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What Does The Bible Say About Evolution

Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter

What does the Bible say about the Creation vs. Evolution?

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints first public statement on human origins was issued in 1909 and echoed in 1925, when the churchs highest governing body stated, Man is the child of God, formed in the divine image and endowed with divine attributes. However, several high-ranking officials have suggested that Darwins theory does not directly contradict church teachings.

Is The Theory Of Evolution Compatible With Christianity

The Genesis creation story is at least 2,500 years old and was written when people lived completely different lives in an undeveloped environment. Answers to very difficult questions, such as how human life began, usually involved God because God was seen as the source and explanation for everything. The study of science was then largely unknown.

The Genesis stories should not be compared too closely to scientific theories. These scientific theories are much more recent.

There are some, more conservative Christians who believe that the seven days of creation outlined in the Bible refers to seven long periods of time. They argue that the order in which living things were created according to the Bible may have similarities to the order scientists accept evolution took place and that this makes the Bible’s account more credible.

What Does The Bible Say About Creation And Evolution

For more than a century the creation vs. evolution debate has raged in numerous countries, nowhere more strongly than in the United States and the United Kingdom. Its sensationalist forms are fodder for the media: the Scopes “Monkey Trial” in 1925, the Arkansas trial of 1981, the “Intelligent Design” notion, the “Young Earthers” and the continuing controversy over what to teach in schools. Science friction.

While science and religion operate with different methods, criteria, aims and subject matter, neither has to dominate the other. Our new book, “The Meaning of the Bible: What the Jewish Scriptures and Christian Old Testament Can Teach Us” , engages such contemporary issues directly by exposing the variety of ways in which the texts of the Bible address them, often from quite different perspectives. We are especially attentive not only to dissimilar positions taken within the Bible but to the kinds of questions they help us frame about both the past and the present.

Creation is an excellent example of why readers need to examine the varied expressions of a theme in the Bible. Creation was a favorite topic among ancient Israel’s neighbors. For example, ancient Babylonia produced a myth about a colossal battle between the gods, at the end of which the world and humanity were created. The Egyptians viewed creation more as birthing or evolving. Biblical people were no less interested in understanding their own origins.

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Evolution Is Random And Nihilistic

Saying evolution is random is not to understand natural selection. This is the same as those who try to break evolution into a simplistic, survival of the fittest model. Those who are able to get their genes into the gene pool, have those genes survive. How that is accomplished is an intricate struggle between life forms and their environments. Evolution definitely doesn’t imply that everything is meaningless and believing in evolution doesn’t mean you are also a believer in any particular political ideology.

Conspiracy theorists love to make ad hominem attacks on Darwin. These include claiming that Darwin was a Freemason , was racist or attempts to connect Darwinism with Nazism.

If the Nazis were using Darwin then they sure didn’t understand him, as they also didn’t seem to understand a great many other of their supposed influences. In order to believe this, you would have to adopt that paranoid worldview that evolution was some vast conspiracy since the beginning of human civilization.

Contrary to popular belief, evolution did not start with Darwin and it sure didn’t end with him. The idea of evolution goes back to Aristotle in ancient Greece and though Darwin brought it into the realm of science, Alfred Wallace was doing research at the exact same time.

Evangelical Lutheran Church In America

What Does the Bible Say About Creation and Evolution ...

While the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has not issued a definitive statement on evolution, it does contend that God created the universe and all that is therein, only not necessarily in six 24-hour days, and that God actually may have used evolution in the process of creation.

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Was There A Primal Paradise

But it leaves very little time, if any, between the origins of conscience and the beginning of sin. Yet many Christians assume that the Garden of Eden story includes a period prior to sin, when the first humans lived innocently in a paradise-like state, fulfilling their initial calling from God, working and protecting the Garden .

Yet it turns out that there is no actual narration of such a period in the book of Genesis. At the end of Genesis 2, the woman is created to be a helper to the man, which presumably means sharing in the task of working and protecting the garden. But instead of portraying the first humans fulfilling their explicit raison dĂȘtre, the Genesis narrative rushes to tell of their disobedience. The notion of a paradise period in Eden is much more a function of Christian theological assumptions read back into the text, rather than anything clearly narrated.

Could the almost immediate transition from the creation of the first humans in Genesis 2 to the primal transgression in Genesis 3 be significant for thinking about the possibly limited time frame between the rise of moral and religious consciousness in Homo sapiens and the onset of sin in the human population?

