.10 Psalm 102, referring to the creator of the universe, is here applied directly to Christ. As T.F. Torrance puts it, Christ is not just a sort of locum tenens, or a kind of double for God in his absence, but the incarnate presence of Yahweh.11

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I The Deity Of The Holy Spirit

Summary: Scripture speaks repeatedly of the Holy Spirit, known also as the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Scripture indicates that the Holy Spirit is of the same essence as the Father and the Son. The Holy Spirit is ascribed with the attributes of God, is equated with God and does work that only God does.

What Does It Mean That The Bible Is ‘god

2 Timothy 3:16 uses the term to describe the origin of scripture. In the final analysis, the Lord spoke through his messengers to write the Bible but the ultimate origin was, indeed, God.

Alex McFarland

As a Christian apologist, author, evangelist, religion and culture analyst, and advocate for biblical truth, Alex McFarland speaks worldwide. He has preached in over 2,000 churches throughout North America and numerous more internationally. He also speaks at Christian events, conferences, debates, and other venues to teach biblical truths and preach the gospel.

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From God Of Metallurgy To Supreme Deity

Yahweh, according to Amzallag, was transformed from one god among many to the supreme deity by the Israelites in the Iron Age when iron replaced bronze and the copper smelters, whose craft was seen as a kind of transformative magic, lost their unique status. In this new age, the Israelites in Canaan sought to distance themselves from their neighbors in order to consolidate political and military strength and so elevated Yahweh above El as the supreme being and claimed him as their own. His association with the forge, and with imagery of fire, smoke, and smiting, worked as well in describing a god of storms and war and so Yahweh’s character changed from a deity of transformation to one of conquest. Miller and Hayes comment:

Perhaps the most noticeable characteristic of Yahweh in Israel’s early poetry and narrative literature is his militancy. The so-called Song of the Sea in Exodus 15:1-18 and the Song of Deborah in Judges 5 are typical in their praise of Yahweh, the divine warrior who could be counted on to intervene on behalf of his followersThus it may have been primarily in connection with Israel’s wars that Yahweh gained status as the national god. During times of peace, the tribes will have depended heavily on Baal in his various local forms to ensure fertility. But when they came together to wage war against their common enemies, they would have turned to Yahweh, the divine warrior who could provide victory.

Jesus Christ Demands Our Worship

What does it mean to take God’s name in vain?

In Acts 14:11-15, the people started worshipping Barnabas and Paul. Paul said in verse 15, “Why do ye these things? We also are m _______ of like passions with you….” Who is the only Person who should be worshipped ? _______________________ Did Peter let Cornelius worship him ? ______ Why not? ________________________________

In Revelation 19:10 and 22:8-9, the apostle John started to worship an angel. Did the angel allow this or did he put a stop to this? _____________________________ The angel said something like this: Do not worship me. Worship ___________.

According to Jesus, who is the only Person who should be worshipped ? ____________________

Did people worship Jesus ? ______ Did Jesus accept this worship, or did He stop people from worshipping Him? ______________________ Did Jesus want people to honor Him just as they honor the Father ? ___________________ Whom do the angels worship ? ___________________ Who is being worshipped in Revelation 5:8-12? ___________________________

If Christ is really God, then we must believe on Him and love Him and obey Him and worship Him!

His Name is Wonderful, His Name is Wonderful,His Name is Wonderful, Jesus my Lord. He is the Mighty King, Master of everything,His Name is Wonderful, Jesus my Lord.

Hes the great Shepherd, the Rock of all ages,ALMIGHTY GOD is He!Bow down before Him, love and adore Him,His Name is wonderful, Jesus my Lord!

Can you say, as Thomas did , “My Lord and My God“? Is the only living God your personal God?

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What Does Remnant Mean

Here is how the Lexham Bible Dictionary defines the word remnant:

A portion of people left after a disaster, especially a disaster identified with divine judgment. Especially in the Prophets, this term describes those who remain faithful to God despite suffering and who ultimately experience restoration .

Typically what remnant means in the Bible is a reference to those who are leftover. It is most often a reference to the people of Israel however there are instances where this has been used while alluding to other nations. Here is an example of the remnant as it refers to another nation.