The Christian Man’s Evolution: How Darwinism And Faith Can Coexist

A geneticist ordained as a Dominican priest, Francisco J. Ayala sees no conflict between Darwinism and faith. Convincing most of the American public of that remains the challenge

Francisco J. Ayala pulls open the top drawer of a black cabinet and flips through nearly a dozen files, all neatly titled by publication and due date. These are the essays on evolution he has been churning out over the past six to eight weeks for popular books and magazines. Hack jobs, he calls them with a smile, bragging that each one takes only a day or two to complete.

After some 30 years of proselytizing about evolution to Christian believers, the esteemed evolutionary biologist at the University of California, Irvine, has honed his arguments to a fine point. He has stories and examples at the ready, even a shock tactic or two at his fingertips. One out of five pregnancies ends in spontaneous miscarriage, he often reminds audiences. Next he will pointedly ask, as in an interview with U.S. Catholic magazine last year, If God explicitly designed the human reproductive system, is God the biggest abortionist of them all? Through such examples, he explains, I want to turn around their arguments.

Despite outreach efforts by scientists and constitutional rulings against them, creationists and intelligent design advocates are not getting weaker, Ayala says. If anything, theyre more visible.

Note: This story was originally published with the title, “The Christian Man’s Evolution”.

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A Phenomenology Of Temptation And Sin

The temptation begins with a question from the snake about whether eating from all the trees of the Garden really was prohibited . This question accurately depicts the way temptation comes to a person, in that it seems to arise from an external source. In both the snakes question and in the womans response there are a number of cases of slippage from what the narrator saysall of which ring true to the experience of temptation.

Whereas the narrator consistently uses the compound name YHWH God to designate the Creator , the snake speaks about God only, and the woman follows suit in her response. The covenantal name YHWH is not used anywhere in their conversation , which may well be a distancing tactic, which serves to disassociate the prohibition from YHWH, the God of Israels covenant . Beyond that, the narrators reference to YHWH God commanding has been softened to God saying in the snakes question here again the woman follows the snakes lead .

But in contrast to this distancing and softening, we find that the woman adds to the prohibition against eating from the tree, when she claims that God also said, nor shall you touch it, or you shall die . Yet the Creator never prohibited touching the tree, according to the narrator.

What Would You Say To Someone Who Believes In Evolution

The Bible: Can Evolution and Scripture Co-Exist?

I would explain that Scientific Theories and Scientific Laws are not the same thing. Newtons Three Laws of Motion have been confirmed and validate to be true. They are:

I. Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

II. The relationship between an objects mass m, its acceleration a, and the applied force F is F = ma. Acceleration and force are vectors. In this law the direction of the force vector is the same as the direction of the acceleration vector.

III. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Evolution is a Scientific Theory which is comprised of a collection of concepts, including abstractions of observable phenomena expressed as quantifiable properties. It expresses relationships between observations of such concepts. It is constructed to conform to available empirical data about these observations but is only put forth as a principle or body of principles for explaining a class of phenomena. The key words here are that it is a principle for explaining and not for making objective statements of facts. A theory is always subjective and without complete objectivity. If a given theory were able to be proven, then it would cease to be a subjective theory and become an objective scientific fact or law.

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Francis Collins And Biologos Seek A Different Story Of Our Origins Than The One Told In Genesis

Francis CollinsAssociated Press/Photo by Sait Serkan Gurbuz

The writer of this Saturday Series article, Elizabeth Handford, shared with me in an email that she grew up in a godly home. . In a secular high school, I came to feel I had to settle which was right, Darwin or the Bible. I checked Origin of Species out of the library, came to chapters 4 and 5, Problems with My Thesis. I read Darwins agony because he could find no answers to his own questions . I became convinced that Gods Word was absolutely true. I still read copiously on both sides of the question.

Elizabeth Handford graduated from Wheaton College in 1948. Elisabeth Elliott was her debate partner in intercollegiate tournaments. Her husband Walt was a pastor and chaplain in Greenville, S.C., for 48 years. Along with being a licensed private pilot and a Bible study teacher, she has to keep track of the birthdays of 33 grandchildren and great-grandkids. After she read Francis Collins The Language of God and saw how it undercuts the inerrancy of Scripture, she carefully examined its premises and evidence and sent me the essay that follows. Its important, because 10 years after publication the paperback edition of The Language of God is still ranks in the top 10 of Amazons Science & Religion category. Please read Elizabeths essay and think hard. Marvin Olasky

Collins struggles to align his commitment to evolution with his own statement of faith.

Scripture is not of any private interpretation.

Combining Men And Apes

The most famous example of an apeman proven to be a combination ofape and human bones is Piltdown man. In 1912, Charles Dawson, a medicaldoctor and an amateur paleontologist, discovered a mandible and part of a skull in a gravel pit near Piltdown, England. The jawbonewas apelike, but had teeth that showed wear similar to the human pattern.The skull, on the other hand, was very humanlike. These two specimens werecombined to form what was called Dawn man, which was calculated to be500,000 years old.

The whole thing turned out to be an elaborate hoax. The skull wasindeed human , while the jaw was that of a modernfemale orangutan whose teeth had been obviously filed to crudely resemblethe human wear pattern. Indeed, the long ape canine tooth was filed downso far that it exposed the pulp chamber, which was then filled in to hide themischief. It would seem that any competent scientist examining this toothwould have concluded that it was either a hoax or the worlds first root canal!The success of this hoax for over 50 years, in spite of the careful scrutiny of thebest authorities in the world, led the human evolutionist Sir Solly Zuckermanto declare: It is doubtful if there is any science at all in the search for mansfossil ancestry.1

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References To Creation In The Book Of Genesis:

There are two detailed descriptions of the creation process in Genesis:

This sequence does contain some problems.

Light was listed as appearing on day 1,but its source did not appear until day 4. Most creation scientists, who generally support the literal interpretation of this creation story, have a solution to this puzzle. Many say that light initially came from God, before he created the sun and stars.
Birds were said to have appeared beforeother land animals. Paleontologists, who almost universally support the theory of evolution, point out that the fossil record shows the opposite order. Creation scientists discount this belief. Most regard the rock layers containing the fossil record as having been laid down during the flood of Noah thus, the fossils do not represent the evolution of the species of animals and birds.
The most controversial debate over this creation story relates to its time span. Genesis 1 and 2 explain how Creation of Earth’s life forms, the Earth itself, and the rest of the universe took six days. Supporters of the theory of evolution find evidence for a universe that has been evolving for about 13.8 billion years.

The Second Creation Story Genesis 2:4 to 2:25Conflicts between the creation stories:“the waters bring forth …fowl”“out of the ground”

Religious conservatives feel that they they have harmonized these apparent inconsistencies.

Evolution Myths: The Theory Is Wrong Because The Bible Is ‘inerrant’

The Evolution of Adam : What the Bible Does and Doesn

By Michael Le Page

This argument is undermined by the hundreds of errors and inaccuracies and contradictions found in Bible. It is anything but inerrant.

A few creationists are honest enough to admit that the evidence supporting the theory of evolution is irrelevant as far as they are concerned& colon as it contradicts the Word of God, it simply has to be wrong.

Some Christians regard the text of the Bible as literally true or, to use their term, as inerrant. If people reject evolution on this basis, it is only fair to ask whether this belief stands up.

Whichever translation of the Bible you look at it is not hard to find errors. The texts are full of internal contradictions as well as historical and scientific inaccuracies.

There are so many examples it is hard to know where to start. Take its cosmology& colon according to the Bible, the earth is flat and immovable, the moon emits its own light, the sky is solid and the stars can be shaken from the sky by earthquakes.

Its mathematics is also poor. How many sons do you count& colon The sons of Shemaiah& colon Huttush, Igal, Bariah, Neriah, and Shaphat, six . Such errors are common. The value of pi is given as 3, even though many other cultures had already worked it out with greater precision.

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The Fossil Record Is Incomplete

The idea that there are not “transitional fossils” is a crazy claim made by creationists that a lot of people let them get away with. The definition of a transitional fossil is one that shows traits of two distinct taxonomy groups. We have literally hundreds of fossils that show this. One of the ways that creationists try to make it seem like this isn’t true is to change the definition of the transitional fossil.

What is maddening about this is that DNA evidence renders it completely irrelevant. When we can see that certain species have so much similarity in their DNA that they had to have come from a common ancestor, the days of relying on fossils for evidence was long gone.

  • A partial list of transitional fossils.

If Human Beings Evolved From Monkeys Then Why Are There Still Monkeys

This was a very popular stupid argument in the 90s and it is in fact so stupid that most scientists never even address it. Those who would bring it up often did so with a smug kind of triumph, thinking they had destroyed decades of scientific work with one glib objection. The fact that most people would burst out laughing the moment they heard such idiocy never seemed to faze them.

The reason I think that this is worth bringing up is that I encounter two misconceptions about evolution that are very popular even among people who accept the scientific consensus. The first is that individuals can evolve. This one I call the comic book superhero version of evolution. The second is that species evolve. Both of these are completely false.

I partially blame educators for this misconception, though. When we see evolution portrayed it is usually shown as if it were a straight line, when in reality it is an intricately branching web. Though the chimpanzee shares 99% of its DNA with humans, we did not evolve from chimps. In reality, we share a common ancestor with them. At one point there was a species of hominid and one population went one way, eventually resulting in us, and the other went another way, resulting in the modern chimpanzee.

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