The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim, and royal power from Damascus the remnant of Aram will be like the glory of the Israelites, declares the Lord Almighty. Isaiah 17:3

One of the things to note about this word is that it can have both a positive and negative connotation. In the negative sense, a remnant can be the people left after God has executed judgment. However, most often in the Bible the remnant is seen in a positive light. These are the ones who carry hope of restoration or a return to God or godly ways.

The first example of a remnant in the Bible happens in Genesis with Noah and his family.

Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out people and animals and the creatures that move along the ground and the birds were wiped from the earth. Only Noah was left, and those with him in the ark. Genesis 7:23

Biblical Meaning Of A Dime: Is It A Message From God

Just one week after his twentieth birthday, Kam was being memorialized by his family and friends after a fatal accident. Kam was a rising star on the basketball court and his high spirit impacted numerous people. Kams father and I had graduated from high school together so, I went to the hospital to pray for Michael and his son when I heard about the tragedy. Sadly, Kam would not survive, but because of the compassionate heart of his father, several other families were blessed when Michael generously allowed his sons organs to be donated so that someone else could live. While Kams heart lives on in someone elses body, Michael believes that his spirit also lives in Heaven and from time to time, just when he needs the encouragement, Michael will find a coin that reminds him of Gods goodness and blessings.

Michael claims that he and Kam were both ridiculously superstitious and they refused to pick up a penny unless it was facing up heads, never tails. However, after Kams death, Michael began noticing pennies everywhere. He says the coins would be in the craziest spots, sometimes it would be in spots that I had just looked before, just crazy spots. But the timing is always the same, thats when I really need them. Its just a sign from Kam that everything is going to be OK.

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Jesus Christ Claimed To Be God

Let us look at three places in the Gospel of John in which Jesus claimed to be God. On each occasion the Jews wanted to stone Jesus because they thought it was blasphemy for a mere man to say that He was God. If anyone else had said the things that Jesus said, he would have been guilty of blasphemy, but Jesus was only telling the truth!

1) John 5:17-18

In these verses Jesus said that God was His Father . By saying that God was His Father, Jesus was making Himself E__________ with God . Therefore,what did the Jews want to do to this Man who claimed to be equal with God ? ___________________________

2) John 8:56-59

Abraham lived about 2000 years before Christ walked on this earth as a Man yet, Jesus said something that shocked His audience, “Before ___________________ was, I AM” . What if someone living today said this: “Before John the Baptist ever was, I existed!” We would probably think, “This person is claiming to be more than 2000 years old! He must be out of his mind!” In this passage the Lord Jesus was claiming to be more than 2000 years old! As soon as He made this fantastic claim, what did the Jews do ? _______________________________________________

3) John 10:30-33

Did Jesus claim to be ONE WITH GOD ?_________ What did the Jews immediately do ? ____________________________ Why did they want to kill Him ? __________________________ Christ claimed to be God, and they did not like it!

Jesus Christ Possesses The Attributes Of God

What Does It Mean to " Be Still and Know That I Am God" ? in ...

If Jesus Christ is really God, then whatever is true of God must also be true of Him. For example, we all know that God is Almighty. If Jesus is God, then Jesus must also be _____________________. Below are listed some of the attributes of God. MATCH the verses which show that Jesus possessed these divine attributes:

Revelation 1:8

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Where Else Is The Name I Am In The Bible

The Tetragrammaton appears over six-thousand times in the Bible, even in modern English translations. The Hebrew scribes were very careful to neither say aloud, nor fully spell out the holy and sacred name of God, Yahweh. Instead they would put it in all capital letters, and say Adonai. They put the vowels of Adonai into the consonants of Yaweh to get YAHOWAH, which English Christians translated into Jehovah. Today, any time a translator wants to acknowledge where YHWH is in the original Hebrew text, they use the word LORD in all capital letters.

Some examples include:

Isaiah 8:1 Then the LORD said to me, Take a large tablet and write on it in common characters

Psalm 149:1 Praise the LORD! Sing to the Lord a new song, his praise in the assembly of the godly!

Proverbs 21:3 To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.

Perhaps the most significant use of the name I AM in the Bible comes from Jesus Christ. The religious leaders would often try to catch Jesus in heresy, in a lie, or blaspheming so they could be rid of him. In John 8, the Jewish people challenged his authority, and they brought up Abraham. Jesus tells them how glad Abraham is to see the day of the Lord. When asked by the crowd how He speaks as if He knows Abraham, Jesus said to them, Truly, truly I say to you, before Abraham was, I am .


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